Cat Names that Start with M: M is for Meow

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Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

You brought your little bundle of fur home and made sure the toys, the litter box, loads of food and snacks, and a cozy kitten bed were prepared. But when you wanted to call your kitten to jump into your embrace, you realized you forgot one thing: a name. With so many cat name options—from A to Z—picking one can be very difficult. To make it easier, how about you focus on cat names that start with M?

M is for Meow. It is also for Mau (the Egyptian Mau) and Mao (cat in Chinese). As you can see, there’s plenty of correlation between your cat and the letter “M,” so it wouldn’t be so farfetched to believe that the perfect name for him/her is waiting in a list of names that start with this letter!

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What would you like to focus on? Would you like for the name to reflect your cat’s gorgeous physical appearance, his/her fetching character, or your exciting lifestyle? To fulfill all your needs, we break this list down into several categories based on certain themes.

Your Cat is a Deity; Name Her Like One

In Japanese mythology, cats (especially those with two tails, known as Nekomata) are seen as Yōkai—supernatural creatures that can shapeshift into humans, speak with humans, and even manipulate dead people.

Icelandic folklore tells stories about the Yule Cat, a vicious creature that eats people who haven’t been gifted any new clothes before Christmas Eve. Ancient Egyptians are by far the most famous when it comes to cat worshiping. Harming or killing a cat was punishable by law because the people worshiped a cat goddess named Bastet. Cats often received the same burial honors as humans.

Kitten sitting with her head turned to left

As you can see, cats were worshiped in so many cultures, and for a good reason. Their grace, wisdom, and beauty stand unrivaled in the animal kingdom. Cats have eyes that glow in the dark. They move without making a sound, and they kill their prey effortlessly. Humans have been enamored with cats since the beginning of their coexistence.

Here are some names starting with “M” that can show your exalted cat proper adoration:

#1: Egyptian Deities

  • Maat (goddess of harmony)
  • Mafdet (predecessor of Bastet; the name possibly means “runner”)

#2: Roman Deities

  • Maia (goddess of fertility and spring)
  • Mars (god of war)
  • Matuta (goddess of dawn and childbirth)
  • Meditrina (goddess of healing)
  • Mercury (messenger of the gods and guide of souls to the underworld)
  • Minerva (goddess of wisdom)
  • Murcia (goddess of sloth and laziness; don’t you already know someone who would be a perfect fit for this name?)
  • Muta (goddess of silence; perfect for quiet and stealthy cats)

#3: Greek Deities

  • Mania (the spirit of madness, insanity, and frenzy)
  • Megaera, (one of the Furies, goddesses of vengeance and retribution)
  • Melpomene (muse of tragedy)
  • Mormo (a fearsome underworld spirit)
  • Moros (the spirit of doom; perfect for your little destroyer)
  • Morpheus (god of dreams; you know your cat travels the world of dreams often enough to bear this name. Ever wonder how much sleep do cats need?)
  • Musica (goddess of music)

#4: Hindu Deities

  • Mahesh (another name for Shiva, meaning “great ruler”)
  • Manda (goddess of performance; for acrobatic cats)
  • Mohini (female aspect of Vishnu)

#5: Other Mythologies

  • Malina (Inuit solar deity)
  • Mama Killa (Incan goddess of the moon)
  • Maneki (from Maneki neko, Japanese “beckoning cat”)
  • Mani (Nordic god of the moon)
  • Mano (Sami lunar deity)
  • Marici (Bodhisattva associated with light and sun)
  • Matagot (French spirit that takes the form of a black cat)
  • Menily (Cahuilla goddess of the moon )
  • Metztli (Aztec goddess of the moon)
  • Mihr (Armenian god of light and wisdom)
  • Mizuchi (Japanese water dragon)
  • Morrigan (Celtic crow goddess)

Showing Off Your Cat’s Character

Sometimes a cat can have such a mesmerizing personality that a name imposes itself. Whether it’s their grace, gentleness, or love of food, a name should reflect what you love most about your kitty.

A white cat lying down on the side

Here are some suggestions that can help you make a decision:

  • Machiavelli (perfect for a sneaky, smart cat)
  • Magpie (for your chatty sweetling)
  • Mama Drama (perfect for a drama queen)
  • Mayhem (for cats leaving a trail of destruction behind them; this article on how to discipline a cat may come in handy)
  • Meatball (your cat likes to eat, and it shows; you should probably learn how to make a cat lose weight because obesity is never a good thing)
  • Meatloaf (proud to be a carnivore)
  • Medusa (for a cat with a wicked stare)
  • Meenie (meanie, but more subtle)
  • Mellow (relaxed and even-tempered)
  • Melodie (suitable for cats who like to “sing”)
  • Mephisto (only for a really naughty cat)
  • Messy (she is a missy, but not a graceful one)
  • Mikalsputin (for an angel/devil cat)
  • Mirage (now you see me, now you don’t!)
  • Mischief (for a cat that has a knack for trouble)
  • Misfit (maybe he was the runt of the litter, but to you he is the very best)
  • Mishka (Russian for “Little Bear”)
  • Missy (for proper ladies with a gentle character)
  • Monty Python (a house clown that entertains everyone)
  • Moocher (for those gourmands that keep asking for more; your Moocher will love it if you make some homemade treats for him/her)
  • Muncher (again, a cat with a great appetite)
  • Muse (your cat is your inspiration)
  • Mushkadeana (meaning “little devil“ in Italian)
  • Mystic (there is more to her than she shows)

