Badass Cat Names: Hardy Names for Softies at Heart

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Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

Cats are perplexing creatures. They are fierce hunters who enjoy toying with their prey and often kill just for fun. On the other hand, the moment they enter our homes, they transform into cute furballs of love and affection. They switch so effortlessly between those two personalities that it seems somewhat eerie. This is a clear proof that every cat is a total badass, and deserves matching badass cat names.

No matter how lovingly they look at you or how meek they seem while napping in the armchair, do not forget that cats are one of nature‘s most efficient predators. If you ever observed your cat while he or she is out on a hunting spree, you’ll understand what we are talking about. Give credit where credit is due and take a look at this list of names we’ve made for your warrior with a loving heart.

We will start off with a list of names inspired by movies and the media. There are probably a couple of characters in there that you already know and love, whose names would be a perfect match for your kitten. If you are a fan of something more original, scroll a bit more to the bottom. We’ve separated both lists into badass cat names male and badass cat names female.

Badass Names Inspired by Movies and the Pop Culture

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There are so many cool movie characters that one can get overwhelmed. This is why we carefully picked those that would sound awesome as a cat name. These characters have personality traits perfect for describing a cat with an attitude, so take a look at the list and see if you agree:

#1: Badass Male Cat Names

  • Ash. After Ashley James “Ash” Williams, the protagonist of “The Evil Dead” movies.

  • Batou. Main male character in “Ghost in the Shell”. Although he is a battle-hardened officer and looks intimidating, he has a kind heart and a sense of humor.

  • Boba Fett. He is a bounty hunter in “Star Wars”. He is resourceful and fearless, just like your cat when it comes to exterminating mice. Do check out our article on Star Wars names for cats as well.

  • Dirty Harry. From a movie of the same name, Dirty Harry is a jaded police inspector who hunts down a serial killer. Perfect for a male cat that kicks ass, but forgets to clean his paws afterwards.

  • Dredd. From the movie “Judge Dredd”—because your cat has to look up fear in the dictionary.

  • Kilgore. The rugged and battle-hardened Lieutenant colonel from the movie “Apocalypse Now”. This name can also be a play on words if your cat likes to bring you his half-eaten prey as a present.

  • Kiyuchiyo. From the movie “Seven Samurai”—a fearless fighter and a warrior. This is kind of an oldie but worth watching, so make sure you and your rugged tomcat watch it together.

  • Léon. The Professional. Or just Leon for short, after the movie about the professional hitman who takes care of a little girl and…a plant. If your cat is a fierce protector of your family but takes the time to stop and smell the flowers, look no further.

  • Leonidas. The main character in the movie “300”. You can’t get any more badass than that.

  • Marv. The character form “Sin City”; a perfect name for a big cat with a loyal heart he shows only to a chosen few.

  • Mufasa . The Lion King character, father of Simba. Proud, wise, and brave. Perfect for a big male with reddish to yellowish coat.

  • Neo. The main protagonist of the Matrix movies—a total badass portrayed by Keanu Reeves.

  • Rocket Raccoon. A character from Marvel Comics—known as a fierce warrior with a sassy attitude. Perfect for a former feral cat. Want to know how to tame a feral cat?

  • Snake Plissken. Do you remember him from the movies “Escape from NY” and “Escape from LA”? If you don’t, make sure to watch them with your cat and we are sure you will find this to be a perfect name!

  • V. From the movie “V for Vendetta”—a name fitting for a cat that likes to operate under the cover of the night.

  • Wolverine. His signature adamantium claws remind you a lot of your cat.

#2: Badass Female Cat Names

black cat mice terminator

  • Aeon Flux. From the movie “Aeon Flux” where Charlize Theron plays a warrior in a post-apocalyptic 25th century.

  • Alice. Milla Jovovich plays this character in the movie “Resident Evil”—destroying waves after waves of undead on her mission to take down the Umbrella Corp.

  • Black Widow. After Scarlett Johansson’s character.

  • Buffy. Your cat does not have to deal with vampires, but is definitely a mouse slayer.

  • Cherry Darling. A character from “Planet Terror.” Cool, confident, and not discouraged by her disability, she kicks ass like a pro.

  • Coffy. You might not remember her as she is a movie character from the ‘70s, but this hot and seductive character was as ruthless as they get.

