Cat Names that Start with C: C is for Cat and Many Others

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

Alphabets are the building blocks of every word. The third alphabet, C, is the first letter to many great names that your cat can bear. You should consider picking a name from our list of cat names that start with C for many reasons.

You may have either your first name or your surname starting with the letter C. You will agree that letting your cat bear a name that starts with the same alphabet as you is not a bad idea. C could also be your favorite alphabet. Other than the fact that the word “cat” starts with C, “cool,” “cute,” “compassionate,” and many other wholesome words also start with C.

The word “care” also begins with C, and we have taken a lot of care in compiling the best C cat names in this article. We have sectioned this article into three C cat name categories. One is for male cats, the second is for female cats, and the last part is a list of names that can be used for either sex. We hope you will find the one your cat will respond to with pleasure.

Male Cat Names that Start with C

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Most male cat names that start with C have an emphatic sound to them. Although C cat names tend to be soft-sounding when pronounced, the meanings will still reflect the undeniable masculinity of your cat.

  • Caellum: A Gaelic name that refers to the bravery of a warrior.
  • Caesar: A Latin name that literally translates into “a thick head of hair”. Give it to a longhaired cat.
  • Cagney: It means “descendant of the advocate”, originating from Ireland. Give it to a talkative breed, such as a Siamese cat.
  • Cajun: If you have a special love for Cajun cooking.
  • Calamity: A cat that has probably caused a lot of bad yet humorous incidents.
  • Calico: If you have a calico kitty, do check out our article on calico cat names.
  • Calvin: Inspired the designer Calvin Klein—for a cat who does not mind dressing up.
  • Calvino: A sweet, hairless cat should bear a name that means “bald” in Spanish. Ideal for a Sphynx cat.
  • Cameo: For cats that love giving sudden, unexpected appearances.
  • Capone: Give this name to a badass cat who fears no one.
  • Cappuccino: Name your kitty after your favorite kind of coffee.
  • Capri: Great name for a tabby cat.
  • Captain: The ruling cat among the litter.
  • Caradoc: We love our feline friends; put your feelings into a name and call him “dearly beloved.”
  • Carbry: A Celtic name that means “charioteer.”
  • Cardew: Give it to a black cat; the name means “from the black fort” in Celtic.
  • Carlton: An English name which means “from the town of free men.”
  • Carraig: “From the rocky headland”—a name of Irish origin. Ideal for a headstrong cat. An alternative name meaning the same thing is Carrick.
  • Carthach: Simply means “loving” in Irish. A similar name is Carthage.
  • Cary: A cat so precious it is like you got him from a fortress.
  • Casanova: A naughty male kitten who loves to play with the ladies.
  • Case: Appropriate for a cat with a lot of vigor. A variant of the name is Casey.
  • Cassidy: For a curly-haired cat like the Cornish Rex because that is what the name means.
  • Cat-astrophe: He’s not perfect, but you love him anyway. For many other punny cat names, click here.
  • Catatonic: Makes you wonder how much sleep do cats need.
  • Catkin: A cat that you feel a sense of kinship with.
  • Catnip: For that feline you find irresistible just as cats go crazy for catnip.
  • Catsby: A play on Gatsby.
  • Catsup: Your own preferred brand of Catchup.
  • Cecil: It means “blind”. Give it to a cat who seems to run into things often.
  • Cedric: “A war hero” is the English meaning of the name. Recommended for a cat who has beaten all odds.
  • Chad: Literally translates into “from the warrior’s town”—a name of English origin.
  • Champ: For that smart cat who always knows how to come out on top.
  • Champaign: For a golden-haired extroverted feline.
  • Chance: A short version of Chancellor—for an energetic cat.
  • Chaos: When you get your house turned upside down regardless of all your preventive measures and your feline friend is always responsible for it.
  • Chaplin: Inspired by the comedian Charlie Chaplin.
  • Charlie: Also inspired by Charlie Chaplin.
  • Checkers: Ideal for a calico or a tabby cat.
  • Cheshire: Inspired by the Cheshire cat in the famous novel Alice in Wonderland. For a mischievous cat.
  • Chevy: A derivative of the French name Chevalier, which means “horseman or knight.”
  • Chewie: He is not a dog, but he loves to chew on things ranging from his feline blanket to your flip-flops. Just make sure to keep him from chewing on cords.
  • Chili Pepper: For a spunky, spirited feline who does not give a hoot.
  • Chimpanzee: A cat who behaves like a monkey, who loves to jump from one end to another and who you will usually find perched on some high structure in the house. Name him Chimp for short.
  • Chocolate: For a cat who has a beautiful chocolate coat.
  • Chuckie: Inspired by the name of the possessed doll in the horror movie titled “Child’s Play”. Find many other evil cat names here.
  • Chuckles: Do cats chuckle? You can give this name to a cat that makes you chuckle with his antics.
  • Chulo: A Spanish term that describes your handsome cat.
  • Churchill: Inspired the famous Winston Churchill.
  • Cinnamon: Sweet, spicy, and unforgettably aromatic. For a cat that leaves a lasting impression.
  • CJ: If your name starts with “C” as well, you can give your cat a name that mimics yours.
  • Claude: translates into “lame.” It can be an ironic name for your cool cat.
  • Claymore: The Highland Scottish double-edged sword. For a cat that sometimes bites the hand that feeds him.
  • Clifford: An English name which means “from the cliff fort.”
  • Cloudy: For a loner cat.
  • Coal: Ideal for a quiet and cool black cat.
  • Cody: He is always eager to give you a hand if he could.
  • Colin: A short form of Nicholas.
  • Comet: For cats who exude great levels of energy.
  • Confucius: Inspired by the Chinese thinker and philosopher. Confucius had a philosophy that emphasized sincerity, justice, and government morality.
  • Conrad: The brave, wise elderly cat that you adopted only recently.
  • Coonan: A cat that sniffs out food like a hound on a scent.
  • Cosmo: The name is derived from the word cosmos which refers to the universe. Give it to that cat that rocks your world. Click here for many other astronomy cat names.

