Calico Cat Names: The Best Names for Your Bringer of Good Fortune

calico cat with green eyes
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

A calico cat is dominantly white-furred with patches of black and orange. The cause of this unusual coloring is genetics. Both black and orange fur colorations are dictated by genes in the X chromosome, which is also the reason why most calicoes are females. Naming a new pet—especially one as special as a calico cat, whether male or female—is a huge decision, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be fun at all. We’ll give you a long list of female calico cat names to help you out so you and your pet can have fun choosing one.

What’s exciting about looking for the right name for your new pet is that the possibilities are just endless, but it can also be a downside. Calico cats, especially, feature so many different traits that it can be hard to settle on any particular one when trying to pick the perfect name for your cat.

Do you focus on her white coloration? Or her black and orange patches? Do you focus on the widespread belief that calico cats bring good fortune? Should you direct the magnifying glass towards her personality instead of her outward appearance? If you just don’t know where to start, don’t worry because we’re here to help narrow it down for you.

We’ll start with cat name suggestions based on the unique fur color of calico cats. And since there are so many myths and folklore about these amazing pets, we’ll check out some names that are based on stories about calico cats. Because most calico cats are female, we’ll also give you some beautiful cat names based on flowers, gemstones, and their cuteness. But there are also times when female calico cats appear graceful and elegant instead of cute, so we’ll also take a look at cat names based on ancient goddesses.

Base It on the Color

unusual calico cat's coat

The calico fur coloring is simply unique and eye-catching. Whether your calico cat has a spotted or particolored coat, you can name her based on her coat coloration. In fact, many calico cat parents often use names that are associated with their cat’s predominant color.

In most cases, the orange fur coloration is very vivid, and calico cat parents usually give their pet a name that’s evocative of this color. Here are a few examples for you to choose from.

#1: Predominantly Orange

  • Arancione (“orange” in Italian)

  • Autumn (for cats that are quaint and soothing)

  • Butterscotch (a delicious, sweet, confectionery)

  • Cinnamon (for your innocent cinnamon roll)

  • Clementine (a type of orange fruit)

  • Coral (for calico cats that have a colorful personality)

  • Ginger (a popular name that you can’t go wrong with)

  • Hallie (taken from the word Halloween)

  • Honey (this term of endearment can make a great name)

  • Maple (no pancake is complete without this)

  • Naranja (“orange” in Spanish)

  • Orange Blossom (not many know that orange trees can grow beautiful white flowers)

  • Portocale (“orange” in Romanian)

  • Sangria (a delicious, refreshing drink)

  • Sunkist (for cats that are always refreshing)

#2: Predominantly Black

calico cat with pedominanating black

  • Bat Cat (a popular meme character)

  • Boots (for predominantly black cats that have shiny coats)

  • Coal (both the coal and the smoke it produces during usage are pitch black)

  • Eclipse (a very cool name)

  • Foncé (French for “dark”)

  • Gothica (a variation of the word Goth that has a positive connotation)

  • Kuro (“black” in Japanese)

  • Midnight (for cats that keep you up at night)

  • Nightshade (actually a type of vegetable; it’s too cool a name to serve that purpose only)

  • Noir (French for “pitch black”)

  • Preto (“black” in Portuguese)

  • Shadow (for cats that love to follow you around)

  • Soot or Sooty (for cats that love to roll around in dirty places)

  • Svart (“black” in Norwegian)

#3: Predominantly White:

calico cat with predominating white color

  • Angel (for cats that always bring you blessings)

  • Avalanche (can be shortened to “Ava”)

  • Bela (“white” in Slovenian)

  • Bianca (“white” in Italian)

  • Blanca (“white” in Spanish)

  • Blizzard (can be shortened to “Bliss”)

  • Cloud (great for puffy white cats)

  • Cotton (another name that’s great for puffy white cats)

  • Dove (a symbol of peace, so this name is perfect for quiet cats)

  • Frosty (for cats that can be a bit aloof but you know they love you nonetheless)

  • Gwyn (“white” in Welsh)

  • Shiro (“white” in Japanese)

  • Snowball/Snowy/Snowflake (all of these can be shortened to “Snow”)

  • Talcum (a type of powder commonly used for babies)

#4: In Reference to Their Fur Pattern

calico spotted cat

  • Camo (for camouflage)

  • Dottie (or Dotty)

  • Hodge Podge (can be shortened to HP…although people could think you’re referring to either Harry Potter or Lovecraft)

  • Marble (a rare pattern, but a cool name)

  • Monarch (like the monarch butterfly)

  • Oriole (like the tri-colored bird)

  • Picasso (for cats that sport an abstract pattern)

