Chinese Cat Names: Auspicious and Unique Names For Your Cat

orange and white cat wearing chinese costume
Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

If you’re a cat parent who only wants the best for your pet, it would be a great idea to choose a name for your pet from our list of Chinese cat names. Choosing a Chinese name for your pet will not only sound unique, but it will also show how much you want your pet to have a good life.

In Chinese naming traditions, names are chosen to bring virtue, balance, and a bright future. Each character is chosen for its meaning, and two characters are combined to make the best name. Also, Chinese names are very descriptive. Chinese names are usually constructed to show beauty and grace—two traits that most, if not all cats, have—and are often leaning towards nature.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of meaningful Chinese names that you can choose from to name your cat. First, we’ll take a look at Chinese cat names divided by gender. Then, we’ll take a look at famous Chinese people, so you can be inspired not only by their names but also by their success. We’ve also included Chinese mythological characters here so if you’re in the mood for a fancy name for your cat, you can select one from the list.

Chinese Cat Names By Gender

Chinese cat wearing traditional costume

Chinese names are gender-specific, but especially for those who don’t speak the language, it can be hard to tell the difference between names meant for females and names meant for males. The culture also has names that are unisex.

We highly recommend that you go through both lists of cat names (male and female) regardless of gender because the right name for your cat could be waiting in either one. Also, as we mentioned, chances are your friends won’t be able to tell the difference anyway if you gave your female cat an exotic male Chinese name.

#1: Male Chinese Cat Names

These male Chinese names for cats are short and sweet but full of charisma. You can combine two names for a more descriptive feel. For example, you can name your pet Hui Long, which literally means “wise dragon.”

Cheng“to become”; use in combination with other names, for example, Cheng Da, which means “to become big”
Cheng‐Gongmeans “success”; a good name for a cat that brings you luck. Also a good name for a Japanese Bobtail for the same reason
Chia nice name for an “energetic” cat
Chianga good name for a “strong” cat
Daa short and sweet name for a “big” cat. Find a host of other big cat names here
Demeans “virtuous”; a perfect name for docile and peace-loving cats
Fai“brilliant light”; a cute name for an all-white cat or a cat that brightens up your life
Fenga strong name for cats that love running like “the wind”
Fuan auspicious name for a “fortunate” cat
Ganga good name for “big and strong” cats
Guang“light”; a charming name for cats with luminous eyes
Henga nice name for the cat that you want to be your “eternal” companion
Howin“loyal swallow”; a unique name for a loyal cat
Hui“intelligent/wise”; a perfect name for smart cats
Jie“heroic”; a charming name for brave and courageous cats
Juna short but sweet name for your “handsome” cat
Keungperfect name for that cat that believes he owns “the universe”
Konga nice name for cats with “bright” and lovely eyes
Liangmeans “good or bright”; a good name for a fine-looking, smart cat
Lokperfect name for that cat that gives you “joy”
Long“dragon”; for a fierce, regal cat that demands respect
Manchua good name for “innocent” and pure-looking cats
On“peace”; perfect name for docile and quiet cats
Shunperfect name for an “obedient” pet. Is your cat disobedient? Then perhaps it’s time to learn more about how to discipline cats—the non-harmful way, of course
Wan“scholar”; a good name for smart cats
Ying Xiongif you've got a brave cat that likes doing “heroic” things, this is a good name for your pet
Zhi“ambitious”; perfect for the cat that thinks he is a lion or a human

#2: Female Chinese Cat Names

Choosing a female Chinese name for your pet is a great idea because these names usually mean something good and beautiful. When you combine two of any of these names, you can come up with something that’s really poetically descriptive.

Here are some examples that you can choose from:

