Country Cat Names: Reminding You of the Good Old Days

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Jeremy Vaughn
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Living in the countryside can be good for us—all that space, clean air, and peace are just a few of the many things that we tend to find appealing. But living in the countryside can be lonely as well. Luckily, you can cure any boredom and loneliness by adopting a feline companion. Your new cat will need a name, and there are plenty of country cat names that will reflect your cat’s lifestyle.

As we have mentioned, it’s a great idea to give your cat a country name to reflect his/her lifestyle when you live in the countryside. But what if you don’t?

The good thing is, country cat names are versatile. Even those who live in the city can give their cats country names without receiving strange looks. The beautiful scenery, the simple and straightforward way of life, as well as soulful country music have painted country cat names in a good light.

In this article, you will find the most popular country cat names divided into those for male cats and those for female cats. For all cat parents who are fans of country music, we’ve also included a list of names inspired by country singers.

The Most Popular Country Cat Names

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To start our list of country cat names, we’ve picked the most popular ones that are fit for any outdoorsy and curious feline. Even if you decided to keep your kitty as an indoors-only cat, you could still find a suitable country name that will go with his/her personality.

If you have a hard time finding the perfect match for your feline companion, we advise you to consider his/her unique traits, looks, or personality. Continue reading for a complete list of the most popular country-inspired cat names for male and female cats.

#1: Popular Country Cat Names for Males

  • Abel: Meaning “breathing spirit.” It is a short and nice-sounding name for full of life for active kitties. This is a nice choice for cats that go outside and burn their energy by climbing trees and running after squirrels.
  • Ammo: A short version of “ammunition.” If you enjoy hunting and your new cat has inclinations of becoming a great mice exterminator, this can be a suitable choice.
  • Angus: Meaning “one choice or vigor”; also the name of a type of small beef cattle. The female version is Angie, and both names can be used for robustly-built and strong cats.
  • Arrow: If you have a very fast male cat that is very quiet and a great hunter, Arrow can be the perfect country-inspired name.
  • Bambi: A great pick if you have a skittish but affectionate cat that needs a little bit of extra time to relax and trust others. This article on how to socialize cats may come in handy for you.
  • Banjo: A stringed musical instrument that is used in country music.
  • Benelli: An Italian company that once manufactured shotguns that are a part of many country homes.
  • Boots: Or “Booties.” These are a must in every country home, especially if you have a garden or a field you work in. Small kittens usually like to play with boot laces and hide inside the boots, and if your kitty is one of them, this can be a fun and suitable name.
  • Bow: A short and easy-to-remember name for a cat that is quiet, strong, and likes to hunt.
  • Buck: Meaning “male deer”; can be a suitable name if you have a handsome male cat that always looks his best.
  • Camo: As in “camouflage”; can be a nice choice for tabby cats that can become one with the environment and are hard to find when they decide to hide.
  • Challenger: A type of car that is known for its durability for heavy duty residential use; perfect for cats that are used to the back country roads.
  • Dozer: Short for “bulldozer,” which is a heavy-duty machine usually used to clear roads in the country or for other hard labors. It can be a good name for strong cats that are very dependable.
  • Freedom: An obvious choice for free-spirited cats that like to be goofy and play all day long. If you like this name, you should also check out our article on hippie cat names.
  • Grits: A traditional breakfast cereal that is commonly eaten in the South. If you are from there and this is your favorite food, Grits can be a nice name for your new kitty.
  • Gunnar: Meaning “fighter”; can be a nice choice if you have a territorial male cat that is keeping your property clear of intruders.
  • Hawk: A type of bird of prey that is an inhabitant of the countryside and is commonly seen scouring the sky. This can be a nice name for a cat that has excellent vision and hunting abilities.
  • Hike: Inspired by “hiking,” which is a great outdoorsy countryside activity, and a unique choice for a cat name.
  • Hillbilly: An old-fashioned term for country music.
  • Howdy: A friendly greeting and can be a nice name if you have a cat that is always happy to see you and greets you at the front door.
  • Hunter: For cats, life in the countryside has a lot of benefits—one of them is an unlimited amount of mice. If you share your cat’s love towards this activity, then Hunter is a natural choice.
  • Jethro: Meaning “abundance”; can be a great name for a cat that enjoys life to its fullest, either sleeping by the window or running around in the fields.
  • Lou: Meaning “warrior”; a suitable name for a top male cat that likes to be in charge and won’t tolerate any neighboring cats.
  • Maverick: Refers to an unbranded calf; can be used as a cat name for strong, but gentle-hearted cats that like to lay cuddled in your lap.
  • Mudflap: A mudflap protects the wheels of a car when crossing muddy roads. It can also be a funny name for a cat that always tracks mud into your home.
  • Peace: An obvious choice when you consider how life in the countryside is quiet and peaceful. It is also a great choice for calm and well-behaved cats that prefer snoozing instead of getting themselves into all sorts of trouble.
  • Puddle: A funny name for country cats that are allowed to go outside and when caught in the rain, make a muddy puddle inside the house.
  • Ranch: An obvious choice, and a suitable name for a cat that gets along nicely with other animals like chickens.
  • Ranger: A type of pickup truck made by Ford. It is durable, spacious, and perfect for country roads. Can be a nice choice for a big male cat that isn’t afraid of anything.
  • Remington: An American manufacturer of firearms. It can be shortened into Remi, which is also nice-sounding and suitable as a cat name.
  • Rope: An essential part of every countryside home that also has a ranch with cattle. And cats love playing with ropes, so it can be a fitting name for felines that like to play and tangle in the rope for hours.
  • Straw: Definitely unique when it comes to cat names, but a suitable choice if your cat prefers laying in the barn’s straw over her comfy cat bed. Maybe her cat bed isn’t comfy enough? Try our article on best cat bed to find a suitable one for your cat.
  • Whip: Usually used on ranches to hurry cattle along; can be a nice choice for quick and fast-acting cats that are very agile.
  • Woody: Can be a name for brown tabby cats that are hard to spot when they are hiding, or a name for a kitty that really likes to climb up trees and never needs your help to come down. If your kitty does need help to come back down, though, our article on how to get a cat out of a tree should come in handy.

