Cat Names from Movies: Awesome Names Inspired By Your Favorite Characters

sphynx from movie
Martha Harvey
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There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new cat home, but finding the right name for your newest family member can be difficult. We know that you want a unique name that will suit your cat’s appearance and quirky personality traits. To fulfill that need, we’ve come up with a list of cat names from movies.

Cats have fascinated humankind for ages—so much so that they have been immortalized in movies. There are plenty of movies that feature cat characters—be it a real cat or a cartoon cat. The list of options goes for miles, but naturally, you don’t want to pick one at random. You want to give your cat the name of a character that resembles him/her—be it in terms of appearance or personality.

In this article, you will find a plethora of movie-inspired cat names. We’ve divided the names into those fit for males and those fit for females to make things easier for you. On top of that, we add explanations to each of the names so you’ll be able to choose one that truly seems to have been tailor-made for your cat.

Male Cat Names from Movies

orange cat from Hunger games

In this list, you will find the names of all the male feline characters that have graced the screens over the ages. We’ve got plenty to offer you on that front.

You may find a few movie-inspired names below that didn’t come from cat characters—but instead from humans or other animals. We do hope you will still take them into consideration because we’ve included them for a reason—most probably because they fir cats in one way or another.

  • Aslan: The famous Great Lion from The Chronicles of Narnia. A great movie-inspired name for courageous cats that are calm and devoted to their owners.

  • Binx: A black cat from Hocus Pocus. A name for very vocal and social cats that like to be of service to everyone. Occasionally, though, you might want your cat to stop meowing. This article may be of service.

  • Buttercup: An orange cat from Hunger Games. A great pick if you are a fan of the trilogy.

  • Cheshire Cat: The famous cat character from Alice in Wonderland that is mischievous, clever, and sinister-looking. This can be a suitable name for playful cats that like to cause trouble but are also able to make you laugh.

  • Crookshanks: Hermione’s cat from Harry Potter. A good name for intelligent, self-assured, and adventurous cats.

  • Diego: From Ice Age, Diego is a saber-toothed tiger and a fitting name for a cat that acts like a tough guy but will actually spend hours curled in your lap. Looking for the best lap cats, you’ll find all of them in this article.

  • Felix: The main character of the old cartoon Felix the Cat. A name for a funny, mischievous, and intelligent cat. If your cat looks like Felix, then perhaps he is a tuxedo cat. You’ll find other names for tuxedo cats here.

  • Figaro: A cute tuxedo cat from Pinocchio. A nice choice for adorable, funny cats. This is a name for males that are a little bit adventurous.

  • General: From Cat’s Eye. A nice choice for a stray tabby cat that managed to win the hearts of all your family members—even those who aren’t usually fans of cats. This is a funny, playful, and intelligent cat.

  • Lucifer: This is a black, mean cat from Cinderella. If you have a cat that has the brain of an evil mastermind, maybe this can be an appropriate name for him. This is a stubborn and mischievous cat that likes to get things his way.

  • Mowgli: The main character of The Jungle Book. Not exactly a cat character, but can be a suitable name for an ex-feral cat. Do you have a feral friend you’d like to adopt into your family? Learn how here.

  • Mr. Bigglesworth: A Sphynx cat from Austin Powers and can be a suitable name if your new cat is also a Sphynx. This name can also be used for intelligent, easily-trained cats that love to sleep for great amounts of time.

  • Mr. Tinkles: A Persian cat from Cats and Dogs and a perfect name for cats who can’t get along with dogs no matter how hard you try to help them become friends.

  • Olaf: The cute snowman from Frozen. Not exactly a cat character, but great for playful and social cats that get along with strangers.

  • Orangey: A famous cat actor and one of the best orange cat names from movies.

  • Prince John: This is a comical villain character from Robin Hood. If you are his fan and your cat shares some of his traits—such as sleeping all day and acting silly in a way that makes you laugh—this is an ideal choice.