Aia cute name for the pet that you “love”
An“peace/quiet”; a short name for quiet cats. It sounds like Ann so it should be easy for you to pronounce
Bai“white/pure”; perfect for all-white cats
Baoan excellent name for the pet that you “treasure”
Bik“jade”; a precious name for a lucky cat or one with jade green eyes
Cheungperfect for that pet that gives you “good luck”
Chin“musical instrument”; if you're a music-loving cat parent, this will be a nice name for your cat
Feng“maple”; a cute name for a cat with a coat that’s colored brown and red like maple leaves
Hengperfect name for a “persistent” cat
Huaa short and sweet name for a “splendid” pet
Huanperfect for that cat that gives you “happiness”
Huana great name for a cat that's always “happy”
Huanga nice name for “yellow” or orange cats
Huoa great name for cats with “fire” in their eyes
Jiaa great name for a “beautiful” pet
Jia Li“good and beautiful”; the name says it all, it's perfect for any pet
Jiahao“home/family”; a good name for your feline family member
Jing“quiet/gentle”; a perfect name for docile cats
Kuan Yinrefers to the Buddhist deity of mercy; a good name for kind and sweet cats
Lana cute name for your “elegant” cat. If you think your cat deserves an elegant name, don’t miss out on our royal cat names article
Li Hua“pear blossom”; a pretty name for a pretty cat
Li Mei“pretty rose”; a beautiful name for any female cat
Li Ming“pretty and bright”; perfect for female kittens
Lian“lotus”; a nice name for a cat with lotus-like beauty
Ling“dawn”; a cute name for that pet that always wakes you up at dawn
Lixue“pretty snow”; a pretty name for all-white cats
Meiperfect for your “beautiful” pet
Mina cute name for any cat with “quick” reflexes
Ming“shining, bright, clear”
Mo Chou“free of sadness”; a good name for that pet that takes away all your sadness
Mu“wood”; a perfect name for a cat that's always inert and sleeping like a log
Mulan“magnolia blossom”; find many other Disney cat names here
Naperfect for your “graceful” feline
Niu“girl”; quite straightforward
Qi“fine jade”; a cute name for your treasured pet
Qingperfect name for cats with “clear blue/green” eyes
Shua cute name for your “well-behaved” pet
Xue“snow”; perfect name for cats with snow-white fur
Ying“flower”; a cute name for any pet with flower-like beauty
Ying Yue“reflection of the moon”; a poetic name for any cat
Yu Yan“beautiful smile”; perfect for cats that always look like they’re smiling
Yue“moon”; great for cats with faces as round as the moon
Yun“cloud”; if you have a fluffy cat, this article on fluffy cat names should serve you well
Zhenthis one's perfect for your “precious” feline

Cat Names Inspired By Famous Chinese People

cat thinking like a philosopher

With a population numbering in billions, it’s no wonder that China has produced so many extraordinary people in almost all fields of life.

Of course, celebrities are the ones with the most following, but Chinese politicians and leaders are also famous for shaping not just the history of their own country, but also influencing world events. Take a look at these influential and famous figures.

Chen Long (Jackie Chan)Martial Artist/Actor
Chen Xing Hua (Edison Chen)Actor/Singer/Producer
Chow Sing Chi (Stephen Chow)Film Director
Chow Yun-FatActor
(Kong Fu Zi) ConfuciusPhilosopher
Dalai LamaReligious Head of Lamaism
Deng Xiao PingRevolutionary Politician
Fan Bing BingActress/Singer
Ho Hung Sun (Stanley Ho)Business Magnate
Hu GeActor
I.M. PeiArchitect
Jiang Ze MinPresident
Lao TzuPhilosopher
Lee Jun Fan (Bruce Lee)Martial Artist
Lee Kuan YewFormer Prime Minister
Li Jia Heng/Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu)Actor/Model/Singer
Li Lian-Jie (Jet Li)Martial Artist
Lin GengxinActor
Liu TaoActress/Singer
Liu YifeiActress/Singer/Model
Lu HanSinger
Ma Yun (Jack Ma)Businessman (Alibaba Group)
Ming NaActress
Mui Yim Fong (Anita Mui)Actress/Singer
PuyiLast Emperor of China
Song Qian (Victoria Song)Singer
Sun TzuMilitary Strategist/Philosopher
Sun Yat Sen"Father of Modern China"
Tang Yan (Tiffany Tang)Actress
Wang Ka Yee (Jackson Wang)Singer
Wu Yu Sen (John Woo)Film Director
Yang MiActress/Singer
Yang Ying (Angela Baby)Model
Yeoh Choo-Kheng (Michelle Yeoh)Actress
Yip ManMartial Artist
Zhang Han (Hans Zhang)Actor
Zhang Yi Xing (Lay)Singer
Zhang Zi YiActress
Zhao Li YingActress

Cat Names Inspired By Famous Chinese Athletes

gray cat playing table tennis

Chinese athletes are dominating the sports world. In almost any sport, there’s always a top-ranked Chinese athlete. We might not always cheer for them, but we can’t deny their athletic prowess. Take a look at these famous athletes from China if you’re looking for a sporty name for your cat.

