Brown Cat Names: Only the Best for Your Uniquely-Colored Feline Friend

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Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Picking the right name for your cat is a combination of many things, such as their personality and their gender. Another great factor of influence is the color of their coat. You will agree that there is something enamoring about brown cats, which is why your brown cat deserves one of our specially-crafted brown cat names that highlight that unique feature of theirs.

The color brown comes in many shades—ranging from chocolate to deep brown, fawn to golden brown, and many more in between. Despite that, brown is an exceedingly rare color on cats. Orange coats are infinitely more common.

brown british cat with yellow eyes

If you’re lucky enough to have a brown cat, you’ll find this article very informative as we will present unique brown cat names that no other cat in the neighborhood has.

In this article, we have sectioned our collection of brown cat names into three. The first is a section dedicated to brown tabby cats. The second includes names inspired by edibles. The third contains names inspired by everyday things. We hope you will find more than one name that piques your interest.

Brown Tabby Cat Names

brown tabby cat rolling on the floor

Tabbies generally have marked coats in stripes, lines, dots, or swirling patterns. If your cat has a distinct mark that looks like the letter “M” on his/her forehead, it is another sign that you have a tabby cat.

You may wonder why we have chosen to focus on names for brown tabby cats. Pure brown cats, without any hint of stripes or patches on their bodies, are quite rare. So rare, in fact, that an entirely new breed—the Havana Brown cat—had to be specially created to fulfill cat lovers’ demands for a pure brown cat.

Keeping that in mind, we believe there is a good chance that your brown cat is a tabby. If he/she is not, you can skip this part and move on to our next category. Or you can check this list out as well to see if anything sticks. Below are some naming ideas for brown tabby cats:

  • Brown-Eyed Susan: Why not name your cat after the biennial plant? It will fit perfectly if you have a brown-eyed, brown-haired female cat.
  • Dirty Harry: A badass, notorious masculine cat who has all the characteristics of a stray. Have you befriended a stray cat? A good idea would be to build an outdoor DIY cat shelter for him.
  • Foxy: For that cat that is as cunning as a fox, with pointy ears and a fluffy tail. Perfect name for a Somali cat.
  • Goldie: If you have a brownish gold-hued cat.
  • Pebbles: Cute name for a down-to-earth cat.
  • Sandbar: Preferable for a sand-colored striped cat.
  • Sir Smudgy: For a sassy “gentlecat.”
  • Topaz: For your rare gem.

Brown Cat Names Inspired by Food and Drinks

fluffy brown kitten with chocolate on plate

Food is a necessary substance for our existence, and brown is the color of most delicious foods particularly when cooked. Find all sorts of unique brown cat names here inspired by wine, drinks, spices, snacks, and condiments.

  • Acorn: Small but impressive.
  • Amaretto: If you enjoy your cat’s company like you enjoy your favorite wine.
  • Anise: A star-shaped plant that is used for its aromatic properties.
  • Beans: In this case, brown beans.
  • Brandy: For a strong female feline.
  • Brownie: Delicious pastry loved by all; ideal for an affectionate cat.
  • Cadbury: For that cat with a tough exterior but a soft heart.
  • Canoli: This is an Italian dessert with decadent fillings.
  • Cappucino: Ideal for a brown tabby cat with different shades of medium and light browns.
  • Chestnut: For adorable cats.
  • Chocolat: The French version of the English word “chocolate.” It sounds more exotic. For many other sophisticated French cat names, visit this webpage.
  • Cinnamon: For that cat that makes everything better.
  • Clove: For that cat that adds spice to your life.
  • Cocoa: You know how easy you relax and feel sleepy after a hot cup of cocoa? If your cat has the same effect on you, this name should do.
  • Coffee: Great if you have a cat who wakes you in the morning without fail.
  • Coca (Cola): For that popular cat that everyone likes.
  • Cookie: Give it to a cute cat that charms everyone he/she meets.
  • Count Chocula: Inspired by Count Dracula and then combined with chocolate.
  • Dunkin: Inspired by the infamous Dunkin Donuts—golden brown perfection.
  • Espresso: Apart from what a shot of espresso does to your system. The name is right for a cat who is always on high gear.
  • Fudge: Might be a great name for a long-haired male cat who is sassy and independent.
  • Ginger: Give it to a cat with some heat; he/she will fight back when messed with.
  • Godiva: For that bold cat who doesn’t mind defying you to get what she wants. Inspired by Lady Godiva.
  • Gravy: Gravy brings harmony to a dish; for that feline that does the same for you.
  • Hazel: From hazelnut, which makes the ideal topping and snack. Consider giving it to a small, cute cat.
  • Hershey: Your cat can’t eat chocolate, but this is a great name for cats you just can’t resist.
  • Honey: For that cat that you can’t do without and can’t get enough of.
  • Jack Daniels: For a headstrong kitty who can be a lot to handle. Try this link if you’re interested in giving an alcohol-inspired name to your cat.
  • Java: For that cat that meows you awake—to be more specific, your very own alarm clock.
  • Kahlua: Inspired by the coffee-flavored liqueur made in Mexico; for that complex cat who possesses more than meets the eye. Find many other Mexican cat names here
  • Kasha: It is the Ukrainian word for buckwheat.
  • KitKat: Not only is it a famous chocolate brand, but the name also sounds like “kitty cat.”
  • Latte: For a brown cat with white stripes just like the milk latte.
  • Maple: Inspired by sweet maple syrup. Great if you’re a Canadian. Even if you’re not, this name is great for a quiet cat that’s always right beside you.
  • Marmite: Yeast leftover from brewing beer has been found to possess many health benefits.
  • Meatloaf: For a ravenous big brown cat who loves his meat.
  • Mocha: If you are a mocha lover.
  • Molasses: For that cat that is always found in a sticky sweet mess.
  • Mousse: Foamy and yummy—perfect for an affectionate, extroverted kitty who brings you a gift of dead mouse often.
  • Muffin: Another scrumptious pastry that is all brown goodness.
  • Nai Cha: Of Chinese origin, meaning “milk tea.” If you’re giving your cat milk, make sure it’s lactose-free, just to be safe.
  • Nutella: That cat that is your spread of daily sweetness.
  • Nutmeg: Ideal for a small and fiery cat.
  • Nuts: For that cat that you will do anything for.
  • Peanut: For a cat whose coat is as smooth as butter.
  • Reese: A brand known for producing great peanut butter candy.
  • Roux: A type of brown sauce made of flour and butter.
  • Sausage: For a compact, thick cat. If you think that your cat is getting a bit too chunky, you may want to learn how to make a cat lose weight.
  • Snickerdoodle: Cookie made with butter, sugar, flour, and rolled in cinnamon sugar. If your cat has gotten patches of golden brown, that makes the name even more appropriate.
  • Sorrel: The name celebrates the red-tinted brown of your feminine feline who is as pretty as a picture.
  • Starbuck: If your morning routine includes having a cup of Sbucks coffee. Your cat is equally indispensable.
  • Syrup: Recommended for a deep, quiet, and reserved feline.
  • Toast: Cheery, happy, morning-loving cats who are at their best in the morning.
  • Truffle: For that cat that you consider rare and precious.
  • Twix: Inspired by a snack of the same name.
  • Walnut: The nickname “Wally” will compliment a big, lazy cat.
  • Whiskey: For a mature cat that walks around with class and is well-respected in the cat community.

