Big Cat Names: Celebrate the Beauty of Size

Giant cat in the street
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

When we think about big cats, we usually think about lions, cheetahs, panthers, tigers, leopards, and other wild cats. Our domestic friends are the smaller versions of big cats, but not all domestic cats reach the same size in adulthood. Some are bigger than others, and that’s when big cat names become appropriate choices.

Cats breeds like the Maine Coon and the Siberian are naturally bigger than most other breeds. Being big is all a part of your cat’s genetic makeup, so why not celebrate that hereditary excellence by further emphasizing the size of your cat with big cat names? Big cats usually have big personalities and picking any of the names we have prepared for you will be perfectly apt for your gentle giant.

Big cat names are names that can be used by either male or female cats; this is because the names are about their big size and personalities, which has no relation to gender. That’s why we have categorized them by the letters of the alphabet for easy access. You can also pick a cat name that starts with the same alphabet as yours.

Big Cat Names Starting with A

maine coon with yellow eyes

  • Abaddon: Literally, it means ‘a place of destruction,’ but Abaddon is the right name for that chubby feline who will destroy treats in no time.
  • Achilles: This name has a Greek origin and translates to ‘pain.’ Achilles was a really powerful man whose only weakness was his heel.
  • Admiral: Your kitty is the naval officer of the highest rank. It can be attributed to his size, or it can be just a fun way of saying you admire him.
  • Ali: An original Arabic name which means ‘sublime and noble.’ In this case, it is a name in honor of the great Muhammed Ali, the United States prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times.
  • Amayeta: A name of Native American origin, and it means ‘big berries.’
  • Amazon: It means a lot of things, among them being the great forest in South America and a female warrior who is large, strong, and aggressive. Consider giving it to a female feline.
  • Anakim: It is of Hebrew etymology and a name that can be found in the Bible, Deuteronomy 1: 28. It refers to a race of giants living in Palestine.
  • Arizona: It is a state of the United States of America, but the Spanish name also means ‘good oak.’ Suitable for a big cat that’s serene and can withstand all.
  • Armageddon: It is the site of a prophesied final battle between the forces of good and evil according to Revelation 16:16. It is a name that signifies destruction, a big war going down.
  • Atila: A name historically borne by the King of the Huns. Give to your male kitty.
  • Atlas: Translation of the name means ‘one who sustains a great burden.’ It is a name inspired by Atlas, a Titan in Greek mythology.
  • Axel: A name of Scandinavian origin, it means ‘my father is peace.’
  • Azam: Originating from an Arabic etymology which means ‘resolution,’ this name is fitting for a cat who lives every day with a pronounced statement of intent.
  • Azumah: Inspired by Azumah Nelson, a Ghanaian boxer born on July 19th, 1958 in Accra, Ghana. Ideal for a big aggressive kitty.

Big Cat Names Starting with B

Gray siberian cat

  • Balboa: After Rocky Balboa. Give it to a cat who is always fighting others. Or perhaps your cat is just playing, not fighting? If you want to be able to tell the difference, check out this article on how to tell if a cat is playing or fighting.
  • Balor: Based on Irish mythology, Balor was a king of the Fomorians, the supposed inhabitants of Tory Island. If you like Irish names and your cat lives like a king, then let him bear this option.
  • Beast: You can also call your cat Beastie.
  • Beethoven: A big kitty who loves music can be named after the German composer of instrumental music. Beethoven’s unlimited love for music was not stopped by deafness; he continued to compose after he lost his hearing.
  • Belly: A fun name for the big stomach wherein your cat hides his/her food.
  • Bengal: It is a region that has its eastern part in Bangladesh and the western part of India. You can give this name to a cat of Bengal origin.
  • Big Ben: It doesn’t have to be Ben; you could attach other names to the Big for fun. For example, your cat could be Big Bertha, Big Daddy, Big Poppa, Big Red, or Big Boy.
  • Big: Like the notorious BIG, just call your feline Big.
  • Bigfoot: By definition, Bigfoot is a large, hairy humanoid creature believed to live in the wilderness of the United States and Canada. It could also be a literal translation of your cat’s foot.
  • Bison: This is a kind of Buffalo called the American Bison. It is large, gregarious, and has short black horns.
  • Bogart: It is a German word that means ‘bowstring,’ recommended for a tightly-wound cat. For many other German cat names, try this link.
  • Bolivar: Your big cat is as wide as a ‘riverbank.’
  • Bomber: It is a military aircraft that drops bombs during flight. This could playfully be related to a cat whose waste is as big as what he/she consumes.
  • Brigadier: An army rank that you fondly give to your cat in reference to his size.
  • Bruiser: Right for a large, strong, and heavyset cat.
  • Bruno: It is a German word meaning ‘brown one.’ Give it to a big, brown feline.
  • Brutus: A Latin word for ‘heavy or muscular.’ For many other Latin cat names, try this link.
  • Buffalo: For that cat breed that you compare to a wild ox. Buffalos are larger than the common ox.
  • Bully: Most bullies are bigger than the bullied.
  • Butch: A cat that is manly with the marked masculine appearance or mannerism of an alpha cat.