Female Cat Names that Start with C

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We have made sure to select C cat names that have that feminine essence that will do your cat justice. There are many unusual and refreshing names in the mix.

  • Calandria: A Spanish name that means “lark.”
  • Calida: A rare Spanish name that means “ardent.”
  • Calliope: A Greek name that refers to “a beautiful voice”; appropriate for a cat who has a soft meow. You can also use ”Callie” as the nickname.
  • Calvina: The female version of the name “Calvin” but with a Spanish spin, hence the “a” behind the name.
  • Calypso: Inspired by the Greek mythological titan’s daughter whose name was Atlas according to legend.
  • Camille: It means “perfect” in French. For a cat that is perfect in your eyes. Another alternative is Camilla.
  • Candi or Candy: Sweet, sweet, sweet! Both in personality and outlook.
  • Cara: You know how often you think of your dear cat? Why not name her “dear” in Italian?
  • Carla: Of Italian origin, it is the feminine version of “Charles.”
  • Carmel: A Hebrew name that means “vineyard of God.”
  • Carmen: A Latin name that means “poem”; a great name for a cat who acts as a source of your inspiration.
  • Carrie: It could be the short form of Caroline or any other name that starts with “Car-.”
  • Cassandra: a Greek name that literally means “she who entangles men.” Give it to a female cat that has a lot of male cat friends meowing at your door seeking her company. Click here if you want to know how to get a cat out of heat.
  • Cecily: A humble name with a meaning of “true humility.”
  • Charmaine: For a cat whose “charm” is so endearing that you feel the need to emphasize it.
  • Chelan: A Native American name that means “deep water.”
  • Chelsea: For your stubborn brown cat.
  • Chenielle: Ideal for a sweet, orange kitty.
  • Cherie: Of French origin, the word is an endearment that means “darling.” A variant of it is Chere.
  • Chika: A Japanese name that means both “scatter and flower.” It will be fitting for a cat that looks stunning but is always making a mess.
  • Chiquita: It means “little girl” in Spanish.
  • Chloe: Appropriate for a sickly, weak cat that you hope will “bloom” someday. Learn more about how to care for newborn kittens here.
  • Chrissy: A short abbreviation of the name Christine, which means “a follower of Christ.”
  • Chrysanthemum: It has different meanings which include “beauty, eternal, and flower.”
  • Clarinet: The clarinet produces the sweetest of sounds.
  • Clarissa: Give this name to a vocal cat that always wants to explain herself. The name means “illustrious,” and it is of Latin origin.
  • Claudia: This is the female version of the name Claude. You can use Claudette or Claudelle if you prefer.
  • Clementine: A feminine equivalent of the name Clement.
  • Cleo: For a cat that lacks confidence and needs to be praised often. It has Greek origins.
  • Cleopatra: The name will make a great choice for exotic cats like the Bengal.
  • Clover: Inspired by the sweet and friendly rabbit friend of Sophia, the protagonist character in the popular cartoon titled Sophia the First.
  • Coco: Inspired by the fashion designer Coco Chanel.
  • Constance: A derivative of the word “constant.” For a cat that has a routine like a clockwork.
  • Cookie: It could be short for “Cookie Monster.” For a cat who loves her treats and is usually not willing to share. You can call her “Ki-Ki” as a nickname.
  • Cordelia: It is a name of Celtic origin—for a cat whose feelings are “honest and true.” She has no hidden agenda.
  • Corn Gold: Give it to an affectionate cat who is popular in your neighborhood.
  • Cortana: Inspired by a character from the video game Halo.
  • Countess: For the ruling majesty of her territory—your noble felineness.
  • Cressida: Although the origin of the name is unknown, there are claims that the name means “gold.”