Brown Cat Names Inspired by Everyday Things

brown cat sleeping on white blanket

If you look around you, brown-colored stuff surrounds you. Even the earth we tread upon is a shade of brown. The names here are listed alphabetically to enable easy access to the letter that fascinates you.

  • Amber: Amber boasts a combination of gold, orange, and brown. It makes for a beautiful cat name.
  • Auburn: For a happy kitty that is also loyal.
  • Brown: If you’re a straightforward person that likes to keep things simple.
  • Brunette: For a long-haired cat.
  • Bruno: Perfect for a small, chubby cat.
  • Buckeye: Short for Buck. Give it to a strapping, cute feline.
  • Burgundy: This is a reddish brown color; give to a cat whose brown has a red tint.
  • Buster Brown: Inspired the comic strip character of the 90s. To avoid being obvious, you can call him Buster for short.
  • Carmel: Ideal for a cat that loves to sleep all day; actually, what self-respecting cat doesn’t like to sleep all day? Makes you wonder how much sleep do cats really need.
  • Chrome: For a cool, masculine cat.
  • Copper: A copper coin may not be the most valuable of all, but without it, our lives wouldn’t be complete.
  • Crimson: For cats whose brown coats can look red if the sunlight hits it in a certain way.
  • Cronan: An Irish name that means “the little dark one.” It may be appropriate for the runt of the bunch. For more Irish cat names, visit this page.
  • Dapple: Recommended for a cat with different shades of brown.
  • Hawk: For a cat that moves with lightning speed especially in the direction of what he/she wants.
  • Heath: For a sandy brown beautiful feline.
  • Kodiak: For that cat that you have shared many memories with.
  • Leather: Perfect for a cat that has weathered the storm and has experienced some hard times, like a former stray or feral.
  • Mahogany: For a sophisticated breed of cat.
  • Monkey: If you have a cat that loves climbing and swinging from high perches, no other name will fit better. Building a DIY cat bridge for this kind of cat will make him/her a very happy monkey indeed.
  • Mugs: A gentle feline that sits with you for tea.
  • Owl: For a feline with big eyes that speak his/her emotions.
  • Penny: For a sweet, burnished brown female cat.
  • Rusty: For a cat that you adopt in his/her old age.
  • Sable: Give this name to a sturdy, masculine cat.
  • Sepia: For your reddish brown kitty who also happen to like cuttlefish.
  • Sierra: It is Spanish for “mountain”; ideal for a tall, towering brown kitty.
  • Suede: For that cat whose coat feels plush.
  • Tanner: For that light brown cat that makes you smile.
  • Tawny: A kind of brown with an orange hue—a feminine name that will be great for a female feline.
  • Teak: Yellowish brown wood used for shipbuilding.
  • Teddy Bear: For that cuddly kitty that will sleep in your lap. Does your kitty belong to one of the best lap cat breeds?
  • Timber: Another name for a strong male cat.
  • Tootsie: Reminiscent of the Oscar-winning 1982 film where the lead wore a stunning brownish-red dress.
  • Umber: A moth that has a brown coloring; fitting for that feline that is light on his/her feet. Also, remember the Pokemon called Umbreon? For many other fun Pokemon cat names, visit this page.
  • Wonka: After the 1970s movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Woody: For a cat that loves playing outdoors.

Wrap Up

brown cat with white patches

Brown is not a boring color as some may think; it is all about what you think about when you see the color brown. The brown cat names we have listed above are designed to bring a smile to your face and make you feel excited to call your furry companion with the name all day long.

You can also push the envelope further by coming up with more creative brown cat names. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. We welcome any feedback or questions you may have. Please get in touch below. To learn more about how to keep your cat’s gorgeous brown coat silky and shiny, do visit our article on how to groom a cat.

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Stella Noble

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