  • Pixel (for cats with smaller color patches that kind of blend together)

  • Shelly (for tortoiseshell)

  • Splatters (when you can see no rhyme or reason to the pattern)

  • Streak (suitable for fast cats as well)

  • Tri or Tryke (for tri-colored)

  • Turtle or Turtie or Tortie (for tortoiseshell)

Base It on Calico Cat Folklore

calico cat bringing luck and money

There are many myths and beliefs related to calico cats, and you’d be happy to know that they’re all basically saying that calicoes are lucky. Did you know that the Japanese Maneki neko (known in Western cultures as the “beckoning cat”) is based on a calico cat? This Japanese talisman is often displayed in restaurants and shops to bring good luck and fortune.

Aside from the Maneki neko, there’s also another custom among Japanese sailors. In the olden times, they would sail with a calico cat on board, believing that the cat would ensure their safety at sea.

Calico cats are also called “money cats” in the United States. This is because people once believed that these adorable creatures could be sold for a huge amount of money (specifically if it’s a male calico cat).

Here are some interesting cat names associated with the belief that calico cats bring good luck.

  • Arian (“money” in Welsh)

  • Bani (“money” in Romanian)

  • Charm (because she’s your good luck charm)

  • Felicity (female for Felix, which means “lucky” in Latin)

  • Fortunata (“lucky” in Italian)

  • Heldig (“lucky” in Danish)

  • Kounna (“lucky” in Japanese)

  • Maneki (from Maneki neko)

  • Onni (“fortune” in Finnish)

  • Waimarie (“lucky” in Maori)

  • Yunqi or Haoyun (“good luck” in Chinese)

  • Zortea (“lucky” in Basque)

Flower Names for Pretty Girls

calico kitten in hat with flowers

Most calico cats are females, which not only means that they’re very good at displaying their feminine wiles, but also that they’re usually very beautiful and graceful.

You might want to name your new calico after a flower, to highlight the beauty that you see in your feline pet. Or maybe you are hoping that your new pet will blossom under your care like a blooming flower. Either way, names based on flowers are really pretty and would definitely be appropriate for stunning-looking cats like calicoes.

#1: Based on White Flowers

  • Calla (for calla lily; it means “ethereal”)

  • Camellia (it symbolizes “love and longing”)

  • Candytuft (it means “aloofness”)

  • Columbine (it means “wisdom”)

  • Daffodil (it symbolizes “life”)

  • Dian or Dianthus (it means “holy”)

  • Freesia (it symbolizes “persevering love”)

  • Gardenia (it means “innocence”)

  • Helenium or Helen (it means “dedication”)

  • Heliotrope (it means “everlasting”)

  • Hyacinth (it symbolizes “stability and honesty”)

  • Jasmine (it means “comeliness”)

  • Lilac (it means “childhood love”)

  • Lily (it means “ethereal”)

  • Magnolia (it means “noble”)

  • Moonflower (it means “night beauty”)

  • Peony (it symbolizes “fortune”)

  • Primrose (it symbolizes “sureness in oneself”)

  • Snowdrop (it means “a new start”)

  • Vinca (it means “binding”)

#2: Based on Orange Flowers

  • Chryssie (short for chrysanthemum; it means “jealousy”)

  • Dahlia (it means “noble”)

  • Daisy (it means “consideration”)

  • Gladiola (it means “power”)

  • Lantana (it means “endurance”)

  • Marigold (it means “to relax”)

  • Poppy (it means “reprieve”)

  • Snapdragon (it means “assumption”)

  • Tiger Lily (it means “good fortune”)

  • Tulip (it means “kindness”)

  • Zinnia (it means “care”)

Your Pet Is Your Jewel

calico kitten with pearls

Let’s face it, pets are lovable creatures, at least most of the time. And even if you weren’t charmed by your pet at first, don’t worry; you’ll soon learn to love her like your own child.

It’s hard to resist falling in love when your pet is a sweet and gentle calico cat. They’re just simply lovely and adorable. And they’re really fun to play with or to spend time with, which is why calico cats are treasures. Show how much you cherish your pet by giving her a gem-like name.

Names of precious stones are good references for unique calico cat names. For instance, have you heard of a cat named Ametrine? This is actually a unique gemstone which is formed when amethyst and citrine combine. Because it has citrine, part of it is orange, which makes Ametrine a perfect gemstone name for your calico cat.

