Egyptian Cat Names: Mysterious and Alluring Names for Your Ancient Royalty

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Martha Harvey
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So you’re attracted to the aura of mystery that cats give off. You wonder if these graceful beings know more than they let on, and there are even times when you’ve been led to believe that they are closely associated with the celestial plane. Guess what? You’ve just walked down the same path Ancient Egyptians did. Ancient Egyptians treated cats like royalties or even godly beings, and that’s why they took the naming of cats very seriously. Wondering what kind of name would fit such transcendental beings? How about taking some Egyptian cat names into consideration?

Other than as a way to respect their otherworldly grace and prowess, giving your kitten a unique Egyptian name has other benefits. You’ll see that when you introduce your cat to visitors, her name can actually become a great conversation starter. That’s just one of the many mysterious effects Egyptian cat names have to offer. Most of the Egyptian names we are going to suggest below were inspired by the names of ancient gods and goddesses. So every time you call out to your cat, your cat may even bring some blessings and good fortune to you.

Close-up of a Egyptian Mau Cat

We’re going to look at some Egyptian cat names based on the gender of your cat. Cats learn to recognize the sounds you make as words, and if the name you give them is too long and complicated, you can’t blame them for taking their time to learn it. They may even ignore you. To prevent such an occurrence, we’ve handpicked only the best and easy-to-pronounce Egyptian cat names for you.

Egyptian Cat Names for Females

So you’ve just brought a cute little bundle of fur home. Did you pick a male or a female kitten? When it comes to choosing a kitten, always look for a healthy one whose personality suits you and your lifestyle. If you don’t intend to breed them, their gender isn’t really an issue, but you should still choose a good name for them that resonates with their specific gender.

Eqyptian Mau female cat in a studio

Here you’ll find a collection of beautiful and exotic names for your cute little Egyptian princess. The name you give your cat is going to become closely interwoven with her life. It is how you’re going to identify her, so you should take as much time as you need when selecting the perfect name for your fur-child.

  • Ain – Priceless – what an awesome name for your female Egyptian cat as that is precisely what she’ll become to you—a priceless companion and friend.

  • Akila – Smart, intelligent – Egyptian cats like the Mau are such intelligent creatures. You can teach them all kinds of tricks, so Akila might suit your fur-child perfectly.

  • Amenti – she is the Goddess of the Land of the West. She is known for her exceptional beauty. This is the perfect name for a female Egyptian cat who is full of life and loves to climb and play hide and seek with you.

  • Aziza – Precious – we’d say that the benefits a cat brings to your life (friendship, loyalty, and companionship) make her a pretty precious gift and Aziza sums up precisely what a precious jewel she is.

  • Bast or Bahst – yes, this may be a name that best suits a black cat of which the Egyptian Mau is not, but this name represents the mother of all cats. If your cat is regal and marvelous, this is the name for her.

  • Bennu – Eagle – while you may be wondering how the name Bennu applies to your cat’s personality and characteristics, it certainly does, as these Egyptian cats simply love perching in high places. Like an eagle, they love to soar high in the skies, so this lovely name will suit your agile cat.

  • Chione – Daughter of the Nile — even if your beloved cat doesn’t come from anywhere near the Nile, if her movements are fluid like the water and if she can also be fierce like the rush of the river, this is a great name for her.

  • Eshe, Femi, Dalila, Hasina – We’ve put these few names together because they each have a word to offer to sum up the wonderful personality of your cat—namely, sweet, gentle, good, and beloved.

  • Hathor – the Goddess of Love, but not just love. She is also the Protector of Women. If you have a brave female cat who loves nothing more than to be by your side, this attractive name will suit her.

  • Heket – if you intend to allow your female kitten to be a mother when she’s older, then Heket will suit her as the name comes from a motherly goddess—a midwife who is known as the Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth.

  • Jamila – Beautiful – this name is self-explanatory. The Egyptian Mau is a medium-sized cat with well-developed muscles, medium to large ears, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and a very distinctive spotted coat. Even if your cat is not an Egyptian Mau, we’re sure she doesn’t lose out in terms of beauty.

  • Mesi – Water – Most domestic cats don’t like water one bit. They look at water as a sheer necessity they only come close to when they’re thirsty. But the same cannot be said for the Egyptian Mau. These cats love to turn their water bowl into a game—pawing at it and possibly turning it over. If there’s a pond on your premises, you may find your cat taking a swim and splashing around in the water.

  • Nubia – The one who resembles golden treasures – if your cat has bronze fur with blackish markings, then this name will suit your cat perfectly.

  • Olabisi – Joy bringer – your adoring, loving pet is guaranteed to bring you endless joy—from the moment you bring her home as a tiny kitten. Cherish her, and you’ll appreciate all the goodness she brings to your life.

