Celebrity Cat Names: A Famous Name for Your Fabulous Cat

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

In the age of the internet, one might ask themselves if the World Wide Web was invented for one purpose only—to host countless pictures and videos of cats. It is safe to say that every cat is born to be adored. This is why it makes perfect sense that the perfect name for your new pet would be somewhere in our list of celebrity cat names.

A cat does not need to have any special talent in order to look dazzling. They are innately graceful, charming, and every cat has a bit of a diva in him/her. Cats are also fantastic actors, especially in the role of a starving kitten just before it is time for lunch. For such talented kitties, none other than celebrity cat names will do.

We will start the list with names celebrities chose for their own feline friends. If you are looking for a list of cats who are famous themselves, scroll down a bit more. And finally, if you would like to name your cat after your own favorite famous person, we have made a list of celebrity names with a bit of a spin, just for fun.

Celebrity Pets Who are Just as Famous as Their Owners

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Many famous people are cat lovers, which only shows that no one can resist feline charm. We bet their favorite thing after a hectic day is lying in bed and snuggling with a furry friend, just like it is for you. They are only humans after all, and they know there is nothing like coming home to a cat.

Let us take a look at the names some celebrities chose for their furry companions:

  • Alley. She is Justin Timberlake’s beloved kitty.
  • Blue Eyed Beauty. Are you a fan of “Glee”? It might be a bit of a mouthful, but we completely agree with Kevin McHale’s name choice for his kitty.
  • Brian. Another “Glee” star, Chris Colfer, named his cat Brian. We heard they love watching Downton Abbey together, or as he calls it on his Twitter account, DowntonTabby.
  • Catarina. Edgar Allan Poe, a poet, and a writer, gave this name to his Cat. Who says he didn’t know how to be funny?
  • Charli. He is the beloved cat of Kourtney Kardashian.
  • Chaz Bono. Jennifer Lawrence gave her cat this name, in honor of Sonny and Cher’s son.
  • Choupette. The head creative director of the fashion house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, naturally, has a cat as a source of inspiration.
  • Delilah. She was Freddie Mercury’s cat.
  • Graham. He was truly lucky to meet Ed Sheeran. He rescued him just when he was about to be put down.
  • Grumpy Cat. Martha Stewart named her cat fair and square—no beating around the bush.
  • Harlem. Miley Cyrus, an avid animal rights activist, has a cat that goes by this name.
  • Jellylorum. A cat companion of the famous poet T. S. Eliot.
  • Kitty Purry. Katy Perry’s spirit animal, as gorgeous as her human counterpart.
  • Little Man. Actress Cameron Diaz gave this name to her best friend in cat’s skin.
  • Meredith Grey. Taylor Swift chose this name, and we highly suspect that she is a Grey’s Anatomy fan.
  • Misty Malarky Ying Yang. First Daughter of the US President Jimmy Carter, Amy, absolutely adored her childhood cat.
  • Moke. We are still debating on who is more handsome—Ian Somerhalder or his cat.
  • Mourka. George Balanchine, the father of American ballet and the co-founder of the New York City Ballet, had a very special ballerina waiting for him at home.
  • Mouschi. Anne Frank’s cat. She appears several times in her diary.
  • Mr. Peeps. Adopted by Kesha, this Siamese cat really lives the high life.
  • Olivia Benson. Taylor Swift really is a “Netflix and cuddle” girl. Her second cat is given this name in honor of the Law & Order series.
  • Pal. This simple yet heartwarming name belongs to Amanda Seyfried’s cat.
  • Prada Malik. Zayn Malik’s kitten, but we have a feeling that this name was chosen by his fiancé.
  • Purrfect. CeeLo Green tells it like it is, and he remained faithful to this when he named his cat.
  • Sheila. Are all actors from “Glee” cat fans? Lea Michele from “Glee” gave her cat this adorable name.
  • Socks. This is the presidential cat owned by the Clintons.
  • Tom Kitten. The cat owned by President John F. Kennedy.
  • Willie. Another First Cat, this one’s owner is President George W. Bush.

