Bengal Cat Names: Beautiful and Bold

Bengal cats of different ages
Stella Noble
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When it comes to beautiful cats, the Bengal is one breed that has the potential to take home the pageant crown every time. With such great beauty—not to mention their impressive intelligence—comes a great need to find a worthy name for such an amazing cat. We have compiled a list containing some of the best Bengal cat names here for you.

Since Bengal cats are a descendant of two different ancestral lines, we have taken into consideration a lot of things when coming up with this list. We understand that it would be awesome if the cat had a name which helped him/her identify with his/her home. Likewise, choosing something that references the cat’s beautiful appearance is not out of place.

We have compiled the names based on various metrics such as the most popular ones and groupings by sex so you can choose the perfect name easily. You are sure to love all the options here. This might be the best time to get out your writing pad and pen. By the end of this list, you might have to contend with so many desirable names that you won’t know which one to settle for.

Bengal Cat Names by Gender

Bengal cat lying on floor

Female and male Bengal cats are equally gorgeous. We think they deserve gender-specific names that will highlight their unique kind of beauty.

#1: Male Bengal Cat Names

For those that want something specific for their male Bengal cats, we’ve got a list of Bengal cat names male for you:

  • Arthur – There have been various Arthurs throughout history, and we haven’t met one we didn’t like. Such is the same for Bengal cats. We are yet to meet one we don’t like.

  • Bradey – Of Irish origin, this name translates to ‘spirited,’ which is something Bengal cats definitely are.

  • Chatter – If you’ve had him for a while, you’ll know Bengal cats love to chat.

  • Einstein – These cats are intelligent and inquisitive—so much so that they will not leave an inch of your house unexplored.

  • Emory – We had to go into Old English to get this name, but it was well worth it. Here’s how to let your Bengal know you consider him ‘great and powerful.’

  • Fontaine – You will soon find out that your Bengal loves water, hence this French word that pertains to ‘fountain/water.’ One way to make your Bengal cat very happy is to build a DIY cat water fountain for him.

  • Harley – Inspired by the motorcycle brand. This name is especially befitting for your cat because of how handsome, and masculine Harley bikes are.

  • Ivan – A name of Hebrew origin which means ‘gift from God.’

  • King – For those who don’t require anything fancy to show that their cats are regal/noble.

  • Max – Max is a Latin word that means exactly like the adaptation in the English language: ‘something big or massive.’

  • Maximus – The long form of the name Max that means the same thing. This one has Latin origins too, in case you were wondering.

  • Milo – This name was chosen after the titular cat character in the movie Milo and Otis. Who doesn’t want their cat to be that cool?

  • Nemo – No, not from the fish in the Disney animated movie Finding Nemo. We picked this name as a reference to the famous Captain Nemo who led the crew in the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea science fiction novel. If you love science fiction, our list of space names for cats may appeal to you.

  • Noah Noah is a masculine name which means ‘comfort and rest’ in Hebrew.

  • Quin – Bengal cats are considered one of the most intelligent, if not the most intelligent, cats. That is why an Irish name that translates to intelligent fits them well.

  • Regan – From the Celts, here is a name that means ‘regal.’ Trust us, that is something these cats are.

  • Scooter – You know this is what people call a crazy cool cat, right?

  • Victorio – Reaching for exotic options again, we find this name that suggests ‘a conqueror’ in Spanish parlance.

#2: Female Bengal Cat Names

Here a list of female Bengal cat names to describe female Bengals who are as fierce as they are beautiful:

  • Adan – A sweet name that recognizes the bright coloring in your Bengal cat’s fur as it translates to ‘little fire.’

  • Cailey – If you, like many others, also hold the opinion that your cat’s meows are music to your ears, naming her ‘the musical one’ won’t be so bad.

  • Daisi – The French variant of Daisy, another cool name for your Bengal. You may also find a good name for your Bengal in our list of flower cat names.

  • Davina – Old Hebrew name that means ‘cherished.’

  • Jamille – An Arabic name, Jamille means ‘beautiful.’

  • Kandiss – Sounds very much like Candace, which could as well be a variation of the name. In Ancient Ethiopia, this was a title taken by the queens.

  • Leyla – An Arabic name that indicates one that was ‘born at night.’ It sounds both feminine and graceful, almost tailor-made for a female Bengal.

  • Mia – First, this name caught our attention due to being Spanish. Lovers of such exotic names will also be glad to learn that it means ‘mine.’

  • Nakoma – This Native American name can either mean ‘a great spirit’ or translate to ‘a great warrior.’ Find many other exotic Native American names here.

  • Sheba – Inspired by the legendary Queen of Sheba, who ruled fiercely and justly.

  • Sidonia – In Hebrew, this name references how a Bengal cat’s beauty ‘captivates’ you.

Bengal Cat Names Based on Appearance

Bengal cat lying and watching

Just by looking at your Bengal cat, there are a lot of cool names that we can come up with. If you are interested in picking a name that resonates with the physical outlook of your new pet, you will be pleased with the following name suggestions:

  • Amber – That color which looks like a slight crossbreed (points!) between gold and orange (points!!). How can one ever go wrong with choosing this name?

