Elegant Cat Names: The Perfect Name for Your Regal Cat

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Stella Noble
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What made you choose to adopt your new feline friend? What made him/her stand out from the crowd when you went to the breeder’s or the shelter? If it’s his/her aura of excellence and elegance, our article on elegant cat names will serve you well.

Your new pet may exhibit an aura that’s different from those of other cats. He or she may have the bearing of a royalty. With such a regal bearing, your cat definitely deserves an elegant name. We will help you decide on the best name for your new pet.

This article will give you a comprehensive list of the most elegant names you can give to your cat, with meanings and interesting trivia that can help you choose the right moniker. We start by dividing our list into names for male cats, then female cats. We’ve added a little bonus at the end with a list of elegant cat names from movies and TV shows.

Elegant Cat Names by Gender

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Male and female cats can be equally elegant. No matter which gender group your cat belongs to, you’ll surely find a suitable, enchanting name for him/here in this comprehensive section.

#1: Elegant Names for Female Cats

Wondering about feminine cat names that evoke awe? Here are some of the most appropriate names for your queen:

  • Abigail: it is a Hebrew name that means ‘father’s joy.’ This name was also mentioned in the Old Testament as the third wife of King David. She was described as beautiful and kind.

  • Ada: a short and easy-to-remember name. This name come from a Germanic word meaning ‘noble.’ It can also be traced to the Hebrew name Adah which means ‘adornment.’

  • Adele: in contemporary times, this is best known as the name of the British singer/songwriter. The name, though, is actually a shortened version of the Germanic name Adelaide which means ‘noble, tender, and kind.’

  • Alice: this name should ring a bell because it is featured in the popular tale of Alice in Wonderland. It connotes ‘nobility’ in English, French, and German.

  • Allegra: an Italian name which means ‘joyful or happy.’

  • Amy: this is an English name that means ‘beloved.’ It is also a variant of the French word for ‘loved.’

  • Aria: this name means ‘air’ in Italian. If it sounds appealing already, wait until you learn its meaning in Hebrew—’Lion of God.’

  • Audrey: it’s a name that folks would best remember as belonging to the legendary Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn. It’s actually an old English name which means ‘strength.’

  • Beatrice: this is a Latin name which means ‘bringer of joy.’

  • Camilla: it’s a name that is no longer as frequently used as it was in the past. Yet it still conjures images of nobility and elegance. In fact, this name’s meaning in French is ‘noble.’ We also have a list dedicated entirely to French cat name suggestions.

  • Caroline: this name has many meanings. In Old English, it means ‘manly.’ But in Italian and French, the name means ‘strong and happy,’ respectively. There have been many royalties named Caroline, like the German wife of the 18th century English King, George II.

  • Diana: no list of the most elegant names will be complete without this name. We all know that this was the name of the late Princess of Wales. The name itself is meaningful as it stands for ‘divine.’

  • Dior: this is also the name of the French luxury brand. It means ‘golden’ in French.

  • Genevieve: a name of Germanic or Celtic origin; it was also the name of King Arthur’s wife. There’s also the French saint who is the patroness of Paris. Click here for more epic cat names.

  • Grace: English variant of a Latin word which means ‘God’s favor.’ It may also mean ‘thanks.’ Arguably the most popular Grace was actress Grace Kelly who later on became the Princess of Monaco.

  • Gwyneth: this is a name most people these days associate with actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It is a Welsh word meaning ‘happiness.’ If you find the name a bit long, you can try using Gwen instead.

  • Helen: this is a Greek name which means ‘the bright one.’

  • Isabella: a variation of Isabel, this name has been used by plenty of monarchs throughout the years. In Hebrew, the name means ‘devoted to God.’

  • Katherine: a name with Greek origins, it connotes ‘purity.’ There have been many beautiful and popular women who have had this name, such as Katherine Heigl and Katherine Hepburn. If you find this name a bit long, you can always call your pet Kathy.

  • Lydia: it is a sophisticated name with some history to it as this was also the name of a kingdom during the Iron Age.

  • Madeleine: this is a variant of the name Magdalene which is well-known thanks to Saint Mary Magdalene. The name has also been used by many monarchs throughout history like Princess Madeleine, the Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland in Sweden.

  • Olivia: if you’re familiar with Shakespeare, you may know that this name was first used in the Twelfth Night comedy. It is also the feminine variant of the name Oliver. There have been many popular females who use this name, such as Olivia Newton-John

  • Roisin: pronounced “ROH-sheen,” this is an Irish name which means ‘little rose.’ It’s unique and meaningful—an apt name for your regal cat. Click here for many other unique Irish cat names.

  • Vivienne: it’s a French name which means ‘life.’ This is not only an elegant name for your cat but also a meaningful one.

#2: Elegant Names for Male Cats

elegant male cat wearing hat and bow tie

There are also a lot of elegant names that you can give to your male kitten. Some of them have historical origins while others have been used by monarchs before. Here are our top choices:

  • Abraham: this is a Biblical name which could be a good choice for your male kitten. In Hebrew, Abraham means ‘the father of many.’ In the Bible, Abraham was said to be the patriarch of the Hebrews as well as the Arabs. Abraham Lincoln was another popular figure who had this name.

