Creative Cat Names: Tailor-Made Names for Your Cat

unusual cat reading newspaper
Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

You have just adopted a feline, and you picked the breed you have always wanted. Her feline eyes have melted your heart. You are sure she will fit into your life in every way, but what do you call her? You don’t want to use any of the common cat names out there because she is special. If you want a custom-made name for her, but you can’t think of anything, don’t worry. You are not alone. Our list of creative cat names should come in handy.

Creative cat names cover a lot—from funny to wacky, geeky, or even downright weird and incomprehensible. Creative names are beautiful because there is no limit or strict restrictive guideline.

However, creating that unique name requires some level of effort and creativity. Creativity is fed by inspiration. What parts of your cat inspire you or what do you think of when you see your feline friend? These and many others like them are the questions you should ask yourself. If it’s difficult to get the juices flowing, you’re in the right place.

This article covers a myriad of creative names we have come up with for you. We have categorized the names by gender, color, and personality. Naturally, these lists aren’t exhaustive, as we wouldn’t want to limit your creativity. Our goal is to get your gears turning, so let’s get started!

Creative Cat Names by Gender

three-legged orange cat

Gender plays a major role in the name game. Whether your cat is male or female, there are plenty of creative names you can christen them with.

Cat Names by Gender #1: Male

These are fun names that you can give to your male cats. There are many more, but we have chosen those we find the most creative.

  • Chairman Meow: When your cat rules the house with the authority of a CEO. Inspired by the cat in Neko Atsume, one of the best apps about cats. If you want the best apps for cats instead, check out this article
  • Charlemagne: The King of France in the 8th century; the name literally means “Charles the Great”—a creative alternative to the traditional name Charles
  • Da Vinci: Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most creative historical figures of all times
  • Inki: After the little African boy in the Merrie Melodies animated series created by Warner Bros. A creative alternative to Inky for a black cat
  • Lickerish: Perfect for your always hungry cat. Don’t go over the recommended amount of calories for cats, though
  • Mister Puddycat: Beautiful, gorgeous feline—maybe a Persian
  • Poco Loco: A crazy cat that you can’t quite figure out
  • Rip Off: A creative name for a cat that acts differently from the rest of his breed
  • Tripod: The right name for a three-legged cat
  • Ulysses: A clever and resourceful mythological hero
  • Welcome: A cat that gets excited when you come home more than any other time, even mealtimes
  • Wolfie: It is usually short for Wolfram or Wolfgang. Few would name their cat something that resonates with the lupine species

Cat Names by Gender #2: Female

kitten with ribbon and pearls

Finding the right name for your girl cat is an important task. If you are tired of the usual cat names, here we have listed some creative names for your beautiful girl.

  • Athena: For that goddess-like feline that is wise in her ways
  • Corazon: Means “sweetheart” in Spanish
  • Cricket: It is originally a nickname for Christine
  • Dottie: Short for Dorothy—means “gift from God”
  • Fresca: Means fresh in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian
  • Honey: Both a term of endearment and a legit name for a female cat
  • KitKat: For that sweet female you can never resist
  • Leia: Of Hawaiian origin—means “heavenly flowers”
  • Lilo: Also Hawaiian, this one was inspired by the beloved cartoon character from “Lilo and Stitch”
  • Piper: Fun name for a cat who meows beautifully
  • Ripley: In Anglo-Saxon, it means “from Hrypa’s meadow.” Perfect for cats that can be so cute, it’s hard to believe sometimes

Creative Cat Names Based on Personality

Personality differentiates individuals. You can group cats by gender and color, but their personality makes each of them outstanding. Your cat’s personality may be obvious or obscure. Either way, there are many sides to a cat’s personality. The creative names we have come up with may capture one specific aspect of your cat’s personality, or it may sum everything up.

