Cat Color Names: Celebrating the Marvel of Cat Coat Colors

kittens of different colors lying together
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

You may have noticed that in cat shows, cats are described specifically based on their coat color, pattern, length, and then the breed. For first-time cat parents, this could be quite confusing as there are so many colors and coat patterns. That may work for cat shows, but at home, won’t regular cat color names just be better?

Naming your cat after his/her coat color has its charms. It may be a simplistic approach to naming your cat, but choosing a name based on your cat’s color can also be fun. Moreover, since you’re looking at just your cat’s coat color, you should have an easier time choosing your pet’s moniker.

To make the process even less complicated for you, we’re sharing a lot of fun and exciting cat names based on coat colors. We’ll focus on the more common colors first, so we’re starting off with names for black cats. Then we’ll take a look at great names for white cats. We’ll also give you cool names to choose from for tabby cats. We’ll then move on to bi-colored cats, and then, finally, we’ll have some examples of names for tri-colored cats.

Fun Names For Solid Black Cats

black kitten playing with a toy

There are people who think that black cats are unlucky, but the truth is, black cats are amazingly cool and beautiful. Plus it’s really fun making up names for black cats.

There are so many ways to say black and so many descriptive words that convey the color. You’ll surely have a great time choosing the best name for your black pet.

Cat NamesMeaning/Description
AdrikRussian male name meaning ‘dark’
AlvaSpanish female name meaning ‘black’
AmaroPortuguese male naming meaning ‘like a Moor’
Blackberryshow your love for fruits by giving your cat a fruit name
Blackbirdif you're a bird-watching cat parent, this would be a charming name for your feline pet
Blackjackgreat name for a black male cat
Blacksmithperfect for huge and muscled male black cats
Blackthornperfect for cats with thorny temperaments
BlakeOld English for ‘black’
BranIrish male name meaning ‘raven’
BrunoTeutonic male name meaning ‘dark-skinned’
CerinGaelic male name meaning ‘little dark one’
Charcoala fun name for male solid black cats
CharnaSlavic Yiddish female name meaning ‘black’
CiaránGaelic female name meaning ‘black’
DuannaGaelic female name referring to ‘a little dark maiden’
Duskya poetic name for your black feline
Ebonyanother word for black
Emerya strong name based on a hard black substance
HuyenVietnamese female name meaning ‘black-colored’
Jet or Jetteshort for ‘jet black’
KakiMaori name for ‘a blackbird’—a great choice if you're looking for a rare name for your cat
KalaHindi name meaning ‘black’
KangeeSioux male name meaning ‘raven’—another rare name for cats
Kohlblack powder used for eye make up
KuroJapanese name meaning ‘black’—great if you prefer Asian cat names for your cat
LeilaArabic female name meaning ‘dark as the night’—a pretty name for any female black cat
MavraRussian female name meaning ‘dark’
Midnighta poetic name for an all-black cat, great for both males and females
MoritzSwiss male name meaning ‘dark-skinned’
Obsidiana solid stone name for a solid black cat
Onyxfor cats that are as precious as jewels
Raventhis would be a pretty name for female black feline pets
Sablean elegant word for black
Shadowperfect for cats that always follow you around like a shadow
Sootya perfect way to describe your black cat
Stygiana cool literary name for your black pet

Charming Names For Solid White Cats

white kitten walking in grass

The best thing about white cats is that they look so adorable and innocent. Like a ball of snow or soft cotton, white cats are just wonderful to hug and cuddle. Not to mention they look really elegant, too. Here are some pretty and charming names for white felines.

Cat NamesMeaning/Description
Angela fitting name for kittens that are as sweet as angels
Avalanchean action-packed name for mischievous white cats
Blizzarda great name for a mischievous white cat
Chalkya silly name for a silly white cat
Chinaa great name for delicate and elegant female white cats
Diamondperfect for your precious cat
Doveperfect for sweet and innocent white kittens
Elsaperfect for your ice princess
Frostyperfect name for cool and aloof white cats
Ivorya cool name for your aloof feline pet
Jack Frosta great name for male cats that are aloof
Jasminea pretty name for a cat as pretty as a flower
Lilya cute flower-based name
Magnoliaan elegant flower-based name for a white cat
Marshmallowa cute name for fluffy and cuddly white cats
Mistyperfect name for elegant white cats
Nimbusgreat name for cats that look like white rain clouds—unpredictable
Oleandera gorgeous and rare name for white cats
Pearla pretty name for your beautiful white cat
Polarcute name for adorable white cats
Snow Whitea pretty name for your princess-like female white feline
Snowball/Snowflakeany name that has to do with snow is just classic for white cats
Talcuma pretty name for a delicate white cat
Vanillaa sweet name for a sweet cat
Yetiperfect for large white cats

Cute Names For Red/Brown/Orange/Tabby Cats

brown british kitten

Red cats are not really red; their coat color is closer to orange, which is why these cats are also called ginger, orange, and yellow. A red cat will most probably be a tabby, just because that’s the way cat coat genetics work.