  • Cayenne – Even though they are not as red as the pepper, they are just as brightly colored and with a mean kick to boot. You can find many other food-inspired cat names for your Bengal here.

  • Cheetah – Your cat might not be able to run as fast as this beast, but the two of them have a lot in common.

  • Copper – This is something else that shares the same hue as your Bengal cat?

  • Ginger – Apparently, not only the ginger cats can use this name. Bengal cats have a say in this too.

  • Harlequin – Because when you look closely, you can almost swear the Bengal cat paid someone to make the harlequin pattern on their coat.

  • Honey – Honey takes into consideration the lighter side of the cat’s coat color.

  • Hunter – So, your cat is not half as big as the other cats we’ve mentioned here. Guess what? Your Bengal likes to hunt just as much as the others.

  • Leopard – Bengal cats bear a lot of resemblance to a baby leopard.

  • Mowgli – Inspired by The Jungle Book character. For many other Disney cat names, click here.

  • Ocelot – Named after the dwarf leopard native to South America.

  • Patches – This is one name that explains itself. Inspired by the black patches on your cat’s golden coat.

  • Peaches – A totally adorable name for a female Bengal kitten, we particularly like how the name embraces the cat’s orange side.

  • Pepper – Most of the names here have been focusing on the dark markings of the cat’s fur. With Pepper, you can focus on the lighter side. But then, we’ve got black pepper too, so choose the name based on what color of pepper you have in mind.

  • Sable – Sable is recognized for having an exotic feel to it, but it’s much more than that. It also punctuates the dark coloring/patterns that the Bengal cat happens to be blessed with.

  • Saffron – Not just beautiful and apt, but exotic too.

  • Shadow – Name your cat after the black markings that are on his/her body.

  • Smokey – Fires burn with a brilliant yellow and leave black residue afterward. Your cat happens to have both colors mapped out on his/her body. See where we’re going with this one?

  • Speckles – Speckles were not loved, but Bengal cats change the game. In fact, we happen to love them more because of their speckles

  • Spot – This name is one classic selection, but it is also very apt here. All Bengal cats come with distinct markings on their bodies which are almost like spots. The name can be used for both male and female Bengal cats, but preferences should be for the male.

  • Sunset – The kind of yellow that comes with the black markings on the cat’s body is almost like the sunset yellow.

  • Tawny – This color is described to be a yellowish-brown/reddish-brown transition. We could be led to believe that Bengal cats invented this color.

  • Tiger – Talking about Bengal cats without bringing up this name would not be doing the cat justice. As a plus, there is even a Bengal breed of tigers too.

  • Tigress – Something for the females. There’s just something so elegant about this name.

Unique Bengal Cat Names

Bengal cat sitting on the tree

Telling you that your cat is unique would be needless repetition. You already know that. What you might not have known about are these unique names your cat could meow to.

  • Alani – All the way from Hawaii, this beautiful name represents an orange blossom tree. Something for the blossoming, orange fella, eh? Click here for many more melodious Hawaiian cat names.

  • Aslan – Those who have seen The Chronicles of Narnia will recognize this name. It is inspired by the character ‘Aslan the Lion’ which is just as orange/yellow, beautiful, and bold as your Bengal cat.

  • Bagheera – This one name is sure to get heads turning towards you and your cat when you call it. The reference is taken from The Jungle Book. It was borne by a black panther—a member of the cat family, might we add.

  • Bengie – Did we just do a wordplay on the Bengal breed name? Yes, we did.

  • Blaze – Have you seen how fast that cat runs? If so, you will agree that Blaze is just as apt a name as any other.

  • Coco – Or ‘Chanel,’ as the case may be. A luxury brand name for a luxurious, very exotic cat. A match made in heaven.

  • Garfield – True, Garfield didn’t have any spots on him, but his ginger appearance matches the orange fur on your Bengal buddy, does it not?

  • Nala – While the males get Simba, here is something for the female folks.

  • Rajah – The tiger from the Aladdin movie.

  • Saber – Your cat would be paying tribute to one of the greatest, large-toothed cats by adopting this name.

  • Scar – Made popular by Simba’s evil uncle in The Lion King, this is a good name for mischievous cats. We’ve also got another article dedicated to evil cat names.

  • Simba – Our list of unique names would be nowhere near complete if this kind-hearted Lion King didn’t make the cut.

  • Tao – Tao is a word of Chinese origins. It has a very complex meaning—it represents more than just ancient teachings, but it is also a way of life. That being said, it could represent the complex makeup and fur patterns of a Bengal cat.

Wrap Up

Bengal cat standing on red background

There is almost no way we are going to run out of names for this very cool cat. However, like all good things, this list must come to an end. What we are confident of, though, is that we have suggested more than enough names for you to either choose from or get inspired by.

If you have found one that is worthy of your amazing Bengal, let us in on it by posting a comment in the section below. If you’re still on the lookout for a great name, let us know what kind of name you’re looking for so we can help you personally. Don’t forget to check out our article on celebrity cat names, since Bengals are the celebrities of the feline world.

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