Flower Names for Cats: Beautiful Monikers for Your Charming Feline Friend

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Stella Noble
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You cannot think about the beautiful aspects of nature without thinking about flowers. Looking at them brings about a peaceful and even romantic feeling. Flower names have been used for babies and everything else that people hold dear. Needless to say, cat lovers and owners have also explored tons of flower names for cats just to pick the perfect one for their kitty.

These can just be lists with many beautiful names to pick from, or they can actually be great sources of names that wholly represent your cat’s identity.

siamese cat smelling flowers

We have chosen to work with the latter and delved into the records to collect every bit of information concerning each individual flower name. We have gone a step further and suggested the kind of cats that most of them would suit in terms of physical traits, character, and breed among other aspects.

It is normal to imagine that flower names are meant for female cats, right? This is not the case. There are a lot more flower names for male cats than you think. Several others can suit either a molly or a tomcat. For more details on this, walk hand in hand with us as we lead you a world where it’s always springtime and flowers are always blooming.

Flower Names for Female Cats

orange kitten lying with lavender

Female cats come packaged in a delicate and whimsical nature. They also represent beauty, affection, and charm. Flowers are a true representation of these. Here are several that you can choose from.

  • Acacia. The name is of Greek origin, and it means ‘honorable.’ The acacia shrub has yellow and white flowers. Wattles also refers to the same bloom. It will do for a molly with yellow patches.

  • Acantha. A Latin name derived from the Greek word for ‘thorny.’ The flower is white or purplish with spiky edges. It’s used in Chinese traditional medicine as well as for making herbal tea. In Greek mythology, Acantha was a nymph goddess and Apollo’s lover. A quarrel led to her being transformed into a spring flower.

  • Altheda. The name is a variant of Althea. It’s a Greek name which means ‘to heal.’ The moniker brings to mind the healing abilities associated with a cat’s purrs. To learn more about this, check out our article on how do cats purr.

  • Alyssa. A Greek name derived from that of the alyssum flower. The blossom was believed to cure skin diseases, madness, and rabies. Variants of the name include Alice, Ellisa, and Alisa.

  • Amaranth. This flowery and exotic name is of Greek origins. It means ‘unfading.’ The blossom is of many colors from green to purple. It would suit a feline with endless energy.

  • Amaryllis. Derived from a Greek name for the lily-like flowers. It means ‘sparkling.’ In the folktales, Amaryllis was a nymph who wandered in a forest. It will do for a kitty who enjoys the outdoors. Nicknames: Lia, Amara, and Litsa.

  • Aster. Name your furry friend after this beautiful star-shaped flower. The moniker is of Greek origin. By shuffling around the letters, you can have Tresa as its anagram. A name for a molly who brightens your life.

  • Ayana. An exotic name befitting a pretty cat. It’s of Ethiopian origin and stands for ‘a pretty flower.’ It soared in popularity after Stephen King’s short story Ayana—a tale about a mysterious girl with healing powers.

  • Azalea. A Latin name which means ‘dry earth.’ Carl Linnaes, a Swedish botanist, coined it. It will do for a molly who loves to play with dirt.

  • Begonia. This name was coined by French botanist Charles Plumer. It’s in honor of a former governor of Haiti, Michael Begon.

  • Bellflower. An English compound name of bell and flower. This flower gets its name from the bell-like shape made by its petals and bud. It’s also called Campanula, which will do as an exotic name for a kitty.

  • Buttercup. One thing that makes this flower unique is the smoothness of its petals. It will do for a Sphynx cat. Traditionally, people believed that the flower gave butter its yellow color, hence the name.

  • Calla. An elegant and expensive lily flower. The name is of Greek origin and stands for ‘beauty.’ It’s not a common name. Hence it will make your molly stand out. Nicknames: Cali, Cal, and Allie.

  • Camellia. An evergreen flowering plant that is native to southern Asia. Its leaves and buds are a good source of tea. It’s named after the Czech botanist G. J. Kamel in honor of his works. Nicknames: Cammy, Cam, Mia, and Mila.

