Calm Cat Breeds: 10 Breeds with a Soothing Presence

calm cat sleeping
Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

Sure, there are cats who can’t stay in one place, but there are also those who like to sit on your lap and even cuddle with you. Do you want to know more about these calm cat breeds? Then this post is written especially for you!

Calm cats are ideal pets for people like you who prefer a relaxed home. They’re also great for families with small children and seniors because they don’t need to be frequent playtime. But don’t mistake these calm cats for being cynical like Garfield—they are usually affectionate, too. It’s just that they won’t be all over your face trying to win your attention.

We have prepared a list of ten of the calmest cat breeds around. By the time you are done with this article, you will be familiar with the cat breeds known to display a laid-back attitude.

#1: Scottish Fold or Scottish Straight

Scottish Fold sleeping

The Scottish Fold or Straight is an easy-going cat breed. They are quiet and blessed with a sweet facial expression; you may be tempted to dress them up in doll clothes. In all likelihood, the feline will not resist such attempts.

Although they would follow you wherever you may go because it’s in their nature to be with their human companion all the time, they are the type of feline who won’t pester you if you’re busy.

Scottish Folds or Straights are highly adaptable, too. They can get along well with other cats as well as dogs. They also like to be with children. And they can be very playful, too. They love to stand on their hind legs. At times, you can catch a Scottish Fold in an unusual position. It’s their way of trying to get your attention.

Folds are not talkative. But when they do try to converse with you, their soft and small voice can melt your heart.

#2: Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat lying

The Ragdoll is a deceptive feline. They appear to be built like a tank, but deep inside, this is a laid-back and sweet cat who’s happy just being home with you. Just like the Scottish Fold, the Ragdoll won’t mind if you dress them up.

You will also love their tiny meow as it is cute and sweet. When they meow, it’s as if they are telling you how happy they are to be with you.

The Ragdoll has such a calm demeanor that they won’t mind being around other pets. They are extremely tolerant of kids, too.

While a Ragdoll can grow up to 20 pounds, they like to be treated like a small cat. They particularly like it when their owner cuddles them. They will also follow their human parent all the time. They like greeting other people at the door, and they are calm enough to sleep with their human companions at night.

#3: Russian Blue

Russian Blue cat sleeping

This cat is affectionate yet independent. The Russian Blue is one of the best cat breeds for people who want a chill home. They like being around their master. But make no mistake about it—these cats are also okay if you leave them alone for long hours.

These cats are shy when surrounded by strangers. They are mostly loyal to one master, but the Russian Blue is a gentle cat who will love other members of your family as well.

A social creature, the Russian Blue would always want to play whenever you are around. Once the cat is tired of playing, they can go back to their private nook to sleep. Curiously, the Russian Blue is not the type of cat who likes to greet strangers at the front door. In fact, they may even shy away from your guests during large gatherings.

This cat is quite vocal, too. When their pet parents are around, they will not hesitate to express their desire to play, eat, or snuggle. The Russian Blue also hates changes so you can expect them to make a low-pitched meow when you vary their meal times, for example.

#4: Tonkinese

Tonkinese cat lying

The Tonkinese cat is extremely social. They love being the center of attention. You can expect the Tonkinese cat to greet other people at the front door. They will also entertain guests with their antics. A natural at inventing games, the Tonkinese will find creative ways to use their favorite toys in delighting other people.

Tonkinese cats are playful. They like to keep themselves busy with scratching and climbing toys. They would also always try to get their master’s attention. They are vocal and will not back down from conversations. Don’t worry though as they are generally considered a laid-back cat. They will not be bothered at all if all you do at home is to lay down in bed with her.

#5: Persian Cat

Persian Cat sleeping

If you haven’t heard, the Persian cat is regarded as one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. And it is easy to understand why.

Persian cats are well known for their luxurious coats and cute faces. However, the affinity with this breed goes beyond their looks. They are sweet and gentle felines who can blend well with most homes. They can thrive in a boisterous household, but they are better suited in a relaxed, quiet environment.

For many pet lovers, the Persian cat is the first cat breed that comes to mind when they hear the words ‘lap cat.’ And you can’t blame them because the Persian cat likes to cuddle with their owners. They are restful and undemanding; they can last a day just sitting in their master’s lap.

The Persian cat is easygoing and affectionate. They are calm and gentle. You’d love that they don’t crave for your attention. The Persian cat won’t mind if you are too busy with your work and you can’t go home early. However, they do want you to play with them every time you are home.

The Persian cat is not a climber or a jumper. Instead of going to high places or playing with a scratching post, they’d rather pose beautifully on a sofa. They would also rather play with a toy instead of moving around the house.

