Cat Breeds with Fluffy Tails: 9 Cat Breeds With Amazing Plumage

cat with fluffy tail
Martha Harvey
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The tail is a shared trait amongst most cats, but depending on the breed, a cat’s tail can vary in appearance quite a bit. Some cats have sleek tails, others have long plumed tails, and some breeds are born tailless. If you are looking for a new cuddle companion, consider getting one of the cat breeds with fluffy tails.

Generally, cats with fluffy tails also have long coats, and there are quite a few long-haired cat breeds to choose from. All cats are adorable, but fuzzy cats seem sweeter thanks to their soft and fluffy fur. The way their fluffy tails perk up as they greet you or twitch as you feed them is just so irresistibly cute, and we understand your obsession with fluffy cat tails.

In this article, you will find a list of cat breeds with big fuzzy tails. Furthermore, we will provide a description of each breed to you, thus increasing your chances of finding the perfect new huggable companion.

9 Cat Breeds With Downy Tails

A tail may seem an insignificant thing to consider when getting a new cat. However, the tail is the feature that rounds the overall appearance of a cat.

A full plumed tail gives a cat an elegant and otherworldly aura that mesmerizes people and draws them in. Hence, if you are looking for a cat that will captivate others, consider getting one of the following breeds.

#1: Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung is an athletic and well-proportionated medium-sized breed. These cats have a double medium-length coat that comes in a striking blue-gray color.

Ideally, the coat is silver-tipped. In that case, these cats seem to shimmer from heads to the end of their luxuriously plumed tails. Still, in most cases, the shimmering is only noticeable on the head and the shoulders. However, that fact doesn’t make these cats any less gorgeous.

The outer coat is fine and silky to the touch and covers a soft and downy undercoat. The hairs are longest on the long and fully plumed tail.

The Nebelung cats are quiet, gentle, and shy with tendencies to pick a favorite person amongst their family members. They are affectionate and kind cats that like being close to their owners without being demanding or overbearing.

This is a sensitive breed, and these cats don’t like being ignored or made fun of. If a Nebelung cat feels unappreciated, they can become nervous and fearful. These are a bit shy but extremely loyal cats that form deep bonds with their people and reward them with lots of affection.

These cats love to play, and they will easily learn how to retrieve toys and play fetch. When they aren’t playing, they love observing their people from high vantage points.

This isn’t a demanding breed, and they can play alone and entertain themselves while their owners are at work. Furthermore, they like routine, thus, don’t change your cat’s meal, play, or grooming schedule unnecessarily.

#2: Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan was developed by crossing Persians with Siamese cats in order to introduce color points and blue eyes in a long-haired breed. The result is a stunning breed with a sweet expression, fluffy coat, and majestically plumed tail.

Since these cats come in color points, their faces, legs, and tails are of a darker color than the rest of their bodies, which contributes to their overall appeal. These cats are a study of soft and round lines. They have large round heads, round eyes, short noses, full cheeks, and small ears that give them a cute look.

They are quiet and sweet cats that have sedentary lifestyles. Unlike most other cats, the Himalayans aren’t great at jumping and prefer being close to the ground or lounging in their favorite chair. This is an undemanding and affectionate breed. They are fond of their people but will warm up to only a few special guests.

This is a docile and calm breed that likes being petted and cuddled in serene and calm environments. Hence, they aren’t best suited for active families with small children.

These cats love to lounge, nap, and be worshiped, which isn’t so easily achieved when there are kids running around. This is a stunning and affectionate breed, and they don’t ask for much, except regular meals, a little play, and lots of love, which they return tenfold.

#3: Birman Cat

Birman Cat

Also known as The Sacred Cat of Burma, the Birman has a medium-long to long coat that comes in color points. The coat has a silky texture and little undercoat. Thus these cats are fairly easy to groom.

They have broad round heads, medium-sized ears, and vivid blue eyes. The bushy tail and all white paws, also known as gloves, are the signature traits of these cats. This is a medium-sized breed with a powerful body that is covered with a pale coat and contrasting points in different colors and patterns.

This is a laid-back and quiet breed, but they like spending time with their people. These cats love to follow their owners around the house and to be involved in their daily chores.

The fluffy Birman cats love being held and cuddled, and they will relax when picked up like babies. Despite being docile and calm, they are curious cats that often get in all sorts of accidents. Thus, it will be a good idea to keep tabs on your cat, and to know her whereabouts at all hours of the day.

This is a friendly and social breed, and these cats can make a great addition to any home. The laid-back Birman gets along well with kids and other pets and won’t have troubles fitting in. These calm and lovely cats are an excellent choice for people who are looking for a fluffy and sweet companion that doesn’t require daily grooming.

#4: Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is a large cat breed with a muscular body, broad chest, medium length legs, and fluffy tail. Their long and heavy coat has a silky texture and gives them a shabby chic appearance that is the most notable trait of this breed.

Despite common beliefs that Maine Coon cats can be just brown tabbies, they come in a wide range of solid colors and patterns. The thick and fluffy coat that had once protected these cats from harsh Maine weather conditions is nowadays the feature that makes them popular amongst cat lovers.

This is a people-oriented and laid back breed, and these cats love being close to their people. However, they aren’t attention seeking or demanding and will happily observe what their owners are doing.

They like to be close to their owners and will follow them around, and are generally always close by. They are smart and playful cats with excellent hunting skills. Even if you don’t have pest problems, your cat will hone their skills by chasing and pouncing on the toys. Because of their size, these cats prefer being on the ground and aren’t big fans of being held up in your arms.

They are social and undemanding felines that retain their kitten-like behavior in their adult years. This is an intelligent breed, and they can learn various tricks and love to play with puzzle toys.

