British Cat Names: For the Cat Ladies and Gentlecats

Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

From the elegant way that they do things to their fascinating culture, we can talk about the British all day and still not run out of things to discuss. If you are like us and you find the British a fancy group of people—or perhaps you’re a Brit yourself—you might want to consider choosing from this list of British cat names if you’ve just adopted a new cat.

There are different reasons why you might want to give your cat a British name. Your cat could be an English breed like the British Shorthair. Or perhaps, you enjoy watching British TV shows, and you’ve got a favorite celebrity who’s British. Whichever it is, we have taken into consideration the diverse reasons why you might want a British name for your pet and come up with an amazing list to match.

We’ve divided this article into two sections. The first section contains a list of male British names for cats while the second half is for those of you who have been blessed with a female cat. Don’t be afraid to give your cat the most British name you can find. If you listen well, you might start picking up the accent behind the meows.

British Cat Names for Males

British shorthair wearing monocle

If yours is a gentlecat, here are some of the best British cat name suggestions we have in store for you:

  • Aidan – Not all male British names pertain to the gentleman culture. If your cat defies the stereotype because he is a ‘little fiery one,’ then we have just the name for you.

  • Alfie – Alfie in itself is not a name. It is instead a variety of Alfred, which means ‘a sage or someone wise’—perfect name if you’ve adopted an older cat. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to adopt a cat here.

  • Bard – A traveling singer who loves to sing ballads. Apt for a cat with a melodic meow.

  • Beckham – Name your cat Beckham if for no other reason than the fact that the legendary David (Bend it Like) Beckham also carries this name.

  • Bran A name that means ‘strong.’

  • Camelot – The setting for King Arthur’s legendary story.

  • Cedric – This name has crossed a lot of borders already, but it should be known that the English had it first. At the time, they used it to mean ‘chief.’ Perfect name for your dominant male cat.

  • Clay – Best for that cat that won’t stop digging up your backyard. You might want to consider potty-training your cat too if he’s doing that because nature calls. Or you can train your cat to use the toilet.

  • Conor – This name translates to ‘strong-willed.’ A great name for cats that you can’t say “no” to because you know he’ll win in the end anyway.

  • Earl – The name has been worn by many a nobleman. Time for the noble-cats to have a bite too.

  • Gavin – ‘One with impressive senses.’ If you have ever seen your cat in action when hunting mice, you will understand why you should have given him this name yesterday.

  • Griffin – A Welsh name that means ‘strong in faith.’

  • Harry – This name originally came from Germany and was used to mean ‘the ruler of the home.’ However, following the huge success of the Harry Potter books, this name became a common feature in Britain too.

  • Howard – If you are looking for a humorous designation, here is one that means ‘chief guard.’ We don’t see your cat barking a stranger out of the house anytime soon, but you might as well get a good laugh out of that.

  • Humphries – Got a bouncy little male fella on your hands? We could take a trip down the movie lane. See if the Are You Being Served? question has been answered and pick the standout character—Mr. Humphries. It is the ideal name for that kitty who acts aloof almost all the time, if not all the time.

  • Ian – Do you also think your cat came into your life as ‘a gift from God’? This name would be especially apt if it were a kitty you rescued or a feral you tamed. See how to tame a feral cat here.

  • Keane – For that amazingly ‘clever’ cat. Also, perfect if you’re a fan of Keanu Reeves.

  • Kent – And this time around, we are not even talking about the earthly name of Kal-El from Krypton. Instead, we are looking at a name that means ‘white.’ If you’ve got a beautiful male cat, do check out our article on white cat names.

  • London – A tribute to the beautiful, historic city.

  • Merlin – Inspired by the legendary wizard who helped King Arthur rise to fame and come out victorious every time.

  • Oliver – The name is attributed to the ‘olive tree.’ In that light, it indicates something that is both fruitful and dignified.

  • Patrick – Because it sounds nice. We love the cat variation that goes ‘Catrick’ instead.

  • Pierce – In ordinary English parlance, this name would be used to indicate the act of being run through with a sharp, pointy object. That is not what it means when used as a name, though. Instead, it means ‘rock.’

  • Riley – A name made lovable by a character in the satirical series The Boondocks. Riley literally translates to ‘a small stream,’ and we’d love to see it on a small cat too.

  • Romney – There are a lot of references to this name so don’t get us started. However, we would like to tell you that it means ‘a winding river.’

  • Seamus – On first observation, it is not easy to spot. As soon as you are told that this is a form of James, though, you begin to see the resemblance.

  • Sherlock – Being a personal fan of the series ourselves, we can see why pet owners will go ahead and name their cats Sherlock. The portrayal of the character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book by the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch drew a lot of attention to the role, and we are glad he was the man to fill those shoes. What makes the name even more appropriate for a cat is that the character is a detective while cats are known to be naturally curious. A match made in heaven, wouldn’t you say?

