Cartoon Cat Names: Funny, Endearing, and Nostalgic

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Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Do you sometimes find yourself identifying with a cartoon character? It would, therefore, be no wonder if you chose to name your cat after one of the funny characters. Luckily for you, there are so many cartoon cat names to choose from.

It is no secret today that cartoons aren’t just for kids. Apart from offering entertainment, they give us a more light-hearted perspective on life. There is also a great deal of lessons that you can learn from cartoons. Naming your cat after a cartoon character is a great idea. The question is: where do you begin? We are determined to make your choice easier.

Though we can never exhaust the list, we have done research and compiled quite an interesting list. To help you make an even better choice, we have categorized them. Do you like cat characters in cartoons? We have plenty of those for you. If you would prefer names with an exotic ring to them, we also have you covered. Have your pick below.

Cartoon Cat Names by Gender

We have compiled names borrowed from cartoon characters that include people, animals, and other fictional beings, and put them into gender-specific, male and female categories.

#1: Male Cartoon Cat Names

cat police officer

Male cartoon characters depict men in different dimensions. They highlight the expectations placed on a man in a family setting, career, and the society at large. Comically, the same expectations run across all characters, human or not.

Here are a few male cartoon names to choose from:

  • Babbit and Castello. Names that will fit sibling cats who are mesmerized by birds. The characters appear in several Warner Bros animated adaptations of the “Abbott and Costello” comedy. Their hapless antics as they try to catch a bird for dinner sets the stage for similar gags in the “Looney Tunes” universe.

  • Bonkers. An unarmed police officer from the animated television series of the same name. His full name is Bonkers D. Bobcat. He is a good-natured but clueless cat who gets in the way of his fellow officers. The moniker will do for a hyperactive and naïve tomcat.

  • Butch. A name borrowed from the bully friend of Tom in the “Tom and Jerry” cartoon. He is the leader of a back alley gang of cats. He has a love-hate relationship with Tom. In some episodes, he torments Tom, while in others, he helps him to capture the mouse. A name for a mischievous black feline. If you think your Butch needs some discipline, check out our article on how to discipline a cat here.

  • Chaos. A name for a destructive kitty. The character is a fearful feline-like creature from “Aladdin” TV series. He is unpredictable, evil, and doesn’t like being ordered around. If that sounds like your furry friend, then look no further.

  • Chococat. A fancy name for a huge and cuddly black cat. He is the counterpart of Hello Kitty from the popular Japanese brand. He is intelligent and makes for a friendly companion.

  • Claude. He is a cat with a yellow coat and red markings on his extremities. He is a character from the “Looney Tunes” cartoon series who occasionally features as an antagonist.

  • Danny. A name fit for a show cat. The name is borrowed from a character in the Warner Bros’ animated film “Cats Don’t Dance.” He is an enthusiastic feline who sets his eyes on Hollywood as a singer.

  • Darwin. The name of April’s pet and companion from the French-Canadian animated film “April and the Extraordinary World.” He gains the ability to talk after a science experiment gone wrong.

  • Lucifer. The inspiration behind this name is an evil character, and it should be reserved for a truly naughty cat. It belongs to the devilish pet cat of the Tremaine’s in “Cinderella.” He antagonizes the friendly dog, mice, and birds who come to Cinderella’s aid.

  • Super Snooper. A name from the cat character in “Snooper and Blabber.” The show features a cat and mouse detective team with the feline in the lead. The moniker will do for a poor mouser who would rather be friends with rodents.

  • Tiger. He is an odd cat who lives on a vegetarian diet but will occasionally consume fish. He is a character in “An American Tail.” In this American animated film, he befriends a group of mice after they are left in his custody. The name will do for a cool, soft-hearted feline.

  • Top Cat. A simple and cute cat name from Hanna-Barbera Studios’ cartoon of the same name. He is the leader of a cat gang that lives on the streets. They love to hang out and make music. Other names you can borrow from this cartoon: Brian, Spook, Fancy-Fancy, and Choo-Choo.

