Asian Cat Names: Exotic and Unique Names for Your Pet

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Stella Noble
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Some of the most popular cats are of Asian breeds. Take a look at the Persian cats, for example, or the Japanese Bobtails. Asian cats have a distinctive appearance, look really beautiful and elegant, and, of course, are exotic. If you’ve got one of these fancy cats, wouldn’t you like to know more about Asian cat names to suit your pet’s distinct appearance?

Choosing an Asian name for your Asian pet just sounds right to fit his/her beautiful looks and pay homage to their origin. Asian pet names also have an added charm of sounding exotic. Even if your feline pet is not of Asian breed, choosing an Asian name for him/her can still be a great decision. Not to mention, Asian cat names are quite trending these days, too. You’ll make other pet owners berate themselves for not thinking about giving an Asian name to their pets before it was too late.

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To help you out, we’re starting with names for cats of Asian breeds based on their countries of origin. Then we’ll look at some really exotic-sounding Asian words with beautiful meanings and use them as inspiration for finding a pretty name for your adorable kitten. We’ll also take a look at some of Asia’s most famous people; they won’t mind that you’re borrowing their legendary names for your cat’s moniker.

Cat Names Based on Origin of Breed

In this section, we’ll take a look at three Asian cat breeds, specifically the ever elegant Siamese cats, the beautiful Persians, and the mysterious Japanese Bobtails. We’ll share some cute and adorable cat names from the breeds’ countries of origin.

#1: Siamese Cats

Siamese cat lying on carpet

One of the most extroverted and friendliest breeds, Siamese cats are known for their short-haired beauty and striking blue eyes. Here are some beautiful Thai names to match your cat’s aesthetics.

  • Cha Na: means “to conquer”; the perfect name for your lucky charm.
  • Chanarong: great name for ferocious kittens, the word means “warrior.”
  • Kanya: great for a female kitten, it means “young daughter.”
  • Kasem: the word means “happiness”; a great male cat name for the pet that makes you happy.
  • Kham: means “dusk or sunset”; a poetic name for a beautiful pet.
  • Kheet: means “scratch.” If you have a kitten that loves to scratch, building a DIY cat scratcher for him/her will make them extremely happy.
  • Klahan: means “brave”; a great name for a brave male kitten.
  • Luaan: means “pure or pristine”; a beautiful name for an innocent-looking cat.
  • Mali (or Malee): describes your flower-like Siamese cat perfectly; the word means “flower or jasmine.”
  • Phuu Mi: means “grand or dignified.”
  • Raang Wan: means “prize or reward”; a cute name for cats that are rewards from heaven.
  • Ratana: a pretty female cat name meaning “crystal.”
  • Seuu: means “faithful and loyal”; exactly how you want your kitten to be like.
  • Suay: means “lovely or gorgeous”; a fitting name for your adorable pet.
  • Yaam: means “guard or sentry”; an excellent name for that pet you wish would always keep you company.

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#2: Persian Cats

white persian cat with blue eyes

Historically, Persian cats were from Iran, which used to be called Persia. Now, cat lovers all over the world are in love with these quiet and sweet cats. Choose the most fitting name for your lovely Persian from this list of Iran-inspired names.

  • Ahvaz: where you will find the beautiful Iranian rivers.
  • Aram: means “calm”; a handsome name for a docile male Persian cat.
  • Arezu: means “wish”; a beautiful name for a beautiful Persian.
  • Kashan: a place in Iran full of beautiful architecture, deserts, and gardens.
  • Kish: home of the Harireh Ancient City in Iran.
  • Mah: means “moon”; for cats with eyes as beautiful as the moon.
  • Mahtab: means “moonlight”; a poetic name for a pretty cat.
  • Maseh: means “sand”; for cats that love digging a hole in their litter boxes.
  • Qom: a popular Iranian destination for handicrafts, shrines, and mausoleums.
  • Roya: means “dream”—something most cats spend more than half of their lives doing. How much sleep do cats need anyway?
  • Shiraz: where you will find the ruins of Persepolis and the Tomb of Hafez in Iran.
  • Sokut: means “silence.”
  • Zard: means “yellow.”
  • Ziba: means “beautiful”; a fitting name for any Persian cat.

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#3: Japanese Bobtails

black and white japanese bobtail

Japanese Bobtails got their names from their cute bunny-like stubby tails. These cute cats are the real-life models of the Maneki neko, the feline lucky charm also known as the beckoning cat.

If you’ve got one of these lucky cats for a pet, here are some cute and charming Japanese names for your cat. We will start with a list of male names then move on to a list of female names.