Big Cat Names Starting with C – D

siamese cat loving salmon

  • Caesar: A Latin name that means ‘thick head of hair.’ For a plump, long-haired cat.
  • Captain: If your cat is not just big but also dominant and knows how to lead.
  • Cassius: For a cat who is full of himself.
  • Caw: It is the name of a giant according to the Arthurian legends.
  • Champ: Short for champion.
  • Chinook: For your salmon-loving cat.
  • Chubbs: A fun way of saying chubby.
  • Chucky: Inspired by the horror movie called Child’s Play. Chuck was a big doll with a big knife.
  • Colossus: Great for a cat of gigantic size.
  • Commander: Appropriate for a cat with who has supreme authority.
  • Commissioner: A cat that is quick to execute his business of eating and lazing around.
  • Conan: An Irish word that means ‘a hound or a wolf.’ This will fit a cat who will sniff out food from any corner. It also fits a wolf-like cat such as the Lykoi.
  • Condor: It is the largest flying bird in the western hemisphere, belonging to the vulture family. For cats that love to bird-watch, building this DIY cat window box for him/her is a great idea.
  • Congo: Inspired by the major river in Africa and one of the longest in the world.
  • Corb: For that feline that can consume a basket of food as wide as the ones used in coal mines.
  • Cromwell: It is a Scottish name that you can give to a cat that is big and has a ‘crooked’ feature—perhaps crooked tail or whiskers.
  • Custennin: If you want a name that is unusual for a cat, this Celtic name which means ‘mythical giant’ will do.
  • Custer: The United States great general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876).
  • Cyclone: For a cat that moves like a violent storm.
  • Cyclops: It is a race of giants, children of Neptune and Amphitrite. The cyclops are said to have only one eye, and yet they are still able to see clearly. Have you ever wondered how cats see and why their eyesight is so much better than a human’s?
  • Czar: The word for ‘ruler’ in Russian. For many other Russian cat names, try this link.
  • Dane: Appropriate for a big cat from Denmark.
  • Darth: If you have a big, powerful cat with a dark side.
  • Diesel: A badass name for a cat who burns through his fuel reserve.
  • Dragon: A ferocious and powerful big guy.
  • Duke: It is the highest form of nobility; you can give it your cat to honor his size. If it’s a female, name her Duchess instead.
  • Dumptruck: For that cat that will eat anything.
  • Duncan: Appropriate for a black cat; the name means ‘dark-skinned warrior.’
  • Duplex: For a very tall cat.

Big Cat Names Starting with E – H

fat cat smelling dandelion

  • Eiffel: Name your cat after one of the notable structures in France.
  • Emperor: The supreme monarch of an empire; give this name to your cat for his supremacy over all things food.
  • Enzo: Sounds like a name for a big cat. The full name is Lorenzo. It’s a cool Italian name. For many other Italian names, visit this page.
  • Epic: Fitting for a very imposing and impressive cat.
  • Everest: Inspired by the Mount Everest; it is the highest mountain peak in the world, standing at 29,028 feet.
  • Fjord: Refers to a long narrow, deep inlet between cliffs, humorously representing your kitty’s throat and stomach.
  • Frankenstein: After the big, scary monster.
  • Gaius: Give it to a kitty who is like the Roman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifested insanity. Hopefully, your cat will only be crazy over you.
  • Giant: For obvious physical reasons.
  • Godzilla: It literally means ‘God’s shadow,’ but it is used to refer to anything extremely large or dramatic.
  • Goliath: In the Bible, he was a giant who was killed by David with a slingshot.
  • Gordito: Call your cat ‘fat boy’ if that’s what he is. Although, you might want to help your cat lose weight so he will be healthier.
  • Gorilla: Larger than a man, the gorilla is the largest of the apes.
  • Gotham: The name was originally used in England. It literally means a place where goats are kept. It was later adopted by the Batman comics. Great for a cat who is as stubborn as a goat when it comes to what he wants, or a cat that is black like the bat.
  • Grant: For a great cat with no controversies.
  • Grizzly: A powerful brownish-yellow bear; for your shaggy-haired big brown cat.
  • Hercules: A Greek hero who was strong and powerful.
  • Hitman: A cat who doesn’t miss his target.
  • Holstein: A desirable breed of cattle that produces large amounts of milk. Great for a purebred cat.
  • Hoss: It means ‘a big, strong, respected, and dependable man,’ or in this case, cat, and it is of Swedish origin.
  • Howard: Give to a kitty that you believe has ‘a brave heart.’
  • Hulk: Inspired by the superhero who becomes powerful and huge when angry.
  • Humberto: Fitting for a cat that is big and bright.
  • Humvee: For that cat who is as big and wide as a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle.