Geeky Lifestyle Names

You love watching movies and reading books, or know every anime ever made and have a remarkable collection of manga on your bookshelf. Not to mention, you believe there is nothing as relaxing as snuggling with your furry friend while watching your favorite show. So why not name your cat after one of your cherished characters?

A black greek cat

Whether it’s DC or Marvell or manga and anime, we’ve made a list that will help you choose.

#1: DC Characters

  • Machine Gun Eddy (early comics character; very badass)
  • Machiste (the wandering King of Kiro)
  • Mad Dog (assassin)
  • Mad Harriet (perfect for a cat with a ferocious temper)
  • Mad Hatter (adversary of Batman)
  • Madam Rogue (early supervillain)
  • Madam Xanadu (a gorgeous sorceress; try our article on Wiccan cat names here)
  • Mageddon (a villain with a huge, semi-sentient weapon)
  • Magicko (a member of the Honor Team of Thronn)
  • Magnar (a warrior who protected Supertown)
  • Magno (former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes)
  • Magog (enemy of Superman)
  • Mainline (member of the Black Ops)
  • Mala (supervillain; a native of the planet Krypton)
  • Malagigi (a sorcerer)
  • Malefic (supervillain, archenemy of Martian Manhunter)
  • Malice Vundabar (pretty insane; controls a demon. For other evil cat names, visit this link)
  • Mammitu (a god worshipped by the desert Amazons; a judgment bringer)
  • Mammoth (enemy of the Teen Titans)
  • Manhunter (perfect for a foot-chaser)
  • Mano (foe of the Legion of Super-Heroes)
  • Martian Manhunter (one of the seven original members of the Justice League)
  • Maser (an electromagnetic post-human)
  • Mask (a masked villain in the Wonder Woman series)
  • Mazikeen (a child of Lilith)
  • Metallo (an adversary of Superman)
  • Metron (actually based on Spock!)
  • Mister Twister (for your little acrobat)
  • Murmur (a Flash supervillain)

#2: Marvel Characters

  • Machete (for kitties with deadly claws)
  • Machine Man (an android superhero)
  • Mad Dog (for cats living on the edge)
  • Madam Slay (perfect for hunting experts)
  • Madman (an enemy of Hulk)
  • Maestro (a version of the Hulk from an alternate future)
  • Magilla (her whole body is covered with hair; sounds like someone you know?)
  • Magique (the leader of the Imperial Guard)
  • Magneto (a mutant who controls magnetic fields)
  • Magnum (a member of The Elementals)
  • Maha Yogi (an ancient supervillain)
  • Mahkizmo (also known as the Nuclear Man)
  • Makkari (a member of the Eternals, a race of super-humans)
  • Mangler (an incredibly strong wrestler)
  • Mantis (a grand-mistress of the martial arts, just like your cat)
  • Maru (an impressive warrior)
  • Masked Marauder (supervillain from the Daredevil series)
  • Master Menace (some kittens really deserve this name)
  • Matsuya (also known as the Wiz Kid)
  • Mauler (acronym for Mobile Armored Utility Laser-guided E-beam. Revised, this is for laser-guided kittens)
  • Mauvais (an evil sorcerer)
  • Maverick (for cats that are just indestructible)
  • Maximus (for those introvert cats that hide their wits skillfully)
  • Meanstreak (a scientist and a villain; maybe you know a kitten like this?)
  • Megatak (if your kitten has a knack for spying)
  • Melinda May (if your cat is a real lady, but never misses a chance for a good fight)
  • Menace (a true rebel and a badass)
  • Mentallo (a cat with anarchistic tendencies should proudly carry this name)
  • Mesmero (does your kitten try to hypnotize you into submission? Look no further! This is a perfect name)
  • Metal Master (an alien who can psionically control the atoms and molecules of metals)
  • Micromax (a human mutant superhero with super-strength)
  • Midas (perfect for a cat that likes to hoard treasures)
  • Mimir (Odin transformed into a fiery being… Your cat, maybe?)
  • Mindblast (has telekinetic abilities and is one of the Femme Fatales)
  • Mink (for cats that would rather live a life of adventure than that of luxury)
  • Miss Fingers (Does your cat have the ability to vanish without a trace? This is the name for her!)
  • Miss Mass (your lady cat has curves in all the right places)
  • Missing Link (a kitten is what you need to make your life perfect)
  • Mister Fantastic (for kittens so awesome that no other name can fit them better)
  • Mojo (a villain in the X-Men series)
  • Moondragon (perfect for a Sphynx cat)

