Cream Colored Cat Names: For the Cream of the Crop

Cream сolored сat
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While studies linking a cat’s coat color with personality remain inconclusive, people certainly believe that cats of certain colors behave in a particular way. Apparently, cats with cream-colored coats are perceived to be mischievous, curious, and full of energy. You need cream colored cat names that have to do with these traits.

In this article, you will find names that relate to the above traits and more. To help you place your cat even better, we also explain either the meaning or the inspiration behind each name. By the time you make your pick, you will have not just a name but a representation of your cat’s looks, character, and identity.

We have put the names into categories that will help you easily navigate our list. We have enough names for both male and female cats. Whether you choose to go with the gender, the cute, or the exotic, there is definitely a name for each furry bundle.

Cream Colored Cat Names by Gender

Whether your cream-colored cat is male or female, the chances are high that you will find a suitable name for them from the gender-specific list below.

#1: Male

Cream сolored kittens

  • Aladar. The name is borrowed from an Old Germanic word which stands for ‘old, famous, and noble.’ The moniker was common among the nobles or the ruling class in the time of monarchies in Europe. The name is appropriate for an elegant, cream-colored tom.

  • Bailey. The name comes from the middle ages and was used to refer to officers of the law. It can also stand for ‘berry-bearing.’ The name has, however, been made popular due to Bailey’s Irish Cream liquor which is produced in Dublin. Alcohol names are quite cool for a kitty, and you can find lots more where that came from in our alcohol names for cats article.

  • Beige. This color falls within the cream range on the spectrum. It will do for a tom with grayish tan fur. The moniker is derived from an Old French word ‘bege’ which stands for natural wool which has not been dyed.

  • Blackie. Not all names have to flaunt your kitty’s coat. Why not go with a completely ironical name for some laughs every time you introduce him to your friend. Ironical names can be very good icebreakers, just like calling a tall guy shorty!

  • Bruce. Rock fans will easily identify with the British singer and bassist Jack Bruce. He is the lead singer and founding member of the “Cream” rock band which was a hit in the 1960s. Other members of the group whom you can borrow names from are: Clapton and Ginger Baker. The trio would make suitable names for kitties in a multi-cat household.

  • Coral. Take inspiration from the marine life that thrives at the bottom of oceans. These are hard-shelled invertebrate that live in large colonies at the floor or rocky parts of a water body. They come in all colors including cream just like your tomcat. Shantu is the Chinese name for precious corals which are used in medicine and expensive décor.

  • Crocket. Fans of the 1980s police dramas will remember Jonny Crocket. The character appeared in “Miami Vice” and is among the icons credited with popularizing cream-colored men wear. The name will do for a tom who is strong, intelligent, and faces danger head-on. Sonny was the character’s nickname from the show.

  • Dolomite. The name refers to a type of stone and a range of mountains found in northeastern Italy. The mountains are also known as ‘the pale mountains,’ owing to the creamy appearance of its rock formations. The naming was done after the French mineralogist, Deodat de Dolomieu. These cream stones dot most of the old city buildings in Rome.

  • Dromedary. An Old French name that stands for ‘running camel.’ It refers to the Arabian camel which has one hump. It’s a desert animal that has cream-colored hair, which helps it blend well with the arid environment. The name will do for a resilient and huge cat. Drome will do as a nickname.

  • Heracles. Greek mythology holds that the Milky Way was formed when Heracles, one of the sons of Zeus, spilled milk while suckling. In the western world, he is known as Hercules. The name will do for a strong and heroic tom. It will also suit a kitten who loves milk or suckling on his ma.

  • Limestone. The moniker refers to white and cream-colored stone formations. They appear from the decomposition of coral and other marine organisms. The name will do for your strong feline companion.

  • Pallor. The cream color of your cat is associated with paleness. This term refers to pale skin or lack of color on an object’s surface.

  • Pastel. A name derived from an Italian word which stands for ‘pale color.’ This is the category that the color cream falls under. The name will do for a male cat with white fur and a faint yellow tint.

  • Suntan. If you are into dark humor, this name will do for your kitty. It will be ironical to name your pale-colored cat after sun tanning, but you will surely get some laughs when you introduce him to friends. If you like this one, check out our list of weird cat names.

