Dog Like Cat Breeds: The Best of Both Worlds

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Steve Corelli
Written by Steve Corelli

There seems to be a clean-cut line between dog people and cat people. However, there are others that fall somewhere in the middle. Are you the kind that wouldn’t mind having the best of both worlds? Even if you’re a dog person at heart, if your current living conditions do not permit the adoption of a dog, could perhaps give the feline world a try with a little persuasion? Dog like cat breeds would be great for you.

Even a dog person would admit that cats are easier to take care of. They don’t require much space, and since they are more independent, they can handle being left alone for prolonged periods of time better than dogs. The problem is, sometimes cats can be so comfortable living in their own little world that they make their owner feel lonely and ignored. But this isn’t always the case.

Two cats sitting together in the garden

Some cats act like dogs in that they crave your company and will follow you around in search of attention. This combination of curiosity and faithfulness might just melt the heart of even the most diehard dog fans.

We have done some digging and unearthed quite a number of doglike cat breeds. Whatever your preferences are, you might just find one that appeals to your senses. In addition to listing and analyzing several cat breeds that will play, swim, respond to names, and do many other doglike activities, we have also outlined the traits that make them stand out from the others.

Top 18 Doglike Cat Breeds

It is no secret that some cat breeds exhibit doglike behavior. This can either come from nature or nurture. Some breeds have been selectively bred to display certain traits while others have learned this either through training or interaction with dogs.

Nebelung cat lying on a wood

While this behavior is not considered abnormal in cats, it makes them stand out from the other cats. Whatever the root of this characteristic is, here are some of the many traits that make these cats appear to lean a little bit onto the dog side.

  • Following people from place to place

  • Lack of hostility towards some fellow animals

  • Responding to names when called and learning commands

  • Walking on a leash

  • Playing a game of fetch usually associated with dogs

  • Being devoted and loyal to the master

  • Dependent on the owners

  • Playing in water

  • The desire to be frequently tickled, petted, or even massaged

If the aforementioned traits appeal to you, here are some cat breeds that you might want to try adopting:

Turkish Angora

This cat loves to show off their great skills in swimming. They also enjoy playing games with humans and are great with toys. They play and get along with both adults and children. The Turkish Angora is very intelligent and easy to train.

Turkish Angora cat lying on a bench

They get involved in all family activities and do not shy away from greeting, hosting, and scrutinizing family guests. This makes them stand out as the alpha pet in the household. These cats form a lifetime bond with their family.


Abyssinians treasure their human companions due to their playful and outgoing nature. They have an affinity for water and enjoy a good swim. They love to play games—fetch being one their favorites.

Abyssinian cat sitting in a studio

Just like a dog would, they carry toys and objects in their mouth whether to play or to “help” with chores. They will follow you around the house and would actually wear a leash if training is done properly. Be sure to give them enough attention since they easily get worked up if denied that. They can be quite vocal.


Famous for going completely limp in your arms, the Ragdoll is a pretty laid back and affectionate cat. They easily take to a new environment and make great companions for both adults and children. They also get along with dogs and other pets.

Ragdoll cat in a studio on a blue background

Being mildly energetic makes them a great indoor pet. Like many dogs, Ragdolls relish their meal time. It is normal for them to greet their companion at the door. They can learn a few simple tricks and can also be trained to walk on a leash. They tend to have a strong bond with their family.


This cat is tailless due to a genetic mutation. They are very intelligent and playful. They follow their owner everywhere like a dog. They can fetch toys or even bury them.

Manx cat wallking on a street

The Manx is a faithful cat that treats their family with affection. Once they become a part of a family, they need a lifetime commitment since it is hard for these loyal cats to find comfort in another. They can also be trained to respond to commands and their name.

American Bobtail

If you have kids around, this is the cat for you. The American Bobtail will survive a noisy and chaotic environment easily. This is a smart and affectionate cat. They are very devoted to their family. They love to play games with either their companions or toys. They have the ability to welcome newcomers into to the house with ease.

American-bobtail-cats walking on a wooden wall

These cats make great travel companions. They can also offer emotional support. They have been used to calm down upset patients due to their excellent sensitivity to people in anguish.


The Burmese are beautiful, smart, and soft-spoken. This makes them great with kids and other pets including dogs. They get closely attached to all the family members and love to spend time with them or following them about.

Burmese cat lying on the floor

They can keep themselves and you entertained by playing games and retrieving things just like a dog would. Something else that makes them look like a dog is how they sit and wait for their food. They are dependent on their companion. Therefore, they are better suited for families that always have someone around to spend time with them.

American Curl

This beautiful, curly-eared cat breed is still rare but is quickly gaining popularity. The American Curl gives all their attention to their owner. They are known to follow their owner everywhere but also interact very well with others. They do not take loneliness very well; it would be a great idea to always have someone with them.

close-up image of a American Curl

This cat has a natural affinity for children. They get along with them and other pets. This makes them a great family pet. Their inquisitive nature makes them fun to be around.


The Siamese is social, intelligent, and an extrovert by nature. They love to be right at the center of their owner’s activities. They also get along with guests in the family. They are strongly attached to their family, and this extends to children and other pets.

Siamese cat sitting on a wooden table outside

A Siamese cat can be trained to do a few tricks and to walk on a leash. You can train them to retrieve different toys. Due to their fun-loving and active nature, they should not be left alone without supervision. They could get used to answering to a whistle especially if they spend most of their time outdoors; you can call them back in easily with a whistle.