#1: Names for Talkative Cats

tabby cat talking

If you have a talkative cat—maybe a Siamese who is quite vocal—or another talkative breed, you can call him/her with any of these names:

  • Babbles/Prattle: For cats that like to chatter on and on even when you’re not paying attention
  • Chidori: A Japanese name that means one thousand chirping birds
  • Decibel: Appropriate for a very loud cat
  • Echo: Ideal for that feline that likes to imitate sounds s/he hears
  • Gossip: For those rare cats that like to meow at other cats (unusual since cats usually only communicate using their body language)
  • HiFi: refers to the high-frequency sound
  • Olyote: It is a Cherokee word for a crybaby
  • Skype: For curious cats that always snoop around when we’re having a Skype conversation
  • Wally: After Wally Cleaver from the show “Leave it to Beaver”

#2: Names for Endearingly Goofy Cats

goofy calico cat

If you are lucky enough to have a cat who is not quite able to count his mice or one who is clumsy and walks into doors, you can choose from this array of names:

  • Biff: it is a synonym to the words “strike” and “punch.” For those cats that can’t help but clumsily strike stuff down. You may have to teach him to stay away from the counters so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt himself
  • Forrest Gump: You can call your feline Forrest if you find the name a mouthful to pronounce
  • Goofus: This is a made up name—from the words goofy and doofus
  • Homer: The delightfully dumb main character in the hit cartoon series “The Simpsons”
  • Murray: Inspired by a drama series called “Mad About You.” This name is in honor of the dog in the show who would run into the bedroom and slam into the wall all the time
  • Otis: Inspired by the pug from the comedy-drama called “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”
  • Pooh: Winnie the Pooh can sometimes be slow and dumb, but no one can deny that he’s adorable
  • Turtle: You know how the saying goes—“as slow as a turtle”
  • Zed: In the spirit of goofiness, Z is the last letter of the alphabet

#3: Names for Playful Cats

oramge playful kitten

You can also name your cat based on his/her playful persona. These bundles of joy in the feline world deserve names that are just as colorful as they are. Here are a few great ideas:

  • BuzzBee: Refers to the saying “as busy as a bee”
  • Bouncin/Monkey: Unusual name for a cat, but can be apt
  • Cheeky: For cats that like to play pranks on you then run away looking satisfied.
  • Fugazi: The word means “chaos” in Vietnamese
  • Ninja: Perfect for a cat who moves and acts without being seen. If he starts getting the jump on you too often, you might want to learn how to get a cat out of hiding
  • Paintball: Perfect if your cat has a colorful coat
  • Peek-A-Boo: Cats usually get more excited when they see their toy disappearing only to reappear later
  • Pogo: Likened to the way you use a pogo stick
  • Squirrel: For cats that love to climb trees. If your cat is one of those yet he/she can’t figure out how to climb down for the life of them, check out this article on how to get a cat out of a tree
  • Zig-Zag: These cats are very difficult to catch. They don’t run in a straight line

#4: Names for Badass Cats

badass cat wearing jacket

Do you have a cat who has a badass personality? These cats are tough, feisty, and intense. They don’t apologize for who they are. They are cool cats that you can’t help but love. They deserve equally badass names such as:

  • Ammo: Short for “ammunition”
  • Bones: Not exactly for skinny cats only, but if you think your cat needs to gain a little weight, check out this article
  • Bruiser: Great for muscle-y cats
  • Cersei: Inspired by Cersei Lannister from the series “Game of Thrones”
  • Chopper: “Chopper city” is another name for the AK 47 rifle
  • Diesel: Inspired by Vin Diesel
  • Gamora: Marvel’s green-skinned heroine in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy”
  • Goliath: The giant in the Bible that could defeat armies of men on his own
  • Hulk: The green superhero who possesses limitless strength when he gets angry
  • Justice: Inspired by the Justice League.
  • Katniss: The badass protagonist of “The Hunger Games”
  • Maverick: For your independent-minded cat
  • Nikita: Derived from the Greek word “Nicetas,” which means “victor”
  • Poison: Ideal for an aggressive cat
  • Pyro: Perfect for cats with orange or red hair
  • Saber: Perfect for steel-gray cats. For other gray cat names, check out this article.
  • Titan: Powerful and influential—even god-like
  • Typhoon: Ball of energy that leaves a wake of disarray behind. If your cat’s hyperactivity gets destructive, learn how to tone it down by reading this article
  • Ursula: The legendary virgin princess who was martyred in the 4th century. She is remembered as a saint
  • Xena: The warrior princess that never backs down
  • Ziva: In Hebrew, the word means “brightness,” but in this category it portrays the female character Ziva David from the still ongoing crime drama “NCIS”

Creative Cat Names Based on Coat Color

kittens of different color

It is normal to be attracted to a cat due to the color of its coat before any other quality catches your eye. Usually, people select their cat with a particular color in mind—although when they get to the breeder, they can get swayed by another color.