#1: Birthstones from January to December

  • Garnet (has the power to “calm you down”)

  • Amethyst (has the power to “soothe you”)

  • Aquamarine (has the power to “heal”)

  • Diamond (has the power to “help you think clearly”)

  • Emerald (has the power to “maintain youthfulness and faithfulness”)

  • Pearl or Alexandrite (has the power to “protect”)

  • Ruby (has the power to “offer better creativity”)

  • Peridot (has the power to “heal”)

  • Sapphire (has the power to “offer wisdom and strength”)

  • Tourmaline or Opal (has the power to “open your third eye”)

  • Topaz or Citrine (has the power to “soothe and heal”)

  • Tanzanite, Zircon, or Turquoise (has the power to “fortify your self-trust”)

#2: Other Precious Stones

  • Alexandrine (has the power to “support the flow of blood”)

  • Ametrine (has the power to “cheer you up”)

  • Aventurine (has the power to “call upon good fortune”)

  • Carbuncle (has the power to “neutralize”)

  • Carnelian (has the power to “increase bravery”)

  • Cat’s Eye (has the power to “strengthen”)

  • Cornelian (has the power to “incur honesty”)

  • Melanite (has the power to “improve your overall mood”)

Cuteness Overload Calico Names

very cute calico kitten playing

Calico cats are not just pretty to look at; they’re great pets because they’re just so cute. If you’ve got a cute new calico kitten, then you know you’ve got to give her a name that bespeaks her cuteness. Here are some cute names for calico cats for you to choose from:

  • Bambi (for doe-eyed cats)

  • Barbie (for your cute little princess)

  • Blossom (like the Powerpuff girl)

  • Calypso (a beautiful nymph in the Greek mythology)

  • Cookie (perfect for calico cats because cookies also have patches of different colors, like the chocolate chips)

  • Cupcake (perfect for cats that you look forward to meeting every day)

  • Honeybee (if calling your cat Honey just doesn’t do it anymore)

  • Jellybean (jellybeans also come in all sorts of colors)

  • KitKat (short for Kitty Cat)

  • Ladybug (for your lovely lady snugglebug)

  • Magpie (for chatterbox cats like the Siamese)

  • Pixie (for tiny and mischievous cats)

  • Princess (for cats who have become the center of your life)

  • Teacup (for tiny, well-behaved cats)

  • Tiara (because she deserves it)

  • Tinkerbell (for cats that are tiny and fluttery)

  • Twinkle (for cats with beautiful, twinkly eyes, like the Ojos Azules)

Names for She Who Acts Like a Goddess

calico cat with beautiful eyes

Since calico cats do not belong to just one breed, their temperaments are as varied as their coloration. In general, however, calico cats are known to be sweet and affectionate, as well as intelligent and loyal. On the other hand, calico cats can also be spunky and quirky.

Although calicoes are generally calm and good-natured, calico cat parents oftentimes may feel as if they’re serving a princess or a goddess—one that often gets in trouble and goes out of her way to get what she wants.

If your new kitten looks beautiful and elegant, but you feel that she’s hiding a huge potential for trouble and mischief, you might want to choose a goddess name for your pet. Here are some pretty-sounding names of goddesses from mythologies all over the world to inspire you.

  • Achelois (Greek goddess of the moon)

  • Áine (Irish goddess of summer)

  • Albina (Etruscan goddess of the dawn)

  • Allāt (pre-Islamic Mecca goddess)

  • Apate (Greek goddess of deceit)

  • Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love)

  • Arinna (Hittite sun goddess)

  • Artemis (Greek goddess of the wilderness)

  • Artume (Etruscan goddess of animals)

  • Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom)

  • Avatea (Polynesian lunar deity)

  • Bachué (mother of humanity in Muisca mythology)

  • Bast (another name for Bastet, the Ancient Egyptian cat goddess)

  • Bastet (ancient Egyptian cat goddess)

  • Beiwe (Sami sun-deity)

  • Bendis (Thracian goddess of the moon)

  • Branwen (Welsh goddess of love and beauty)

  • Brighid (ancient Irish deity)

  • Ceres (Roman goddess of agriculture)

  • Ceridwen (Celtic goddess of the moon)

  • Chang’e (Chinese goddess of the moon)

  • Changxi (Chinese lunar goddess)

  • Chía (Muisca triple goddess)

  • Dalia (Lithuanian goddess of fate)

  • Demeter (Greek goddess of the harvest)

  • Devana (Slavic goddess of hunting)

  • Diana (Roman goddess of the hunt)

  • Durga (a form of Hindu goddess Shakti)

  • Eirene (Greek goddess of peace)

  • Ekhi (sun goddess in Basque mythology)

  • Electryone (daughter of Helios in Greek mythology)

  • Eos (Greek goddess of the dawn)

  • Ēostre (goddess of spring and dawn in Anglo-Saxon mythology)

  • Epona (Celtic protector of horses)

  • Eris (Greek goddess of discord)