#2: Female Cartoon Cat Names

fashionable cat

Female cartoon characters reflect the abilities to nurture and protect. Unfortunately, they are also sometimes associated with evil and insensitivity. Whichever character trait fits your cat, you are sure to find a name that you will like here:

  • Beans. The name of a Warner Bros’ “Looney Tunes” cartoon character who first appeared in 1935. This sweet name will do for a likable molly.

  • Chloe. A name for a large gray tabby cat. She appears in “The Secret Life of Pets.” She is a neighbor and friend of Max, the main character. She is lazy, loves to eat, and only cares about herself. The name will do for a molly who spends her day feeding and snoozing. Check out our article on how much should a cat weigh.

  • Dinah. The name of Alice’s pet cat in “Alice in Wonderland.” She is usually at her owner’s side listening to her wishes and dreams. The name will do for a loyal molly.

  • Kitty. The name will do for a cheerful white molly. The Hello Kitty cartoon has grown into an over $6 billion brand merchandise. It started as a brand for young girl’s purses but is now popular with teenagers and adults alike.

  • Mittens. In the animated film “Bolt” by Walt Disney Studios, Mittens is a feral cat who spends his day fighting off pigeons just to get some crumbs. She and her dog friend Bolt travel across cities to reunite the pup with his owner. A name for a wise molly with excellent survival skills.

  • Pom-Pom. Just as her name suggests, the character is a pompous and rude cat. She lives in the king’s castle and only loves herself. She is an antagonist in “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True” cartoon. The name will do for a chubby white cat.

  • Streaky. The name comes from a DC Comic strip. It will do for a strong and fearless kitty. Streaky got her superpowers after she was exposed to green kryptonite that had been thrown away by Supergirl, her owner.

  • Toodles Galore. A name fit for a fashionable cat. The character appears as the love interest of Tom from the “Tom and Jerry” cartoon series. She appears immune to Tom’s advances and even makes him fight off other males for her attention.

  • Waffles. A grey tabby cat from the “Goof Troop” cartoon. She is the family pet who spends her time antagonizing Chainsaw, the neighbor’s dog. The moniker will fit a feline who is not animal-friendly.

Exotic Cartoon Cat Names

robot cat

If you like names that are unique, you might have to borrow them from other cultures. Here are a few that might interest you.

  • Banjo. This exotic name is borrowed from the 1979 animated film “Banjo the Woodpile Cat.” The moniker will do for a mysterious and cheeky cat. In the film, Banjo jumps off a window to test his ability to land on his feet. The cartoon also features other likable feline characters like Crazy Legs, whose name can be a funny one for a kitty.

  • Branyan. The pet cat of Yuki from the Japanese comic “The Comic Artist and His Assistants.” She is the manga’s mascot. She is lovable and is said to cuddly. She is very talented and draws better than some of the human characters in the comic. A name for a molly who loves to show off.

  • Doraemon. Fans of Japanese manga will recognize this blue famous robotic cat. He provides protection, guidance, as well as emotional support to his owner, Nobita. The name will do for an all-rounder feline.

  • Figaro. An exotic cartoon name for your cat. It refers to the black tuxedo pet cat of Geppetto and Pinocchio. The character appeared in the first “Pinocchio” cartoon but gained enough popularity on his own to become a pet of Walt Disney’s Minnie Mouse.

  • Luna, Artemis, and Diana. These are cat names rooted in the Greek mythology. The trio appeared in “Sailor Moon,” a Japanese manga series. They are intelligent, a trait that makes them good advisors to their respective owners. The names will come in handy if yours is a multi-cat household.

  • Nala. Here is a cute name for a female cat. The character appears in “The Lion King” as Simba’s supportive friend and later his love interest. She is a caring and lovable female lion who knows how to protect her friends.

  • Nuru and Sheeta. These are exotic names from Disney’s “Tarzan and Jane” cartoon. The vicious duo panthers attack Jane and her friends as they are having a picnic, leading to Tarzan saving them. Nuru is a Swahili word for ‘light’ while Sheeta is a tweaked variation of “cheetah.” The names will do for cats who are not people-friendly. Find many other exotic African cat names here.

