Cat Names That Start With P: The Purrfect Names For Your Adorable Feline

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

We understand the pressure of bringing a new kitten into your home. Planning the first meeting with the family or other pets in the house plus getting the food ready isn’t the real issue here. It’s deciding on a cat’s name that’s serious business. So, has it ever occurred to you to choose from a list of cat names that start with P?

Why names that start with P, you ask? You’ll find a lot of cute cat names that begin with P that will match your adorable feline. It’s like nothing can go wrong with names that start with P—because they’re purrfect for your feline friends.

Now, we present to you the most popular feline names that start with P. Not only that, you’d also find details of why these names could be a perfect fit for your furry pet. We’ve separated this article into several sections—cat names by gender, by physical traits, and by coat color.

Cat Names by Gender

Siamese cat with peaches

Are you looking for cute female, male, or unisex cat names for your fuzzy pet? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check your cat’s personality to see if it matches with any of the names here.

#1: Female Cat Names

  • Paige / Page – Ever feel like your kitten is your shadow which follows you around wherever you go? Then this name is perfect for her! It’s an English name meaning “young servant”—although in this case, you’re her servant and not the other way around.
  • Paisley – Mostly given to short-haired domestic cats. The name means “fabric.”
  • Panama – If your cat likes fish, Panama might be the perfect name for her. The word means “an abundance of fish.”
  • Pandora – When your kitten rarely goes out of hiding, but she’s a bit of a trouble when she does. She would surely remind you of Pandora’s box. Pandora in Greek means “hope.” You may also be interested in learning more about how to get a cat out of hiding.
  • Paris – When your long-haired cat reminds you of Ms. Hilton because aside from the fact that she likes to be pampered all the time, she always looks like she just came out of the salon.
  • Parlor – Reserved for your little kitty that’s poised, reserved, and gracious.
  • Patty – She’s okay with you patting her head, but Patty is a German baby name which means “strength in battle.”
  • Peaches / Peachy – Simple but always sounds sweet for any peach-colored or flesh-colored feline. It’s a great name for hairless cats like the Ukrainian Levkoy.
  • Peeps – She likes to peep at you around the corner.
  • Penelope – Whether you’re a Greek mythology fan or not, let’s admit it, it’s one of the cutest names for your beautiful pet.
  • Persephone – The wife of Hades. For cats so beautiful no one can resist her.
  • Persia / Purrsia – A suitable name for a cat who purrs a lot. Interested in learning more about how cats purr?
  • Petula – When your kitty looks cute but seems to be ready to strike anytime. Petula is a Latin name which means “to attack.”
  • Phin – It means “oracle” in Greek.
  • Phoebe – Another famous female cat name. It means “bright and shining” in Greek.
  • Phoenix – Goes well with grey kittens (rise from the ashes) or fiery reddish kittens.
  • Pickles – It sounds cute for a kitty name.
  • Pie – Great for piecrust-colored felines—or one that you can never resist.
  • Pinky – It refers to one’s little finger, but this name also means “of good health.”’
  • Piper – Although the name means someone who knows how to play the pipe, cat owners usually use this name for their sassy little kitty.
  • Pixel – For a lady-like kitty-cat.
  • Pixie – It’s associated with mischievous fairies.
  • Plush or Plushkittie – Because she looks like a plush carpet. Be careful not to step on her.
  • Polaris – A name fit for the star in your eyes. It means “the pole star.”
  • Pooka – It means “good luck charm.”
  • Pooky / Pookie – A standard way of describing something cute. It’s also a pet name for a significant other.
  • Poopsie – Means “a sweetheart.”
  • Pootinky – This kitty poops a lot, and you know the rest of the story.
  • Popcorn – The name suits kittens with curly hair like popcorns! Also satisfies cats with golden coats.
  • Portia – You can name her after a heroine in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.
  • Posh – Her walk reminds you of Victoria Beckham or Posh Spice. Find many other elegant cat names here.
  • Prada – A word that means light, glow, or shine.
  • Precious – Need we explain more?
  • Pretzel – If your little furball likes to twist her body like a gymnast.
  • Princess – A name suitable for every kitten because she’s undoubtedly a royal pet!
  • Prissy – Does your kitten pick on her food? It can be short for Priscilla, but this word also means overly picky.
  • Puff /Puffy – A charming name for your fluffy cat. Find a whole another article dedicated to fluffy cat names here.

