Cat Names that Start with B: The Power of the Second Alphabet Letter

Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

If the letter B is your favorite alphabet or if you have a name that starts with B, you will agree that picking a name for your cat from a list of cat names that start with B is a great idea.

Many great names begin with the letter B. Some of the names have a beautiful ring to them while others are meaningful. Beautiful, bold, brave, and becoming are some of the many pleasant attributes that your cat has which also begin with the letter B.

In this article, we categorize the cat names that start with B into those that are funny, exotic, and inspired by food. We hope that you will find the perfect name for your beautiful baby.

Funny Cat Names that Start with B

agressive orange cat

Funny means humorous or full of mirth. The B-cat names in this category will probably have you laughing at the absurdity or the inspiration behind the name. We all want to have fun with our cats and enjoy life. You can start by picking a funny name that will make you smile every time you call it

  • Babe: A fun name for your favorite feline.
  • Baby Boy: For a male cat; Baby Girl is for the female.
  • Baby Doo: If you have a dog called Scooby doo—after the popular cartoon character—we recommend calling your cat Baby Doo.
  • Baby Puss n’ Boots: Inspired by the badass character in the popular Shrek movie.
  • Badger: Ideal for a stubborn cat.
  • Badness: A funny way of emphasizing the naughty nature of your cat.
  • Bag O’ Cat: It is all about your cat’s essence.
  • Bagel Face: For that cat whose face reminds you of a bagel in shape and texture.
  • Baldrick: For a hairless cat breed like the Sphynx.
  • Balls: A cat who does not fear what other cats fear.
  • Bambi: For a feline with pretty doe eyes.
  • Banana: For a yellow striped cat with a soft heart.
  • Barbie: For your princess.
  • Barfolomeow: A funny twist on the name Bartholomew.
  • Baron: The ruling chief of his domain.
  • Barracuda: A cat that knows what he/she wants and goes for it without apologies.
  • Bashful: Fitting for a shy cat. Inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. For more Disney cat names, click here.
  • Bat: For that cat who is most awake at night.
  • Batman: Neighborhood hero—tends to brood a lot.
  • Beach: For that rare cat who’s a lover of sand and water.
  • Beaker: For a talkative feline.
  • Beamer: You should give this name to a cat that looks as if he/she were smiling from ear to ear.
  • Beanie: Ideal for a small cat.
  • Bear: A big cuddly cat.
  • Beast: A cat that is not so good to look at, but has a great personality. Alternatively, call him/her Beastie.
  • Beatrice: For a ‘joyful’ cat.
  • Beau: For that cat that you think about all the time.
  • Beautiful: Beauty can be a variation of the name.
  • Beckham: You can call him Beck for short.
  • Beetlejuice: Inspired by the stage name of the American actor Lester Green.
  • Bell: A loud cat that wakes you up.
  • Bellatrix: After the third brightest star in the Orion constellation. Find many other astronomy cat names here.
  • Belly: For that cat who is perpetually hungry.
  • Ben: It can be short for names like Benedict, Benson, Benelli, or Benjamin. You can also fondly call him Benny.
  • Bentley: Inspired by the British car manufacturer. Perfect for a British Shorthair.
  • Bernard: Give it to a bold cat. Short for Bernie. The female can be called Bernadette.
  • Beth: It can be alternatively used as Berty, Bessy, Betsy, or Bessie.
  • Betty: It could be Betty Boop or Betty Lou.
  • Bibbles: A cat that eats funny.
  • Big: There are many funny terms you can attach to Big. For example Big Boy, Big Daddy, Big Mac, Big Mamma, Big Red, Big Sister, or Biggie.
  • Bigwig: A kingpin. All cats are a bigwig; we are merely their slaves, after all.