  • Sagwa. A cute and exotic name fit for a Siamese cat. The character features in the “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat,” which is an animated TV series based on a novel by Amy Tan.

  • Salem Saberhagen. A mouthful of a name for a kitty. The character appears in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” The name has a Wiccan origin since the cat is actually a witch whose punishment is to spend his life as a cat. Check out our list of Wiccan cat names.

  • Si and An. Here are names that will do for sibling kittens. They are trouble-brewing Siamese cats from Disney’s animated film “Lady and the Tramp.” They mess up their house, setting up the stage for Lady the dog to disappear, leading to the nostalgic adventure.

  • Simba. Swahili word for “a lion.” The character made his mark in “The Lion King” animated film. Simba ousts his uncle from the throne to rule over all other animals in Africa. The name will do for a fun-loving and headstrong cat.

Famous Cartoon Names for Cats

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There are some names that just pop to your mind every time cartoons are mentioned. These are characters who have earned themselves spots among the famous fictional characters. Not all of these characters are cats, but your cat may exhibit the same characteristics they do. You can earn your cat a famous spot by adopting any of these names.

  • Azrael. The evil orange tabby cat from the animated film and show “The Smurfs.” He is Gargamel’s evil pet. He shares his master’s obsession for capturing and turning the lovely Smurfs into Gold. A name for an insensitive cat.

  • Bart. The son of Homer in “The Simpsons.” Apart from tormenting his father, he is always devising new ways of getting himself into trouble. The name will do for a naughty kitty.

  • Bugs Bunny. “What’s up, Doc?” is one of the most famous catchphrases on TV, thanks to this character. He debuted in 1940 and has remained a favorite across many generations. The moniker will do for your feline if you think of him as being witty, sly, and funny.

  • Charlie Brown. The cartoon started as a newspaper comic strip by Charles Schulz. He is a happy boy with no luck on his side. He fails at almost everything, whether it’s kicking a ball or flying a kite. The name suits a kitten who never gives up no matter what.

  • Cheshire Cat. He is a colorful kitty from “Alice in the Wonderland” cartoons and books. The name will do for a sly and mysterious tomcat. One of the notable traits of this feline is a wide grin that lingers when his body fades away. Check out our other magical cat name suggestions here.

  • Felix. This is one of the most popular go-to names for black cats. The character debuted during the silent film era and has kept fans laughing ever since. The name will do for a happy-go-lucky tomcat.

  • Flintstone. The Flintstone’s household has Velma and Fred. Together with their pals Rubble and Barney, they became the first cartoon on prime time TV in 1960.

  • Garfield. Your cat doesn’t need to be obese or have an orange coat to deserve this name. This character from Jim Davis’ comic strip is arguably the most recognizable cat in this list. Since 1978, Garfield has audiences laughing as he eats away while he antagonizes his owner and the family dog.

  • Heath Cliff. The character has graced comic books since 1973. He is a tough, streetwise orange cat. The name will do for a huge feline who appears menacing but is actually a cool guy.

  • Meathead. The character features in the early “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. He is a gray feral or alley cat who sometimes helps Tom to hunt down Jerry.

  • Mickey. The iconic Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse has been on TV since 1928. The cartoon is among the pioneers of films with sound. For a long time, it has been the gold standard for most cartoons. It also features Minnie Mouse and Pluto, characters whose names can also be appropriate for your cat. Don’t miss out on our list of Disney cat names.

  • Mr. Jinks. A cute name from “Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks.” He is an orange tuxedo cat who is a bit timid and gets outwitted all the time by the mice who are the stars of the show.

  • Nermal. The grey cat from “Garfield.” He is a pampered cat who nicknames himself ‘the world’s cutest cat.’ He is usually at odds with Garfield, the star of the show. The moniker will do for a spoilt feline.