  • Aki: means “bright or autumn.”
  • Arata: means “new or fresh”; you might be interested to learn more about how to introduce a new cat to a new home.
  • Daichi: means “great wisdom.”
  • Daisuke: means “great help”; for cats that follow you around the house.
  • Haru: means “spring”; a charming name for cats born in springtime.
  • Hisao: means “long-lived man”; a strong name for cats that you hope will be with you forever.
  • Ichiro: means “first son.”
  • Isamu: means “courage.”
  • Jiro: means “second son.”
  • Kichiro: means “lucky son”; a fitting name for a Japanese Bobtail considering these cats are said to be able to call luck into the household.
  • Kiyoshi: means “purity”; a charming name for an innocent cat.
  • Ryo: means “refreshing or cool.”
  • Satoshi: means “wise or fast learner”; if your cat is a fast learner, you may be able to train him to use the toilet instead of the litter box.
  • Tadashi: means “loyal or faithful.”
  • Takeo: means “warrior hero”; a charming name for ferocious male cats.
  • Tamotsu: means “protector or keeper”; a fitting name for your feline companion.
  • Toshi: means “wise.”
  • Tsuyoshi: means “strong.”
  • Yasushi: means “peaceful.”
  • Yoshi: means “lucky”; another great name for any Japanese Bobtail.

Most Japanese Bobtails are female. Here are a few names you can take into consideration for your beautiful friend.

  • Aiko: means “child of love”; a cute name for the pet you love.
  • Akiko: means “bright child.”
  • Asami: means “morning beauty”; a charming name for the cat that loves to wake you up each morning.
  • Hana: means “flower.”
  • Hoshi: means “star”; you may also want to check out our list of space cat names.
  • Kimi: means “noble.”
  • Kiyomi: means “pure beauty”; a fitting name for your adorable pet.
  • Mai: means “dance”; a short but cute name for cats that love jumping around.
  • Miki: means “beautiful princess”; think your cat is beautiful and pure like a Disney princess? Our list of Disney cat names should serve you well!
  • Natsuki: means “summer hope”; a poetic name for pets born in summertime.
  • Natsumi: means “beautiful summer”; another beautiful name for summer-born pets.
  • Rin: means “dignified.”
  • Shinju: means “pearl.”
  • Shizuko: means “quiet child”; a poetic name for any docile cat.
  • Sora: means “sky”; a great name for cats with eyes as blue as the sky.
  • Takako: means “noble child”; perfect for noble breeds like the Korat.
  • Takara: means “treasure”; perfect name for your precious pet.
  • Tamiko: means “child of many beauties”; a great name for a cat with a thousand charms.
  • Tomomi: means “beautiful friend.”
  • Toshiko: means “clever child”
  • Yuka: means “gentle flower.”
  • Yuuna: means “gentle”; another perfect name for any Japanese Bobtail.

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Cat Names Based on Beautiful Asian Words

white cat watching the horizon

Asian languages boast so many beautiful words. They not only sound exotic but also poetic and just plain beautiful. Take a look at the list below to find inspiration for your pet’s name.

AiLoving. Perfect for your sweet little kittyChinese
AysunAs beautiful as the moon. Perfect for a white cat. Find many other names for white cats hereTurkish
BagratMade from God. An apt name for pet sent from heavenPersian
BalaStrength. Can be for powerful cats or cats that give you strengthIndian/Sanskrit
BaoPrecious or treasureChinese
BinhPeaceful. A perfect name for docile feline petsVietnamese
Cakrawala (pronounced cha-kra-wa-laa)The skies or the horizon. Perfect for cats that love gazing at the birds in the sky—perhaps you should build a DIY cat window box for him/her?Bahasa
ChanarongExperienced warrior. A strong name for your ferocious kittenThai
ChandraMoon. A pretty name for cats with eyes shining like the moonIndian/Sanskrit
ChannaryFull moonCambodian
DaraStars. Find many other astronomy cat names hereBurmese
DeRoyalty. A perfect name since most, if not all cats act like they're royaltyVietnamese
Duyen (pronounced Z-uen)CharmVietnamese
EceQueen. A cute name for your queen-like petTurkish
HandeSmile. A nice name for that pet that always makes you smileTurkish
HaneulHeaven or sky. A great name for cats with eyes as blue as the skyKorean
HeaGrace. All cats are graceful, so this is a great nameKorean
Jigyasa (pronounced jig-yaa-saa)Curiosity. Your cat is an exception to the “curiosity kills the cat” ruleHindi
Jijivisha (pronounced ji-ji-vee-sha)Desire to live. A great name for the survivor cat with nine livesHindi
KalliyanThe bestCambodian
Kelip (pronounced ke-leep)Twinkle. A cute name for cats with twinkling eyesBahasa
KhinFriendly. Don’t think your cat is friendly enough to be given this name? Perhaps you should try our cat socializing tips, thenBurmese
Matargashti (pronounced mutter-gush-ti)Strolling aimlessly. Try teaching your cat how to walk on a leashHindi
MelekAngel. A charming name for your little feline angelTurkish
MyaEmerald. A cute name for cats with eyes like emeraldsBurmese
Natkhat (pronounced nut-kat)MischievousHindi
NuTender. A concise name for sweet and gentle catsBurmese
Nyanyian (pronounced nya-nyee-an)Song. A pretty name for chatty catsBahasa
Pesona (pronounced pe-sō-na;)A perfect name for pets that are full of charmBahasa
Prerna (pronounced prey-rana)A nice name for the cat that inspires youHindi
Raabta (pronounced rab-ta)An unexplainable connection with another soul. A perfect name for that cat that you fell in love with at first sightHindi
Rimjhim (pronounced rim-zhim)Refers to the pitter-patter sound when it's drizzling. A pretty name for light-footed catsHindi
Sahabat (pronounced sa-ha-bat)A really close friend. A perfect name for your feline companionBahasa
SanazPerfect name for unique petsTurkish
SirnaTo vanish. Perfect for cats that are always disappearing and appearing out of nowhereBahasa
SovannA pretty name for cats with golden eyes or furCambodian
TevyAngel. A charming name for angel-like catsCambodian
ThuongAffection. A perfect name for your sweet and loving catVietnamese
Tre Trau (pronounced Tr-e tr-ow)Refers to people showing off in a childish manner. A perfect name for your mischievous and showy catVietnamese
VeataA pretty name for cats that are as fast as the windCambodian
Yayavar (pronounced ya-ya-ver)An apt name for your wandering pet. Make your cat happy by installing a DIY cat doorHindi
ZekiA fitting name for wise and smart catsTurkish