The Savannah is a huge, social, and affectionate hybrid that is known for their loyalty. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them follow their owner even into the shower. 

A Savannah cat lying down and meowing to her owner

These cats are known for howling at night and can even bite. They are not considered safe around kids and elderly. They can be trained to play fetch and walk on a leash.


If you can get past the fact that hairless cats are high-maintenance grooming-wise, the Sphynx has a great personality that you don’t want to miss out on. Their dog-like nature gets them strongly attached and devoted to their human family. They also get along with fellow pets. They shower all with affection and more so if it is reciprocated.

Sphynx cat in a studio

These cats are lively and mischievous. They love to follow you around while wagging their tail in a dog-like manner. As mentioned above, you’ll have to pay extra attention to their coat if you decide to adopt a Sphynx. Their hairlessness calls for regular baths to reduce the chances of skin infections due to oil build up.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is full of energy and quite playful even in adulthood. They are loyal and get fully devoted to you. They follow their human companion everywhere and have a keen interest on everything happening around them.

These cats are practically glued to their companions; they treasure the moments they spend in their owner’s arm or just snuggling next to them. It wouldn’t be odd to find them sitting at your feet, perched on your shoulder, or trying to help with household chores.

Devon Rex cat in a studio

These cats are playful and smart; they easily learn new tricks in games like hide and seek, fetch, and tag. This makes them a great companion and playmate for kids. They get along with other pets, which is good because they hate being left alone.


Bombay cats can be trained to wear a leash. They enjoy playing games like fetch and will creatively discover ways to keep themselves and others around them entertained. They make a great playmate for children and fit in well with dogs and other pets.

These cats are great for owners who are used to staying with dogs. They are in high spirits most of the time, and they are attention seekers. They love being around people and will follow you from place to place.

Black male cat show interest at photo camera

They enjoy their play times tremendously and easily learn new tricks. They love to play fetch, especially with sparkle balls. They respond promptly to the doorbell and are usually the first to receive guests.

Maine Coon

Apart from easily matching the size of many dog breeds, the Maine Coon’s personality can be likened to a dog’s in several respects. They are loyal to their owner and like spending time and playing near you.

They shower their companion with affection and would literally see you off to work and be the first to welcome you home when you come back. They take their time to familiarize themselves with strangers or unfamiliar guests.

a beaituful Maine Coon male care in a studio sitting

They are full of energy and make a great playmate for kids. They get along with other pets as well. They enjoy a game of fetch and respond well to being called. These dexterous cats can also use their front paws to scoop stuff up while standing on their hind legs.


The Birman makes a wonderful companion to elderly due to their gentle nature. They are cuddly and affectionate just like a dog.

Birman kitten in a studio

They are great with kids and other pets due to their calm nature. Birmans are easy to maintain and handle; hence, they work well as a show cat. They will excitedly play fetch and follow you around. They will also want to help you with anything you do.


Ocicats are smart and easy to train. With proper training, they can learn to walk on a leash and respond to verbal commands. They can learn and play games like fetch and other tricks that are usually associated with dogs.

Ocicat cat sitting on a fluffy blaket in a studio

They become attached and devoted to their family easily. These smart cats can actually abide by some house rules; you can teach them to poop in the toilet. Their talkative, bold, and very intelligent nature helps them get along with house guests quickly.


Apart from being absolute beauties, Chartreux cats are charming and gentle. They love to play fetch and other games with their family. They can also learn other tricks like standing on their hind legs and using the front ones as hands.

Chartreux cat lying on side on bed

They love spending time with their owner and will follow you around. They tend to create a special bond with a particular person and prefer being around them at all times. They get along well with children and other pets. A Chartreux will learn their name and respond to it, unlike many other cats. They are best known for their hunting prowess and the fact that they make great travel companions.


Ragamuffins are known to behave like lap dogs. They are adorable and love to draw attention from all members of their family. They are devoted and faithful to their human companion and tend to follow them from room to room.

close-up of a Ragamuffin cat sitting

Their gentle and sweet nature makes them a great pet for households with children. They fit right into children’s activities and love being carried around. They are the kind of pet that will escort you to the door and greet you when you come in. They don’t mind traveling or learning to walk on a leash.


These cats have great problem-solving skills. Although other cats may also have the same skillset, Siberian cats are superior because they actually have the patience to sit through the long process.

Cute siberian cat walking on the snow

Siberian cats are loyal to their companion. They follow them around and respond when their name is called. They will greet you at the door and also enjoy a game of fetch with you and other members of the family.

They enjoy a close relationship with their family and make a great playmate for children, dogs, and other pets. They are full of energy and can keep up with the activities of a busy family.

Wrap Up

While it is normal to be either in favor of cats or dogs, some cat breeds give you the opportunity to get a taste of both at the price of one. This is because of their ability to exhibit behaviors that are mostly associated with but not limited to the canine world. These cats can either be born with such traits or pick them up along the way.

Brother and Sister two Maine Coon

Most of them make great family pets since they get along with all the constituent members of a household. They can be a great option for families that want a dog but can’t stay with one because they live in an apartment or for other reasons.

Did you find this information helpful? What is your experience with doglike cats? What other doglike cat breeds do you know about? Please share your comments, concerns, or compliments with us below.

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