  • Addison: an Old English word meaning ‘son of Adam’; it also has other variants like Addie or Adi. However, it is undeniable that Addison is the most elegant variation of this name. This name can also be given to female cats.

  • Albert: it is a name frequently used by royalty. In the Old English language, the name means ‘bright and noble.’ There have been plenty of proud bearers of this name throughout history like Albert Einstein and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

  • Alistair/Alastair: this is a sophisticated name for male cats. It is a Scottish name meaning ‘defender of the people.’ It is also believed to be a variant of the Latin name Alexandrus.

  • Anthony: one of the most famous masculine names, it means ‘praiseworthy.’ Aside from being meaningful, this name is also easy to pronounce and remember.

  • August: a title given to Roman emperors in the past. It came from a Latin word that meant ‘to increase.’ August is certainly an elegant name you can give to your male kitten.

  • Baldwin: this name is said to have German and French origins. It has several positive connotations like ‘friend, brave, and bold.’

  • Bijou: here’s a unique name you can give to your kitten. It is a French name that means ‘jewel.’ It is pronounced ‘bee-ZHOO.’

  • Broderick: this name is actually a Welsh surname that means ‘brother.’ It can’t be denied that it sounds regal.

  • Clarence: an old English name that means ‘bright.’

  • Cyril: concise and easy to pronounce, this name means ‘royalty.’

  • Geraldo: a name that is the Spanish equivalent of Gerald. It translates to ‘someone ruling with a spear.’

  • Gustav: an old Scandinavian name which means ‘leader of a tribe.’

  • Lawrence: it is an elegant name that may have come from the Latin word laurel. One of the more popular bearers of the name was St. Lawrence who was martyred in the 3rd century. Of course, there’s also the historical film Lawrence of Arabia.

  • Owen: it may be contemporary-sounding, but it is actually an old Celtic name that means ‘noble.’ It may also pertain to ‘a young warrior.’

  • Rupert: a German name that can mean ‘bright.’

  • Sanders: an elegant-sounding name with a meaningful connotation. It means ‘defender of mankind.’

  • Vincent: catchy and easy to remember, it means ‘conqueror.’

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Elegant Cat Names From Movies and TV Shows

graceful black cat on blue background

Still looking for that one name that would fit your graceful kitten? Don’t worry as we have more names for you. This time, we will be listing some of the most elegant names from movies and TV that you may give to your kitten.

  • Amidala: it is a name that has become quite well-known thanks to the character from the Star Wars franchise. It actually comes from an Italian word that means ‘beautiful flower.’ Are you a fan of Star Wars? Our article on Star Wars cat names was tailor-made for you!

  • Amsterdam: this name, which is also the name of the capital city of Netherlands, was used for the character of Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit flick Gangs of New York.

  • Ava: a regal name that’s been used by Hollywood A-listers Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman for their respective daughters. It was also the name of a humanoid robot in the movie Ex-Machina. It is a variation of the name Eve.

  • Barbara: it may sound old-school, but it is a classic choice for an elegant cat name. The name means ‘foreign woman.’ This was also the title of a 2012 German movie. If you find the name a bit old, you may use its shorter variation—Barbra.

  • Carrie: this name means ‘free man’ although it is more frequently given to females. There are two popular bearers of this name—Carrie Bradshaw from the hit TV series Sex and The City and Carrie Mathison from another hit TV show, Homeland.

  • Charles: this name has plenty of popular bearers like Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, and Charlie Chaplin, who was one of the most famous movie stars ever. It was also the name of one of the characters in the hit movie The Thin Man. Like Carrie, the name means ‘free man.’

  • Clark: it’s a name that is often associated with Man of Steel—being the name of Superman’s alter-ego. The name has numerous meanings like ‘scholar” and ‘cleric.’

  • Hermione: a Greek name that means ‘well-born’; this became very popular thanks to the Harry Potter movies. The character Hermione was played by actress Emma Watson.

  • Maximus: a Latin word which means ‘the greatest’; this was also the name of a character played by Russell Crowe in the Oscar-winning flick Gladiator. It was also a distinction or a title bestowed to the greatest generals during the Roman period.

  • Morpheus: this name became popular thanks to The Matrix movies. It originated from Greek mythology as it was the name of the god of sleep.

  • Sansa: here’s another good choice especially if you love Game of Thrones. It is the name of the beautiful and elegant Sansa Stark. The word is said to originate from Sanskrit and connotes positive meanings like ‘charm’ and ‘praise.’ Want more Game of Thrones names for cats? Try this link.

  • Tyrion: the name of one of the more popular characters from the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. The character is known for being smart and rich, being a part of the noble House Lannister.

Wrap Up

Elegant cat wearing collar and tie

Most cat owners can easily tell if a kitten or a cat is different from the rest in terms of aura and looks. Some cats look so regal that they deserve to be given an elegant name. Elegant cat names not only befit the looks of certain felines but can also show how much the owners love their cats.

Hopefully, this article has given you plenty of elegant cat names to choose from. We would appreciate it if you could share this post on your social media accounts. You can reveal your choice—let’s see what your family members and friends think about the elegant cat name you’ve selected.

We look forward to speaking more with you about the cat name you’ve selected in the comments section! Also, your elegant cat deserves a reward for being so awesome. Check out our article on DIY cat treats to satisfy your cat’s royal palate.

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