#3: Anime and Manga Characters

  • Madara (the leader of the Uchiha clan in Naruto)
  • Makiko (Memetchi‘s arch-rival)
  • Mametchi (the best known male Tamagotchi)
  • Mamoru (the captain in Space Battleship Yamato)
  • Mashiro Kuna (a drama queen from Bleach)
  • Matsu (perfect for a kitty that likes to peep on you)
  • Matsumae (a name for a serious cat that lets no mouse escape her paw)
  • Max Sterling (Remember Robotech? Maybe you could watch it again with your favorite cat)
  • Megatron (the leader of the Decepticons in Transformers)
  • Mello (a name from Death Note for a sneaky and intelligent cat)
  • Memetchi (a gentle and sweet female Tamagotchi)
  • Midora (one of the death gods in Death Note)
  • Mikasa (badass female lead from Attack on Titan)
  • Mike Zacharius (if your kitten likes to thoroughly sniff all guests, whether they like it or not)
  • Mi-Kun (Dr. Sado’s pet cat)
  • Mimihagi (a fallen god from Bleach)
  • Minato (Naruto‘s father, also known as The Yellow Flash; perfect for a speedster of the same color)
  • Misa Amane (known for her lively personality, a J-pop idol from Death Note)
  • Mitsuki (from Boruto)
  • Miza (a ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Modok (from Voltron; perfect for a gentle giant)
  • Mokuba (a character from Yu-Gi-Oh!, pretty spoiled and brattish)
  • Momo (from A Letter to Momo)
  • Monad Proxy (from Ergo Proxy)
  • Motoko (Major Motoko Kusanagi, the main protagonist of Ghost In the Shell)
  • Musubi (main female character in Sekirei)
  • Mutsu (a male Sekirei with an impressive sword)

Names Based on Color

White cats are sophisticated, blacks are elegant and mysterious, whereas tabbies look the way their ancestors used to look thousands of years ago. Calico cats are special in their own way, with interesting fur patterns and being mostly female. Maybe you fell in love with the gorgeous color of a Russian Blue or couldn‘t resist the point coloration of the Siamese?

Black and white cat lying on the blanket

A name based on coat color is always a good choice because it is as easy as looking at your cat.

#1: Cats with Orange or Yellow Coats

  • Mango (because of the beautiful golden flesh of the ripe fruit)
  • Maple
  • Marigold
  • Marmalade
  • Meg
  • Merlot (for cats with pale yellow coloring)

See Also: Orange Cat Names

#2: Cats with Brown or Colorpoint Coats

  • Magnolia (for point coloration)
  • Mahogany
  • Marmite
  • Milo (a chocolate and malt milk drink)
  • Mittens (for cats with differently colored paws)
  • Mocha (perfect for a Siamese)
  • Motts (the color of applesauce)
  • Mousse (for chocolate-colored cats)

See Also: Siamese Cat Names

#3: Cats with White Coats

  • Marshmallow
  • Marzipan
  • Mayflower
  • Milkshake
  • Milky
  • Milkyway
  • Moon

See Also: White Cat Names

#4: Cats with Black Coats

  • Magic
  • Marceline (like the vampire girl from Adventure Time)
  • Matches
  • Merlin
  • Midnight
  • Morticia
  • Mystery

See Also: Black Cat Names

#5: Cats with Grey Coats

  • Mercury
  • Mink
  • Misty
  • Mouse

See Also: Gray Cat Names

#6: Tabby Cats

  • M & M (for cats with very colorful fur)
  • Mackerel (this is a type of tabby pattern—narrow stripes that run vertically down the back)
  • Marble (because your cat looks as colorful as a handful of marbles)
  • Mau (just like the name of the Egyptian Mau, the original tabby)
  • Mottle (a lot of spots or smears all over)

Wrap Up

Scientifically speaking, it was observed that cats respond to certain human sounds more than others. Cats are found to be more responsive to high-pitched voices, meaning that in general, they prefer women‘s voices to men‘s. They are also more sensitive to words with a long e-vowel.

Keep these in mind when you‘re choosing a name for your cat. To add to this, the chosen name should be easy to differentiate from the other names frequently used in your household.

A cat sitting on the roof of a house

Make a short list and see how your cat responds to each name. Teach your cat her new name by calling her while holding a treat in your hand. Never use your cat‘s name if you are scolding her, so she doesn‘t associate it with negative emotion.

We hope that the lists in this article helped you in finding the perfect name for your beloved kitten. Which one did you choose? Did you manage to think up any other good names? Do share your thoughts in the comments section! If you didn’t find that perfect name, perhaps our list of cat names from movies can be of service.

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Jeremy Vaughn

Jeremy Vaughn is a member of Canadian Professional Pet Stylists, who lives in Winnipeg. Creating new looks for cats and other pets is his passion. Jeremy shares his house with the wife and wonderful Siamese cat.