Fat Cat Names: When the Base is All that Counts

Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

Today, humans have become so successful in using our brain to prevail instead of our brawn that we are now the proverbial apex predators, having more food than we actually need. This is especially obvious when we take a look at our pets—they are overweight more often than not. This is why an average pet feline is a perfect candidate to bear one of our creative fat cat names, and there is no shame in that.

There is hardly an animal (including humans) that wears the extra padding with more grace than a cat. As long as she or he is healthy, a bit of extra fat just shows that there is a loving and caring family behind that luxurious posterior. Take pride in this and show it off with a descriptive name, such as one of the names from this article.

We will give you a couple of ideas. First, there is a list of names inspired by food, as the foremost and most logical choice. The next one is a list of endearing names for your endearing chubby cat. Take a look; there should be at least one that is a perfect fit for your kitten.

Food-Inspired Names for a Rotund Feline

fat cat wearing hot dog costume

Food is what brought you here in the first place, so why not give one of these names a try?

Of course, most of the names given in this list are inspired by human food. Sweet, spicy, and processed food are not healthy for cats, and you should avoid giving those products to your pet. We know it is hard to resist that longing stare, but our cats‘ health is always the priority.

  • Beefcake. Because who doesn’t like sarcasm.
  • Big Mac. If your companion were a human, these McDonald signature burgers would likely have influenced their physique.
  • Biggie Fry. You always have room for just one more French Fry, just as there’s always time for just one more petting session.
  • Bon BonBonbon is a collective term for sweets in French. Bon literally means ‘good’). Find many other sophisticated French cat names here.
  • BurritoFor better or worse this has become a signature Mexican dish. An ever-popular bundle of goodies, just like your cat.
  • Butter BallA food manufacturer, who specializes in turkey and other poultry; there’s a good chance they played a role in shaping your cat’s figure, so give credit where credit is due.
  • Buttweiser. A reference to a classic American brew and a way to sneak in reference to your cat’s padded behind.
  • CantaloupeSweet and round, what more is there to say?
  • CarmellaWhile this name gives associations to caramel, Carmella is also the stage name of the professional American WWE wrestler Leah Van Dale.
  • CheeseburgerI can have?
  • Cream PuffA light and fluffy snack rich in calories; perfect for a cat who refuses to let his/her extra pounds weigh them down.
  • DulceSweet, creamy dessert made of caramelized milk.
  • Fluffy MuffinWhy not name your cat after one of his/her most adorable features, the fluffy muffin top.
  • FudgeSoft, sweet, creamy goodnes… 
  • GoobersGoober is a combination of peanut butter and jelly, as sweet as your cat.
  • HersheyFounded back in 1894, this American company has been producing milk chocolates for over a century, and it makes for a great name for a cat with a brown coat.
  • Hot Dog. If your cat is both a fan of food and has a dog for a best friend.
  • Jelly RollAlso known as Swiss roll, this is a sponge cake roll filled with jam; if your cat has many layers, but they’re all sweet, this is the name to go with.
  • Lard-ass. Lard is pig fat, so if you want to call your cat a fat ass, without being too obvious, this is the name for you.
  • MarshmallowYour cat prefers to pretend his/her appearance is mostly due to a big, fluffy, (white), coat, so this is the name to go with.
  • MeatloafPerfect name for a rock and roll fat cat; this is a name that references both a classic dish and a classic rock artist, Michael Lee Aday, stage name: Meat Loaf.
  • MelonA yellow cat with a hefty posterior would be a perfect candidate for this name.
  • Mr. ButterworthSo refined and sweet, yet always has food on his face.
  • Pork ChopFor that cat who’s a true omnivore, and eats everything put in front of him/her.
  • Porky. Slang for being rather fat and also a reference to an early ’80s comedy, what more can you ask for in a cat name.
  • Puddin. Depending on where you learned to speak English, this is either a specific dish or a collective term for all deserts.
  • PumpkinPerfect for a ginger cat.
  • Punkins PieA classic American (Thanksgiving) dessert, and a term of endearment that is especially good if your cat is orange and somewhat round.
  • RambutanThe name of this exotic fruit makes a cute name for a long-haired male cat. In Indonesian, Rambutan literally means ’hairy.’
  • Sausage. If your cat is tubular, why not lean into it with this classical fat cat name?
  • Snack Pack. For that cat that is always on the hunt for the next meal, or sneakily tries to hide away food for later.
  • Taco. Another signature Mexican dish; the only good taco is a big taco. Find many other Mexican cat names here.
  • YamBecause she likes the ’yum-yums.’

Endearing Names to Show Off Your Well-Rounded Love

tabby cat eating cake like crazy

Cats are gourmands, just like people. They like to eat together with their human family and want to taste everything you eat. Sometimes it is hard to tell them off, and you give in to their charming persuasion. After all, a bit of meat on the hips looks good on them, maybe even makes them cuter.