  • Étaín (a heroine in Celtic mythology)

  • Freya (Nordic goddess of love)

  • Gaia (Greek goddess of the earth)

  • Gnowee (a solar goddess in Australian aboriginal mythology)

  • Guanyin (goddess of mercy in ancient Mahayana Buddhism)

  • Hebe (Greek goddess of youth)

  • Hecate or Hekate (Greek goddess of childbirth)

  • Hella (Norse goddess of the underworld)

  • Hera (Greek queen of the gods)

  • Hestia (Greek goddess of the hearth)

  • Ilargi (moon goddess in Basque mythology)

  • Inanna or Innana (Sumerian goddess of love)

  • Iris (Greek goddess of the rainbow)

  • Ishtar (Mesopotamian goddess of war)

  • Juno (Roman goddess of marriage)

  • Kali (Hindu goddess of death and rebirth)

  • Kotys (Thracian goddess of the wilds)

  • Kuu (Finnish moon goddess)

  • Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth)

  • Losna (Etruscan moon goddess)

  • Maat (Egyptian goddess of harmony)

  • Malina (Inuit solar deity)

  • Mama Killa (Incan goddess of the moon)

  • Mano (Sami lunar deity)

  • Marici (Bodhisattva associated with light and sun)

  • Menily (Cahuilla goddess of the moon )

  • Metztli (Aztec goddess of the moon)

  • Minerva (Roman goddess of wisdom)

  • Moirai (The Fates in Greek mythology)

  • Morrigan (Celtic crow goddess)

  • Nanna (Norse goddess, wife of Baldr)

  • Neith (early Egyptian goddess of creation)

  • Nemesis (Greek goddess of retribution)

  • Nephthys (Ancient Egyptian goddess)

  • Nike (Greek goddess of victory)

  • Nikkal (Canaanite goddess of orchards)

  • Nu Wa (mother goddess of Chinese mythology)

  • Nut (Egyptian goddess of the sky)

  • Nyx (Greek goddess of the night)

  • Pachamama (Incan earth goddess)

  • Pah (Native American god of the moon)

  • Persephone (Greek goddess of the underworld)

  • Phoebe (Titan goddess of brightness)

  • Pomona (Roman goddess of fruitful abundance)

  • Radha (Hindu goddess, an avatar of Lakshmi)

  • Rhea (Titan mother of the gods)

  • Saulė (Lithuanian solar goddess)

  • Sedna (Inuit goddess of the sea)

  • Selene (Greek goddess of the moon)

  • Seshat (Egyptian goddess of wisdom)

  • Sól (Norse goddess of the sun)

  • Tefnut (Ancient Egyptian goddess of moisture)

  • Theia (Titan goddess of sight)

  • Themis (Titan goddess of divine law and order)

  • Thesan (Etruscan goddess of the dawn)

  • Tiamat (Babylonian goddess of the salt sea)

  • Umay (Turkish goddess of fertility)

  • Venus (Roman goddess of love)

  • Vesta (Roman goddess of the sacred flame)

  • Wala (sun goddess in Australian aboriginal mythology)

  • Xihe (Chinese mythology solar deity)

  • Yhi (goddess of light and creation in Australian aboriginal mythology)

Wrap Up

calico kitten with blue eyes

The term calico, when used to describe cats, does not refer to a particular feline breed. Rather, it refers to the tri-colored fur pattern that’s unique to each calico cat. Calico cats are usually female, but in very rare cases, a male calico will appear, but this will mean that the male calico has two X chromosomes, which is an abnormality.

Although male calicoes are considered weak because of this abnormality, they are still considered lucky cats because of their extreme rarity. If you happen to have a male calico kitten, then you’re unusually lucky. But you will most probably find it challenging to find the right name for your kitten since most calico cat names are for female pets.

No matter how challenging, and whether it’s for a male or female calico kitten, choosing the right name for your pet is a fun and exciting task. From the list we’ll give you, you can try calling out the names you’ve shortlisted, and see if your pet responds. Since your kitten will be helping you in choosing the name, you’ll know for sure when you’ve found the right one.

Calico cats are fun to be with and are loyal companions. They are a great source of entertainment and joy at home. If you’ve got yourself a new calico, we hope the comprehensive list of calico cat names shared in this article has given you inspiration for naming your feline bundle of joy.

Did you settle on any of the above names for your calico cat? What’s the name? If you have more ideas for fun and cute calico cat names, please feel free to share your comments or suggestions. If you didn’t find the name you were looking for, do visit our webpage on Japanese cat names. Since most Japanese Bobtails are calico and they are also known as the cat of good fortune, you may be able to stumble upon the perfect name there.

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