You might find one that looks like it’s solid orange. But when you look closely, you’ll find that their tabby markings are just masked. So the tabby markings are still there, but they’re just not that prominent. In any case, orange tabbies are great cats and there are several great names for them to choose from.

Cat NamesMeaning/Description
Arancionea pretty name with an Italian twist; the word means ‘orange’
Abbyif you want a rhyming name, Abby Tabby sounds great
Ambera dark orange color similar to your cat's coat color
Attabiyrefers to the Baghdad district from which the word tabby was derived
Chenga short but sweet Chinese name for your cute pet; the word means ‘orange’ in traditional Chinese

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Cinnamona spicy name for your spice-colored cat
Conroymeans ‘red’; it is an Irish male name
Copperperfect for rust-colored cats
Crabbyanother rhyming name perfect for orange cats with a cat-titude; call him/her Crabby Tabby
DeargMeans red—a Scottish male name
Emfor the M marking on the forehead of tabby cats
Emberthe color of hot coal, perfect for cats with fiery tempers
Fawna perfect name for a light orange tabby
Flabbya funny rhyming name for chubby cats; call him/her Flabby Tabby

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FlavioMeans ‘yellow’—a Latin male name
Garfieldone of the most famous orange cats in the cartoon world
Garneta gemstone that's usually dark red; a perfect name for your precious cat
Gingerone of the most classic names for orange cats
Goldyif your cat's coat is more gold than orange, this would be the perfect name for your pet
HarkinIrish name meaning ‘red’
Honeya sweet name for cats with honey-colored coats
Hyunha Vietnamese name meaning gold-colored
Katomgive your orange cat this Hebrew-based name which means ‘orange’
Leo or Leopardperfect for cats that look like leopards
Lootaha Native American name meaning ‘red’

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Marantsmeans ‘orange’ in Yiddish—a unique name for your cat
MelinaGreek female name taken from the word for ‘honey’
Melisandrefrom the character referred to as the Red Woman in the Game of Thrones series

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Naranjaa charming name with a Spanish twist, the word means ‘orange’
Oranzhevgive your cat a Bulgarian name with this word that means ‘orange’
Paprikaif your cat is sometimes sweet and sometimes fiery, this would be the perfect name for your pet
Peachesa fruity name for a cute orange pet
Poppya cute flower-based name
Portokaligive your cat a Greek name with this word that means ‘orange’
Raktiman Indian name that means ‘bright red’
Rojoif you want a Spanish name for your cat, nothing says ‘red’ like Rojo
Roryfor your noble male cat, the name means ‘red king’
Rousselgive your cat this French name meaning ‘reddish’
Ruaidhrían Irish name referring to a famous ruler—a great name for alpha male cats
Rustya fitting name for rust-colored cats
Saffronspice names are just perfect for cats with hot tempers
Sunseta poetic name for orange cats
Tawnyif your cat's coat is a mixture of brown and orange, this would be the most fitting name, and it's a pretty one
Tigeranother classic name for an orange tabby

Fun And Creative Names For Bi-Colored Cats

black and white kitten with blue eyes

Tuxedo cats are some of the most common bi-colored cats. There’s just something so elegant about their black coat and white chest that it’s so fun coming up with the most fitting names for these adorable cats.

Although most bi-colored cats are black and white, you’ll also find some that are orange, gray, or some other cute colors. Choose from this list of fun names for your bi-colored feline pet.

Cat NamesMeaning/Description
Sylvesterthe famous Looney Toons character
Felixone of the most famous black and white cats in cartoon history
Figarothe sweet but sometimes mischievous cat in Pinnochio
Socksthe famous White House cat owned by Chelsea Clinton
Penguina black-and-white animal name for your cat is just so cute
Zebraa simple but fun black-and-white name for your cat
Orcaif your black-and-white cat has killer instincts, give him/her this killer whale's name
Pandaif you've got a cuddly black and white fur ball for a pet, this would be a fitting name
Skunka funny black-and-white animal name for cats
Snoopyfrom Charlie Brown's famous black-and-white beagle
Oreoa sweet name for a sweet pet
Sundaesweet and syrupy—an adorable name for cute cats
Lattefor coffee lover cat parents, this black coffee and white cream combination is simply a great inspiration for a pet name
Spot or Spottyif your pet is a spotted black-and-white cat, try this on for size
Dot or Dottiea nice and simple name for dotted black-and-white cats
Frecklesan adorable name for bi-colored freckled cats
Patchesa simple name referring to your cat's patched coat pattern
Specklea simple but nice name for cats with speckled coats
Tux or Tuxie or Tuxedoa classic name for black-and-white tuxedo cats
Checkersreferring to a checkerboard's black-and-white pattern
Yin Yanga black-and-white combo with a Chinese twist
Charlie Chaplinone of the most famous icons of the black-and-white era in television history
Dominoanother classic black-and-white game, another classic black-and-white name for cats
Keyslike the black-and-white piano keyboard
Jeevesa cheeky name referring to the butler who always wears a black-and-white tuxedo
Mittens / Bootsperfect for cats with feet colorations
Bandita charming name for cats with masks
Smokeyperfect for cats with a smokey coat color
Double Troublereferring to the cat's bi-colored coat; a perfect name for mischievous cats
Fancy Pantsa cheeky name for the elegant-looking tuxedo cat