#2: Popular Country Cat Names for Females

gray cat watching birds from a window

  • Abigail: Can be a nice name for an intelligent, loyal, and beautiful female cat that likes to spend her time lounging around and keeping you company. This name means “father’s joy.”
  • Annie: Meaning “favor or grace”; can be a pick for gentle female cats that love lounging inside more than getting their paws dirty outdoors.
  • Birdie: A suitable choice for a cat that spends her days watching birds from a window. Can also be a name for a cat that loves hunting birds and is always climbing trees to catch them.
  • Doe: A female dear; can be a nice choice for a gentle and graceful cat.
  • Glory: The name of a country song; can be used for beautiful and noble-looking female cats that are used to being praised.
  • Hattie: Meaning “a ruler of the house”; a great name for bossy female cats that like to be involved in your daily activities and have a say in everything.
  • Liberty: An obvious choice and can be given to a female cat that likes to spend her time outside exploring and playing.

Cat Names Inspired By Country Singers

orange cat looking like country man

You don’t have to live in the country to like country music. We’ve prepared a list of famous country singers that can serve as naming inspiration for your new cat. You may even find inspiration in a song and decide to name your feline after it. Scroll down for more country-inspired cat names.

  • Buck: As in Buck Owens—a famous country singer from 1970s that had several number one hits with his band Buckaroos.
  • Charley: As in Charley Pride, who is a country music singer, guitarist, and former baseball player.
  • Conway Twitty: Or Harold Loyd Jenkins. An American country singer who was also successful in other music genres. His stage name is funny and feline-appropriate—even more if you are his fan.
  • Dolly: As is Dolly Parton. A world-famous country singer who is also great at stage performance. This is a nice and short name that can be used for sweet, well-behaved, and calm cats.
  • Eddy: As in Eddy Arnold, who was a famous country singer from the 1950s, and is also on the list as one of the 40 greatest men of country music.
  • Gart: Or Gart Brooks—a country singer who integrated rock and roll into this genre and gained huge popularity because of that. Both his name and surname can be suitable names for a kitty that is loved by everyone.
  • George: As in George Strait, who is known as the “King of Country” and one of the most influential singers of all time.
  • George: An American country singer most famous for his song He Stopped Loving Her Today.
  • Hank: If you have a superstar feline companion without a name, you may consider naming him after Hank Williams Jr. who was known for his stage show.
  • Johnny: Or Johnny Cash—one of the best-selling music artists of all time. You can also name your kitty Cash if Johnny is too plain for you.
  • Keith: As in Keith Whitley—a country singer who released only two albums, but his songs were number one hits.
  • Kenny: Also known as Kenny Rogers—a singer and member of Country Music Hall of Fame. So if you are searching for a name that will inspire greatness, this is it.
  • Kenny: Or Kenny Chesney—a famous country singer and songwriter that has 14 albums that are certified as Gold or higher by RIAA.
  • Loretta: Inspired by Loretta Lyn, one of the first female country singers. She is well-known and well-regarded even today.
  • Merle: Inspired by Merle Haggard, one of the greatest country musicians who transformed the whole genre.
  • Patsy: Inspired by Patsy Cline, a female country singer that had a short recording career, but served as an inspiration for many other artists.
  • Randy: Or Randy Travis. Both his name and surname can work as cat names. He is famous for his album Storms of Life that has sold millions of copies.
  • Ray: As in Ray Price—one of the most well-regarded country singers thanks to his amazing voice.
  • Reba: Female country singer Reba McEntire was one of the first female artists that succeeded in selling albums and concert tickets at the same scale as male artists.
  • Shania: The best-selling female artist in the history of country music.
  • Tammy: As in Tammy Wynette—also known as the “First Lady of Country Music,” and her best-known song is Stand By Your Man.
  • Tim: McGraw is a country singer known for his great songs and cowboy hat. If you are his fan, you may consider McGraw (or McGnaw), as a name for your kitty.
  • Vern: Vern Gosdin was a famous country singer also known as “The Voice.” If your kitty has artistic tendencies and his meow is irresistible, you may want to consider naming him Vern.
  • Vince: Country singer Vince Gill got famous as the front-man of a country band Pure Prairie League.
  • Waylon: Or Waylon Jennings—a country singer who started playing guitar at the age of eight. This can be a country-inspired name for dedicated cats who can stalk his prey for hours.
  • Willie: As in Willie Nelson. He got famous and respected thanks to his album Shotgun Willie.

Wrap Up

cat sitting on fence in the country

Finding the perfect name for a new feline companion can be hard, and that’s why we decided to make things easier for you with this list. We hope that you enjoyed our selection of country cat names and that your new kitty is a proud owner of one of them.

Sharing your countryside life with a new feline is a beautiful experience, but even if you live in this city, nothing is stopping you from naming your kitty with one of the best country names for cats. An added bonus is that you will think of calm and serene spaces every time you call him/her.

What is your favorite country cat name from our list? Do share your choice in the comment section below. We’d love to hear all about it! We also welcome suggestions and constructive criticism.

Living in the countryside is undeniably fun, but one thing not-so-fun about it is the fact that if you allow your cat to roam the outdoors, he/she may easily become infested with fleas. Learn how to give your cat a flea bath here.

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