  • Dahlia. The flower is named after the Swedish botanist, Andres Dahl. It’s a favorite in wedding floral arrangements. It will do for a Mexican cat breed considering its the country’s national flower. Click here for many other Mexican cat names.

  • Daisy. A name for a peculiar molly. Daisies open their petals during the day and close them at night. They symbolize love and beauty.

  • Daphne. A flower name derived from the Greek mythology. The minor goddess Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree to save her from Apollo, her jilted lover. She was associated with mountains and water bodies.

  • Fleur. French for ‘flower.’ It’s an elegant and exotic name for a female cat. There’s also a character in Harry Potter with this name.

  • Flora. From the Latin word flos which means ‘flower.’ Flora is the ancient Roman goddess of flowers and spring. Variants: Fionn and Finola.

  • Freesia. A name for a people-friendly molly. The flower is named after German botanist Friedrich H. T. Freese.

  • Hana. A Persian name derived from the henna plant. In Japanese, it means ‘flower’ or ‘blossom.’ It’s also a variant of Hebrew name Hannah, which means ‘favors.’ A simple and cute name with a rich history.

  • Heather. White heather is native to Scottish moorlands. It has been used by the Celts to symbolize good luck and protection. The moniker will do for a loving and family-friendly molly.

  • Holly. A flower that is mostly associated with Christmas festivities. Hollies are known to persevere even in the harshest of winters. You now have a name for a kitty born on Christmas. It will also do for a persistent cat.

  • Iris. Apart from the Iris flower, the moniker also refers to the Greek goddess of the rainbows. It will do for a colorful tortoiseshell cat. Click here for many other name suggestions for tortoiseshell cats.

  • Ivy. Name your moly after the Celtic symbol of friendship. Its vines continue to grow after being cut, signifying a resolve to overcome and prosper. A name for a fierce and determined molly. It became more famous after American hip hop artist Jay Z named his daughter Blue Ivy.

  • Jasmine. This Arabic moniker refers to the flowering olive plants. The Disney movie Aladdin brought it to the forefront. Princess Jasmine is the protagonist’s love interest. It will do for a graceful molly. Variants: Yasmin, Jasmin, and Jazmin.

  • Lavender. A name derived from Latin for ‘bluish.’ In popular culture, English actress Jessie Cave played the character Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter movies. It will suit a cat with ‘bluish eyes’ like one from the Ojos Azules breed.

  • Leilani. A Hawaiian name which means ‘heavenly flowers.’ Variations of the name include: Leia, Leighton, and Leila. Carrie Fisher played the character Princess Leia in the Star Wars films by George Lucas.

  • Lily. A Latin name which means ‘pure,’ ‘pale,’ or ‘white.’ One of the most recognizable and popular flowers. The ancient Greeks believed lilies to have grown from Hera’s milk. Lilies come in a wide array of colors, making it a name fit for any molly. Variants: Lilia, Lilian, Lillie, and Lilyanna.

  • Magnolia. This floret is named after French botanist Pierre Magnol. The moniker is derived from a Germanic word which means ‘great,’ ‘strength,’ or ‘hard.’ It will do for a well-trained molly.

  • Marigold. This floret has disc petals of yellowish orange color. The name is derived from Mary’s gold. This is an epithet that is associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. The moniker will do for a cat with a marbled orange coat.

  • Mimosa. A name for a shy molly. This lovely flower is yellow in color. Its leaves fold when touched. The moniker is derived from Latin name for ‘mime.’ Nicknames: Mia, Mimi, Mo, and Mosie.

  • Petunia. An English name derived from the South American word tupi, which stands for ‘flower.’ In popular media, Petunia Dursley is Harry Potter’s aunt in J. K. Rowling’s novels.

  • Poinsettia. This beautiful red star-shaped flower is native to Mexico. It’s known as the ‘Christmas Eve flower.’ It’s used during the festival for decorations. A name for a cheerful molly.