#2: Female

cat lying on floor

  • Almond. Lactose intolerant folks usually go for almond milk. This is a creamy extract made from processed almond nuts. This is an appropriate name for fully vegan cat parents.

  • Angelica. Paleness brings to mind heavenly beings like angels. The moniker refers to a person whose mannerism, appearance, or religious conviction is almost without blemish, just like an angel. A famous bearer of this moniker is Angelica Pickles, the main antagonist from “Rugrats” cartoon series.

  • Butter. This is a byproduct of milk that is spread on bread or used as cooking fat. The name is borrowed from a Latin word which loosely translates to ‘cow cheese.’

  • Citrine. Name your cat after this yellow-hued gem. It is associated with joy and optimism. The name will best suit a molly who faces life problems head-on.

  • Courser. The name is borrowed from cream-colored birds with long legs and bills that point downwards. They inhabit deserts and are known to crouch when they sense danger. The moniker will do for an outdoor kitty or one who loves rattling the birdcage or watching birds from the window.

  • Crème. French for the word cream. You can also go with other translations like Cramum (Italian), Cramen (Welsh), and Creime (Middle English). Any of these monikers will draw attention to your pale-colored female kitty.

  • Dall. These are sheep that are found in the Alaskan region, in the US. They have cream and white fur. The name will do for a double-coated molly with cream fur. Cats with double coats shed a lot, so you might want to check out our article on how to stop a cat from shedding.

  • Galaxias. A name borrowed from the Greek word for the galaxy. It stands for the combination of planets, stars, moons, and other heavenly bodies. Gala is the Ancient Greek term for milk and will do as a cute nickname.

  • Hera. The formation of the cream-like Milky Way resulted from the spillage of this goddess’ milk.

  • Ivory Rose. Any flower-inspired name sounds sweet and pretty. These are roses which have cream-colored petals. They are as beautiful as they are expensive. The name will suit a female kitten with a flawless and beautiful coat.

  • Ivory. The name is derived from an Ancient Egyptian word which stood for ‘elephants.’ It refers to the cream and sometimes white colored tusks and teeth of animals such as elephants and rhinos. Carvings and ornaments made of ivory are expensive and hard to come by. The name will do for a precious and one of a kind furry friend.

  • Lily. If you love flower names, then this will do for your cream fur daughter. These beautiful blossoms come in all shades. It will do as a simple and lovely name for a kitten.

  • Noble. In the early days when monarchies were the norm, nobility was associated with pale or fair skin. A smooth and untanned skin was a sign of high status in the society. The moniker will suit a feline who keeps herself clean and well groomed.

  • Periwinkle. Among the colors considered to be soft and creamy are the pale violet and bluish colors of these flowers. The name gained popularity in the early 1900s when flower names were the in-thing. It will do for a molly with a pale coat and bluish eyes.

  • Ribbon Seal. These are seals that have distinct cream stripes that run through their skin. The name will be suitable for a huge yet submissive tomcat.

  • Smetana. These are sour creams that are common in Eastern Europe. They are used as cooking fat to give pastries a sour taste. The name will do for a female cat with a dour attitude. Perhaps your cat is depressed. In that case, check out our article on how to help a depressed cat.

Cute Names for Cream Colored cats

Cream colored cat lying

Whether your cat is male or female, a cute name will do him/her some good. It will have a nice ring every time you call them. The names below sweep across various sources. Pick the one that appeals to you most.

  • Aristo. A name derived from tweaking the word ‘aristocrat.’ Cream was the go-to color for the ladies and lords of the court. It will do for a majestic male cat who has a high opinion of himself.

  • Buff. Undyed or unprocessed leather. It has a pale yellow and brownish appearance which resembles the cream color of your fur baby’s coat. The moniker is also used to refer to a well built and strong man. A name for a strong fur son.

  • Buttercup. With yellow and creamy tints on their petals, these flowers are a good inspiration to name your beautiful molly after. The moniker is from Old English and was used to refer to flowers in general.

  • Cool Whip. A cat name which has the word ‘cool’ in it! The name refers to a popular brand of whipped cream topping which is manufactured in North America and sold all over the world. A moniker for an easy going feline.