If you are looking for a laid-back fluffy giant to keep you company, consider getting this breed, and in return, your cat will keep your floors dust free thanks to their feathery fuzzy tail.

#5: Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are easily recognizable for their semi-long coats in pointed patterns, vivid blue eyes, and their size. This is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, and they can weigh more than 20 pounds.

They have large broad heads, gently rounded noses, oval blue eyes, and medium-sized ears. The solid and heavily boned bodies of these cats are covered with a silky medium-length coat that blossoms into a fully feathered tail.

People loving and friendly, these cats love to be involved in their owners’ lives. Despite their size, they love to be cradled like babies and will fully relax once picked up. These are kind and docile cats that will meet their owners at the front door, jump in an empty lap, or snuggle in the bed under the covers. However, they are also playful and like to be involved in family activities.

This is a smart breed, and these cats react well to positive reinforcement. Thus you can teach your cat various tricks and enforce good behavior. Thanks to their friendly nature, they get along with everyone and are suited for homes with children and other pets. Their cute disposition, fluffy coats, and tails make them ideal companions for people who want a cat that likes being handled.

#6: Somali Cat

Somali Cat

The Somali is the long-haired variety of the Abyssinian cat. These are medium-sized cats with muscular yet elegant and graceful bodies. They have slightly round wedge-shaped heads, broad ears, and large almond shaped eyes of gold or green color.

The medium-length coat is soft and silky to the touch. The ruff around their necks and full fluffy tails that are thick at the base give them their fuzzy appearance and distinguish this breed from the Abyssinian.

These are energetic and lively cats that are in perpetual motion. They like following their owners around and are often found perched on the highest surfaces, carefully monitoring everything. These are curious and persistent cats that like being in the center of attention, and they will do anything to preserve their status.

The Somali is an active breed that needs a lot of toys and environment enriching furniture. Otherwise, they will ransack a home looking for ways to stay busy.

Owners are advised to spend as much time as possible with their cats. If you have long working hours, consider getting a similarly energetic companion for your Somali cat. These social felines get along with everyone and thrive in active homes where they are showered with attention and love.

#7: Persian Cat

Persian Cat

The Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds, and that isn’t surprising when you consider their sweet fluffy looks and gentle nature. This is a medium-sized breed, with a strong neck, short thick legs, and brush-like tail.

They have large round heads, squashed noses, large round eyes, small ears, and full cheeks. Their long, thick, and shiny coat is the signature trait of these cats and makes them irresistible.

The Persian is a docile and quiet breed, and they are known for holding their owners in the highest regard. These cats need time to warm up to strangers, and even if they do, they pick only a special few. They are highly devoted to their humans, and like lying in laps, being petted, and cuddled.

This is an affectionate but undemanding breed, and they don’t need much except regular meals, the occasional play, and lots of love.

The quiet and calm Persian is best suited for peaceful homes and owners who are able to reciprocate their cat’s affection. Since they aren’t overly active, these cats aren’t the best option for homes with small energetic children. They tolerate dogs and other cats as long as they are willing to leave your stunning Persian to have her beauty naps in peace.

#8: Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are notable for their big size and thick long coat. Their moderately long body is muscular and powerful and is supported by muscular thighs and large round paws that have hair tufts between the toes.

The fully plumed tail of Norwegian Forest cats is as long as their body and solidifies the overall fluffy look. The reversed triangular shaped head is topped with heavily tufted medium to large ears. The large almond-shaped eyes come in gold, copper, or green and complete the look of these fluffy giants.

They are gentle and friendly cats that like being close to their owners without being demanding. Despite being social, these cats are a bit reserved towards strangers. They don’t like being carried or held up. However they like being scratched behind the ears, and will show their happiness by headbutting their owners.

These are quiet felines that don’t ask for much but will communicate in a quiet voice when they are hungry or ignored. They are excellent jumpers that like observing everything from the highest vantage points. Furthermore, they are excellent hunters, so make sure that smaller pets like fish or birds are safe from their mighty paws.

#9: Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat

The triple-layered coat of the Siberian cats was a natural defense from the harsh weather conditions of their homeland in Siberia. These are medium-sized and hefty felines that have powerful bodies, strong round paws with hair tufts, and thick fluffy tails that are able to sustain extreme temperatures.

The head is rounded and topped with medium tufted ears. The round eyes come in green, gold, and copper that complement the variety of different coat colors seen in these cats.

These are affectionate and friendly cats that like following their owners everywhere and be helpful. They even wait for their people at the front door and use a quiet and melodious voice to tell their owners about their day. They love people and aren’t afraid of strangers. Thus they will parade their fluffy body and treat guests with purrs. They love sitting in their owner’s laps and will spend hours there being petted and cuddled.

This is a playful and active breed, and they like involving their owners in games. Thus, your cat will bring you her toy and wait expectantly for you to throw it. Despite being large and fluffy, these are graceful cats that like perching on the highest surface.

The boisterous Siberian cat gets along with everyone and is especially fond of children. These cats can become fast friends with other cats and dogs as long as they understand who is in charge.

Wrap Up

cat with fluffiest tail

With so many cat breeds, deciding on the right one for you can be challenging. If you aren’t already set on getting a particular cat, our list of cat breeds with fluffy tails can make your job a lot easier.

If you decide to get one of these beauties, remember that their downy tails and fuzzy coats require daily brushing in order to look good. Thus, spend a few minutes daily brushing your cat so that you can enjoy looking at her glorious plume.

Did any of cat breeds from our list strike your fancy? Do you know of other cat breeds that have gorgeous tails? Let us know in the comments section below. In case you’ve decided which cat to adopt, check out our article on cat color names next to find the perfect name for your cat; fluffy-tailed cats come in all sorts of colors after all.

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