Fall Cat Names: Fall in Love with These Charming Names for Your Pet

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Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Fall is clearly one of the most beautiful seasons. Colorful trees, Halloween, candies, and goodies—all these make autumn a truly exciting time. Whether it’s because your cat was born in autumn or because you simply love the season, it’s a great idea to pick a name for your cat from our list of fall cat names.

Pet names reminiscent of fall are just oozing with cuteness and charm. Butterscotch, Pumpkin, Autumn—these pet names evoke such a positive and warm feeling. With so many inspirations, you’ll have a hard time choosing which one’s the best for your pet, but we’ll make it easy for you.

First off, we’ll give you some charming Halloween-inspired names. And of course, since fall and Halloween are all about yummy treats, we’ll also share with you a list of cute names inspired by food related to those. Lastly, because fall is often associated with the color orange, we’ll also share with you some of the best names for orange and calico cats.

Best Halloween-Inspired Cat Names

gray cat with a halloween pumpkin

Whether your cat was born during the Halloween season, or you just love Halloween, pet names inspired by Halloween are just so much fun. There are so many popular Halloween characters to choose from; you’ll have an exciting time selecting a Halloween-inspired name for your pet.

Bellafrom the Twilight series; a beautiful human-turned-vampire
Bladefrom the horror film trilogy Blade; the superhero who is out to rid the world of vampires
Boobecause Halloween is all about boo-ing
Buffybased on the popular character Buffy the vampire slayer
Carriefrom Stephen King's movie of the same name, Carrie-inspired Halloween costumes are simply creepy
Casperwe can't leave out the friendly ghost
Charmedfrom the TV series Charmed, because Halloween is a great time for witches and magic spells
Cleopatraone of the most popular Halloween costumes, inspired by the beautiful queen of ancient Egypt
Cobwebcobweb decors simply make Halloween more fun
Cousin Itt / Ittinspired by the weird hairy character in The Addams Family; a most fitting name for long-haired cats
Cruellainspired by the cruel villain in Disney's 101 Dalmatians
Damienfor true Halloween fanatics, you can't miss out Damien's Rising Zombie trendy Halloween prop; this is a great name for male kittens born during the Halloween season
Dantenothing is more horrifying during Halloween than Dante's Inferno from the Divine Comedy; this is a perfect name for male cats with literatti cat parents
Demonif you've got one nasty cat, this would be a perfect fit. Don’t forget to check out our list of evil cat names
Devila mischievous name for a male cat that's as handsome as the devil
Dexterif you've got an innocent-looking but secretly nasty cat just like the popular serial killer from the TV series
Dracoshort for Dracula; can also mean “dragon”
Draculathe most popular vampire of all time
Edwardif you've got a handsome and cool cat, this is a great name inspired by the Twilight saga character
Elvirainspired by the Mistress of the Dark; a great name for an all black female cat
Exorcistif you're into horror movies, this will be a perfect name for your pet
Fangthe perfect Halloween-themed name for cats that love baring their fangs
Festerinspired by Uncle Fester in The Addams Family
Frankensteinif you want a great monster name, nothing beats this
Frankyshort for Frankenstein
Freddyfrom the horror film Nightmare on Elm Street
Ghosta great name for cats that love appearing out of nowhere like a ghost
Goblinan excellent Halloween monster-themed name for cats with monstrous appetites
Gomezinspired by Gomez Addams in The Addams Family
Gremlinthis is the most fitting monster-themed name if your cat is as cute and mischievous as a gremlin
Grimma great Halloween-themed name for an all black cat
Hallieshort for Halloween; a pretty name for a pretty cat
Halloweenthe most fitting name for kittens born during the Halloween season
Haunteda great name for cats that love haunting certain parts of the house
Hitchcockif you're into horror and mystery, you should name your pet after the master of horror, Alfred Hitchcock
Hocusshort for hocus pocus
Hocus Pocusbecause Halloween is all about magic spells, witches, and monsters
Igorfor some reason, many horror movies have a character named Igor; maybe because the name itself sounds frightening
Jackshort for jack-o-lantern
Jack-o-Lanternbecause Halloween won't be complete without Jack-o-Lanterns
Jacobinspired by Jacob Black, the handsome shapeshifter werewolf in the Twilight saga
Jasonwhen it's Halloween, you just can't skip watching Friday the 13th over again; this will be a great innocent-sounding yet totally terrifying Halloween-themed name for your pet
Jekylla great name for a cat that's sweet and friendly one second, but nasty and terrifying the next moment
Killera charming name for cats with killer charms
Knightperfect for the male cat that always stays with you to protect you like a knight in shining armor
Lucifera tough name for tough male cats
Magica cute Halloween-themed pet name, because Halloween is not just about monsters and witches, but also magic spells. Check out our list of magical cat names
Medusaan elegant yet frightening name; perfect for beautiful cats with hidden nasty charms
Merlinno one can cast a better magic spell than Merlin, the most famous sorcerer of all times; perfect for the cat that has cast a spell on your heart
Midnighta great name for an all black cat; fitting for Halloween
Monstera cute and mischievous name for your pet; perfect for a monster-filled Halloween-inspired pet name
Morticiainspired by Morticia Addams from The Addams Family
Nightmareperfect if your cat likes to disturb your sleep at night; a great Halloween-inspired name for your pet
Poeinspired by Edgar Allan Poe
Poltergeistinspired by one of the scariest movies ever made
Psychoinspired by the classic psychological-horror film starring Norman Bates and directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Pugsleyinspired by Pugsley Addams from The Addams Family
Ravenan elegant yet horror-themed name for an all black cat
Ripleyinspired by Ellen Ripley, the iconic character from the movie Aliens
Salemif you've got a witch of a cat, this would be a perfect name inspired by the witches of Salem
Samif you're into TV series that are full of vampires, this is a great name inspired by Sam Merlotte from True Blood
Scarecrowa perfect name for super thin cats that just won't gain weight no matter how much you feed them
Sookieinspired by the main character in the TV series True Blood
Spookbecause Halloween is all about getting spooked
Spookya great name for cats that are just a little bit spooky
Stepheninspired by Stephen King, the king of all things horror
Tarashort for tarantula; also inspired by Tara Thornton in True Blood
Tarantulaone of the scariest creatures of nature
Thinginspired by the spooky hand from The Addams Family
Treatsimply because having your pet beside you is a treat
Trickperfect for trick-loving cats
Tricksterthe most fitting name for trickster cats
Trolla mischievous monster-inspired name for your pet
Vampfor your beautiful and otherworldly pet
Wednesdayinspired by Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family
Weenieshort for Halloween
Witchiea cute nickname for a witch-like cat. We’ve also got a list of exotic Wiccan cat names