  • Poppy. An ornamental bloom which produces opium from some of its species. It’s associated with sleep and peacefulness. In California, US, it’s the state flower. A name for a contented cat.

  • Primrose. It’s derived from Latin for ‘first rose.’ This could be because it’s among the first to bloom in spring. The Primrose Day is held on the 19th of April to commemorate the death of former British PM Benjamin Disraeli.

  • Rosemary. An English name which is a combination of Rose and Mary. It refers to the bitter rose flowers. In Latin, it means ‘dew of the sea.’ Variations that may interest you include: Roisin, Rosa, Rosalie, and Roselyn.

  • Samantha. A relatively new name that was invented in the 17th century. It’s derived from the masculine Hebrew name Samuel, which means ‘flower of God.’ It’s a favorite among celebrities. It will do for a show cat.

  • Senna. The moniker is derived from Arabic word sena, which means ‘brightness.’ Sen and Senny will do as nicknames. Senna is an Amazonian vampire in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga. A name for a vicious white molly.

  • Sharon. A Hebrew name which means ‘plains.’ In the Old Testament of the Christian bible, Sharon Plains was a habitat for roses. It’s a unisex name but has recently been favored for girls. Sharon Stone, the American actress, is among the many notable persons with the moniker.

  • Sunflower. The name will suit a cat who enjoys sunbathing or an outdoor cat. Flo, Flow, Sun, and Sunny will be suitable nicknames.

  • Tulip. The flower originated from ancient Persia. They were traditionally worn on headgears. This practice led to it standing for ‘turban’ in Turkish. It’s not a popular name, but it’s fast catching up. Tulip is a character in Storks, a Warner Bros animation movie.

  • Violet. A French name derived from the beautiful bluish-purple flower. It’s associated with ‘modesty’ and ‘innocence.’ Its variant, Viola, was made famous by William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. Violeta will also do as a cute variant.

  • Willow. The graceful willow trees are flexible and slender. These sound like qualities that you would wish on your cat. Former US presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, has a daughter with this name.

  • Zinnia. A Germanic feminine name of Latin origin. These beautiful flowers belong to the aster family. Zin, Zinn, and Zinya are cute variants of the moniker.

Flower Names for Male Cats

gray cat with clover

Male cats carry an aura of authority and dominance, but who said that this could not be blended with charm and gentleness? This is where the flowers come in. Here are some names that represent this.

  • Bryonie. This plant has lobed leaves and white flowers. It’s used in herbal medicine even though it is a highly poisonous species. Bryony, Briony, and Bryonia will do as variants. A name for a trouble-brewing molly.

  • Carnation. This floret was used in ancient Greek festivities. It was intertwined to make ceremonial crowns. Folktales have it that the goddess of hunting, Diana, ripped out the eyes of a boy from which the flower grew. With such a sad tale, the name would suit a moody feline.

  • Clover. Clover has long been associated with good luck and prosperity, especially the four-leafed ones. It will do for a lucky rescued cat. Interested in rescuing a cat but don’t know how to do it? Here’s all you need to know about how to adopt a cat.

  • Daffodil. The name is of Dutch origin. It’s the national flower of Wales. It’s an unusual name for a cat. The only upside is that Daffy would be a cute nickname for your molly.

  • Garland. The flower is usually used to decorate Christmas trees. It’s also hung on a person’s neck during celebrations. The name is derived from an Italian name which means ‘braid’ or ‘plait.’

  • Hazel. A name inspired by the ‘witch hazel’ flower. It has been associated with intelligence in the Scottish mythology. It’s believed that eating the reddish brown hazel nuts increases knowledge and creativity. The moniker will do for a furry friend who is your muse.

  • Honeysuckle. The flower is named as such due to the sweet nectar it produces. Its plant is the twining kind. The name will do for a sweet and clingy cat.