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James Bonda perfect name for dapper-looking male tuxedo cats
Maska short and simple name for cats with masks
Sneakersa fitting name for cats with cute feet colorations
Phantomif your cat has a mask, just think of the Phantom of the Opera, and you'll see how this is a fitting name
Bowtiea cheeky name for cute male tuxedo cats
Piratea charming but tough name; perfect for mischievous cats
Two Tonereferring to a bi-colored cat’s coat, it's a simple but witty name
Betty Bootsa creative name perfect for female tuxedo cats with feet coloration

Popular And Exciting Names For Tri-Colored Cats

Tri-сolored kitten on blue background

Tri-colored cats have some of the most amazing coat colorations. It’s so random and unique; you won’t find two tri-colored cats looking exactly the same.

Tri-colored cats usually have red, white, and another color on their coats. The third color can either be black, brown, or blue. To oversimplify the difference, if the cat has significant white patches, it’s called a calico; otherwise, it’s called a tortoiseshell cat or a tortie.

Choose a name for your tri-colored pet from this list of popular, exciting, and unique names.

Cat NamesMeaning/Description
Autumna beautiful season; a pretty name for your tri-colored cat
BaqeArabic word meaning ‘patches’
Boo Booa cute, repetitive name reminiscent of Halloween—the same as your cat's colors
BǔdīngChinese word meaning ‘patches’
Butterscotcha sweet food name for a sweet cat
ByeolgabKorean word meaning ‘tortoiseshell’
Callierinaa play on the words calico and ballerina—a perfect name for a graceful cat
Cammie or Camoshort for ‘camouflage,’ which has the same pattern as that of calico cats
CandyWhen it comes to calico cats, you have to think of Halloween, and the best part of this holiday is the candy!
Caramela sweet name for pets based on the brownish-orange color of the syrup
Dapplein reference to calico or tortoiseshell cats' coat pattern
FogharScottish-Gaelic word meaning ‘autumn’
Hallieif it's black and orange, it must be Halloween or Hallie for short
HaustHungarian word meaning ‘autumn’
Hobbesfrom the Calvin and Hobbes character
Kalia Hindu goddess—short for ‘calico’ but with a Hindi twist
KhamVietnamese word meaning ‘mosaic’
Kura-KuraMalaysian word meaning ‘tortoiseshell’
LawhaArabic word meaning ‘palette’
LepenkiBulgarian word meaning ‘patches’
MacchiarsiItalian word meaning ‘dapple’
Marblein reference to your cat's coat pattern, which is similar to that of a marble's
MauzekHindi word meaning ‘mosaic’
Monarchfrom the monarch butterfly which also has black and orange coloring
Mosaicsimply because your pet's coat is a mosaic of colors
Motleya name that's simply descriptive of calico cats' coat pattern
NaqatArabic word meaning ‘dapple’
Nemobased on the Disney fish of the same coloring
Oriolea name based on a bird that has the same coloring as that of tortie cats
OsenRussian word meaning ‘autumn’
Palettean artistic name for cute tri-colored cats
Parettoa Japanese word meaning ‘palette’
Patchesa descriptive name in reference to the coat pattern of tri-colored cats
Patchia Japanese word meaning ‘patches’
QiūChinese word meaning ‘autumn’
StikuIcelandic word meaning ‘palette’
TacheterFrench word meaning ‘dapple’
TaplaFinnish word meaning ‘dapple’
TartarugaPortuguese word meaning ‘tortoiseshell’

Wrap Up

gray tabby kitten

Cat colors are amazingly varied and unique. Hopefully, you found the names we have shared here as equally varied and unique. There are many other cat colors not included in our list, and some of them are really rare like chocolate, lilac, and roan cats, so maybe we’ll just save those for later.

Have you come up with the perfect name for your cat? If you think we might have missed other cute and cool color-based names for cats, do let us know by sharing your comments and suggestions. Are you looking for names because you have a female cat who’s expecting? Check out our article on how many kittens can a cat have!

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