The Persian cat is also highly adaptable. While they prefer being in a serene environment, they can adapt well enough to a loud and boisterous household. They also won’t mind if your loud friends crash at your place.

#6: Manx

Manx cat

The Manx is best known for being tailless. This cat breed originated from the Isle of Man. They have a thick coat, large round eyes, and a solid body.

This cat breed is widely considered to be the most dog-like in terms of loyalty. They can be overly protective of their masters. They also love being around humans. They can get along well with children and other family pets.

These cats are gentle, playful, smart, and calm. They like playing a game of fetch. Highly dexterous, the Manx can learn how to use their paws in opening doors and cabinets. You can challenge them and tap into that playfulness by providing them with puzzle toys.

While they can be active and playful, the Manx is generally considered as a lap cat. They will gladly sit on your lap. They won’t also hesitate to curl up if there’s no more room in your lap—that’s how affectionate and easygoing the Manx can be.

#7: Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin cat lying

The Ragamuffin has a cute name. This cat breed is definitely a sweetheart with their docile personality. In fact, they are fondly referred to as the teddy bear of the feline world.

Ragamuffins are calm and patient, and they can deal with children and other pets. They won’t get upset if they are brought to tea parties or taken for a ride in strollers. They are also crowd pleasers who will not hesitate to do tricks like fetching.

Ragamuffins make wonderful companions for single people. They are calm cats, but they are not lazy cats in every sense of the word. They’ll gladly play with your toys, scratching posts, and other similar items.

#8: Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex lying

The Selkirk Rex is a breed that is the result of the mutation of different cat breeds like Persians and British Shorthairs—two breeds known for their laid-back personality. It is thus not surprising that the Selkirk Rex also has a calm demeanor that belies their tough look accentuated by their heavy and muscular body.

Cool, patient, and tolerant—these are some of the words that best describe the Selkirk Rex. The Selkirk likes sitting on the lap of their human parent. They also love to cuddle. But they can also be outgoing when they want to.

They can be the feline greeter at your front door. They are also sweet and tolerant felines who won’t mind being touched by your guests especially those who are in awe of their coat.

Their tolerant ways extend to other pets like dogs and even children. They can get along well with them. Moreover, they are the type of cat who won’t bother you if you are busy. They will let you do with what you have to do. Just don’t make it a habit to ignore them most of the time as they will eventually become intolerant of it.

#9: Maine Coon

Maine Coon sleeping

The Maine Coon is friendly, affectionate, and laidback. Their pleasant personality is one of the reasons why they are also a top cat breed worldwide.

These cats are friendly, and they will be the first to greet guests at the door. They will also gladly go around and show off their tail when surrounded by guests.

They are also tolerant of toddlers. You will find it amazing and admirable how they can tolerate extremely rowdy children. And they will go out of their way to sit on the lap of a child they have grown accustomed to for some petting.

Unlike other cats, the Maine Coon is the type of feline who won’t mind if they stay in the house for most of the day as long as their owner is around. They like petting.

These cats are also extremely loyal and affectionate; in fact, they will follow their owner most of the day. Their loyalty and affectionate ways have led many to liken them to a dog. Moreover, you may even get away with having a Maine Coon wear a leash and a collar.

It should also come as no surprise that the Maine Coon can live with another dog in the house. Their friendly and calm disposition helps them to adapt well with another pet even if the latter is a rival for the attention of their owner.

#10: Birman

Birman cat lying

Rounding out our list of the calmest cat breeds is the Birman. They are often mistaken for the Siamese cat although they have a bigger body and longer coat that comes in different pointed colors. They are medium to large sized felines who are calm, affectionate, and loyal.

Like most of the cats on this list, the Birman loves being around people. They love playing chase.

This lovable cat also has no problem making friends with little children and other pets. In fact, the Birman is not comfortable being the only pet in the household. As such, if you are to get a Birman, then you may have to get another pet to serve as their companion.

The Birman is not demanding of their master’s attention. You can go about your business, and they won’t mind it at all. You will know that they are craving for attention when they start to follow you.

Wrap Up

kittens sleeping

There you have it—ten of the calmest cat breeds in the world today. As you have learned after reading this post, calm cats are usually also very affectionate, friendly, and adaptable. And they won’t mind if you spend the entire afternoon cuddling with them or sitting on your lap.

After learning more about the calm cat breeds, have you made up your mind which cat to get? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! Also, let us know if you have other calm cat breeds in mind. Next, check out our article on why does my cat stare at me—something calm cat breeds are prone to doing.

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