Big Cat Names Starting with J – M

very fat white cat lying on floor

  • Jaws: For a cat with strong jaws and sharp teeth.
  • JelB: Short for jelly belly because after eating his/her abdomen practically touches the ground.
  • Jumbo: Need we say more?
  • Jupiter: Compare your cat to the largest planet. Visit this link for many other space cat names.
  • Kaiser: It means ‘leader’ in German.
  • King Kong: A gorilla in a popular movie. Try this link for many other movie-inspired cat names.
  • Koa: It means ‘strong and mighty’ in Hawaiian. Think Hawaiian cat names sound cool and soothing? We’ve got plenty more for you in this link.
  • Kudu: A large African antelope; for a cat who prances about in the presence of food.
  • Kwatoko: A bird with a big beak.
  • Langston: Literally means ‘a tall man’s town.’
  • Loki: In Norse mythology, Loki is the god of fire, mischief, and all things bad. There are current movies that show his character. Great name for a big, aggressive, and passionate cat.
  • Macro: Large computers that can take in a lot of data.
  • Magnum: It means ‘big and great’ in Latin; another name like it is Magnus.
  • Major: A feline who is great in scope and size.
  • Mama: Fun name for a big female cat.
  • Mammoth: An extinct, hairy, maned elephant of enormous size; an ideal name for your big fur ball.
  • Massimo: A name of Spanish origin. Alternatively called Maximus in Latin and Maximillian in German, which means ‘the greatest.’
  • Mighty: A warrior of great force and courage; for a cat who is big enough to knock down anything in his/her path.

Big Cat Names Starting with N – R

gray cat with a ravenous appetite

  • Nero: In Latin, the name means powerful. It was borne by a Roman emperor notorious for debauchery and barbarous cruelty remembered as a merciless tyrant. Give it to a cat you have no control over.
  • Obelisk: A character in a popular comic book; appropriate for a cat with a rounded abdomen.
  • Ox: There is a saying ‘as strong as an ox.’ If you have a cat that reminds you of the saying, then that would be perfect.
  • Pharaoh: An Egyptian title for a ruler.
  • Pig (or Piggy): If you have a female cat, name her Miss Piggy. Perfect for a cat with a ravenous appetite.
  • President: The one who makes decisions for a whole country.
  • Quake: For that heavy duty feline whose very walk causes the floor to quake.
  • Rajah: Of Arabic etymology, this term is used in India to refer to ‘a king or a prince.’
  • Rambo: For a no-nonsense, badass cat that can take on the bad guys.
  • Reis: A common term that is given to the captain of a ship.
  • Rex: For a male cat who rules as ‘a king.’
  • Rion: Refers to a giant of pagan religion.

Big Cat Names Starting with S – Z

white fat cat with blue eyes

  • Saga: It is a tale or a story which your big cat’s life should be full of.
  • Sausage: Saucy for short; perfect for a cat who loves sausages.
  • Tank: A large vessel for holding liquid, and in your cat’s case, food. Can also refer to the big bad battle machine.
  • Taurus: It is a zodiac sign signified by a bull. Give it to a cat with the strength and the size of a bull.
  • Thor: God of thunder, rain, and farming in Norse mythology. Strong enough to throw a large hammer that causes thunder and lightning.
  • Thunder: The rumblings of your kitty’s stomach when hungry can be heard from miles away.
  • Thumbelina: For a polydactyl cat.
  • Titan: Giants who are big in size.
  • T-Rex: The king of dinosaurs.
  • Tsunami: The deadly mega wave that washes over all.
  • Xerxes: Another name for a cat who has the air of ‘a king.’
  • Walrus: A very large marine mammal that uses its little tusk to fight for food.
  • Zoltan: A cat who is living life to the fullest and it shows in his size. It is a Turkish word that means ‘a great ruler.’ Another more common term would be Sultan.

Wrap Up

very large cat lying

These names are not given to your cats to poke fun at his/her size; rather they are names that acknowledge the totality of who your cat is. Big is indeed beautiful, and you can pick any of these names to celebrate it.

We know we did not cover all the fun, humorous, and apt names that can be given to a big cat. If you have other ideas, we would like to hear about them. Kindly share with us. For many more funny and creative names, try our article on punny cat names.

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Stella Noble

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