Bu TaoBaseballChen HaoBaseball
Chen LuFigure skatingChen MengTable tennis
Chen RuolinDivingChen WeiBaseball
Chen XingtongTable tennisChen YuelingRace walking
Cheng FeiGymnastChu FujiaBaseball
Deng YapingTable tennisDing JunhuiSnooker
Ding NingTable tennisDong ChunhuaBaseball
Du LiShootingFan ZhendongTable tennis
Feng FeiBaseballFu MingxiaDiving
Gao MinDivingGuan TianlangGolf
Guo JingjingDivingGuo ShuangCycling
Guo YouhuaBaseballHe KexinArtistic gymnast
He WennaTrampoline GymnastHou FenglianBaseball
Huang ShanshanTrampoline GymnastHuang XintongFigure skating
Jia DelongBaseballJia YubingBaseball
Li ChenhaoBaseballLi LeiBaseball
Li NaTennisLi NinaFreestyle skating
Li WeiliangBaseballLin DanBadminton
Lin GaoyuanTable tennisLiu GuangbiaoBaseball
Liu GuoliangTable tennisLiu KaiBaseball
Liu ShiwenTable tennisLiu XiangTrack and field
Liu YinCurlingLu ChenSkater
Lu JiangangBaseballMa LinTable tennis
Ma LongTable tennisPang QingFigure skating
Song ChaoqingBiathlonShen XueFigure skating
Sun MingmingBasketballSun LingfengBaseball
Sun WeiBaseballSun TiantianTennis
Sun YueBasketballSun YangSwimming
Wang ChaoBaseballWang BingyuCurling
Wang JingchaoBaseballWang ChunluShort track speed skater
Wang MengSpeed skatingWang ManyuTable tennis
Wang XiaotianBaseballWang NanBaseball
Wei WangBaseballWang ZhizhiBasketball
Xia KangnanBaseballWu MinxiaDiving
Xu ZhengBaseballXu XinTable tennis
Yang YangBaseballYan ZiTennis
Yi JianlianBasketballYao MingBasketball
Yue QingshuangCurlingYu ZiyangTable tennis
Zhang JikeTable tennisZhang FujiaBaseball
Zhang YiningTable tennisZhang LiBaseball
Zhang ZhenwangBaseballZhang YufengBaseball
Zhu DaweiBaseballZheng JieTennis
Zhuo QiBasketballZhu YulingTable tennis

Cat Names Inspired By Chinese Mythological Characters

cat wearing dragon costume

Chinese mythology is full of unique, mysterious, and powerful creatures. If your cat believes he/she is a dragon or that he/she has superpowers, giving your cat a name based on a mythical creature is definitely a good idea.

Take a look at this list, and hopefully, you will find a name that you can borrow for your cat’s moniker.

Bai Zea legendary creature who holds the list of all demons
Xiāomountain demon
Dilongearth dragon
Fenghuangthe Chinese equivalent of the Phoenix
Fucanglongtreasure dragon
Huli jingrefers to the spirit fox
Hundunmeans chaos
Jiaolongsea dragon
Jingweimythical bird
Jiufengbird with nine heads
Jiānone-eyed and one-winged bird
Kuione-legged dragon
Kungiant fish
Longmawinged horse
Niana monster living under the sea
Penggiant mythical bird
Pixiulooks like a winged lion
Qilinmythical giraffe with fish scales—a symbol of good luck
Qing Niaomythical bird
Rui Shiguardian lions
Shang-Yanga rainbird
Shenlongrain dragon
Tengthe flying dragon
Tianlongthe celestial dragon
Wang Shuthe name of a god who drives a carriage to the moon
Xiang Liunine-headed snake monster
Baisheelephant-swallowing white snake
Yinglongwater dragon
Zhulongtorch dragon
Zhulongcelestial torch dragon

Wrap Up

white cat wearing chinese costume

Giving your cat a Chinese name is an absolutely fantastic idea. Chinese names are not just exotic, but they’re also very poetic and meaningful. Moreover, since there are so many possible combinations to choose from, you’ll most likely be able to come up with a really unique name for your pet.

If you have ideas for cool Chinese names for pets, please feel free to share your comments and suggestions. We’d also love to hear all about which name you picked from the lists above and why you picked that name. Haven’t found a suitable name for your cat just yet? Do visit our page on Korean cat names.

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