Exotic Cat Names: Settle On a Head-Turning Name for Your Beautiful Feline

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Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Are you about to welcome a new feline friend into your house? As Paul Gray said, “Cats were put into this world to disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man.” So, your cat deserves the finer things in life—not just in terms of feeding and grooming, but also in names. How about exploring some exotic cat names?

There is a plethora of popular cat names like Tigger, Paws, Whiskers, and so on, but pet parents who don’t want such standby cat names aim at finding some unique and impactful monikers—exotic terms are the way to go!

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Exotic terms make sure that your cat gets a name that does not match with any other pet or person in your surroundings, so there wouldn’t be any confusions. Moreover, exotic words come with a cool ring to them. Some of them can be a little hard to pronounce, but that is a really small price to pay for getting a rare and attention-getting name for your frisky feline.

In this article, we are going to pen down a list of exotic and gorgeous cat names. We will also include the meanings or other related references to each of them so you’ll have all the basic info you need to make a decision about your cat’s moniker. Let’s get started.

Exotic Names for Male Cats

Your pet’s name is one of the most frequently uttered words in your house. That’s why you have to narrow the list down carefully to the most succinct names before finalizing one.

Gatto Exotic male Shorthair lying on his bed

If you have a male cat with uncommon, exotic looks, then he deserves more than your average, everyday name. He deserves one of the exotic cat names listed below:

  • Abasi: It means ‘serious’ in Egyptian. If you think your cat needs to loosen up, how about learning how to DIY fun cat toys for him?

  • Ace: An English surname that means ‘noble.’

  • Achilles: It stands for ‘a warrior’ in Greek. Give this name a try as every cat has some killer instincts.

  • Ager: A Hebrew word that means ‘to gather.’

  • Alessandro: An Italian term that stands for ‘defender of mankind.’

  • Anatoly: A Russian word that means ‘sunrise.’

  • Bao: This fairly short name stands for ‘treasure’ in Chinese—just like your precious friend.

  • Basio: A concise name that means ‘kiss.’ This name would suit an affectionate cat. Don’t know whether your cat is affectionate or not? Perhaps you should learn how to read the cues, then.

  • Bruno: A German name that means ‘brown.’

  • Clifford: As the name suggests, this word defines ‘someone who lives by the ford near the cliff.’

  • Dae-Jung: This word describes something as ‘vast or great’ in Korean.

  • Dante: The inspiration behind the name was obviously the Divine Comedy’s author, Dante.

  • Dave: A Scottish name that stands for ‘David’s son.’

  • Dirk: It is the name of a famous German ruler. If your cat has taken over the house and effectively trained you to feed and groom him, using this name would be a great idea.

  • E.T: For that cute little alien that has stolen your heart. Great name for a Sphynx.

  • Ebon: Go for this name if your furry friend has black or brown fur.

  • Efron: Call your young and playful male feline friend Efron. It means ‘young stag.’

  • Elvis: Obviously, the King of Pop was the inspiration behind this name.

  • Fayza: An Arabic word that states someone as ‘a winner’ or ‘successful.’ It could make a great name for a show cat.

  • Festus: It is a biblical name that stands for ‘joyful.’ You can handpick this name for your ultimate entertainer.

  • Figaro: This French word stands for ‘barber.’ Inspired by the cat in Pinocchio.

  • Gabrio: A Spanish name that means ‘God is my strength.’

  • Gadi: An Arabic word that means ‘my wealth.’ Perfect since your furry friend is a treasure.

  • Goya: It stands for ‘a wildcat’ in South African. It would make a good name for a Savannah.

  • Gulliver: This moniker can be used for large cat breeds such as the Siberian cat or the Maine Coon.

  • Hairball: A cute name for a small furry fuzzball.

  • Hamisi: This is a Somalian word that means ‘Thursday’s child.’

  • Haneul: This Korean word stands for ‘sky.’

  • Hans: If you think your naughty kitty is ‘a gift from God,’ then this German word is apt.

  • Harvey: This name describes someone as ‘eager for battle.’ If your cat often provokes other cats, you need to know how to tell the difference between play-fighting and real fighting.

  • Hughes: Of Irish origin, it’s a surname and a cool option for a male feline.

  • Hugo: A Spanish word that means ‘intelligent.’

  • Indra: A Sanskrit word that stands for ‘God of thunder or rain.’

  • Isold: A cool German word that means ‘rules of ice.’

  • Javiera: A Spanish word that means ‘owner of the house.’

  • Jazzy: An adorable name for a gentle cat that always knows how to help you relax.

  • Jedda: It is an Australian Movie’s name that was made in 1955. Perfect for an Australian Mist.

  • Jerico: A Spanish word that means ‘city of the moon.’

  • Kit: A nickname for Christopher.

  • Kramer: A concise name inspired by a fictional character from ‘Seinfeld.’

