Cat Pokemon Names: I Choose You!

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Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

Pokémon is a franchise famous for featuring many cute characters with designs that were inspired by animals. Among them, many were designed after cats. That’s why we think it’s an amazing idea to give your cat one of the numerous cat Pokemon names out there.

Pokémon is a mega-franchise that has survived for decades, and you know it couldn’t have managed that without a reason. On top of cute designs, Pokémon also gives life to each of the characters by giving them background stories and unique traits. Do you have a cheerful cat? Pokémon has got you covered! Do you have an intense and naughty cat? A few Pokémon can be quite mischievous as well!

Starting out with about 150 Pokémon, today there are more than 800 Pokémon. We know you gotta catch ‘em all, but it can be hard to keep track of every one of them. That is why we have done all the hard work and handpicked all of the most suitable Pokémon names for cats for you.

We start this article by giving you a list of Pokémon whose designs were inspired by cats. Then we move on to Pokémon that don’t really look like cats, but whose names we believe make great options for cats.

The Names of Cat-Type Pokémon

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The Pokémon franchise has a lot of animals it bases its depictions of characters on. A large percentage of these are cats/look-a-likes, making it apt that we start with that. One of these names is what your cat will be meowing and purring to in years to come, so you will want to choose carefully.

From the ultra-popular Japanese franchise, here are some cat-inspired Pokémon names that you should absolutely consider bestowing upon your beloved cat.

  • Litten. Litten is the first of Fire-type Pokémon that was based on a cat’s image. You can choose Litten in Pokémon Sun and Moon as your starter Pokémon. This is a great name for your very first cat.

  • Torracat. This is Litten’s first stage of evolution. It starts to embrace its fire powers more at this stage of evolution. That is when we start seeing the addition of features such as the fire bell, claws, and a coat that looks more rugged than the last one.

  • Incineroar. The second and final stage of evolution that Litten undergoes. At this stage, the Pokémon has become the best and strongest version of itself. A name for a fiery, badass cat.

  • Espurr. Espurr is that little grey Pokémon that always looks like it had no one to play with while growing up. That reminds you of that cat you rescued or one that has spent too long at the breeders, doesn’t it? Perhaps you’ll be interested to find out more about how to adopt a cat.

  • Meowstic. This is what Espurr evolves into. Male Meowstic wears a navy-blue coat while the female wears a noticeable amount of white on it. A name for a prim and proper cat.

  • Litleo. Litleo is a unisex name for your male and female cats. Starting out as a very small cub, this is a lion-type Pokémon. It comes with a dark-colored coat and small, red mane.

  • Pyroar. Another unisex name, this is Litleo’s evolved form. A male Pyroar has a full head of mane whereas the females don’t.

  • Shinx. Shinx is one of the most confusing creatures in the Pokémon universe, looking like many things at the same time: a baby elephant to some, a cat to others, and a hedgehog to a smaller set. Even though no one is not sure what cat it was styled after, Shinx is an undeniably adorable little thing with big, beautiful eyes.

  • Luxio. Another fancy name, Luxio is the product of Shinx’s evolution. You know it’s a Luxio when there is a black mane around the head which incorporates a tougher look against the innocent look of a Shinx.

  • Luxray. Luxray can easily be confused with Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog. Of the three forms of Shinx, Luxray is the one that looks the toughest and has a fuller mane of black hair at the back of its head.

  • Meowth. The feline status of this Pokémon is further underlined in its name. This Pokémon was the one that became the famous lippy cat owned by Jessie and James from Team Rocket. It is special for being the only Meowth with the ability to converse. Great name for a chatty cat. Chatty cats are cute; there may come a time when you wish you knew how to stop a cat from meowing, though.

  • Persian.Persian is very similar to Meowth, and that is not without reason. It is the evolved form of Meowth.

  • Skitty. This already makes a great name for your cat, even if you did not know what it meant. However, in the Pokémon universe, it relates to a very cute and lovable cat which looks a bit like a pincushion. This cat was specially made to capture the female fan base with its detailed pink coloration and light color blushes to match.

  • Delcatty. Delcatty is the evolutional form of Skitty. Even though it maintains the base purpose of Skitty in appealing to a female audience, it opts for another form instead, going on to look more like a flower than a pillow. Completing its stylish look is a neck pillow which hangs around, well, its neck. Great name for an always-sleepy cat that makes you wonder: how much do cats sleep?

  • Glameow. When Glameow starts out, it is usually a very small, cute cat. On closer observation, one will usually agree that this cat could be of the Siamese breed. It is a cat with class and elegance. As the first part of its name implies, this is a very glamorous name for a glamorous cat.

  • Purugly. We hate to break it to you, but the beauty of Glameow quickly fades as it becomes Purugly. Glameow has added some weight to become a plump cat. If your kitten is of a breed that is known to grow into large adults, this is the name for him/her.

  • Purrloin. Purrloin is one female Pokémon that could easily be a superhero. Coming with a mask over its face, the Pokémon looks like it was inspired by the Catwoman comics.