We know your heart melts every time you look at that loving ball of fluff, so we’ve made a list of suitable names.

#1: Names for Female Cats

  • Aubergine. The shape similarity is undeniable.
  • Beluga. This is a whale known for its high-pitched twitter. A nice name for a fat cat that has a tinny voice.
  • Bertha. After Big Bertha, a fictional character in Marvel comics.
  • Boo-Dee. Like booty, but a bit softer.
  • Bovine. Again, a more subtle way to state the obvious.
  • Curvy. All those curves just make her look more feminine, don‘t you agree?
  • Dat Ass. Perfectly suiting, especially for a plump female.
  • Fatty Patty. A nickname for a cat called Patricia.
  • Fatty Puss. Self-explanatory; she is fat, and she is a cat.
  • Gattona. This word means ‘big female cat.
  • Goo Goo. Your cat is as cute as a chubby baby.
  • Hyde. A funny name for a shy, yet corpulent female.
  • Koa. It means ’strong and mighty’ in Hawaiian. Click here for many other unique Hawaiian cat names.
  • Largie Margie. For an elegantly plump Margaret.
  • Mega. Comes from a Greek word ’megas,’ meaning ’great.
  • Miss Jiggles. Because the way she moves is just too adorable.
  • Miss Large and In Charge. A bit of a mouthful, but there is no better name for a bossy and big female.
  • Miss Piggie. This beloved Muppet character might be overweight, but she is clever, funny, and endearing just like your favorite girl.
  • Miss Priss. She holds her large physique in very high regard.
  • Miss Round n Proud. There is no shame in having those curves!
  • Muff Puff. Gorgeous fur and a hefty cat underneath it? Then she is a perfect candidate for this name.
  • Obeast. A play on words, because she is an obese beast.
  • Paddy. For being well-padded.
  • Poofball. If you have a long-haired chubby beauty, try this.
  • Poofy. A perfect combination for a lady cat who is both fluffy and rotund.
  • Pookie. Her chubbiness only adds to her cuteness.
  • Rotunda. If you want to put it gently, but keep the theme.
  • Rubenesque. Have you ever seen some of Rubens‘ paintings? Maybe he was inspired by your cat‘s curves.
  • Sequoia. A lovely female name after one of the largest growing trees in the world.
  • Thunder Butt. Perfect for a feline that is very proud of her voluminous posterior.
  • Tonka. Tonka is an American toy company known for their toy trucks.