Famous Cats Throughout History

Grumpy cat lying on red blanket

There are many cats that have received worldwide recognition. Whether it is their appearance, accomplishments, or the fame surrounding their families, we are sure you have heard of them before. This section is just here to refresh your memory and maybe inspire you to name your fluffy friend after some of these famous felines.

  • All Ball. This cat was a companion of another famous animal. He and Koko the Gorilla were best friends. An interesting fact—Koko named him!
  • Blackie. When Ben Rea, a millionaire from the UK, died, he left his £7-million fortune to Blackie, his cat, making him the richest cat of all times.
  • CC (aka Copy Cat). She was the First Cloned Cat, born on December 22, 2001, and is still alive.
  • Crème Puff. The World’s Oldest Cat lived for an amazing 38 years; want to know why this is news-worthy? Check out our article on the average lifespan of a cat.
  • Himmy. He was the world’s fattest cat, but please don’t try to break his record.
  • Morris. The spokesman for “9Lives Cat Food” is a true celebrity.
  • Smokey. This rescue cat has the loudest purr in the world, measuring 67.8 db!
  • Stubbs. He was elected Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. For serious.
  • Tabby. The first cat whose official residence was the White House.
  • Tardar Sauce . You probably know him as “the Grumpy Cat.”
  • Tinker Toy. The smallest cat in the world, he was a male blue point HimalayanPersian, and measured only 7 cm or 2.8 inches.

Celebrity Names with a Spin

cat stealing food from the fridge

When it comes to pop culture, you are a walking encyclopedia. You follow all the cool shows and know everything about the lives of your favorite actors.

If you are considering honoring one of them by naming your cat after him or her, scroll down for a list of names we thought might be inspiring. These names have been humorously adjusted just to fit your feline friend better.

#1: Male Celebrity Cat Names

  • Abraham Lynxin. After the US President.
  • Anderson Pooper. If your cat seems to have a snarky remark regarding anything you say, consider naming him after the news anchorman Anderson Cooper.
  • Bing Clawsby. Remember the song “White Christmas”? Crosby was an American singer and actor, loved for his warm bass-baritone voice. A lovely name for a masculine cat.
  • Bob Meowerly. Bob Marley was a reggae singer and a pacifist. Name your laid-back kitty after him, and you won’t regret it!
  • Bob Scratchit. He is a fictional character in the Charles Dickens novel “A Christmas Carol.” No spin here, the name is perfect as is.
  • Brad Kitt. Mr. Pitt is handsome, successful, and a Hollywood superstar. If your cat likes having a good session of fisticuffs with the neighboring felines, this is a marwelous choice.
  • Bruce Stringsteen. A funny spin for a cat that is absolutely crazy about playing with rope toys. Learn how to make DIY cat toys for him here.
  • Butch Catsidy. Cassidy was a notorious bank robber at the time of the Wild West. If your cat is a well-known food snatcher, why not try this one out?
  • Cat Damon. After Mat, a famous actor, just as handsome and charming as your kitty.
  • Catpernicus. Copernicus was a mathematician and an astronomer. A perfect name spin for an intelligent cat.
  • Catrick Swayze. After Patrick Wayne Swayze, a good name for a tomcat that prefers female company.
  • Catsanova. Another spin on a famous ladies’ man, Casanova.
  • Catticus Finch. Character from “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  • Chairman Meow. After the Chinese revolutionary Chairman Mao, a perfect name for a member of the Dragon Li breed. Actually, Chairman Mao works as well since Mao literally means cat in Chinese.
  • Colin Purrth. After Colin Firth, the actor from “The King’s Speech.”
  • Collin Furrel. Handsome and smooth, Mr. Farrel won’t mind lending his name to a long-haired black cat.
  • David Meowie. After David Bowie, a good name for a cat with heterochromia.
  • Draco Meowfoy. After the character in the Harry Potter series.
  • Fidel Catstro. Cuban Leader; a perfect name for a macho cat.
  • Franz Catka. After Kafka, a famous writer of “Metamorphosis” and “The Trial.”
  • Genghis Khat. After the leader of the Mongol Empire, a suitable name for a badass cat.
  • Henry Hissinger. US Secretary of State; consider this name if hissing is one of the ways your cat expresses himself.
  • Hunter S. Tomcat. A perfect name for an eccentric cat.
  • Jerry Flea Lewis. Of course, he is all nice and clean now, but when you rescued him, he was a real fleabag.
  • Jude Paw. If you are a fan of this incredibly charming British actor, consider this name.
  • Leopardo DiCatrio. An awesome spin that fits an Ocicat or a Bengal.
  • Meoward Stern. After Howard Stern, a radio host. An awesome spin for a Cornish Rex.
  • Notorious C.A.T. After the famous rapper, Notorious B.I.G.
  • Pablo Picatso. Because every cat is a unique piece of art.
  • Paw McCartney. After Paul, the Beatles singer.
  • Paw Newman. After the charming old-school actor.
  • Sheddie Vedder. Perfect for a cat that sheds only seasonally, but for six months per season.
  • Tobey Catguire. After Tobey Maguire, a famous Hollywood actor, and producer.
  • Walt Whiskers. After the poet Walt Whitman.
  • William Shakespurr. Your cat is the master of purrs and drama.
  • Winston Furchill. After the British Prime Minister.