Delicious-Sounding Cat Names

cat with candies

Fall isn’t just about the beautiful colors of nature; it’s also about food. The colder weather increases our appetite, and there are just so many delicious dishes, treats, and snacks that are associated with autumn and Halloween.

Choosing a name inspired by all these delicious foods will surely be an exciting challenge for you.

Amarettoa sweet golden-brown liquor that perfectly mirrors the colors of autumn; a sweet fall-themed name for your cat
Apricota healthy orange-colored fruit that goes well with autumn; a cute name for orange cats
Barmbracka Halloween-themed Irish food; a charming but delicious-sounding name for your cat
Bonfire Toffee / Bonfire / Toffeeone of the most popular treats for Halloween; a cute food-inspired name for your pet
Butterfingera sweet name for your cat inspired by a yummy chocolate treat
Butterscotcha great Halloween treat and a cute name for your sweet pet
Candynothing's sweeter than naming your feline pet Candy
Candy Applea traditional Halloween treat; a great name for kittens born in fall
Candy Cornanother traditional Halloween treat; a pretty name for a sweet cat
Cantaloupea nice name for orange cats
Caramelanything that has caramel in it is simply great for Halloween; a sweet name for golden-brown kittens
Caramel Cornnothing beats snacking on this sweet treat during Halloween; a pretty name for your sweet cat
Caramelloinspired by the yummy Cadbury candy bar
Carrotif it's orange, then it must be Carrot
Cayennea great name for fierce cats, inspired by the reddish spice
Cheddara cheesy name for cute cats
Cheetoinspired by the orange-packaged cheese-flavored cornmeal snack
Chilia strong name for fiery-tempered cats
Cidera perfect drink for fall
Cinnamonan aromatic spice; a fitting name for cats with spicy tempers
Clementinea great name for orange cats. Do try our list of orange cat names for more suggestions
Doritoinspired by the popular snack
Mangoa yummy tropical fruit; a nice name for sweet kittens
Nachoperfect for cats with golden-brown coats
Peachesa pretty name for gentle but cute kittens
Peppera charming name for pets that add spice to your life
Pumpkina fitting name for kittens born during the Halloween season
Pumpkin Piea cute name for your cute orange kitten
Pumpkin Spicea nice name for an orange cat that has a temper
Reeseinspired by the chocolate that's packaged in autumn colors; a great name for kittens born during fall
Satsumaa fruity name for orange-colored kittens
Soul Cakebecause the pleasure of being with your pet brings joy to your soul

