Cat Names that Start with S: Find the Right Moniker for Your Feline Friend

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Stella Noble
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You’ve raffled off different names for your new furry friend, but you are still undecided on which one to use. Finding an appropriate appellation for a cat can really be hard especially if you have too many choices. But what if you pick your favorite letter of the alphabet and stick to that? Cat names that start with S have plenty to offer to your smart and stupendous cat.

You’ll get to know many monikers with interesting meanings plus amazing bits of trivia. With more than 50 names that start with S listed in this article, the chances are pretty high that you will be able to pick one name that’s apt for your cat.

This article will break down your choices into various categories like names by gender, color, by personality type, and by culture. And we’ll also give you cat names inspired by popular cartoon characters. So enjoy reading and picking the best name for your pet!

Cat Names by Gender

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There are also a lot of names that begin with S that you can choose for your feline friend. To make the selection process easier for you, we’ve separated our recommendations based on gender in this section, and we will start with names for female cats.

#1: Names for Female Cats

  • Saber: this name has French roots. It means ‘sword.’ A bit of trivia: the extinct saber-toothed cats were famous for their canines that could reach up to 7 inches long. This is a nice name for an aggressive female cat. Actually, this makes a cool name for a male cat too.

  • Sabrina: it is a Latin word which means ‘from the boundary line.’ Of course, you may have known this name from the TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It has also been used in other movie titles.

  • Sadie: a Hebrew name that means ‘princess.’ It was also used as a title for a Beatles song. In modern times, Sadie has positive connotations like sweet and funny.

  • Sassy: this name has different roots. In Irish, the word means ‘flirtatious,’ which makes it an apt name for any playful cat. But in French, the word pertains to ‘a very beautiful girl.’

  • Savannah: this is a name of Spanish origin. It means ‘treeless plain.’ In English, the word may also pertain to a type of grassland. There’s also a city in Georgia, USA named after the said word. Savannah is also the name of a cat breed famous for being a hybrid.

  • Serena: a feminine given name with Latin roots, it means ‘tranquil’ or ‘serene.’ It is said to have come from the given name of Saint Serena of Rome. Of course, you may know this as the first name of tennis superstar Serena Williams.

  • Shakira: an Arabic feminine name, it is also the first name of the popular Columbian singer Shakira. It means ‘to be thankful.’

  • Simone: this is the female variant of the Hebrew name Simon. It means ‘one who hears.’ This could be an appropriate name for an obedient cat. Here’s one bit of trivia: this was also the name of Audrey Hepburn’s cat.

  • Stella: a name with Latin roots, it means ‘star.’ A truly apt name for a feline friend who’s about to become the center of attention in the household. You can find many other cool Latin cat names here.

  • Suzie: a Hebrew name, it means ‘graceful lily.’

#2: Names for Male Cats

  • Sam: a shorter version of Sammy or Samuel, the name means ‘God has heard’ in Hebrew.

  • Samson: you may remember this name for the Biblical character known for his strength and love for Delilah. The name means ‘like the sun.’ It is the perfect name for a strong and big cat.

  • Saul: another short but meaningful name, this one has a Biblical origin. In Hebrew, the name means ‘prayed for.’ It was also the name of the first Israeli king as mentioned in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, it was the name of the apostle Paul.

  • Sax: short, sensual, and rhythmic, this is a nice name for some playground teasing.

  • Scout: this is perhaps the best name to give to a cat or a kitten who just loves to explore.

  • Sebastian: a Greek word meaning ‘venerable.’ It may be an appropriate name for a well-loved cat. You may also remember this as the name of the singing crab in the popular movie The Little Mermaid. Also, for some reason, this name is often given to butler characters in movies or books. If your cat boasts a beautiful tuxedo coat, click here for many other tuxedo cat names.

  • Seth: it is a short yet sweet name that is often used on males. It has two origins. The Greek one means ‘pillar.’ It is a nice name to refer to a cat who’s strong and tough. The Hebrew or biblical name, on the other hand, means ‘appointed.’

  • Sherlock: this is an old English name that means ‘shear lock’ and pertains to an individual with closely cut hair. You may give this name to a near-hairless or shorthaired cat. Of course, you may know it as the name of the detective in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mystery books.

  • Steve: a shorthand of the popular names Steven or Stephen, it originated from the Greek name Stephanos. The said word means ‘crown’ or ‘garland.’ It is thus a name that’s ideal for your favorite cat.

Popular Cartoon Characters

cat wearing dwarf costume

You can also refer to some popular cartoon characters if you still don’t have a name for your feline friend. Here are some of those names you may want to consider:

  • Sabor: this is the name of the leopard who killed Tarzan’s parents.

  • Salem: a Hebrew name which means ‘peace.’ This is the name of the wily and witty black cat on the TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It is also the name of a town in Massachusetts which is notorious for its witchcraft trials. And you guessed it right, we highly recommend it to any black cat! Try this link for many other black cat names.

