African Cat Names: Names from All Across the Land of Hope

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Stella Noble
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Have you been looking for a cool, exotic, and meaningful name for your cat? Then, we are happy to tell you that all of your specifications point to a name that can be found in a list of African cat names.

Africa, home to several hundreds of tribes, is a very exotic place to pick your name from. The rich cultural background and historical standing of the continent make any name you pick guaranteed to be intriguing.

Also, no matter the culture, the Africans are a group of people that choose names based on their significance. Their names usually have very literal meanings that you should be able to relate to. To cap it all off, your cat will bear a name that tons of other cat owners in the park had not thought of.

If all these interests you, you’ll be glad that we have taken it upon ourselves to research some of the best African cat names out there. The list takes into consideration different geographical settings, languages, and tribal makeups. At the end of it all, we are confident that you will be leaving this page with multiple name options for your cat.

African Cat Names from Nigeria

calico Japanese bobtail

Nigeria, referred to as the giant of Africa, is easily the biggest country on the continent. Not only does the country have the largest landmass, but it is home to the biggest number of people.

As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the county is home to a variety of tribes and cultures too. Of these, we bring some of the best names for your cat, as well as their meanings.

  • Abayomi – It means ‘I would have been mocked.’ This could be used for either a male or a female cat that would have been out as a feral or a stray if it weren’t for you.

  • Abeke – ‘We asked for her and will care for her.’ It is a female name that should be given to a cat that was asked for as a gift, or given to a willing parent.

  • Abimbola – This name is usually shortened to ‘Bimbo,’ but it does not mean the same thing as the English variant. In Nigeria, the name translates to ‘one that was not born of wealth’.

  • Adamma – Of Igbo origins, the name is to be given to a female cat that is ‘born of beauty’.

  • Adeola – Means ‘crown of honor and wealth’.

  • Adesina – Translates to ‘a crown that opens the way’.

  • Aduke – ‘One that is cherished and cared for by all’.

  • Aiyetoro – Toro for short, the name means ‘life is pleasant and peaceful’.

  • Akinlabi – Depending on the culture that is translating this, it could mean one of two things. Some will claim it means ‘we have (borne) a son,’ while it literally translates to ‘we have (borne) a brave one.’ This difference is due to the male child being seen as the brave one (hunter, farmer, warrior, breadwinner, and the likes) in the average African setting.

  • Asabi – ‘A choice child.’ Apt, especially if you had gone through a great deal of research before you chose that one cat. Lest we forget, the name is meant for a female cat.

  • Ayo – Simply translates to ‘something that brings joy’ or is ‘full of joy’.

  • Ayobami – From the Yoruba tribe, this name means ‘he/she that brings joy’.

  • Ayofemi – For a male cat, this is a name that translates to ‘joy chose me’ or ‘joy wants me.’ It can be shortened to either of Ayo (joy) or Femi (wants me/chose me).

  • Babajide – ‘One that looks like his father.’ It can be shortened to Jide (has come).

  • Barika – This is one word that has been adopted into the Yoruba culture from Arabic. It retains its meaning of indicating ‘success.’ Great name for a cat that brings you luck, such as a Japanese Bobtail.

  • Chike – A name from the eastern part of the country which makes reference to the ‘power of God’.

  • Chinua – Inspired by the famed author Chinua Achebe who hailed from the eastern part of the country. This is a name for male cats that means ‘blessings of God’.

  • Ebun – Got your cat as a ‘gift’ from someone? Here is an African name to perfectly express that.

  • Fola – A honorable choice of name for your ‘honorable’ cat.

  • Folayan – ‘To walk with grace and dignity.’ Perfect to describe all cats, no?

  • Gowon – Also the name of a former military head of state that hailed from the Northern part of the country, the name means ‘rainmaker’ in the local language. It helps if your cat is male and has a regal air to him.

  • Ibrahim – Borrowed from the Arabic culture, Ibrahim means ‘the father of many nations.’ It’s another version of the name Abraham.

  • Idowu – Should there be more than three kittens in a litter, ‘the third one’ can be named Idowu.

  • Jaja – Much like the boy whose grass to grace story saw him become the pride of a town called Opobo, the real meaning of the name is ‘an honored one.’ Great for formerly feral cats. Do you want to know how to tame a feral cat?

  • Kehinde – No matter what the sex of the kitten is, ‘the second one’ in a litter can be called Kehinde.

  • Ngozi – From the Ibo tribe, Ngozi translates to mean ‘good fortune’.