  • Trotter – You know how your pet is always trying out new ways to be cute so he can get all the extra treats? That was the same way the Trotter brothers from Only Fools and Horses used to make new plans to become millionaires overnight. That is why we feel Trotter makes the appropriate namesake for that new male kitty in the house.

  • Walter – Walter White from Breaking Bad made such an impression that you should really consider naming your feline friend after him.

  • Watson – Not all cats can be the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Some of them don’t want all the hassle that comes with being a leader and would rather be the loyal sidekick—Dr. John Watson—instead. The best part of this name is that it can now be used for both male and female cats. Before you protest, you might want to check out a new series where the doctor was played by a female character.

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British Cat Names for Females

calico cat on tree

After looking at some great options for the gentlecats, now it’s time for us to list out the best naming options for your beautiful cat lady. Without further ado, let’s dig in:

  • Alma – No, this name is not always followed by the word ‘Mater.’ Used alone in this sense, it means ‘all good.’

  • Arya – For a girl that has no name, she does have one of the most popular names with Game of Thrones’ fans. If you’re a true fan of Game of Thrones, you may want to check out our article on Game of Thrones names for cats.

  • Ashley – Means ‘the ash tree by the meadow.’ Kind of poetic. It will also make a great name for a cat that likes to climb trees.

  • Avery – This name can be used for both a male and female cat. It means ‘a wise counselor.’ It makes a great moniker for a chatty cat that always has to put her two cents in.

  • Baroness – For that female cat that acts all tough, or maybe one that behaves like the noble that she is.

  • Bonnie – Means ‘pretty.’ If there is a male to go with her, make sure you can handle their joint mischievousness should you name him Clyde.

  • Bridget – The name means ‘strong.’ It can also be shortened to ‘Bree’—another name that means the same thing.

  • Deja – Even without the ‘Vu,’ it still means ‘you have been there before.’

  • Delia – Not to be confused with Delilah; it is the nicest name you can give a ‘dark’ lady kitten.

  • Dina – ‘One of the valley.’

  • Diva – This term is commonly used to refer to a star singer. In truth, the name translates to ‘a divine one.’ You can either give this name to a chatty cat or one that brings light to your life.

  • Ethel – Because your cat is a ‘princess’ and you’d like to express that in a special way.

  • Gilda – You should see this coming, but we won’t blame you if you don’t. If we told you that it means ‘golden,’ don’t beat yourself up for not spotting that earlier.

  • Guinevere – Can be shortened to ‘Gwen,’ should that be a mouthful. Guinevere graces the history books as the wife of King Arthur. Don’t miss out on our article on epic cat names if you like this name.

  • Jennifer – Although we don’t see the correlation either, this is agreed upon to be another form of Guinevere. It can easily be shortened to Jenna.

  • Khaleesi – The name of the mother of dragons. This time though, her name is being lent to cuter creatures, not fire-breathing ones. For effect, we will advise naming a cat with a predominantly white coat this way.

  • Mavis – For that cat that is always ‘full of joy’—waking up every day with new energy and enthusiasm.

  • Meryl – We don’t know why the English could not have just taken the word falcon and stuck to it, but apparently, they had a very good reason for wanting to give another beautiful name to such a great bird. Perfect for a cat that loves to climb up to high places, or cats that can spend hours bird-watching. We suggest that you build a DIY window perch for such cats.

  • Nanette – Every cat has the flexible body and grace that remind one of a dancer. Why not name your feline friend with a moniker that means ‘little dancer,’ then?

  • Nell – Even though it sounds like a male name, it would interest you to know that it is just a variation of Ellen. It translates to ‘shining light.’

  • Nera – Nera is that cat that always wants to be ‘nearer’ to you. No, we’re not kidding. That really is the meaning of the name! Check out our article on punny cat names if you like this name.

  • Quinn – If your cat, unlike others, likes to sit somewhere, minding her own business and always seemingly deep in thought, consider her a ‘wise one.’

Wrap Up

British cat lying on red coach

Tons of options to choose from and all you are to do is settle on one that sounds right for you and your cat.

Of course, there are many other British names out there. We’ve just chosen a few of the best ones for cats in hopes that we’ll help make things easier for you. Even if you couldn’t find the perfect name for your cat in this list, we hope that we’ve at least managed to jog your creativity so you wouldn’t be stuck anymore.

Did you find a name that would be perfect for your cat? We’re very interested to know which one you picked for your beloved feline friend. Not seeing any good option? Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong place, then. How about going to Asia next? Click here to find our list of Asian cat names!

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