Coffee Names for Cats: For that Strong and Energetic Fuzziness

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Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

You probably are a coffee person. The caffeinated drink has the ability to brighten an otherwise dull day. It surely has attributes that make it an important part of life just like your furry friend. With so much positive association, it’s only natural that you would look for coffee names for cats.

Coffee has become part and parcel of everyday life. It brings the best by giving people endless energy in the workplace. It’s easy to see the similarity it has with your cat: your lovely furry friend will cheer you up every chance he or she gets. We have purposefully gone through its history, processing, and serving to get you coffee-inspired names that suit your cat.

Get ready to discover the world of coffee through cute and unique cat names. We also have a category for exotic coffee names from different cultures. Picking a name for your cat is not a walk in the park. The name has to complement his or her physical traits and strengths. With this in mind, we have provided the meaning and origin of the names. This will guide you into making an informed choice.

Cute Coffee-Inspired Names for Cats

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Cute names are easy to pronounce and sound attractive. Peruse this category for names borrowed from popular brands and catchy terms that are associated with the drink.

  • Araby Wine. The moniker was used by early westerners to refer to coffee. The name originated from Yemen where cultivation of coffee began.

  • Barista. An Italian word for ‘bartender.’ It’s used to refer to both men and women preparers, operators, and servers of espresso coffee.

  • Bean. All the flavors of coffee that you enjoy start with a single bean. Beans are tiny but have the potential to be the best plant in the garden. A name that suits the smallest kitten in a litter.

  • Blonde. A Starbucks’ espresso that is lightly roasted coffee. It’s marketed as being ‘mellow’ and ‘flavorful.’ It will do for a heart-warming molly.

  • Bucks. Starbucks is a brand that has become synonymous with coffee. It continues to serve coffee to millions of customers since it was founded in 1971. Star will also do as a name for a devoted cat.

  • Coffee. If your furry friend wakes you up at first light, then this name is apt. With this moniker, you bet mornings will be special for both of you.

  • Drip. A filtration method of brewing coffee. Boiling water is passed over ground coffee and then filtered. It’s a common method of preparing black coffee. A name for a strong black kitty.

  • Java. A generic name for coffee. It refers to the fifth largest Indonesian island. The name could have originated from that of a native plant or a word that means ‘home.’ The Dutch planted lots of coffee plants after they colonized the Island, hence the association with the beverage. You can go for the more exotic variants; Iawa and Jawa.

  • Kona. Arabica coffee from Hualapai and Mauna Loa regions in Hawaii. The name is derived from Hawaiian name for coffee, ’kope.’ It’s ranked as one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. The name will do for a purebred molly.

  • Kopi Susu. A cute name for a sweet molly. It refers to Malaysian coffee which is prepared by mixing black coffee with condensed milk.

  • Latte. When meeting friends in a coffee house, you probably socialize over a latte. This beverage is made with steamed milk. The moniker is an Italian one which means ‘milk coffee.’ It will do for a warm, cuddly kitty.

  • Mecca. The holy city of Islamic religion in Saudi Arabia. It played a big role in introducing the world to the wonders of coffee. Returning pilgrims carried with them the beans to their countries.

  • Mocha. Short for Mocaccino or Mochaccino. This chocolate and milk-flavored coffee is simply irresistible. The name is borrowed from a Yemen city. It was an early ancient coffee trading center. The name will suit a tomcat who has a brown coat with white patches. Nickname: Chino.

  • Peaberry. It’s a type of coffee berry that has two seeds instead of one. They are predominantly found in Tanzanian coffee. They are said to be of a richer flavor than the single-seeded ones also known as flat berries. A name for a cat of a rare breed.

  • Penny. A moniker borrowed from ‘penny universities.’ This was the name of the original coffee houses in London. The practice sprang from the price of a cup of coffee which was a penny. Click here for many other posh British cat names.