#2: Names for Male Cats

fat white cat meditating after lunch

  • Atlas. The titan who was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity.
  • Balboa. After Rocky Balboa.
  • Bam-Bam. Some cats are not a subtle as expected. If you have a big boy that is not very gentle when expressing affection, this might be a perfect name.
  • Barn. For a cat as big as a barn door.
  • Barrel. Your furry boy resembles a barrel, and it is very obvious.
  • Bear. Fitting for a grey or brown chubby buddy.
  • Biggie.Plain and simple, if you like to tell it like it is.
  • Biggums. After Chief Wiggum from ’The Simpsons’; a cool name for a Russian Blue.
  • Biglet. Just like a piglet, but emphasizing the size, not the appetite.
  • Bloat. Maybe he is not fat, just bloated?
  • Boomer. A quiet stride is not his best feature. He is so big that you can hear him walking around the house.
  • Bouncer. He is a security guard of your household, and no one passes without his permission.
  • Bruiser. His size makes him look intimidating, but he is a sweetling underneath all that padding.
  • Bubba. Perfect if your big boy has younger and obviously smaller, siblings.
  • Bucko. He is big and kind of clumsy, but you forgive him.
  • Buddha. Your cat does somewhat remind you of Buddha, especially when he meditates after lunch.
  • Buffalo. Big, hairy, cute, and loud. If those four things define your feline buddy, look no further.
  • Bull. Perfect for a large, heavily built breed like the Siberian cat.
  • Burly. He is not just fat, but also big-boned.
  • Cartman. Cartman is also not fat, just big boned.
  • Chinook. Also known as Boeing CH-47, an American aircraft known for its massive size.
  • Choo Choo. When he starts running he really gains momentum. Nothing crossing his path will be left standing.
  • Chubalub. Because calling him ’Chubby’ is a bit too boring.
  • Chubby Bum. Perfect for an outdoor cat that only comes home when it‘s time for lunch.
  • Colossus. Just like the ancient statue of the Greek titan god Helios, your tomcat is awe-inspiring and humongous.
  • Cookie Monster. He will do anything for a treat, except for losing weight.
  • Diesel. All that food is fuel for a very powerful engine.
  • Dozer. A shorter version of ’Bulldozer.’
  • Fat Louie. After a character from ’The Princess Diaries.’
  • Fatso. Don‘t worry, he won‘t mind.
  • Fattkins. He is definitely not going to go on a diet, at least not of his own free will. Click here to find out more about how to help a cat lose weight.
  • Foodar. No food escapes his sixth sense. The moment you open the fridge he spontaneously materializes in front of you.
  • Garfield. A classic, after the notorious fat cat that hates Mondays, but loves lasagna.
  • Gargantuan. Gargantua is a fictional giant from the novel series ’The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel.’
  • Giant. Just because every other cat looks like a miniature compared to him.
  • Gordito. Fat Boy.
  • Grizzly. This name is a perfect fit for a Bobtail cat mix.
  • Heffalump. Derived from ’Cephalo,’ meaning ’head,’ but with a twist. He is a smart, big boy!
  • Hulk. Hulk is also big and strong, so why not?
  • Hummer. The bigger the cat, the louder the purr. Your cat is a champion here. Find out more about how cats purr here.
  • Immy. Short for immense.
  • Jabba. After Jabba the Hut; you might find similarities here and there, don‘t you think?
  • Jumbo. Because he comes only in jumbo size.
  • Jupiter. The largest planet in the Solar system; perfect for the largest member of your feline family.
  • Lillemis. Danish for ’a little cat.’
  • Macro. meaning ’enlarged.’
  • Magnum. Associated with things that are larger than they should be, just like your fluffy best friend.
  • Mammoth. Hairy and big—the first two words that come to mind when describing your cat‘s appearance.
  • Marmaduke. Originally a Great Dane in a comic strip, but this is still a perfect name for a huge, good-natured cat that likes to be carried.
  • Massimo. Italian version of Maximus, meaning ’the greatest.’
  • Maximus. Because he is the greatest, not just in size but also in character.
  • Mighty. For a male that is not afraid to show his strength.
  • Mixalot. As the famous rapper once said: “I like big butts and I cannot lie!“
  • Moocher. His pretty face is always full of food, and you have no idea how.
  • Moose. A fitting name for a dark brown male.
  • Mr. Chubbs. Adding some style to the plain old ’Chubby’; after all, your cat is a gentleman.
  • Nanook. A polar bear from Inuit religion. A perfect name for a big, white male.
  • Norm. Because he is eNORMous.
  • Pudge. After Pudge the Butcher from ’Dota 2,’ known for his immense appetite.
  • Refrigee. Because his safe haven is the refrigerator.
  • Rhino. Another animal with an admirable posterior.
  • Slim. Obviously ironic.
  • Sluggo. For a fatso who is also a couch potato. Why bother running? He worked so hard on that round belly, it would be a shame to lose it.
  • Stybba. The small horse in the ’Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.
  • Tank. He is hard to move, but when he gets going there is no stopping him.
  • Tartok. Originally a name for a horse, this is an unusual name for a black cat with a white marking on his forehead.
  • Taurus. From Latin, meaning ’bull.’
  • Terk. The humongous but sweet gorilla from ’Tarzan.’
  • Thunder. He has a mighty physique and a voice to match it. If it ever gets too much, click here to find out more about how to get a cat to stop meowing.
  • Titan. Deities from Greek mythology, enormous in size.
  • Ton. He could weigh a ton if you only let him eat as much as he wants.
  • Tub O Luv. Because there is a lot of him to love.
  • Tummy. Is there anything more pleasing than burying your face in that big belly?
  • Tyson. After Mike Tyson, of course.
  • Wallop. For a tomcat known to use his hidden strength when defending his home turf.
  • Whopper. He is so big that even neighbouring dogs don‘t dare to pick a fight.
  • Wobbles. All that padding is very wobbly and you would gladly risk a scratched hand just to rub that belly!

Wrap Up

orange fat cat sitting on coach

Even a cat that is overweight does not lose any of his/her natural grace. Furthermore, a cat that is a bit on the chubby side looks more domesticated and timid. A name accentuating your cat‘s love for food isn‘t shaming; in fact, it is a term of endearment.

With all of that said, it is important to know the significance of a healthy feline diet. In the majority of cases, human food is not healthy for cats, and obesity can lead to many health issues that drastically reduce the lifespan of your cat. Make sure to provide a healthy and balanced diet for your cat, and you two will be happy together for many years to come!

Did you find a good name for your cute little ball of fat and fluff in the list above? If you’ve come up with a few creative ideas of your own, do let us know in the comments section below! If your cat is getting too fat, it’s important to get him/her to exercise. Learn how to play with a cat here so you’ll be able to help him/her slim down the fun way!

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Jeremy Vaughn
Jeremy Vaughn

Jeremy Vaughn is a member of Canadian Professional Pet Stylists, who lives in Winnipeg. Creating new looks for cats and other pets is his passion. Jeremy shares his house with the wife and wonderful Siamese cat.