  • Leopard. Leopards and cats belong to the same family so it is not shocking that Purrloin could evolve into a Leopard. What they both have in common, though, are the vibrant colors which make them stand out from other cats.

  • Solgaleo. The legendary character from Pokémon Sun. It has a very gallant look. Solgaleo is a steel and psychic type Pokémon.

  • Dusk Mane Necrozma. You have three amazing names for your cat right here. Dusk Mane Necrozma is the result of a fusion between Solgaleo and the ultra-beast Necrozma. A great name for a mixed-breed cat.

  • Zeraora. This is another one of those rare legendary cat Pokémon, so choose which cat gets it wisely. It is the fastest electric Pokémon ever. It makes a debut in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon event. If you have a cat that just can’t stay still, check out our article on how to calm a hyper cat.

  • Raikou. Raikou is a legendary tiger-like Pokémon. It is an electric type. Unlike most Pokémon, Raikou will communicate with a roar rather than its own name.

  • Mew. In a pairing with Mewtwo, these are two of the most popular and legendary Pokémon cats of all time. They can only be acquired after the player has beaten the game and not a single second before. Even though Mewtwo doesn’t look like a cat at first, the developers have agreed that both Mew and Mewtwo are ‘feline.’ Throw in the way their names bear a resemblance to sounds that cats make, and you’ll agree even more.

  • Espeon. Eevee, one of the most popular Pokémon of all times, is considered to be an ambiguous animal even though the foxlike characteristics cannot be missed. Eevee has a lot of possible evolutions, and one of them is Espeon, a psychic Pokémon that looks like a graceful purple cat.

  • Zangoose.While we would not have ordinarily considered Zangoose to be a cat—considering its looks and the fact that its name sounds like ‘mongoose’—the storyline does peg its character as being a ‘cat ferret’.

Other Pokémon Names for Cats

white cat wearing pikachu costume

Aside from cats, the Pokémon franchise is also known for featuring a good number of other animal-inspired creatures. Now, these Pokémon may not be cat-inspired, but it doesn’t mean that their names don’t make good cat names.

We’ve picked a few of the best-sounding names for you.

  • Absol. Absol has an appearance that is a little wolf-like. However, the graceful design of its body also reminds us of a cat. The good thing about Absol is that it can mega-evolve into something even bigger and better. Absol is a disaster-type Pokémon, said to be able to foretell an incoming catastrophe. If your cat has sharper instincts than most other cats, this is the name for him/her.

  • Pikachu. Pikachu is one of the most featured Pokémon in the whole franchise, and also the poster boy. That’s why we thought Pikachu deserved mention even though its design was inspired by a mouse. We’re sure you know what Pikachu looks like, so we’re not going to elaborate. We believe this name suits a loyal and cheerful cat best.

  • Squirtle. One of the three starter Pokémon in the very first game, this character’s name has a phonetic semblance to the animal that it was based on—a turtle. The Pokémon is notable for being able to spray water from its mouth to put out fires. A great name for a cat that calms you down like no other.

  • Butterfree. As the name suggests, this Pokémon was developed after a butterfly. It’s a beautiful name, and we think it suits cats because all cats are free-spirited.

  • Chansey. Chansey is one of the cutest Pokémon ever, and it has a big heart too. It helps out Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center. Chansey has a very sweet, calm, and charming nature. When it finds other Pokémon that are in dire need of help, it shares its highly nutritious egg with them. Is your cat the caring type? Chansey is also a name that will do a motherly cat justice. Learn how to tell if your cat is pregnant by reading this article.

  • Togepi. Togepi looks like a baby that hasn’t completely hatched out of its egg yet, so cuteness is not an issue. The character must have decided that it won’t get into the big leagues by being cute, though, so it evolves into a strong Pokémon.

  • Bellossom. Bellossom has the gracefulness of a Hawaiian hula dancer, just like your cat. It has a leafy dress and looks like it comes with the SnapChat flower filter always positioned on its head. Find many more Hawaiian cat names here.

  • Milotic. Known as one of the most beautiful Pokémon in the franchise, Milotic is a water-based Pokémon that doesn’t sacrifice strength for beauty. In any battle, Milotic will hold its own just fine. This is a great name for a beautiful and graceful cat.

  • Vulpix. Vulpix has the appearance of a red fox. With curly hair on its head and a very thick tail, Vulpix’s cuteness is legendary.

Wrap Up

orange cat and oddish pokemon

Whatever personality trait your cat exhibits, we’re sure that you will find a name that describes him/her well in this single list. One of the many things that make Pokémon such a successful franchise is, after all, the fact that its characters all have stories and personalities of their own, on top of cuteness overload character designs.

Found a name that caught your attention? Let us know which of these Pokémon your cat will be named after. Couldn’t find any good names? How about looking for inspiration from another legendary franchise? The best name for your cat might just be waiting in our article on Star Wars Names for Cats!

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