  • Puss in Boots: From Shrek 2. The perfect cat name from movies for cute felines that are full of life and love for adventure. If you have a cat with a big and colorful personality, this is the name for him. For such cats, installing a DIY cat window box will pay off so he can view the outdoors from a safe perch.

  • Rajah: A tiger from Aladdin; a unique-sounding name for devoted and a little possessive cats that love to spend time with their owners. Rajah is the perfect name for Toyger cats.

  • Rico: A character from Penguins of Madagascar. Not a cat, but still a great choice for the top cat of the household.

  • Shere Khan: One of the most recognizable villain characters of all time. If you are a fan of The Jungle Book and you have a genius mastermind cat at home, this may be just the name for him.

  • Simba: From The Lion King. A character loved by many, this is a popular choice for a cat name. This is a name for curious kittens that are playful and intelligent with the makings of becoming the top cat of the household.

  • Sylvester: Inspired by Sylvester the Cat. Perfect for a funny cat that always gets in some sort of trouble.

  • Thomas O’Malley: This is an alley cat from Aristocats. This is a suitable name for stray cats who—thanks to their charm—found their way into your home. You can build a DIY outdoor cat shelter for stray cats if you feel like it’s your calling to help them.

  • Tigger: This is a great name for a fun, playful, friendly, and always-active cat. This is a character from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

  • Tonto: Inspired by the movie Henry and Tonto. A nice-sounding name for a friendly cat that has a healthy appetite. You can make some healthy and delicious treats for him by following the instructions in this article.

  • Tony the Tiger: A good choice for tabby orange cats that have a fun personality.

  • Ulysses: A cat from Inside Llewyn Davis and can be a good pick for cats who like adventures and are devoted to their owners.

  • Weasley: From Harry Potter. Not a cat character, but we simply couldn’t resist mentioning it since it’s perfect for cats that can get along with other cats in the family.

  • Winkie: Inspired by Escape to Witch Mountain and a good choice for a cat that likes to be helpful and involved in your everyday activities.

Female Cat Names from Movies

naming siamese cats Si and Am

The beauty and grace of female cats have been emphasized time and again in movies. Here are some of the most awe-inspiring and memorable of them all. Not all of the names before are that of cat characters—some of them are humans—but they certainly share your cat’s elegance, so their names will be fitting for her.

  • Alice: Inspired by Alice in Wonderland. A nice name for an active and friendly cat that enjoys the company of others. This is a name for curious cats that like to explore and have a free spirit.

  • Annie: From Sleepless in Seattle. A wonderful name for beautiful and calm female cats.

  • Ariel: A name inspired by the movie The Little Mermaid and can be a good choice for an orange cat that loves to be bathed and isn’t afraid of water. It can also be used for friendly, tender, adventurous cats.

  • Aurora: Inspired by Sleeping Beauty. A suitable name for a cat that makes you wonder exactly how much sleep do cats need. Also a good name for calm and good-natured cats.

  • Belle: From Beauty and the Beast. A good choice for calm, intelligent, fun, and friendly cats.

  • Bridget: Inspired by Bridget Jones Diaries. This is for little psychotic cats that are good at heart.

  • Dinah: Also from Alice in Wonderland, Dinah is Alice’s pet. A name for cute and calm kittens that will grow up into tender and loving cats.

  • Dorothy: From The Wizard of Oz. A name for curious, adventurous, and friendly cats.

  • Duchess: Inspired by Aristocats. A name for elegant cats that are well behaved and used to nice things and bejeweled collars.

  • Elsa: Inspired by Frozen, it is a nice name for white female cats, or felines that always looks regal. But on the inside, this is a funny and playful cat that likes to spend time interacting with her owner.

  • Felicia: Inspired by The Great Mouse Detective, this is a great name for spoiled cats that are used to getting everything they want.

  • Fiona: From Shrek, can be a nice character-inspired name for well-behaved and calm cats that know how to make you laugh.