  • Billy: Short for Billy Jo, Billy-Bob-Joe.
  • Bing Clawsby: A cat version of the name Bill Cosby.
  • Bink-Bink: An expression of lovely nonsense.
  • Black Cat Scat: Appropriate for a black cat.
  • Black: It serves as the perfect beginning from any name like Black Jack, Black Magic, Blackavar, Blackberry, Blackjack, Blackitty, Black Princess. The sky is the limit; go wild!
  • Blade: A scratching cat that causes harm to others. You might want to clip his/her nails often. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do that without being torn to ribbons.
  • Blake: It means from “the dark meadow.” A variation which sounds feminine is Blakeley.
  • Blimpy: Recommended for a ravenous kitty.
  • Bling: For that cat that is attracted to shiny objects.
  • Blister: Perfect for a destructive cat
  • Blitz: Great for a cat that is given to sudden attacks.
  • Blizzard: A white cat whose anger can cause disarray in the house.
  • Bloat: Big-bellied, gaseous cat. Do make sure that it’s not a health issue, though. Here’s an article on how to tell if your cat is sick.
  • Blondie: For a golden-haired cat.
  • Blossom: For a cat that was the runt of the litter but has now blossomed into a beautiful flower.
  • Blue: Not a very happy cat, but you can use suffixes to change the meaning. Try Blue Streak, Bluebeard, Bluebell, Blueberry, or Blues.
  • Bo Jangles: Perfect for an entertaining cat that has an extroverted nature.
  • Bob Scratchit: Emphasis on the unstoppable scratching habit that your cat seems to have.
  • Bob: It is usually a form of Robert.
  • Bolt: He/she moves with lightning speed.
  • Bonkers: For a cat whose line of thought you just don’t get.
  • Booger: For that cat that eats disgusting things.
  • Boomerang: No matter how far he goes from home, your kitty always returns.
  • Boots: You can also alternatively use Bootsy. Inspired by Puss in Boots.
  • Boozer: Always looking sleepy like a drunk.
  • Bossy: Yep, it means just that.
  • Boston: Name your cat after your hometown.
  • Bounce: Appropriate for a klutz.
  • Bowser: Give it to an intelligent cat whose ingenuity continually surprises you. You can call him Bows for short.
  • Boxwood: For a sturdy cat.
  • Brain: For that cat that knows how to “sit” and “shake” but won’t do it unless you have treats in your hand.
  • Brat: For a mischievous kitty.
  • Breezy: Fitting for a long-haired cat.
  • Brendan: The “prince” of your heart.
  • Bridget: A “proud and strong” cat who looks down her nose on everyone including you.
  • Bright Eyes: Might be perfect for albino cats like the Siamese who tend to have blue eyes.
  • Bruce Lee: For a badass cat.
  • Bruiser: Dangerous and dominant.
  • Brutal: For an aggressive feline.
  • BrutusCrabCakes: For a cat that loves seafood. Actually, which cat doesn’t?
  • Bubbles: His/her effervescence is contagious.
  • Bucket: For that cat that is always found in nook and crannies.
  • Buckles: He/she loves to play with shoes.
  • Buddha: For merciful cats that like to meditate (read: sleep).
  • Buddy Love: A fabulous combination.
  • Buddy: Everybody who thinks cats are man’s best friends, raise your hand!
  • Buffy: Inspired by the drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For a cat who slays rodents.
  • Bugs: Alternatively, you can use Bugster or Bugsy.
  • Bull-Cat: For a stubborn cat.
  • Bullet: For that cat that moves with the speed of lightning.
  • Bullwinkle: For a short, stout cat with a merry twinkle in his/her eyes.
  • Bully: The name says it all.
  • Bumble: Inspired by the Bumblebee; for a cat who can’t sit still.
  • Bumper: Always found snoozing under a car bumper.
  • Buster: Tough cat; totally badass.
  • Butch Cassidy: An imitation of the real Butch Cassidy who was a famous American train and bank robber. Give it to a klepto cat.
  • Butterfly: For a dainty female feline.
  • Buttons: As cute as a button.