#2: Male Cat Names

kitten loving football

  • Pablo – Some cat owners would love to name their short-haired domestic pet Pablo. The meaning of this word is “small” so you can also give this name to a tiny pet cat.
  • Pacino – For a scar-faced kitty like Al Pacino in the movie Scarface.
  • Paco – Spanish nickname for Francisco or Francis.
  • Panthro – If you remember the famous cartoon in the ‘80s, Thundercats, Panthro is the strongest cat in the team.
  • Pascal – It might sound religious or scientific, but it’s one of the most popular names cat owners like to call their pet.
  • Pavarotti – Or you can call him Pava for short because he purrs like he’s singing the highest notes.
  • Pavlov – If you have a senior cat named Paul or Pablo, you can call his son Pavlov as it’s Czechoslovakian for “son of Paul.”
  • Peel – The right name for your bald cat.
  • Pelusa – It literally means “hairball.”
  • Perkins – Your perky little tiger.
  • Perry – Though this name means “pear tree,” it’s a famous name among pet owners.
  • Perseo – If your cat likes to destroy things, you should call him this. Perseo is a Greek name which means “to destroy.” You may want to learn how to keep cats off furniture so he won’t knock things over anymore.
  • Petrus – A Latin version of Peter which means “the rock.”
  • Phantom – A lot of cats have markings that almost cover their faces. So if you have one with a white marking on the face like the mask of the Phantom of the Opera, this name would fit him perfectly.
  • Phineas – Whether you like this Disney character or you just love this unique name, this is a good pick. In Hebrew, the word means “oracle.”
  • Pierce – Another name for Peter.
  • Pierre – Like Pierce, this is also another version of Peter.
  • Pip / Pipi – Sometimes short for Philip. But in Greek, it means “lover of horses.”
  • Pipo – This kitten likes to clown around.
  • Pippin – When your cat behaves like the king of the house. Pippin is a French word for “like a king.”
  • Pistol – Just because it sounds cool.
  • PJ – Short for those with the initials P and J like Peter James or Patrick John.
  • Plato – Either your feline is “broad-shouldered,” or you always suspect he’s into deep-thinking all the time.
  • Pogo – Ever had a kitten who jumps most of the time like a pogo stick? The name also suits three-legged cats.
  • Pollux – The Roman counterpart of Greek Polydeukes which means “very sweet.”
  • Pollux: In mythology, Pollux is the twin brother of Castor, and they’re both sons of Zeus.
  • Ponyo – It means “very soft” in Japanese.
  • Pouncer – Maybe he’s broken a few vases and glasses with his powerful pounce.
  • Prince – Because he’ll always get his way no matter what!
  • Prince Harry – Especially if your royal kitten is red-haired. Click here for many other royal cat names.
  • Puck – Something about your kitten reminds you of a hockey puck.
  • Puffin – Latin word which means “little brother.”
  • Purdy – You cat must be very masculine.
  • Purrcy – He meows the loudest.
  • Pusher – If you’re a football fan.
  • Puss N Boots – For that cunning little furball at home.

#3: Unisex Cat Names

cat loving hip hop

  • Palomine – Short for Pal Of Mine.
  • Patsy – For his/her cute little patches. It can also be short for Patricia or Patrick.
  • Peace – For that meek little kitty.
  • Pensee – Want to sound French? Pensee is a French word for “thoughtful.”
  • Phat Cat – For your cool and hip-hop kitty.
  • Picabu – This kitty likes to play peek-a-boo.
  • Picca – For your noisy kitty.
  • Pilgrimage – Or Phil for short—suitable especially for adopted stray cats, or maybe even feral cats. Here’s an article on how to tame a feral cat.
  • Ping & Pong – When you can’t get enough with just one kitten and adopt two at once.
  • Pishu – If your kitty is the champion in your home, this name is perfect. In astrology and horoscope, the name means “being a champion.”
  • Ply-Ply – A name suitable for Ragdoll cats. It’s short for pliable.
  • Polka – A funny and cute name for a spotted feline.
  • Polly – Some owners name they polydactyl cats (with extra toes) Polly.
  • Porkchop – Because he likes to eat pork chops.
  • Porsche – For handsome and bold cats.
  • Prattle – For a kitty who meows a lot.
  • President – Because your cat is the boss.
  • Pruitt – A suitable name for a brave little kitty. It’s from a French word meaning “brave.”
  • Pumpernickle / Pumpernickel – When your pet cat is the main culprit for very smelly farts. The name in German means “fart devil.”
  • Punky – For your little rockstar.
  • Puppet – Another name that fits Ragdoll cats.