  • Red Tie. A coffee drink mixed with tea. It’s made by adding a shot of espresso to Thai iced tea. The drink is spicy with a nice aroma. It will do for a cat with reddish-brown coat.

  • Steep. Does your cat have a strong persona? If so, here is a name that would befit him. Steeping is a coffee preparation method whereby ground coffee is left to boil in water for a while. This extracts the flavors for a strong brew aroma and taste.

  • Zorro. The name is borrowed from ‘Café Zorro.’ It’s an espresso similar to Americano but with a coffee and water ratio of 1:1. It’s less diluted, making it stronger. It will be fun explaining that it has no relation to the fictional Spanish masked vigilante.

Unique Coffee-Inspired Names for Cats

peach cat drinking cappuccino

Unusual names draw attention to your cat. Unique monikers are a source of envy among cat lovers. Your friends will surely want to know the reason behind any of these beautiful names. It’s with this in mind that we have searched for unique names that will surely keep heads turning, with explanations to ease your decision-making.

  • Americano. The term is used in the United States in reference to a coffee drink. It’s made by mixing hot water with espresso. This method results in a different flavor from that of brewed coffee.

  • Boston. The Boston Tea Party of 1773 played a big role in popularizing coffee in the United States. It resulted from the colonial “Tea Tax” which was met by opposition. From then, it was downhill for tea as people expressed their discontent by turning to coffee. A name for a temperamental cat.

  • Brasil. The Portuguese name for Brazil. It is the world’s largest producer of coffee. It has been the center of coffee cultivation and exportation for the last one and a half centuries. A name for a large cat.

  • Buzz. The buzzy feeling after taking a cup of latte or espresso is enough inspiration for naming a cat. There is already a ‘Buzzy Badger Coffee Ale Beer’ on the market!

  • Caffeine. The stimulant found in coffee. It’s a compound which brings about the buzz and increased energy after taking a cup. The name will do for a cat who knows how to cheer you on.

  • Cappuccino. This is an Italian double espresso with milk foam. It comes in black, dark brown, or white. A typical cup has a thick layer of foam. The name is borrowed from an Italian word which means ‘hood.’ A name that will suit a thick-coated cat. Nicknames: Macho or Chino.

  • Caramel. A confectionery made of heated sugar or syrup. It’s common to find it in coffee houses as a sweetener. The moniker is a French one borrowed from a Latin word for ‘sugarcane.’ A name for a cat with dark brown coat who is sweet on you.

  • Chocolate. A name borrowed from the chocolate-covered coffee sweets. They are fat-rich and highly caffeinated confections which are as sweet as they are bitter. A name for a molly who is indecisive. Coco will do as a cute nickname.

  • Doppio. The Italian word for ‘double.’ It’s a double espresso shot. If your kitten looks to be twice as large as his siblings, then look no further. This will be a cute name for him.

  • Espresso. This is full and richly flavored coffee. Its high-pressure method of preparation makes it the strongest there is. It will do for a dominant and fierce feline.

  • Gabriel. Name your cat after a visionary naval officer. He is credited with the spread of coffee to the Caribbean and the South and Central America. He transported a single seedling from France to Martinique. Little did he know that it would result in the over 18 million coffee trees on the island today. A name for a brave cat.

  • Gustav. King Gustav III of Sweden declared coffee illegal in 1746. To prove that it was a ”threat to public health”, he ordered an experiment. Twin convicts were made to drink three pot of coffee each day and the other three pots of tea for the rest of their lives. Well, the tea drinker died at 83, the coffee drinker outlived him!

  • Johan. A name for a cat who loves milk. Johan Nieuhof was a Dutch traveler and writer. He was also the ambassador to China in 1663. He is said to have been the first person to drink coffee with milk.

  • Liqueur Coffee. Combine your love for beer and coffee to get a unique name for your cat. It refers to coffee served with a shot of liqueur. Find many other alcohol names for cats here.