  • Eowyn. From the movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. She is a noblewoman with a dream of becoming a warrior, and after becoming one, she participates in the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Eowyn slays the Witch-king whom no living man can kill, uttering the famous line “I am no man.”

  • Hit-Girl. A character from the movie “Kick-Ass”. Cute but deadly, just like your sweetling.

  • Imperator Furiosa. Who can forget her? Charlize Theron played her in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and she is definitely one of the most memorable female badasses of all times.

  • Lara Croft. From “Tomb Raider”, a video game and a movie. A perfect name for a cat that is as gorgeous and adventurous as she is deadly to vermin.

  • Leeloo. From the movie “The Fifth Element”, played by Milla Jovovich. A perfect name for a ginger cat.

  • Merida. A definite favourite, this lead character from “Brave” is a perfect name for a headstrong, free-spirited, and adventurous girl.

  • Mon Mothma. This iconic character from the “Star Wars” franchise was a badass woman who led the Rebel Alliance throughout the Galactic Civil War. No fear, no hesitation.

  • Morticia Addams. If your girl is delicate, graceful and endearing but perfectly capable of becoming a terror for all the vermin out there, consider naming her after this lovely lady from “The Addams Family.”

  • Motoko. After Motoko Kusanagi—also known as The Major from “Ghost in the Shell.”

  • Mulan. From a movie of the same name—perfect for a kitty that would rather go fight than watch the world from the window sill.

  • Nikita. She is a secret agent who leads a double life. Just like your cat—a sweetling at home but a killer when needed.

  • Nyota Uhura. A badass from “Star Trek”. She can do whatever it takes and look poised and regal while doing it, just like your missy.

  • Pepper Potts. From “Iron Man.” Not much can be said about her at first glance, but anyone who knows her is very aware of what she is capable of.

  • Ripley. After Ellen Ripley, one of the most iconic badasses, played by Sigourney Weaver in the movie “Alien.”

  • Salander. After Lisbeth from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”—a name for a cat no one wants to mess with.

  • San. An inspiring character from “Princess Mononoke.” This is a perfect name for an orphaned kitten raised in a household with a lot of dogs, because our heroine was abandoned by her parents and raised by wolves. Find many other exotic Japanese cat names here.

  • Sarah Conner. Because your cat is definitely a mice terminator.

  • Seven Of Nine. This badass SF character with insanely good looks could be an inspiration for a name if your cat lives in a big family.

  • Storm. From the “X-Men” movies—perfect for a black cat that is not discouraged by a bit of rain.

  • Trinity. We all know her from “The Matrix.” She is a lean, mean killing machine, just like someone else you know.

  • Xena. From “Xena: The Warrior Princess”—an ideal name for a cat that cherishes both the comfort of her home and the dangers of the unknown.

  • Yu Shu. This female martial arts master from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is a perfect naming inspiration for a tabby cat.

Unusual and Witty Names for Your Tough Sidekick

unfriendly cat

Your cat has a temper, and frankly, you don’t mind. He or she takes no nonsense from humans and animals alike.

These cats can be seen as unapproachable and unfriendly, but on the inside, they are usually very loyal to that one human they chose as their best friend. You know this, and while his/her affection towards you might not be obvious to others, the secrecy of your harmonious relationship makes it even more special.

Although these cats can be hard to handle from time to time, keep in mind that cats can be trained through positive reinforcement. Try some of the methods in our article on how to socialize a cat to soften the edges on that rough diamond, and you will not regret the effort.

In the meantime, take a look at some names we’ve collected for your ferocious toe hunter.

#1: Names for Female Cats

  • Bobcat. While the bobcat is medium-sized, this species also lends its name to an armored personnel carrier, and a manufacturer of farming and construction equipment, making it one of the most robust names on this list.

  • Bones. After one of her hunting sprees, nothing is left… but bones.

  • Huntress. Cats are one of the most successful hunters in nature.

  • Jinx. Because she is charming but in a very dangerous way.

  • Lynx. Sneaky and with an aptitude for jumping, always lying in ambush, you may have yourself a Lynx.

  • Medusa. Every creature smaller than her gets petrified just by looking at her.

  • Night. Because she is quiet, invisible, and dangerous.