Unisex Cat Names that Start with C

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The names below can be used by either male or female cats. Although there are no fixed laws that state you can’t give a male cat a female name, these names are universally accepted as unisex.

  • Carbon: Give it to a black cat with a bluish hue.
  • Cent: Perfect for a copper-colored cat.
  • Chalk: For a matte white cat.
  • Charcoal: Give the name to a cat that has a coat as black as charcoal.
  • Charm: Everyone loves your kitty. He/she is fed by everyone, stroked and petted by neighbors, friends, and family alike.
  • Charred: Char for short—another unusual name for a black cat.
  • Chess Piece: These are usually white or black. The name will be appropriate for cats with either color.
  • Chip: It is a fond way of calling your cat whose real name is Charles.
  • Cho Chang: A name from the Harry Potter series, a Ravenclaw Seeker. If you are a Harry Potter fan and you have an affinity for the letter C, then go for it.
  • Cinders: For a grey-haired cat.
  • Cleo-Catra: A cat version of the infamous name: Cleopatra. You can call your cat Catra for short, to get people curious about the full name.
  • Cliodna: Another Harry Potter name which refers to the character on a chocolate frog card.
  • Cloud: For that cat with a greyish white coat.
  • Club Flush: A rambunctious black kitten will bear the name well.
  • Coca-Cola: Perfect for a deep brown-colored cat who has a lot of effervescence and personality.
  • Coffee Bean: Ideal for a black cat with a perky nature who wakes you up like a cup of coffee.
  • Combat: For that cat that is always aggressive and hostile towards strangers, and perhaps even other cats.
  • Cookie and Cutter: Perfect for Siamese twins or any other look-a-like pairs.
  • Coriander: Give it to a calico cat. This is a type herb used in food preparation. Click here for many other food names for cats.
  • Cormac McLaggen: Inspired by one of the student at Gryffindor in the Harry Potter series.
  • Cotton Ball: Ideal for a soft, fluffy, and cute cat.

Wrap Up

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What is so special about the letter “C”? It is a matter of perception, and it also boils down to choice. At the end of the day, pick a name that means something special to you and your cat.

We hope you are excited about the names above and have seen one or two that made you smile. We know we have not covered all the cat names that start with the letter C. We implore you to send in those that we did not cover in this article. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestion. For many other cute cat name suggestions, check out our article on country cat names!

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