Colors are powerful; they reflect your moods and can affect the atmosphere. Because colors are so influential, names have been created to celebrate colors. We have listed out creative names according to the different colors that can be found on cats’ coats in this section.

#1: Gray-Colored Cats

gray kitten walking

Gray colored cats are believed to be one of the calmest cats. You may have a gray-colored cat that is anything but calm, of course—there is always an exception to any stereotype. Either way, we have gathered creative gray cat names that may pique your interest.

  • Anchovy: Small silvery marine fish
  • Asteroid: For cats whose awesomeness is out of this world
  • Grey Gatsby: Instead of the Great Gatsby
  • Sage: As you know, sage means “wise.” What kind of image does that word conjure? Gandalf the Gray, perhaps?
  • Silver Bell: Another name for Halesia, a type of tree filled with white and gray flowers
  • Sir Cinders: Or Cinderella, depending on the gender of your cat
  • Steele: Inspired by Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Tinder: After the famous dating app—just joking! But you know how paper or any dry material turns ash gray when it comes in contact with fire
  • Twilight: When the sky is a beautiful dusky gray mixed with orange

#2: Orange-Colored Cats

This section covers more than orange-colored cats. It also contains names for ginger or red-haired cats.

  • Apricat: It is a marriage between the first syllable of the apricot fruit -“apri” with “cat”
  • Aslan: This is in honor of the star character in the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”
  • Carmello: Inspired by a popular candy bar
  • Cheyenne: The word is an American-Indian word that means “red”
  • Chianti: The name of a type of red wine
  • Gi-Roux: If you are a hockey fan, then you should know Claude Giroux—the new hockey star with the Philadelphia Flyers. Claude has carrot-colored hair. “Roux” in Giroux also means “red-haired” in French
  • Heinz: It is a brand name for ketchup or catchup if you will
  • Loki: Not the name of the god of mischief in Thor, but it is an acronym for “Little Orange Kitty”
  • OB & J: It is an acronym for Orange Boy and Juicy
  • Prince Harry: This English prince has ginger hair
  • Rojo: Spanish for “red”
  • Sunkist: A popular brand of orange-flavored drinks
  • Tabasco: For cats that spice up your life

#3: Brown-Colored Cats

brown cat sitting in box

Brown colored cats are rarer than you imagine. Brown hair is controlled by the mutation of a B-gene. The two major types of brown coloring are chocolate and cinnamon. True brown-colored cats, like the beautiful Havana Brown, carry the non-agouti gene.

These names cover every shade of brown you can imagine:

  • Bruno: From Old German; “Brun” means “brown”
  • Cronan: it is a Gaelic name that means “deep brown”
  • Godiva: After the chocolate and the 11th century Lady Godiva who rode into town naked and only covered with her long brown hair
  • Hershey: Like the chocolate
  • Java: For cats that never fail to wake you up in the morning like the smell of freshly-brewed coffee
  • Meatloaf: For cats that love to eat
  • Milo: After the delicious chocolate drink by Nestle
  • Roux: It is a dark brown sauce that serves as a foundation for a gumbo dish. It involves stirring flour and oil over low heat
  • Sahra: Did you know that when you pronounce “the Sahara Desert,” the middle “a” is silent?
  • Timber: Also appropriate for a sturdy cat
  • Woody Moody: For cats whose mood is hard to predict

#4: Black-Colored Cats

black kitten sitting in grass

Cats with black coats have been called many scary, weird names for ages. Some people find them mysterious and even claim they have magic in them. They deserve more love. To that end, we have compiled some creative names worthy of their glossy coats:

  • Achromatic: It means “without color”
  • Blacken: The same word in Dutch means “to burn”
  • Caviar: Apart from the fact that it is black in color, caviar can be used for a cat that you consider too lofty for mass appreciation
  • Kettle: From the famous saying—pot calling a kettle black
  • Nocturne: Cats are usually diurnal instead of nocturnal, but this name sounds cool
  • Nyx: After the mysterious goddess of the night
  • Phantom: Inspired by Phantom of the Opera
  • Pitch: Inspired by Rise of the Guardians
  • Puck: As black as a hockey puck
  • Soot Sprite: A black creature in the Japanese blockbuster “Spirited Away.” They are magical beings that love sweets
  • Tux: Tuxedo cats are popular. Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton fancied them
  • Zambukka: A name reminiscent of the black liquor Sambuca

#5: White-Colored Cats

white kitten sitting on red pillow

If your cat has white hair or a silver coat, here you’ll find appropriate names for your feline beauty. Some of these creative names have literal meanings while others have a figurative meaning.