  • Ninja Kitty. Her Parkour abilities are just amazing.

  • Puma. With unparalleled climbing skills, birds are not safe in the trees from this cat. You should learn how to get a cat out of a tree, though, just in case she finds it climbing back down not as easy as climbing up.

  • Sassy. No one bosses her around, and you know it. If you try, though, you’re going to get an earful.

  • Sheba. After the biblical queen who was brave, wise, and unbent.

  • Vixen. A perfect name for a spirited, energetic, and most of all, quarrelsome queen.

#2: Names for Male Cats

toyger cat standing on the bench

  • Admiral. If your cat pities the fools who are afraid to get wet, show off his courage where most cats fail with a name befitting his rank.

  • Ares. One of the Greek Gods of War.

  • Attila the Hunter. Just as fierce as Attila the Hun, but more appropriate.

  • Bandito. You have a suspicion that he likes to snatch food from neighboring cats, but decided it is better not to ask.

  • Bane. For the cat who spells certain doom for any critter that creeps or crawls.

  • Billy the Kitten. Like Billy the Kid, with a spin.

  • Cheetah. The fastest sprinter in the cat family. Perfect for a tabby cat with a need for speed.

  • Chopper. For that cat who is on the chubby side, but still manages to surprise his enemies, jumping from up high.

  • Danger. Just looking at his claws and teeth makes you happy you are too big to be his prey.

  • Harley. Davidson or Quinn, the most badass transportation or side-kick—your choice.

  • Iron Whiskers. He is determined and unbeatable! Oh, and has the cutest whiskers in the whole world.

  • Jaguar. The car brand also lends this name an aura of style.

  • Jekyll. If your beast behaves civilized only to unleash fury on his unsuspecting foes, and sometimes friends, there is no better name.

  • Julius Caesar. A badass general who fought so well that he had the people’s support to overthrow the republic and crown himself emperor.

  • Justice. If you like to think your cat is a superhero fighting off dangerous swarms of vermin and keeping your home safe from harm, this is an appropriate name.

  • Leopard. The speed demon to rule them all. If your bedroom turns into a racing track for your cat in the middle of the night, this is the name to go with. You may also want to check out our article on how to calm a hyper cat.

  • Lion. A fitting name for a warrior with a beautiful mane and a mighty roar.

  • Boss. He is the boss of the house. He knows it, you know it, and your dog knows it.

  • Neko Samurai. “Neko” means “cat” in Japanese, and your cat definitely knows how to fight so why not honor him appropriately?

  • Predator. Just stating the obvious, really.

  • Pyro. Few forces of nature can be as destructive as cats, maybe with the exception of fire… Maybe.

  • Ranger. What animal other than the cat embodies the spirit of a ranger better? He loves stalking through nature and is always on the lookout.

  • Raven. Perfect for a black cat of intimidating appearance.

  • Razer. If you’ve ever been on the business end of a cat’s claws, this name needs no explaining.

  • Rebel. We all know that cats have no masters; they tolerate no chains.

  • Rex. Latin for “king.” Is there anything more regal than a cat, who will not be subjected to anyone’s rule?

  • Rogue. A name emanating stealth, acrobatics, and a bit of mystery. On top of this, it has tons of pop culture references built in, including both the “X-Men” and “Star Wars.

  • Saber. A saber is not only an excellent melee weapon, but was, and is still, used to show high military rank. A name worthy for a fighter with class and iron nerves.

  • Tiger. The biggest of the big cats, and with a magnificent red fur, this name is perfect for a cat that is clearly not a Garfield. It’s also perfect for Toyger cats.

  • Zeus. Does your cat strike as fast as lightning, and have a thunderous purr? Then this is the name for him.

Wrap Up

brave cat with a crocodile

We hope this article has helped you find a perfect name for your brave companion. Curiosity and an adventuring spirit are the hallmarks of felinity, although this lifestyle has some risks. Always make sure to do regular vet check-ups and keep a close eye on your cat’s behavior if he or she is allowed outdoors.

Which badass name did you choose for your cat? If you haven’t found the perfect name for him/her, tell us more about what you’re looking for in the comments section below so we can help you personally! Or you can move on to our article on epic cat names to see if the perfect name for your cat is waiting right there.

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