Exotic Cat Names that Start with B

cat looking like babushka

Most of the names listed here originated from a foreign country or come with meanings and spellings that reflect mystery or the unusual. Some of these names may be odd, intriguing, or strange. The interpretations are not literal, mostly inspired. You should find them all interesting.

  • Babby: A variation of “baby”; sounds exotic.
  • Baboo: For a cat you respect; it’s how the South Asians use the word.
  • Babs: This could be short for Barbara—a name that literally means “from a foreign land.”
  • Babushka: Give this name to an older female cat. It’s Russian for “old woman or granny.” If you’ve just adopted an older female cat, our article on old lady names for cats should be perfect for you.
  • Babylon: For a black cat whom you believe holds some form of mystic power.
  • Bach: “Small river” in German.
  • Bachi: can alternatively be spelled as “Backie.”
  • Baksheesh: Of Arabic origin, it literally means “bribe.” For that cat that won’t do anything you ask him to without being bribed with treats. Our article on DIY cat treats should serve you well.
  • Bama: A Hebrew name for your female feline that you believe was destined to be yours from the beginning.
  • Bambina: For your cute “little girl.” It’s an Italian name.
  • Banda: For a Mexican cat breed. It’s a type of music. For other Mexican cat names, try this link.
  • Barnabas: You got him in a time of great emotional need. It means “son of consolation.” Alternatively, use Barnaby or Barney for short.
  • Bart: A name that gives “honor.” Use Bartleby or Bartles alternatively.
  • Basilisk: For a black cat that scares even you. He/she has a sharp look in their eyes.
  • Baxter: Appropriate for a “smart” cat.
  • Bay-Ann: A white, pretty, well-behaved cat. You can also call her Bay.
  • Bayou: A water-loving cat.
  • Bazoo: For a talkative cat like a Siamese or any other vocal cat breed.
  • Beba: A pretty Spanish name for your cat. It means “to drink.” Cats love to drink from a running water source, so this article on how to make a DIY cat water fountain is a must-read.
  • Bebe Le Rue: translates to “baby grace.” Use the French version to call your cat. It sounds more exotic.
  • Belinda: It’s Spanish for “beautiful.”
  • Bertha: The name means “bright” in German.
  • Bertram: For the feline “knight” in shining armor.
  • Beryl: For that cat that is like “a precious stone.”
  • Bianca: A name for a “white” cat.
  • Bijou: A French word that means “jewel.”
  • Bilbo: For a no-nonsense cat who belongs to a short-legged breed like the Munchkin.
  • Billabong: A stagnant pool of water—an Australian phrase.
  • Bismark: For a “brave and courageous” cat.
  • Bit: For that important bit of your life. Use Bitsy for a female cat.
  • Blanche: Fitting for a “white” cat.
  • Bohemian: For that cat with a gypsy spirit.
  • Bonnie: A cat that is pleasing to look at.
  • Bono: After the Irish singer and songwriter.
  • Bonsai: For an unusual dwarf cat.
  • Botan: A Japanese name that means “peony.”
  • Bowen: A masculine Welsh name. You can fondly use Bowie for short.
  • Brasen Lake: Inspired by a real lake. For a cat that loves traveling with you. Here are some tips and tricks on how to travel with a cat.
  • Briar: A poetic name, inspired by “briar rose.”
  • Brunhilda: An uncommon name for a female black cat.
  • Bruno: For a male brown cat.
  • Brutus: Appropriate for a muscular, heavy-set cat.
  • Bubonic: If your cat feels like an epidemic that is all over the house and the neighborhood.
  • Buck: A name that is short for Buckthorn, Buckwheat, Buckteeth, Bucky, or Buckskin.
  • Bun Bun: An affectionate nickname for your cat.
  • Bungee: For a cat who loves to leap from great heights.
  • Bunky: For a cat that won’t sleep anywhere but in your bed.

Food Cat Names that Start with B

tabby cat loving Baileys

From wine, cream, spice, to fruits, plants, and pastries, these cat names that start with B are inspired by edibles and drinks. We feel it is important to give a section to food-inspired B cat names because it is an exciting category, and your cat loves to eat.

  • Babaganoosh: A fun way to say baba ghanoush—a recipe native to the middle east.
  • Baby Cakes: In reference to how sweet you find her.
  • Bacon: If your favorite thing to eat is bacon, why not name your cat after it?
  • Baileys: For a cream-colored female feline. Find many other alcohol cat names here.
  • Basil: For that amiable and sweet feline in your life.
  • Berry: Perfect for a cat that is small, sweet, and you can’t live without.
  • Biscotti: A kind of nut-flavored biscuit. It is of Italian origin.
  • Biscuit: Everyone’s favorite.
  • Brandy: For a sophisticated cat with a deep brown coat.
  • Broccoli: For that odd cat that loves vegetables. Be sure to keep your cat from eating houseplants, though, because it could be toxic to him/her.
  • Brownie: For that sweet, irresistible cat.
  • Bubblegum: For a fun, bubbly female cat.
  • Burrito: A tortilla folded around a delicious filling; for that messy cat that you can’t help but love all the same.
  • Butter: It can be short for Buttercup.
  • Butterscotch: A delightful pastry made from brown sugar and butter. Perfect for an orange or brown cat.
  • Butterstuff: A pet name for an airy, sweet cat.

Wrap Up

brown and orange kittens sitting together

The alphabet “B” can be the first letter in many names—many of which we did not list in this article. We believe we have successfully presented many naming options that are fitting for your cat but don’t let yourself be confined. Now that we’ve got your juices flowing, you can come up with many unique names that start with B yourself!

If we did not list the name you were hoping to see, kindly write in the comments and give us your feedback. If you found the perfect name from the list above, do share what it is and why it felt like the right choice! Is your new feline friend still a newborn? Do read our article on how to care for newborn kittens.

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