  • Scratchy: this comes from the segment on the TV show The Simpson. The cat in the said segment is always after an evil mouse named Itchy. Scratchy is a fun and short name for any cat.

  • Shere Khan: the name of the antagonist tiger in the movie The Jungle Book. The name has an interesting definition. The word Shere means ‘tiger’ while Khan is a title given to leaders. So in short, the name translates to ‘leader of tigers.’

  • Simba: this is the main character in the popular Disney flick The Lion King. He’s the young cub who was forced to take on a leadership role following the death of his father. This is a good name to give to a charismatic and adventurous cat.

  • Simon: this is the titular character in the popular animated cartoon series Simon’s Cat. The cat in the said series is a portly feline who uses different underhanded techniques to force his owner to feed him. Do you have a cat who’s like Simon? Then you should give him this name! Although, you should watch how much food you’re giving your cat. Read our article on how many calories should a cat eat if you’re not sure.

  • Sleepy: one of the dwarves from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, it is an appropriate name for any cat who just loves to chill.

  • Snagglepuss: this is a classic name based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. The character is actually a lion who’s known for having several catchphrases.

  • Stimpy: if you were born in the ‘90s, then you should know Stimpy. He’s the dim-witted cat who always sticks out his tongue. It is a nice name to give to a fun-loving feline.

  • Sylvester: we’re not referring to the legendary Hollywood action star, but the mischievous cat from Looney Tunes. It’s an easy to remember name for a cat who may be like the TV character: happy, adventurous, and a bit naughty at times.

There are other names of Disney characters that you may want to consider. The list includes Scar and Sarafina, which are both antagonists in the movie The Lion King. Or you may choose “Stitch” from Lilo and Stitch. We have plenty other Disney cat names to recommend to you. Check out this article.

Cat Names from Different Cultures

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The love for cats is universal. People of different colors or race are fond of cats. Giving cats names from different cultures is also another way to make them stand out. After all, your friends and family members are not likely to be familiar with the foreign-sounding name you give to your cat!

#1: Japanese Names

What we like about Japanese names is that they can be short, easy to remember, and unique. Here is a rundown of some nice Japanese names that you can choose from:

  • Sanyu: a unisex name, it means ‘happiness’ in Japanese. It is certainly a good name to give to a feline who makes you happy.

  • Shou/Shouta: it means ‘to soar.’ It’s mainly given to males. It is an appropriate name for a cat who loves jumping around.

  • Suki: a feminine name, it means ‘beloved.’

  • Sumiko: a feminine Japanese name, it means ‘lovely child.’

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#2: European Names

You don’t need to have a European Shorthair or a Norwegian Forest cat to be able to use these European-sounding names:

  • Salene: a French name often given to females, this one means ‘dignified one.’

  • Sandor: a name of Greek origin, it means ‘defender of men.’ You might also remember this as the name of the character from the popular TV series Game of Thrones. It is an apt moniker for cats that love to follow their masters.

  • Sasa: it is a Hungarian name meaning ‘princess.’

  • Savio: an Italian name often used on males, it means ‘clever.’

  • Svetlana: this is the Russian word for ‘star,’ and thus an appropriate name for a cat who’s the center of attention in your household.

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#3: African Names

The African continent is also a rich source of unique-sounding names for our feline friends. Here is a shortlist of our favorite ones:

  • Sabra: this is a name with multiple origins. In Egypt, it means ‘patient,’ so you may want to give it to a cat who’s tolerant of other cats’ antics. It also means ‘rest’ in Hebrew. This word or name also has English roots.

  • Sempala: this is an African name usually given to boys. It means ‘born in prosperous times.’ This is a nice name to give to a cat whose mere presence makes you feel blessed.

  • Siri: you may know this name if you are an iPhone user. But the truth is that it is also a Nigerian word, meaning ‘tiger.’ It is certainly an appropriate name for any cat.

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Cat Names According to Color

black and white cats sitting together

Here are some excellent names according to color:

  • Shiro: this is Japanese for ‘white.’

  • Smokey: a masculine name for a black cat.

  • Snow White: the name of the main protagonist in the classic fairy tale, this name may also refer to a cat with a white coat.

  • Snowflake: it is another good name for a white cat.

  • Spooky: an appropriate name for a black cat.

Cat Names According to Personality

Calico active cat running

The following names may aptly describe the personality of your cat:

  • Scatter: if you have a cat who is very active and playful, consider giving him this name.

  • Skittles: we all know this to be the name of the popular candy brand. However, it can also be a name that describes a fun-loving cat.

  • Skype: derived from the popular video chat app, this can also be used to describe a chatty cat!

  • Spock: you may know this to be the name of the character in Star Trek. The said character is known for his pointy ears and snobbish behavior. If you have a cat who’s like that, then give him this name!

Wrap Up

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There you have it—the best cat names that start with the letter S. Were you able to pick the most suitable name for your furry friend? Or do you want to share this article with your peers who are also in a quandary as to how to call their cats? Either way, please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think is the best name on this list! If you’re still looking, do visit our webpage on cat names that start with M.

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