  • Urbi – Princess – Princess sums up everything that your beautiful cat is. Did you know? The Egyptian Mau is a royal breed that in ancient times would eat off the same plate as an Egyptian princess—so revered was she.

Discuss name options with your cat. Your furry friend won’t give you an answer in English, but she might voice her approval by purring, meowing, or by kissing you with her mesmerizing eyes. Call your cat by the different names you have in mind and see what reaction you get. Cats are clever and strong-willed, and she should have some say in this important decision.

Egyptian Cat Names for Males

If you’ve chosen a male kitten, his antics might give you a clue as to what to name him. It’s his name for life, and your strong-willed male Egyptian cat should have a name that represents the awesome creature that he is.

Egyptian Mau male cat sitting on two legs looking far away

To help you make this important choice, we’ve got some cool names for a super kitty cat.

  • Banaded – Egyptian cats tend to be smart, and Banaded was a level-headed, wise god. If you think your cat will quickly grow out of his kittenhood and grow into a capable, mature adult, this is the name for him.

  • Baraka – A blessing – playful, busy, sociable, loving, and devoted, your Egyptian cat is guaranteed to be a blessing to you from day one.

  • Horus – an Egyptian god of the Rising Sun and an all-around hero. Treat your Egyptian cat with kindness, and he’ll be your hero for life.

  • Khafra – the owner of both the great Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids. He was the Pharaoh of 4th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. Your mighty cat might well suit this royal name. Back in the day, cats had a special place in the heart of the Pharaohs. They even took their cats along for company in the after-life. If your cat is attention-seeking, this name is perfect for him because the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids are great tourist attractions in the land of Egypt.

  • Khensu – this is a lovely name for your Egyptian cat. It means “traveler of the sky and the God of the Moon.” Cats are known for their air of mystery and intrigue, and if you’ve discovered that your furry friend becomes particularly active at night when everyone else in the household is dead to the world, Khensu will suit your cat.

  • Khepera – this is the God of the Rising Sun and Reincarnation. Also known as Khepri, he is also the God of Creation and Life. The name is perfect for your tomcat if you’ve decided not to neuter him.

  • Khufu – this is the name of a famous Pharaoh who ruled the 4th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. He was a good king and built the great pyramid known as the Khufu Pyramid. This is a great and significant name for your cat.

  • Menthu – a god of war who represented the powerful heat of the sun. If your cat is a strong, hardy character, then Menthu is a strong war-like name that could match his personality.

  • Nomti – Strong – your Egyptian friend is a strong, lean, and muscular cat. You’ll be reminded of why you chose this name every time you see him running and leaping around with such strength. An Egyptian cat in good health can reach 14 years of age and beyond.

  • Osiris – the god of life, death, religion, law, and success among others. The name you choose for your Egyptian cat will say as much about you as it does about your cat. Therefore, it is important that you choose a name that conveys a proper message about your furry friend. Few Egyptian names hold more positive meanings than Osiris.

  • Thoth – Egyptian cats are truly smart. Older children will be delighted with the way their furry pal picks up their games and can be taught a trick a two. Egyptian cats are touched by the spirit of Thoth—a mysterious god of great wisdom and intellect. He is also the god of learning.

Taking some time out of your busy schedule to choose an interesting name for your kitty cat is worth it. While you cuddle your new kitten, say his name over and over again, and he’ll quickly start responding.

Wrap Up

Today, Egyptian cats fascinate people not just with their luxurious appearance and lively temperament, but also with their illustrious history. No other animal was held in such high esteem as the cats in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians associated them with many of their gods and goddesses. This is what convinces cat lovers all over the world that there is magic in cats that we can never really understand.

Egyptian Mau Cat Sitting On Table

This is why it’s not easy to find a name that aptly suits these mysterious creatures we love to keep as pets and companions. Egyptian royalty often adorned their cats with pure gold accessories. Although trying to adorn your cat with jewelry today may be a bit excessive, the next best thing is to adorn them with the names of Egyptian gods, goddess, and historical figures that will suit your cat’s amazing attitude, elegance, and personality.

Of course, naming your new kitten can sometimes be as easy as just looking at them. If you can find a name that perfectly captures your cat’s stunning appearance and suits her personality too, then you’ll have struck luck!

Playful Egyptian Mau kitten

It may be difficult to name some cats, but Egyptian cats tend to be easy to name because these cats—with their spotted coats, regal looks, and amazing personalities—have plenty of unique features for you to draw inspiration from. But of course, Egyptian names are not just limited to Egyptian cats. Egypt is the ancient and sacred home of cats. Cats have always been a huge part of the Egyptian history and culture. So don’t hesitate to pick an Egyptian name for your cat.

What names have you given to your feline pets? What did your kitty cat have to say about the name you chose? We’ve taken great care in selecting the Egyptian cat names suggested in this article, but there must be many we’ve left out. If you’ve got cool ideas for cat names, we’d love to hear from.

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