  • LLoyd. A name borrowed from Lloyd’s of London Insurance Company. You may be wondering what coffee has to do with an insurance company. Well, the original business was a pioneer coffee house: Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House.

  • Lungo. An Old Italian word which means ‘tall’ or ‘thin.’ In coffee circles, it refers to espresso with double the water amount. It results in a larger cup of coffee. It will do for a muscular or large cat.

  • Maillard. An uncommon English surname. It originated from Anglo-Saxon culture to refer to a person who works in a mill. It also refers to the chemical reaction that gives brown foods their flavors. It will suit a forever-busy brown tomcat.

  • Thompson. Name your cat after the inventor of a coffee percolator. Sir Benjamin Thompson invented the brewing pot in the early 1800s. He did this due to his dislike of tea and alcohol. A name for a surefooted cat.

Exotic Coffee-Inspired Names for cats

cat having cofffee for breakfast

Foreign-sounding names are striking and will surely make your feline friend feel special. We have sourced them from many different parts of the world, ranging from Ethiopian villages to the coffee houses of Western Asia and Europe. Below are some exotic coffee names for your cat:

  • Affogato. An Italian word which means ‘drowned.’ It’s a dessert prepared by pouring an espresso shot on a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  • Barraquito. An old Spanish alcoholic coffee drink. It was made with condensed milk, lemon, and liqueur with a shot of espresso. You can split the name to have ‘Barra’ and ‘Quito’ as favorable nicknames.

  • Bombon. A Spanish espresso which is served with condensed milk and sugar. Bobo and Bon will be cute nicknames for the moniker.

  • Cafecito. A moniker borrowed from ‘Café Cubano.’ It’s a coffee brew which is popular in Cuba. The drink is an espresso brewed with sugar.

  • Caffe Crema. The old Italian name for espresso. The moniker will sound sophisticated and colorful for your cat.

  • Cantuccini. An Italian name which means ‘piece of bread.’ These are twice-baked biscuits known as Biscotti. They are munched with a latte. A unique cat name that has a nice ring to it. You can split it to have two nicknames: Cantu and Cini.

  • Carajilo. It’s a Spanish name for an alcoholic coffee drink. To make this beverage, coffee is mixed with brandy or rum. The moniker stands for ‘courage.’ It was taken by troops to gain courage in battle. A name for a fearless cat.

  • Chemex. A coffeemaker designed by Peter Schlumbohm, a German inventor. Its peculiar design of an hourglass-shaped flask has made it a collector’s item. The moniker will do for a cat who stands out. It will especially fit a slim and elegant cat like a Siamese.

  • Cortadito. A variant of Cuban espresso. The brew has both sugar and a splash of milk.

  • Cortado. An Italian word which means ‘dilute’ or ‘to cut.’ It’s an espresso-based coffee drink made with equal amounts of warm milk and water. It will do for a mellow feline.

  • Eiskaffe. A Germanic name for chilled coffee. It’s made with vanilla ice cream and sweetened with sugar.

  • Espressino. It’s an espresso with steamed milk and cocoa powder. It’s a layered drink with Nutella on the cup wall and cocoa powder at the top and bottom. A little milk is added to complete the drink. A name for a multi-colored cat.

  • Espresso Romano. A fancy name for an espresso served with a slice of lemon on the side. The name has nothing to do with Rome or Italy.

  • Gaggia. A name borrowed from the founder of an Italian espresso- and cappuccino-making machine. Achille Gaggia invented the first machine in the 1930s and founded the company in 1947. A name that will suit an intelligent tomcat that likes to play with puzzle toys. Do check out our article on cat puzzle feeder for a way to mentally stimulate your cat.

  • Galao. An espresso originating from Portugal. It’s made with foamed milk served in a tall glass. Variants of the name: Chinesa and Cilibalino.

  • Gammosa. It’s an espresso from the American Pacific Northwest. It’s a sweet and thick drink which is served poured over a marshmallow. The moniker is an Italian one borrowed from ‘caffe gommosa’ which means rubbery coffee.