  • Jasmine: From Aladdin, this is a feminine name for a playful, adventurous, and happy cat. This type of cat loves to play but also likes to cuddle in your lap and treat you with purrs of delight.

  • Jessica Rabbit: A quirky name for gorgeous and sassy female cats that have a lot of suitors lined up on your front lawn. If you want to know how to get your female cat out of heat because you don’t want her to get pregnant, click here.

  • Kiara: From The Lion King, this is a name fitting for a cat that is the queen of the house. For cute but also strong cats that can stand for themselves.

  • Lilo: From Lilo and Stitch. This is a name for loving and adventure-seeking cats that always want to be with you.

  • Lily: Inspired by the Indian princess from Peter Pan, and a suitable name for graceful female cats that are treated like princesses.

  • Marie: A small white kitten from Aristocats. It is a suitable name for calm, tender kittens that are well-behaved and love to cuddle.

  • Meowthra: From the Lego Ninjago movie and a suitable name for a playful, action-seeking cat that will use all household items available to play and leave a mess behind. Perhaps you should consider learning how to keep cats off furniture.

  • Mrs. Norris: A well-known cat from Harry Potter and a suitable name for a cat that can be mean towards others but is always devoted towards her owner and listens to everything he says.

  • Mulan: A nice-sounding and feminine name for a clam, graceful, and loving cat. From the outside, Mulan looks a little rough, but in fact, she has a grounded and tender personality.

  • Nala: From The Lion King. A wonderful name for a playful and fun cat that is loyal, tender, and devoted to her owner.

  • Penelope Pussycat: A nice name for black and white cats, or cats that are fun, playful, and prone to amorous adventures.

  • Pocahontas: This is a fitting name for an always-playful and adventure-seeking cat that never forget to show you how much she loves you by sleeping curled up next to you.

  • Pom Pom: A snobbish cat from Cinderella, and a suitable name for spoiled cats that always get what they want, and are used to constant attention.

  • Rapunzel: Can be a nice choice for long haired cats with fun and social personalities. This name will go nicely with white or cream colored cats that require a lot of grooming to look impeccable.

  • Rose: Inspired by Titanic. A suitable pick for brave cats that are vocal and will speak their mind.

  • Sarafina: From The Lion King, this is a suitable name for tender cats that will be great mothers. These cats are calm and affectionate towards their owners and not at all interested in mischief. Is your cat expecting? Figure out how many kittens she may have using this method here.

  • Sassy: Inspired by The Incredible Journey—a name for house cats that love adventures but also like to spend time lounging on the sofa.

  • Si and Am: These are the two of the most memorable cats from Lady and the Tramp. A perfect choice if you have two Siamese cats. Great names for mischievous, vocal, and troublemaking cats that always stick together and will blame your other pets for their mess. Find other Siamese cat names here.

  • Thomasina: Inspired by The Three Lives of Thomasina. A good name if you have a cat that acts like a real family member and likes to be involved in everything.

  • Tiffany: Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A great pick for beautiful and royal-looking cats.

  • Tinkerbell: Inspired by Peter Pan. Perfect name for active, playful cats that like to follow your every move and be involved in everything you do. If this is too long for a cat’s name, there are two shorter options: Tink or Miss Bell.

  • Ursula: From The Little Mermaid. A name for bossy, evil cats that like to be in charge.

Wrap Up

cat being shot

Finding a good name requires some thinking, especially if you desire for your kitty to stand out amongst neighboring cats. There is nothing wrong with naming your cat Spot or Patches, but we’ve prepared this list of names for those of you who want a movie-inspired name that will go well with your cat’s unique traits.

We hope that you enjoyed our picks for cat names from movies and that you found the right one to name your new cat with. We tried to include as many names as possible so each one of you can find something interesting, but if we didn’t include your favorite movie character, we hope that at least we managed to give you an idea on how to name your cat.

Did you find a good name for your cat? Do you know some other movie inspired-names for cats? Do let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the section below. You can also try our article on exotic cat names. Perhaps the one you’re looking for is on that list.

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