Cat Names by Physical Traits

big orange cat walking on the snow

Does your cat’s personality or coat say a lot about him/her? Why not choose a name that fits your fluffy, chubby, or bald cat?

#1: Large Cats

  • Peppa – Maybe her purr sounds British like Peppa the Pig? Or her cuteness and plumpness remind you of this famous cartoon character?
  • Piglet – This kitten runs like lightning towards you when you open a bag of treats or the fridge. Don’t worry; he’ll learn to love her name and would be able to live with it.
  • Pudgy – British word for short, fat, and thick.
  • Pumpkin – Can be after your cat’s color or his fluffiness and plumpness.
  • Puschkin – Maybe your cat is so plump and round that he/she remind you of a cannonball. This is a Russian suffix to the name Pushka, which means “cannon.”

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#2: Small Cats

  • Peanut – Peanut is a sweet name for a tiny cat.
  • Peewee – This word means “small marble.” This peewee name suits your peewee kitty.
  • Penny – Make sure your friend named Penny isn’t around when you call your furry friend for her meal.
  • Petite – And it also sounds French!
  • Pipsqueak – For that tiny little new kitten at home.
  • Pishi – It’s a Persian or Iranian word which means “little kitty.”
  • Pocket – Because he fits perfectly in your pocket when he’s still a kitten.
  • Poupon – “Little one” in French.

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Cat Names by Coat Color

kittens of different colors on grass

A lot of cat owners look for a name that goes with their kitty’s physical traits like his/her coat color. Here are some lists of cat names associated with their coat colors!

#1: Black Cats

  • Panther – The right name for a black cat that displays fierceness.
  • Pearl – Your kitten is such a pearl whether he/she is black, cream-colored, or white.
  • Pepper – Fond of mischievous black cats who are full of surprises? Why not call them Pepper?
  • Pepsi – A cute name for a sweet black cat. You can’t get enough of him/her.
  • Prieta – Spanish for Blackie but sounds like a royal name for a princess.

#2: Black & White Cats

black and white cat holding a toy panda

  • Panda – For a kitten that reminds you of Yin Yang or only because he’s black and white.
  • Patches – This name can be a match for calico and speckled cats as well.
  • Print – Because he’s black and white, as simple as that.

#3: Calico Cats

  • Pebbles – Any calico cat would look cute and sweet with this name! This name also goes well with grey and spotted cats.
  • Pepperoni – His/her spots remind you of pepperonis on pizza.
  • Picasso – If you think his/her color combination reminds you of Picasso’s paintings, he/she wouldn’t complain about being named after a genius.
  • Pizza – Because his/her mixed colors remind you of your favorite pizza.

#4: Orange or Red Cats

  • Paprika – Bet your pet would be as fiery as one.
  • Pekoe – Inspired by pekoe orange tea.
  • Pele – From the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes.
  • Pokemon – Maybe he looks like a certain Pokemon. If so, you’ll be glad to know that we have an article on Pokemon cat names here.
  • Pooh / Pooh Bear – Your kitten may not like honey, but the orange coat certainly reminds you of this adorable bear.
  • Poppy – Because your kitten reminds you of red poppy flowers.
  • Prunella – Such a French princess!

#5: Tabby Cats

perfect tabby hunter cat

  • Paintball – The name says it all.

  • Paloma – Spanish for “doves” and excellent for cats with sass.

  • Piebald – A speckled kitty would look nice with this name.

  • Pinot – After Pinot Grigio wine.

  • Powder – A lovely name for your sweet angel.

  • Puff – Charming for your cotton puff.

  • Puma – For a cat who’s a great hunter.

Wrap Up

furry and bald cats sitting together

Thinking of ways to name your new furry (or bald) pet can be a lot of fun. It’s also important because the act of giving a cat a name and calling him/her by it brings a consistent and habitual communication between you and your pet cat. In turn, this action strengthens the bond between the two of you. So make sure to choose the perfect name for your furry friend, and one that you like as well.

Do you have any suggestions for kitty names? Do leave a comment below. We can add them to our cat name list! Still, want more list? Check out our celebrity cat names article for a whole new source of inspiration!

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