Cat Names Inspired by Famous Asians

white kitten singer

There are so many famous and successful Asians in various fields, we can’t leave them out when we’re looking for Asian-inspired cat names. Here you’ll find the names of famous actors, actresses, singers, rappers, models, and other celebrities to help give you some Asian inspiration.

CelebrityFieldAsian Roots
Agnes MonicaSingerIndonesia
Akshay KumarActorIndia
Amitabh BachchanActorIndia
Andy LauActorTai Po, Hong Kong
Ayumi HamasakiSingerJapan
BoASingerSouth Korea
Carol GraciasModelMumbai, India
Chiharu OkunugiModelTokyo, Japan
Chow Yun FatActorHong Kong
CLRapper/SingerSouth Korea
Claudia KimActressSouth Korea
COCO LeeSingerHong Kong
Dok2RapperSouth Korea
Donna BaeActressSouth Korea
Du JuanModelChina
Eason ChanSingerHong Kong
Eric NamSingerSouth Korea
Fan BingbingModel & actressQingdao, China
G-DragonRapper/SingerSouth Korea
Godfrey GaoModelTaipei, Taiwan
Grace ParkActressAmerican-Canadian (Korean parents)
Hrishant GoswamiModelNew Delhi, India
Huang XiaomingActor, singer, & modelQingdao, China
Jackie ChanActor & martial artistHong Kong
Jay ChouActor & musicianNew Taipei, Taiwan
Jay ParkSingerSouth Korea
Jessica JungActress, singer, & modelSouth Korea
JinRapperHong Kong
Joey YungSingerHong Kong
Jolin TsaiSingerTaiwan
Joseph Isaac SchoolingAthleteSingapore
Keith ApeRapperSouth Korea
Kris WuActor, singer, & modelChina
Lata MangeshkarSingerIndia
Lea SalongaSingerPhilippines
Lin Chi-LingModel & actressTaipei, Taiwan
Liu WenSupermodelChina
Lucy LiuActressAmerican (Chinese parents)
Maggie QActressAmerican (Vietnamese mother)
Mahnoor BalochModelPakistan
Mindy KalingActressAmerican (Indian parents)
Ming XiModelShanghai, China
Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanSingerPakistan
Priyanka ChopraActressIndian
PsySingerSouth Korea
Ranbir KapoorActorIndia
Rich ChiggaRapperIndonesia
Rila FukushimaActressJapan
Salman KhanActorIndia
Shah Rukh KhanActorIndia
Siti NurhalizaSingerMalaysia
Son Heung-minAthleteSouth Korea
Soo Joo ParkModelSouth Korea
Sui HeModelWenzhou, China
Sun Fei FeiModelChina
Sung Jin ParkModelSouth Korea
Tao OkamotoActressJapan
Tata YoungSingerThailand
Vanessa HudgensActress & singerAmerican (Filipino mother)
Xiao Wen JuModelShaanxi, China
Yang MiActress & singerBeijing, China
Zhang ZhiyiActressBeijing, China
Zhao LeiModelChina

Wrap Up

cat wearing kimono

Choosing an Asian name for your feline pet is an exciting project. Asian names are just so trendy, exotic, and unique; you surely will have a lot of fun finding the right moniker for your beloved cat.

If you have other Asian names for cats in mind or you have suggestions for other pet names that should be included in this list, please feel free to let us know. We’d also love to hear which Asian term you decided to name your cat after.

Lastly, Asian cats are known for being trim and slender, but if you think your cat is a bit too skinny, you might be interested in learning more about how to help a cat gain weight.

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