Charming Names for Orange and Calico Cats

orange cat lying

Orange and calico cats always remind us of fall, simply because the colors of their coats are reminiscent of the colors of autumn. There are so many cute and charming names for orange and calico cats to choose from. We’re giving you several examples of the most popular names for these colorful cats.

Alania name inspired by a Hawaiian tree with orange blossoms
Amarilloit means yellow in Spanish; a great name for yellow-orange cats
Ambera pretty name inspired by the dark orange color of glassware
Apricata pun on apricot. Find many other punny cat names here
Aslaninspired by the great lion in The Chronicles of Narnia; a great name for a kitten that loves to act as if he's the king of the jungle
Auburna pretty name for cats with reddish-brown or dark ginger coats
Autumna fitting name for cats with coats that reflect the colors of autumn
Blazea charming name for cats with blazing colors on their coats
Brassa great name for brass-colored cats
Buttercupinspired by the pretty yellow flower; a cute name for cute orange kittens
Cal (male) or Callie (female)a twist on calico
Chiantian elegant red wine-inspired name for your graceful cat. Our list of alcohol names for cats might entice you
Chrysanthemuma flowery name for a pretty orange cat
Colbya charming cheese-inspired name for your pet
Copperperfect for cats with copper-colored coats
Crimsona strong name for cats with reddish coats
Cuervoa tough name inspired by the popular tequila brand
Currya spicy name for a fiery-tempered orange cat
Dandeliona pretty flower-inspired for your beautiful pet
Dandy Liona pun on dandelion
Ernieinspired by the orange and black-colored Sesame Street character
Flamea strong name for your flame-colored cat
Flynninspired by the Celtic name referring to “the son of a red-haired man”
Forsythiaa pretty flower-inspired name fitting for pretty kittens
Garfieldbased on the popular cartoon cat
Gingera classic name for orange-colored cats
Goldiea cute nickname for golden-colored cats
Hobbesinspired by Hobbes, the cute Bengal tiger in Calvin and Hobbes
Juliusinspired by Orange Julius, the popular beverage maker
Maizya fitting name for cats with hair the color of maize
Maplea great name that evokes visions of colorful maple leaves during autumn
Monarchinspired by the monarch butterfly which has the same coloring as calico cats; a great name for cats that act as if they're royalty. Also, check out our list of royal cat names
Nemoinspired by Nemo, the adorable orange Disney fish; a great name for a lost cat that found a home in your arms
Oriolethe beautiful oriole bird sports the same coloring as your orange cat
Poppya cute name for cats that are as beautiful as red poppy flowers
Prince Harryinspired by the red-haired prince
Rainbowsimply because calico cats are so colorful, just like a rainbow
Rojoit means “red” in Spanish; a great name for cats with reddish coats
Rorya traditional Gaelic name which refers to “the red king”
Roseif you're looking for a pretty flower-inspired name, nothing beats Rose
Russeta colorful name for cats with russet-colored coats
Rustya great name for cats with coats the color of rust
Saffrona spicy name for red-coated cats
Scarlet or Scarlettan elegant name for cats with red or orange coats
Sunflowerperfect for cats with a sunny disposition
Tiggera great name for cats with tiger stripes
Tigressperfect for your fierce female cat
Titianan elegant name for your red-haired cat
Tortie or Tortoisea cute nickname for cats with tortoiseshell-patterned coats
Treasurebecause gold is a treasure, just like your pet is your treasure

Wrap Up

calico fall cat

Choosing the right name for your pet can be very challenging, and yet it can be quite exciting too. We hope you were inspired by the numerous fall-inspired cat names we have listed here.

If you have more ideas for great autumn-inspired cat names, do share them with us. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. During fall, double-coated cats shed a lot. Check out our article on how to stop a cat from shedding so you’ll be prepared.

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