  • Avalanche: A great quake and movement of snow
  • Cloud: For cats that float around freely
  • Coconut: Great for cats that aren’t pure white, but have hints of brown or cream in their coats too
  • Elric: An albino in a 1960s fantasy book series who was the ruler of the dark world was called Elric Melnibone
  • Everest: The peaks of the tallest mountain in the world is white. Also in the children’s cartoon Paw Patrol, there is a white cat with the same name
  • Kaya: It means pure in Japanese
  • Luna: If you have a cat whose coat glows exceptionally in the moonlight, this name may be appropriate
  • Marshmallow: Perfect for fluffy and sweet babies
  • Paloma: Latin word for “dove”
  • Q: Inspired by the Q in Q-tip
  • Raka: It is a Hindi word that means “moon at full glory”
  • Sishya: The name refers to a Buddhist disciple. The disciples usually dress in white
  • Vanilla: You can never go wrong with vanilla
  • Winter: A simple name that sounds soothing

#6: Calico-Colored Cats

calico kitten meowing

These cats have three colors in one, and they are usually female. Your cat is special and should be given the right name to capture her color palette. Most calicos are white cats with two other color combinations to complement the white. Below are creative names that your calico cat will wear with pride:

  • Amaretto: Italian liqueur that has a slightly bitter taste and an almond-y fragrance. A marriage of flavors
  • Butterscotch: Candy derived from boiling both brown sugar and butter. Ideal for a cat with a brown and cream color palette
  • Clash: Because their three colors often overlap
  • Confetti: Confetti comes in many colors. Also, your awesome cat deserves to be celebrated
  • Harmony: Two—or in this case, three—in harmony surpasses one in perfection
  • Mosaic: Not that your cat needs to be censored; it just fits the color pattern
  • Oriole: Refers to a bird sporting many shades of golden
  • Patches: A common name, but it never really gets old
  • Picasso: In honor of Pablo Picasso paintings that have unusual coloring
  • Spice: Different flavors used in little quantities to enrich the end result
  • Texas: The flag of Texas is made of red and blue on a white background

#7: Tabby-Colored Cats

Did you know that all cats are tabbies? Well, it may not translate to their hair color, but we have compiled a creative list of names for the visibly tabby cats. Tabby coloring covers stripes, twirls, and dots.

  • Chutney: Inspired by the Indian sauce where a combination of condiments are used
  • Jennyanydots: The name of a character from the musical CATS whose “coat is of the tabby kind with tiger stripes and leopard spots”
  • M&M: which is appropriate when you are referring to the many colors
  • Piper: When you have a cat with piping stripes
  • R.P: An acronym for the word “Reese Pieces”—also inspired by Reses Pieces: those brown, orange, and yellow candies
  • Raya: Spanish for “stripes”
  • Tabico: A fun combination of Tabby and Calico
  • Tabigail: A made up name for a female tabby cat
  • Tuppence: Inspired by the former copper coin of Great Britain
  • Zeeman: Inspired by a zebra with its stripes

Wrap Up

different kittens in box

Creative names are not limited to the categories above. We only hope that with the ones we have listed above, we were able to get your creative juices flowing. Names are important because you will keep speaking and hearing it all through your cat’s life, so be inspired and have fun. The sky is the limit.

Even if the name does not make sense to other people, as long as you did your cat justice by giving him/her that name, don’t worry about what someone else has to say. Most times, if they understand the meaning and the inspiration behind it, they will commend you for thinking up such a name.

We are eager to hear your feedback on this article. We would be happy to read your suggestions and the creative names you have given to the felines that have graced your life. If the creative juices aren’t stopping and you need to work on a DIY project to channel it, take a look at our article on building a cat bridge DIY

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