  • Lencho: A snappy term that means ‘lion.’ This word was derived from Kenyan and Ethiopian.

  • Lewis: A name taken from the moniker of a famous fighter.

  • Lucero: The Spanish version of Luke.

  • Majella: Inspired by a saint.

  • Maniac: A seldom-used cat name that’s actually perfect for a temperamental mouser.

  • Milkshake: Name your cat milkshake if he has a fluffy white coat—but don’t let him drink milk, as cats are usually lactose intolerant.

  • Myeong: A Korean word that means ‘bright.’

  • Noga: Of Hebrew origin, this catchy term means ‘sparkle.’

  • Oro: It means ‘gold’ in Spanish. Pick out this name for a golden-coated feline.

  • Osana: This Spanish term means ‘health’—something we all wish for our mischievous friends.

  • Panther: Inspired by the Black Panther. Perfect for a Bombay cat. For other names that would suit a black cat, try this link.

  • Panya: This Kiswahili word means ‘mouse.’ Pick out this name if your cat loves to go after mice.

  • Pumpkin: If you got your cat around Halloween, call him Pumpkin.

  • Quinlan: It is an Irish word that defines someone as ‘graceful.’

  • Rangsay: This Cambodian word means ‘seven colors.’ If your kitty is unusually-hued, you can try this name.

  • Raphael: This masculine name means ‘God’s healer.’

  • Remus: A snappy name that was inspired by a character from Roman mythology—also the name of a character in Harry Potter.

  • Renaldo: It means ‘ruler’ in Spanish.

  • Riddle: Cats can be difficult to figure out. If you want to know more about what your cat is saying, try learning how to differentiate between the many sounds that they make.

  • Roo: Few animals are as exotic as the kangaroo.

  • Sabra: It is an Egyptian word that defines someone as ‘patient.’

  • Sameh: It means ‘forgiver.’ Can be an ironic name as cats usually love to bite our hands, even when playing. If you want to know how to make your cat stop biting, visit this link.

  • Scampi: A Norwegian cuisine prepared with lobster. If your cat loves seafood, just go with this name.

  • Scrooge: A sweet-sounding name that actually defines someone as a money-lover, like Scrooge McDuck. Perhaps it would suit a green-eyed cat.

  • Sempala: A Ugandan word that stands for ‘antelope.’ Perfect for fast cats.

  • Senkima: It is Ugandan for ‘monkey.’

  • Skiddle: A cute name that would suit a cute little lap cat. Does your cat belong to one of the best lap cat breeds?

  • Sydney: This name describes someone as ‘a follower of Saint Denys.’ Also inspired by Sydney, Australia, and Sydney Crosby, the hockey player.

  • Tonka: This epigrammatic name belongs to a special kind of beans. How about using it for a male cat?

  • Tonto: This catchy term was inspired by the Lone Ranger’s sidekick’s name.

  • Turi: A Celtic word that means ‘bear.’ Try this name for a big and stocky furball.

  • Twiga: This Kiswahili word stands for ‘giraffe.’ You can use this name for a long and slender cat like a Siamese.

  • Ugo: It is a Nigerian word that means ‘eagle.’

  • Ulrich: It means ‘ruling wolf’ in German.

  • Vladimir: It is the name of a Russian prince—also inspired by Vlad the Impaler or Count Dracula. Try this name for a male cat with a strong attitude.

  • Zaki: It stands for ‘lion’ in Western Africa—using this big cat’s name for your little cat is a superb idea if your cat is brave as a lion.

Exotic Names for Female Cats

If your cat is female, we have an entirely fresh list of exotic names prepared for you.

A multicolor cat looking at the camera

Peruse the list, and you should be able to find your beautiful cat a purrfect name.

  • Amara: This Italian word states something as ‘everlasting.’

  • Amorita: This is a Latin word that means ‘little beloved.’

  • Aneta: Of Hebrew origin, this word means ‘grace.’

  • Angela: It defines someone as ‘an angel.’ Handpick this name for your whiskered angel.

  • Bess: This word is a diminutive form of Elizabeth.

  • Briana: An Irish word that would suit an intelligent girl kitty as it means ‘brainy woman.’ If your cat is smart, you should challenge her by investing in a cat puzzle feeder for her.

  • Briza: Inspired by Briseis—the lover of Achilles in Homer’s Iliad.

  • Callie: A fab name for a female cat; it means ‘lark.’

  • Calypso: A beautiful nymph in Greek mythology.

  • Chantrea: This Cambodian word means ‘moon.’ How about using this name for a gorgeous white furball?

  • Claudette: Of German origin, this word is the feminine of Claude.

  • Debbie: A term inspired by the moniker of a biblical prophetess, Deborah.

  • Delfina: A Spanish name that was inspired by the name of the French Saint Delphine. Talk about being multicultural.