  • Creampuff. The moniker was popular in the 1980s to refer to an easy going person. It also refers to French pastry which is decorated with whipped cream or ice cream. The name will do for a molly who is cool and cuddly with a beige coat. The French name for cream puffs is Profiterole which will also be appropriate; just be sure to get the pronunciation right.

  • Creamsicle. The name refers to fruit-flavored ice cream bars that are usually mounted on sticks. The name is also used to refer to a person whose hair is bleached to near-white.

  • Cup Cake. These are small cakes so named due to the cups in which they were traditionally baked in. They are usually made with a creamy topping for a sweet taste. The moniker is also used as a cute nickname for a sweet and good-natured kid.

  • Custard. This is cream that has been mixed with egg yolk to form a thick sauce that is used to coat pastries. In medieval times, the name was used in reference to large apples.

  • Lollipop. An unusual name for a kitten. The moniker is inspired by the hard candy that is commonly mounted on a small stick. The name will do for a beautiful molly with cream fur of different shades.

  • Milky. The color cream easily brings milk to mind. The name is associated with pride and a good-hearted nature. Felines with strong maternal instincts who protects her kitties will be best suited for this moniker. It also suits a kitten that is difficult to be weaned; check out our article on how to wean kittens.

  • Opal. Indulge in your love for jewels and get a gemstone-inspired name for your kitten. Opals are precious stones that come in a wide range of colors and shades. The name will do for a valuable cat.

  • Oreo. It may seem like an odd name for a cat, but the black wafers are held together by delicious cream. The name will suit a cat with a cream coat and black or brown patches on extremities.

  • Ric. Name your cream colored tom after the Italian word for ‘a strong and powerful ruler.’ The suffix has been used over the centuries by powerful European nobles.

  • Vanilla. This is a white color with a tint of yellow. It can also refer to a popular flavor. You can also take inspiration from Robin Van Winkle, the American rapper who goes by the stage name “Vanilla Ice.”

Exotic Names for Cream Colored Cats

Cream colored kitten sitting

There is a uniqueness that comes with exotic names; they are not only different, but they also give you a chance to appreciate foreign languages.

  • Alva. The moniker is borrowed from the Hebrew name ‘Alvah’ which means ‘brightness’ or ‘the exalted one.’ The name will do for an intelligent tomcat.

  • Dingo. The name refers to the cream-colored feral dogs that roam the Australian countryside. These canines are considered wild, but to some extent, they like associating with people. The moniker will do for a kitty who is still in touch with his/her wild side. It will also do for an outdoor cream-haired cat.

  • Kaymak. The name is derived from a Turkish term which means ‘metal molding.’ In the Balkan countries, the word refers to clotted milk which is made from the cream of water buffaloes and cows. It will do as an exotic and cute name for a strong fur baby of either gender.

  • Kulfi. This exotic name comes from the Indian subcontinent. It refers to a type of traditionally made ice cream. This is basically sweetened frozen milk cream.

  • Malai. The name comes from a Thai word that means ‘garland of flowers.’ The moniker will be a cute and exotic one for a sophisticated female fur baby.

  • Nachos. A name suitable for a Mexican cat breed with a cream coat. It refers to tortilla chips that are popular in Mexico. They are served covered in creamy cheese. Ignacio Anaya is credited with the creation of these snacks in the 1940s. His nickname, ‘Nachos,’ became an obvious catchy choice for their name. Check out our list of Mexican cat names.

  • Rjome. This is the Old Norse term for ‘cream.’ Rommen is a variant of the name and will do as an exotic moniker.

  • Via Lactea. Go for an eccentric sounding name that will make your molly stand out. The moniker is Ancient Roman for the Milky Way. The word is loosely translated from Italian to stand for ‘the milky road.’

Wrap Up

Cream colored kittens in a basket

Each cat comes packaged with a set of traits, behaviors, and looks among other traits. Fortunately, the color cream is associated with many things. This means that cream-colored cats can draw their names from numerous sources.

Whether you choose to go with the gemstones, minerals, deities, or delicacies among other representations of the color cream, the perfect name should wholly represent who your cat is. We may not have exhausted all the names out there, but our list definitely gives you a place to start.

What do you think of our list? Did you manage to pick a name for your cat? Tell us of any other names that befit cream colored cats. For these and any other comments, leave your feedback below. You may also find our list of gray and white cat names interesting.

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