  • Guglielmo. An Italian company named after its founder Guglielmo Papaleo. It was established in 1945 as a coffee house.

  • Hisad. An Arabic word for ‘harvest.’ It is the start of a long process that ends with a cup coffee on your table. A nice-sounding, exotic, and cute name for your tomcat.

  • Ibrik. A name borrowed from an Old Turkish word which means ‘to pour water.’ It refers to a pitcher with a long lip or spout. It’s mainly used to serve coffee. A name for a cat with a triangular or pointed face.

  • Jezve. This moniker should appeal to lovers of exotic names. The name refers to the long-handled Turkish coffee pot. It’s borrowed from an Arabic word which means ‘amber.’ It will do for a cat with yellow eyes.

  • Kaldi. Name your cat after a coffee legend. The moniker refers to a mythical Ethiopian goat herder who discovered the plant. The legend has it that he observed his goats gain great energy, became sleepless and ‘jumpy’ after consuming wild berries; and just like that coffee was discovered! Khalid will also do for a cat’s name.

  • Keurig. A Danish word that stands for ‘excellence.’ It refers to a coffee-brewing machine. It was developed by a US-based company of the same name.

  • Leoff. German inventor, Leoff of Berlin designed the first vacuum coffeemaker in 1830. These coffee brewers are also known as Siphon or Syphon, which can also do as coffee-inspired cat names. They are popularly known as Vac pots.

  • Murad. On the off chance that you prefer other beverages to coffee, then consider this as a name for your furry friend. The reign of King Murad IV spelled doom for coffee lovers in the Turkish Empire. He not only banned the drink but passed a law which saw repeat offenders being sewn into bags and thrown into a water channel.

  • Palheta. The billion dollar coffee industry has its share of intrigues. Francisco de Melo Palheta was a Brazilian who acquired the first seed for his country in 1727. He was gifted it by the French Guiana’s mayor’s wife after seducing her. Not even he could have foreseen the growth of Brazil as the world’s leading coffee producer. A name for a charming cat.

  • Ristretto. A concentrated or a strong shot of espresso coffee. It uses half the normal amount of water and a much finer ground. The name is of Italian origin and means ‘limited’ or ‘restricted.’ A moniker for a secretly strong cat.

  • Venti. An Italian word which means ‘twenty.’ For a long time, it used to be the biggest cup of coffee available in Starbucks. A Venti is a 24 ounces cup. Other cups which you can borrow a name from include: Grande (16 ounces) and Trenta (31 ounces). The monikers give you variety for kitties of different body builds.

  • Vienna. A drink with two shots of espresso served with whipped cream.

  • Yuanyang. The name refers to perching birds native to East Asia. The name is however used in Hong Kong coffee houses to refer to a coffee drink. It’s made by mixing with milk tea. It’s also known as Ying Yong.

Wrap Up

siamese cat waiting for its coffee

Cat names inspired by coffee taps into the immense energy your furry companion brings to your life. The goodness of this black and richly-flavored drink cannot be quantified—as is the case with the traits of your cat.

These names provide an insight into the billion dollar industry. They include names of inventors and their remarkable inventions. We have also provided names borrowed from places where the plant originated and the myths behind it.

There are also some from people who went to great lengths to establish the plant in their countries. Did you know that in the 16th century, a Pope had to give his blessing for coffee to be declared legal in Italy? These are some of the intrigues behind this amazing beverage.

With such a rich history behind coffee, you will surely find a name befitting your cat. From coat colors to behavior; cats have a lot in common with coffee; you just have to look keenly.

Let us know the name you have settled on. We will as well appreciate your input on other cat coffee names not featured on our list. Feel free to do so on the comment section below. You may also find our article on how to calm a hyper cat interesting, just in case your cat’s energy needs to be toned down at times.

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