  • Hyacinth. The flower gets its name from a hero in the Greek Mythology. It allegedly grew on his grave. Three days of festivals were held annually in his honor. The name will do for a brave tomcat. Hya will do as a nickname. You can tweak the name into Cynthie for a molly.

  • Lori. It’s derived from Latin for ‘Laurel tree.’ Laura will do for a molly. Lauren and Lori are other suitable variations of the moniker.

  • Lotus. As far as popularity goes, this name tops the list. From car models to music albums, the world can’t seem to have enough of it. In Egyptian folklore, lotus fruits are said to induce deep sleep. A unique, gender-neutral name for a lazy cat.

  • Orchid. The name is derived from Greek for ‘testicles.’ It has twin tubers or roots that are shaped as such. Considering how difficult it is to get a masculine flower name for a cat, this is truly a gem!

  • Pansy. French for ‘flower.’ The epithet is used among urbanites to refer to men or boys who are ‘soft.’ It will suit a tomcat who has a gentle demeanor.

  • Petal. The name was made popular by the Australian animated TV show Petals in the late 1990s. It will be a cute name for a fluffy kitten.

  • Pheony. The name is of Greek origin. It is derived from Paeon. He was a student under the god Asclepius. The god became jealous of him. Zeus turned him into a flower to save him. A name with such a thrilling story behind it will certainly do for your smart and talented tomcat.

  • Posey. It’s a small flower that is pinned on clothes or used as a hairpiece. It’s a French name derived from a Greek word which stands for ‘brothers of Jesus.’ It will do for the smallest kitten in a litter. Posy and Posie will do as variants. Tyler Posie plays the lead character in MTV’s Teen Wolf television show.

  • Rhodie. The name is derived from Rhododendron, a woody plant with brightly colored flowers. It’s the state flower for some Indian states as well as West Virginia and Washington, US. It will do for a cat with a pale coat.

  • Sage. A gender-neutral name which means ‘herb’ or ‘wise.’ Ancient Greek philosophers were known as sages. It will suit an intelligent cat. Intelligent cats need not just physical stimulation, but also mental stimulation. Learn how to play with your cats properly here.

  • Tansy. This bloom has button-like flower heads. Ancient Greeks cultivated it for medicinal purposes. It’s still used as a component in some medicines to date. Golden Buttons is another name for the flower. Tanisha will do for a molly.

  • Thistle. A flower that has sharp prickles which act as a defense mechanism. Traditionally, it was used to combat plagues. Today, it’s used to treat stomachaches and as an aphrodisiac. Scotland has it on its national emblem. It will do for a tomcat who loves to scratch on your furniture. You might want to build a DIY cat scratcher for him so he will leave your furniture alone.

  • Trillium. The flower has three petals. That’s why it’s associated with the Holy Trinity. It’s also known as the ‘three-parted lily.’ Ohio uses it as the state flower. Nicknames: Trilly and Tri.

  • Wisteria. It’s a climbing plant with violet, pink, or white flowers. It’s named after 18th-century American doctor Caspar Wister. Traditionally, it was used as a prayer symbol. In the Victorian era, it was a symbol of excessive love. It will do for a clingy tomcat.

Wrap Up

white and orange cat playing with camomile

Names inspired by flowers became a popular trend in the late 19th century among parents and even cat owners. It is just natural that people would want to use names that represent charm, beauty, peace, hope, and even a dash of romance for those that they hold dear.

Fortunately, flower names are more than just looks and feelings; they also represent character, personality, and the cultures of the people that created them.

The names are often borrowed from deities and heavenly bodies among other things in people’s lives and history. They are also inspired by desired behavior and attributes in the society. With this knowledge at your fingertips, it is possible to choose a name that encompasses all aspects of your cat’s life into one sweet moniker.

Which of the names made it into your shortlist? Do you know of any other flower names that would suit cats? Tell us about it below. If you love flowers, you may have a garden, or you may keep houseplants. Be sure to read our article on how to keep cats from eating plants because you don’t want your cat to get poisoned accidentally.

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