  • Eldora: Call your golden kitty Eldora; it means ‘blonde.’

  • Eleena: A Spanish word that means ‘shining light.’

  • Farfalle: A beautiful Italian term that means ‘butterfly.’

  • Galilah: Of Hebrew origin, it is a feminine name that means ‘God shall redeem.’

  • Gavenia: It is a word with Scottish origins. It stands for ‘white hawk.’ You can give it to your white-haired playmate.

  • Gracie: A beautiful female name that was derived from ‘grace.’

  • Hattie: A female name that describes someone as ‘a ruler of a house’—just like your kitty cat.

  • Inama: It stands for ‘wild animals’ in Zambian. Perhaps your cat was formerly feral, or you’re interested in learning how to tame a feral cat because there’s one that clicks with you.

  • Ivana: A Czech word that means ‘God is gracious.’

  • Iyonna: A Greek word that means ‘gracious.’

  • Joaquina: A Spanish name that means ‘God shall establish.’

  • Jorie: Of Hebrew origin, it stands for ‘God will uplift.’

  • Jynx: A concise name that was inspired by a quirky Pokemon.

  • Kali: A Hindu word that means ‘black.’ Inspired by the goddess Kali.

  • Kameko: This Japanese word means ‘superior child,’ because your cat is really special and like no other.

  • Kamilah: This word stands for ‘perfect’ in Egyptian. Give her this name if she is your ultimate friend.

  • Kayo: It is a term commonly used in boxing. It means ‘to knock out.’ It is a snappy name for a cat that naps all the time (or ‘get knocked out,’ as the saying goes). Want to know precisely how much cats sleep? Don’t miss out on this article.

  • Kelly: It stands for ‘aggressive and lively.’ Choose this name if your feline friend has any of these traits.

  • Laine: A Scottish term that means ‘from the long meadow.’

  • Lassie: A catchy name that simply means ‘girl.’

  • Laurel: It means ‘fresh green plants or shrubs.’ Overall, it is a sweet-sounding word for a cat’s name.

  • Lavernia: A French name that defines ‘someone who was born in the spring.’

  • Lilja: A Finnish word that means ‘lily.’ It would suit a cute, playful kitten.

  • Maia: The name of a Greek goddess of spring.

  • Mallory: The word stands for ‘army counselor.’

  • Manya: A word with Russian origins; it means ‘bitter.’ Bitter can be good too. Just look at caffeine and chocolate.

  • Melinda: A feminine term that is a combo of two popular names respectively: Linda and Melissa.

  • Melosia: This Spanish name stands for ‘sweet.’ This name is quite suitable for your furry sweetheart.

  • Miyu: A cute name with Japanese origins; it stands for ‘beautiful moon.’ This name can be used for a white and cute kitty.

  • Nelly: A catchy name that was derived from the word ‘Eleanor.’ It means ‘bright or shining light.’

  • Nicole: A name that means ‘victory of the people.’

  • Porschea: A variant of Shakespeare’s Portia.

  • Rainaa: It means ‘queen.’ Handpick this name for your domestic queen.

  • Ruwa: It stands for ‘beauty’ in Arabic. It would make a great moniker for beautiful kitties like the Persian.

  • Sabine: It is a German word, derived from Sabrina.

  • Siri: It is a Nigerian word that means ‘tiger.’ As tigers are closely related to cats, your cat will wield this name with pride.

  • Snowball: A beautiful name for a cute white kitty.

  • Suki: A Japanese word that describes someone as ‘beloved.’ If your cat is big, just add ‘Dai’ to the word. Dai means big, so Daisuki perfectly denotes your big bundle of beloved baby.

  • Svetlana: A Russian word that means ‘star.’

  • Thalia: This Greek word means ‘blooming.’

  • Tilly: A girl cat name that means ‘mighty in war.’ Great naming option, as we all know how some cats can scare off dogs several times their size.

  • Tinkerbell: For a cute, fairy-like cat.

  • Uma: This stands for ‘second daughter’ in Nigerian.

  • Wynda: A Scottish word that means ‘from the narrow passage.’

Wrap Up

Every kitten is an angel with whiskers. S/he deserves an exalted term of endearment—a name that does not hail from the list of the most common cat names.

Exotic names may have more than two syllables, but that is not an issue, as shortening a moniker is always an option. Furthermore, your focus should always be on names that roll off your tongue easily.

exotic short hair cat lying on the couch

Concluding the list, all we hope for is that we have helped you land the perfect name for your kitty cat by now. We have tried our best to come up with a passel of terms that are epigrammatic and thoughtful. Summation of meanings and other related info were purely made to give you the best pet naming experience.

Have you ever tried an exotic name for your cat? If yes, what inspired you to pick that particular moniker? How did you find our comprehensive list above? Do share your words in the comment box. If none of the names above appealed to you, perhaps some French cat names will be better suited for your refined tastes.

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