Car Names for Cats: Cool and Catchy Automobile Names for Your Cat

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Jeremy Vaughn
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Since you’re reading this post, we can safely assume that you’re looking for a good name for your cat. And it’s likely that you are contemplating giving a car name to your cat. It would be a good decision on your part because car names for cats are exotic-sounding and easy to remember.

As you would realize after reading this article, another unique trait of car names is that their places of origins are scattered across different parts of the world. There are car names with English origins; some have European roots while others have Asian origins. This makes for a lively list filled with unique names that no other cat in the neighborhood will have.

We’ve split this article into car names for male cats and for female cats. We’re confident that you will find the best car name for your new friend after reading this post.

Car Names for Male Cats

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Cars and cats have several things in common. Our feline friends are agile like cars on the roads. They’re also both beautiful. And yes, we all love cars and cats, right? Here are some excellent names you can give to a male kitten or cat:

  • Aston: Aston Martin is a world-renowned maker of sports cars. The name of the firm was derived from the founder Lionel Martin and the place where he lived, Aston Hill. The founder was known for his obsession with luxury and performance. His cars have become associated with Hollywood, too. This is a name for high-profile, noble, and elegant cats.

  • Audi: a German firm founded in 1904, the firm’s name came from a Latin word meaning ‘hear.’ Audi cars are not only known for being very fast on the road, but they’re also very pretty. Audi also has a reputation for having some of the most attractive car interiors. In fact, Audi cars are featured prominently in the Iron Man movie franchise as Robert Downey Jr. is often shown driving an Audi R8.

  • Bentley: this is the name of the British maker and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs. Bentley cars are known for being fast. Moreover, Bentley racers of the early 20th century were notorious for being wild partiers. Thus, you may want to give this name to a hyperactive cat. Do you think you may need to tone down your cat’s hyperactivity occasionally? Click here to read our article on how to calm down a hyper cat.

  • Bumblebee: this well-loved Transformers character was a 2010 Camaro in the 2007 flick. In the TV, the character transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle.

  • Cadillac: this is a classic brand associated with luxury cars. Cadillac was one of the first car makers in the US, having been founded in 1902. It was named after the French explorer who established the city of Detroit.

  • Cherokee: this name has a ‘60s vibe to it which makes it different from other car names in this list. Cherokee is actually an SUV under the Jeep brand. Cherokee vehicles are noted for their speed and power. If you find the name a bit lengthy, you can use shorter variations like Cher.

  • Chevrolet: Chevrolet is a car maker founded in 1911 in Detroit, Michigan. It was named after one of the founders of the company, Louis Chevrolet, a race driver and engineer. Chevrolet cars are known for being beautiful and fast. If you find the name a bit long, you may use the shorter variant Chevy.

  • Cooper: you can call a full-grown cat Cooper and a kitten a Mini Cooper. This car is one of the most iconic vehicles ever. Made by the British Motor Corporation, the Cooper is not only known for its size but also sporty handling and agility on the road. Here’s a bit of trivia you may want to know: the name’s literal translation is ‘barrel maker.’

  • Dodge: like Porsche, this name is short and easy to remember. However, it’s a name that has English origins. The company behind it was founded in 1900 in Detroit. Dodge cars, SUVs, and pick-up vans are known for their power. In fact, one of its models—the Ram 3500—is capable of towing more than three times its own weight. We suggest you name a strong cat Dodge.

  • Ferrari: arguably one of the most popular car names ever, Ferrari is known by just about everyone even those who aren’t sports car aficionados. It is a sobriquet associated with speed and design quality. The name came from the name of the company founder, Enzo Ferrari.

  • Infiniti: this is the luxury arm of automobile maker Nissan. It is known for producing performance sedans, SUVs, and hybrid cars.

  • Jimmy: it may sound like a regular guy’s name, but it actually comes from an old SUV model under the GMC brand. GMC Jimmy SUVs were known for their speed and power. A great name for cats that can be shy when meeting strangers for the first time, but is actually a sweetheart. Click here for tips on how to get a kitten to like you.

  • KITT: this was the acronym of Knight Industries Two Thousand. It was the name of the talking supercar in the ‘80s TV series Knight Rider.

  • Lighting McQueen: a stock car which starred in the Pixar films Cars; the character was named after a Pixar animator and not after race car driver Steve McQueen.

  • Logan: this isn’t based on the title of the hit movie starring Hugh Jackman. It’s actually the name of a small family car from the French automobile maker Renault. The car is quite popular in many countries mainly for its affordability.

  • Porsche: this is another luxury sports car and SUV maker that has German origins. The firm was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1931. Today, it is a brand that is associated with luxury and performance. Aside from those qualities, the name is also highly recommended because it is short and exotic-sounding.

  • Zephyr: if you’re looking for an exotic-sounding car name, then this may be it. This was the name of a Lincoln luxury car that was sold prior to the outbreak of World War II. Today, that car has become a classic and is highly coveted by many car enthusiasts. Interestingly, the word Zephyr means ‘west wind.’