  • Obi – Depending on who you ask from the Igbo culture, this name can mean one of two things. Some use it to refer to the highest traditional ruler in a community (likened to a king). Others prefer the literal meaning of the name, which is ‘heart’.

  • Okpara – If your breeder took count of the litter and applied the correct tags, this is the name for that first-born cat. And it must be a male too.

  • Olujimi – ‘What God has given me’.

  • Oluremi – ‘My consolation from God’.

  • Olusola – ‘God has created wealth for me’.

  • Oseye – A name for the cat that is always ‘happy’.

  • Taiwo – If there are only two cats in the litter, the first one of the twins is called Taiwo.

  • Titilayo – Taking on short forms such as Titi (forever) and Layo (joy/ happiness), this name translates to ‘eternal happiness’.

  • Yejide – ‘One that looks like her mother’.

African Cat Names from South Africa

beloved tabby cat holding human arm

While Nigeria is the most diverse in terms of culture and languages, South Africa should hold the record for the most languages spoken and taught simultaneously.

Home to rich cultures such as the Swahili, the Zulu, the Xhosa, and the likes, here are some names your cat could grow to love.

  • Dziko – Of Nguni origin, the name means ‘the world’.

  • Mandisa – Meaning ‘sweet,’ this name is best suited to a female cat.

  • Nomble – Male cats can be ‘beautiful’ too. that is why this name is a unisex option for cats that are to be considered beautiful.

  • Thandiwe – For a ‘beloved’ cat.

  • Thandiwe – Best given to a male cat, this name means ‘affectionate.’ This meaning stems from the Xhosa variant of the pronunciation. Perhaps you’ll be interested in learning more about how cats show affection.

  • Themba – A sweet name for a female cat that means ‘trusted’ in Zulu. The same name can be used for a male cat too. Only, this time, it will translate to mean ‘hope,’ and we would have taken it from the Xhosa tribe.

African Cat Names from Ghana

twin white cats sitting together

And we move on to Ghana, one of the most beautiful nations in Africa. Aside from the beautiful landscape of this serene country, they also have some beautiful names that we find worth choosing.

Check them out below and see if their meanings agree with the impression you have of your cat.

  • Adofo – A name that means ‘warrior’.

  • Adom – This name can either mean ‘help from God ‘or ‘God’s blessings’.

  • Afryea – A name for a female cat that was ‘born during happy times’.

  • Akwete – The firstborn of twin cats.

  • Akwtee – The younger of the twin cats.

  • Atsu – Another name for the younger one of the twins as coined from the Ewe tribe in Ghana. It is to be used on a male kitten. It can be hard to tell if a kitten is male or female when they’re still young, but if you can’t wait to find out, here’s an article that can help you determine the gender of kittens.

  • Do – The first child in a litter after a set of twins.

  • Morowa – If your female cat is ‘one deserving of a crown,’ here is a name that makes her the queen of your heart.

  • Osei – For an ‘honorable/noble’ cat.

  • Thema – A name from the Akan tribe in Ghana that means ‘queen’.

  • Yafeu – Here’s how to tell your male kitten that you think he’s a bold one.

Egyptian Cat Names

egyptian mau sitting

Egypt is not only significant in Africa but in all parts of the world. Many argue that this is where civilization started. While humans are still debating that, cats will be happy to admit that their reputation started in Egypt where they were one of the most highly-revered species in the entire land.

Don’t you think such a place is worth picking names from? We think so too, so let’s get suggesting.

#1: Female Names

  • Ain – It means ‘priceless’.

  • Amunet – The goddess of mystery in Egyptian mythology.

  • Anath – She’s the wife of Seth. According to biblical history, Seth is the son of Noah.

  • Annipe – Refers to the ‘daughter of the Nile’.

  • Aziza – A beautiful name for a ‘precious’ cat.

  • Bahiti – A name for someone/something that is believed to bring ‘good luck and fortune’.

  • Bast – A cat goddess that makes up most of the reason why cats are seen as sacred creatures in Egypt.

  • Bes – For the ‘bringer of joy’.

  • Chione – Another Egyptian word that also means ‘daughter of the Nile’.

  • Cleopatra – Cleo for short, she was the legendary queen of Egypt.

  • Dalila – A very sweet name for an equally ‘sweet’ cat.

  • Femi – A name that means ‘lover’ in Egyptian. Bonus: This is a male name in Nigeria that almost means the same thing.

  • Hasina – Points to ‘something good,’ such as your cat.

  • Isis – This name of a goddess represents the joys of motherhood in the Egyptian culture. If your cat is pregnant, you might be wondering how long it will take before the kittens are born. You’ll find out more about that here.