  • Oliver. Your furry friend may not be a singer like the felines from “Oliver & Company” however, that should not stop you from choosing this cute name. The adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist” features Oliver as a homeless kitty who uses his wits to survive in the streets with a gang of dogs.

  • Popeye. A name for a cat who is brave and angers easily. The character first appeared in 1929. He eats canned spinach which gives him superhuman strength. Just remember to give your cat a diet primarily made of meat and not veggies.

  • Puss in Boots. This beloved character joined the “Shrek” universe as a supporting role. His charisma and misplaced egocentricity captured the hearts of audiences all over the world. It led to animated films and series with him in the lead. A name for a cat who loves playing dress up.

  • Riff-Raff. A name for a dominant tomcat. In the “Heathcliff” comic strip, he is the leader a gang of junkyard cats. He has a loyal girlfriend: Cleo. The names will be cute for a pair.

  • Scooby Doo. The cowardly dog who, together with his pals Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Fred, make a ghost busting team. A name for a furry friend who even runs away from his own shadow.

  • Scratchy. Most fans of The Simpsons” will recognize this character from the “Itchy and Scratchy” segment that appears in “Crusty the Clown” TV show which is a favorite of Bart and Lisa Simpson. The name will do for your cat if you have dark humor as the sketch features some gory scenes. Do try our other list of evil cat names.

  • Snagglepuss. You can go with this name inspired by “The Quick Draw McGraw Show.” Snagglepuss is a mountain lion who dreams of becoming a stage actor.

  • Snowball. He is the pet cat of the Simpson family from “The Simpsons.” He has white fur, which explains the name choice. The family maintains the name even after his demise, giving it to cats with other coats including black.

  • SpongeBob Square Pants. A relatively new cartoon character who has become the darling of many. He was created by a marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg, which explains the ‘under the sea’ set up.

  • Stimpy. A catchy name that will do for a feline who loves the company of dogs. The character is part of the “Ren & Stimpy” cartoon. He is a goofy cat who is obese and has a brain the size of a peanut. He is an overall likable feline.

  • Sylvester. The name is borrowed from the tuxedo cat from the “Looney Tunes” cartoon series. It will do for a tomcat who loves bird watching or chasing. In the series, he spends his time antagonizing Tweety Bird. He also has a lisp, which makes his name also suitable for a cat with a funny meow.

  • Thomas O’Malley. One of the most charming and lovable characters from “The Aristocats.” In this animated romantic musical, Thomas is a feral cat who falls in love with the white cat, Duchess. In the process, he becomes a father figure for her three kittens, Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz. There you have a complete name set for a family of 5 kitties.

  • Tigger. With a distinct orange fur and black stripes, this big cat stands out in the “Winnie and Pooh” cartoon series. The moniker will do for a cat who loves to jump around the house. The character moves by bouncing from one place to another without a care in the world.

  • Tom. The never ending hate and love relationship between this cat and Jerry, a mouse, leaves people in stitches. The “Tom and Jerry” cartoon has been on TV since 1948. The popularity of the character has even led to male cats being christened tomcats.

  • Wile. The famous coyote who fails spectacularly as he tries to capture the Road Runner. He is sometimes teamed up with Bugs Bunny for more disastrous outcomes. The name will do for a feline who enjoys bird watching.

Wrap Up

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Cartoons are a reflection of human life in a rather humorous way. Contrary to the past when they were regarded as kids’ entertainment, both adults and children can have a good laugh over favorite cartoon programs today.

Apart from offering entertainment, cartoons offer great lessons on various aspects of life. People can learn to appreciate their lives and those around them in more than one way.

Adopting a cartoon name for your cat shouldn’t just be a way to honor your favorite cartoon character but also a chance to give your cat a name that suits him/her. Given that every character represents a personality, you can do both without losing your cat’s identity.

Have you managed to pick a name? Tell us about it and the inspiration behind it. Also, share any other feedback with us below. Before you go, check out our list of mischievous cat names if you still haven’t found the right name for your feline friend.

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