Car Names for Female Cats

fat cat sitting on mercedes

Your female cat also deserves to be named after an automobile. After all, she’s as equally beautiful as some of the best cars in the world. Here’s a rundown of car names you might want to give to your female kitten or adult cat:

  • Acadia: the name comes from a Greek word meaning ‘idyllic place.’ This also happens to be the name of a crossover SUV from GMC. The said SUV is popular for its space and power, so you might want to give this name to a big cat.

  • Aria: it is the name of an SUV produced by the Indian car maker Tata. The SUV is known for blending features of a sedan with that of an SUV. Its name is Italian, and it means ‘lioness.’ Apt, isn’t it?

  • Aurelia: a car produced by the Italian firm Lancia in the late 1950s, the Aurelia was considered one of the best and most beautiful of its time. The name is also meaningful because it is translated as ‘the golden one.’

  • Auris: a Toyota creation, the Auris was a concept car unveiled during the 2006 Paris Motor Show. It is an amalgamation of two words: the Latin word aurum which means ‘gold’ and the English word ‘aura.’ The name, thus, means ‘golden aura.’ It could be the best name for a cat with gold or yellow eyes.

  • Avanti: this is a name that won’t ring a bell to most motorists these days, but hardcore car enthusiasts will know that this was the name of a performance coupe sold in the 1960s.

  • Camry: the Camry is a mid-sized sedan hailing from Toyota, the biggest automaker in the world. The name comes from Japanese word kanmuri, which means ‘crown.’ It is an apt name for a car that was the best-selling vehicle in America for an amazing 12 years. This is a perfect name for a dominant, smart cat.

  • Dakota: the Dodge Dakota is a mid-sized truck from Chrysler. It was also called the Ram Dakota. Dakota is actually a Native American name which means ‘friend or ally’—making it a very suitable name for any female cat. For many other exotic Native American cat names, click here.

  • Elantra: a compact sedan manufactured by Korean automobile maker Hyundai, the Elantra is known for being stylish and quick on the road. The name is also derived from the word ‘elation.’ Perfect for a cat that can always make you crack a smile.

  • Eleanor: if you have seen the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, you will remember that this was the name of the 1967 Shelby Mustang that Nicholas Cage coveted and nabbed. The name is also meaningful. It’s a Greek name that means ‘shining one.’

  • Elise: this is a 1990s roadster produced by British carmaker Lotus Cars. It was one of the fastest cars of its time—capable of running up to 150 miles per hour. Not surprisingly, the car was named after a girl named Elisa, who was the granddaughter of the chairman of Lotus Cars during the time the roadster was launched.

  • Jetta: it’s a short and easy-to-remember name that we can recommend for your cute cat. This name is derived from the compact sedan produced by Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Jetta is known for its style, speed, and fuel efficiency. We feel it is a name best suited for small to medium-sized female cats.

  • Kia: the name isn’t as iconic as Mercedes or Ferrari, but it’s short and has a good recall. Kia is a Korean car maker. Curiously, the name has African roots. It means ‘the beginning of a season.’ There are also other notable figures named Kia, like American actress Kia Goodwin and British novelist Kia Abdullah.

  • Liana: this is the name of a compact sedan produced and marketed by Japanese car maker Suzuki. However, the name actually has French origins and means ‘climb like a vine.’

  • Lotus: you may mistake it for the flower, but it is also the name of a British car manufacturer behind sports cars with names like Esprit, Evora, and Europa. Lotus cars are known for their sleek designs and superior performance on the road. It is a name we think suits small cat breeds like the Singapura and the Munchkin best.

  • Mercedes: like the Ferrari, Mercedes is one of the most iconic car names in the world. You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to know what Mercedes is. The name is actually of Spanish origins and means ‘gracious gifts.’ Indeed, Mercedes is a lovely name for any female cat.

  • Nova: the Chevy Nova was a small sedan that became popular in the 1960s. This classic car remains well-loved by many car enthusiasts. You would also like the meaning of the name: ‘new.’

  • Savana: GMC produces this range of cargo and passenger vans. Savana vans are not exactly the most beautiful especially the interiors, but they are well-loved because of their size and fuel efficiency ratings. It’s a name you might want to give to a big and hardy female cat.

  • Sienna: the name of a minivan from Toyota; it is derived from an Italian city called Siena. The word Sienna may also refer to reddish brown color, so if your cat does have a coat of this color, then this could be the name you’ve been looking for.

Wrap Up

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Both cars and cats are quick, beautiful, and well-loved all over the world. It is thus not surprising that many cat lovers think it’s a good idea to give car names to their felines. And as you have learned after reading this article, car names can also be pretty meaningful. Moreover, a good number of car names are short, catchy, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.

Now, what would be your choice among the car names mentioned above? Please let us know by writing in the comments section below. If you have a most-loved car that we didn’t include in this article, please let us know!

Before you go, if you’re both a car enthusiast and a cat lover, you may be interested to read our article about how to keep cats off cars. The top of a car is usually a cat’s favorite perching spot, but it’s no fun for us when we find scratch marks on the roof of our beloved cars.

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