#2: Female Celebrity Cat Names

tabby cat princess sleeping

  • Cat Benetar. After the singer Pat Benetar.
  • Cat Middleton. Your cat is surely a princess worthy of this name.
  • Cat Winslet. Kate is best known for her lead role in Titanic. A perfect name for a ginger girl; click here to find many other orange cat name suggestions.
  • Catalie Portman. After Natalie Portman, a gorgeous actress.
  • Catnip Everdeen. After the Hunger Games character; a name that fits a fierce hunter.
  • Catsy Cline. A twist on the name of an American country music singer, Patsy Cline.
  • Christina Aguill-Hair-A. Every longhair would be proud to have this name.
  • Cindy Clawford. She might look like an angel, but kitty got claws! You might want to learn how to clip her nails so she wouldn’t hurt herself, or most likely, you.
  • Demi Meower. After Demi Moore.
  • Drew Hairymore. Perfect for a long-haired girl with a yellow coat.
  • Emily Lickinson. Perfect for a shy but intelligent cat that knows the importance of a perfectly maintained coat.
  • Furr-gie. After the singer from the band Black Eyed Peas.
  • Jane Pawsten. Jane Austen was the author of the famous novel “Pride and Prejudice.”
  • Jennipurr Aniston. If Rachel from “Friends” was your favorite character, this name could be a winner.
  • JK Meowling. After the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series.
  • Margaret Scratcher. To be honest, this spin might fit Mrs. Thatcher, too.
  • Mariah Hairy. A perfect fit for a chatty and buoyant girl.
  • Pawdrey Hepburn. Only for a cat with gorgeous eyes.
  • Puma Thurman. Name your black-coated beauty after this dazzling actress!
  • Rachel Scratch. Your cat might be beautiful like the actress in question, but she has a temper.
  • Tina Spay. This comedian would find this spin funny for sure!

Wrap Up

white and calico kittens

Naming your cat after a celebrity is definitely the way to go because every cat is the star of the household. Hopefully, this article has not only helped you speed up the naming process but also reminded you of some famous people you admire so you can continue drawing inspiration from him/her.

Have you found the perfect name for your domestic diva? Is it a name from our list? Even if it isn’t, we’d still love to know all about it! So please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Couldn’t find a suitable name? Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong place. How about hitting the history books instead of watching the TV? We promise our list of historical cat names is not boring at all!

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