  • Jamila – A beautiful name that also happens to mean ‘beautiful’.

  • Kamilah – Not only is this name sweet to the ears, but it also means ‘perfect’ in everyday Egyptian.

  • Kanika – Should you have a black/dark-coated cat, here is a name that fits her based on her color. We have another article dedicated to suggesting black cat names that you might want to check out; it’s right here.

  • Mau – Egyptian for ‘cat.’ Now you know where the Egyptian Mau breed got its name.

#2: Male Names

  • Abasi – For a ‘serious’ cat.

  • Akil – Cats are a curious bunch, and most of them can also be said to be ‘smart’.

  • Ammon – A beautiful name for a ‘mysterious’ cat. For other mysterious names, check out our Wiccan cat names article.

  • Anubis – Means ‘the afterlife’.

  • Imhotep – This character from the Egyptian culture started out as a wise man. In the end, he became a revered god.

  • Ishaq – ‘Laughter’.

  • Jabba – There is no better way to refer to a ‘brave’ cat than this.

  • Khafra – The name of one of the most important Pharaohs that ruled during the 4th dynasty.

  • Khafre – Another variation of the name of the Pharaoh indicated above.

  • Khalid – You must have heard of this name once or twice before. It’s a popular name that means ‘immortal’.

  • Mensah – Refers to ‘the third son’.

  • Min – The Egyptian god of fertility. Did you ever wonder how many kittens can a cat have?

  • Moses – The meaning is the same as the one in the Bible, which is ‘one that was rescued from the water’.

  • Nile – Just like the famous river, which, although significant to the whole of Africa, is mainly housed in Egypt.

  • Nuru – Termed as Nurudeen in some other languages, this refers to someone considered ‘a child of the light’.

  • Omari – Refers to one who was ‘born of a high class’.

  • Pharaoh – A designation given to the king/governor of Ancient Egypt.

  • Ra – He is the god of the sun in Egyptian mythology.

  • Seti – The name of not one but two different pharaohs.

  • Sphinx – A mythological creature. It is believed to be a lion which has the head of a human being.

  • Ur – Simply means ‘great’.

African Cat Names Denoting Day of Birth

newborn kittens sleeping

Depending on the day your cat was born, there is a variety of names that could be used to describe him/her. Consider trying some of the names below as you see fit.

  • Aba – The Fante tribe makes use of this name for a person that was ‘born on a Thursday’.

  • Abena – A female cat name for a kitten ‘born on a Tuesday’.

  • Abiodun – ‘Born at the time of a yearly celebration’.

  • Abosede – ‘Bose’ for short, this is the name for a kitten ‘born on a Sunday.’ It is usually a female name, but it has gone on to feature on males a number of times too.

  • Adowa – For a female cat that was ‘born on a Tuesday’.

  • Afua – For a kitten that was ‘born on a Friday’.

  • Akosua – Perfect name for a female kitten ‘born on a Sunday’.

  • Akua – A name for a female kitten that was ‘born on a Wednesday’.

  • Ama – A name for a female cat that was ‘born on a Saturday’.

  • Atu – A male ‘born on a Saturday’ is commonly named Atu, as is a tradition of the Fante people.

  • Baba – While this would mean ‘father’ in a majority of African tribes, this is how the Fante name their ‘Thursday-born males’.

  • Bobo – Fante for those ‘born on a Tuesday’.

  • Ebo – Yet another male name for ‘a Tuesday-born child’.

  • Efia – Efia is that female cat that chose a ‘Friday’ to come into this world.

  • Esi – According to the Fante, Esi chose a ‘Sunday’ to be born. A name for a female.

  • Jojo – A male name for a cat that was ‘born on a Monday’.

  • Kodwo – Should you prefer the Twi tribe instead, this is how they name ‘males born on a Monday’.

  • Kofi – And here is how the Twi name their males when they are ‘born on Fridays’.

  • Kojo – Another male name for a kitten that was ‘born on a Monday’.

  • Kwasi – For when a male is born in the Akan tribe on a ‘Sunday’.

  • Sisi – ‘Born on a Sunday’.

Wrap Up

sphynx having pharaon tattoo

This article contains over a hundred names from different categories, all under the scope of African cat names. The question is not whether or not you found a name that caught your fancy. Rather, it is which one of these did catch your fancy.

Let us know which one you decided on so that we can equally share your cat’s joy at getting one of the most exotic names ever. Although, if you really couldn’t find any names from the lists above that appealed to you, we’ve still got a lot to offer. How about some Italian cat names?

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