Food Names for Cats: A Serving of Great Options

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

Are you a foodie? Did you just get a cat? Surely, you know that you can name your cat after food, but perhaps you are still finding it hard to choose the perfect food name for your cat. To help you, we have made a list of food names for cats that we know you will love.

We understand that diversity, originality, and uniqueness are the three things you have in mind when choosing a name for your cat. We have also kept those in mind to ensure we only bring you the cream of the crop when it comes to cat names that are inspired by food.

With this very wide range of coverage, even if you were not a foodie and you would just like something unconventional for your cat, we are sure that you are going to find what you’re looking for in here.

We have taken into consideration the different courses of food available—namely snacks, desserts, and the main course. You’ll have to decide between many great options below because our menu has the finest, most extensive of selections. Don’t believe us? Let’s get right to it then.

Cat Names Inspired by Main Meals and Ingredients

cat sitting at the table with a lot of food

The intro served as the appetizer, and now we go straight to the main course. Let’s see what kind of servings your male or female cat can get a name from.

#1: Names for Male Cats

  • Alfredo – The rich sauce made of cheese (parmesan) and butter typically served with spaghetti is Alfredo

  • Bacon – You must have heard that loving Bacon too much might be bad for your health. This time, there is an exception to that medical rule

  • Barley – A type of grain that is usually grown in temperate regions around the world. It finds as much application in drinks as it does in solid food

  • Basil – Referred to as the ‘king of herbs’ by many, it is an ideal choice for pet owners who want to lavish their cats with all the love and care in the world like they were royalty

  • Burrito – You will truly be honoring your cat’s Mexican heritage if you give him this name. If you decide that you like Mexican names, we have plenty more to offer at this link

  • Butter – For a cat that is slippery, yet irreplaceable in your life, here is the name you have been waiting for

  • Caesar – A kind of salad with chicken and delicious dressing

  • Carrot – If your cat is a carrot top and you want to underline that fact, check out our article on orange cat names

  • Cheddar – For cats rich in personality that you just can’t resist

  • Cheerio – Also used as a form of hearty greeting, Cheerio is a popular brand of breakfast cereal

  • Chip – A slice of potato, plantains, or anything else that can be deep fried. They usually turn golden after. Got a golden male cat?

  • Frito – There are two reasons why you could choose this name for your male cat. One could be your love of the corn chips. On the other hand, it could be the sweet tooth you have for the Frito pie

  • Fry – After the popular French fries, your cat with a golden coat is just as delicious, and you can’t seem to get enough of him

  • Graham – Borrowing its name from the Graham cracker, it is usually given to cats that are brown in coat color

  • Gumbo – Get to Louisiana and find out for yourself how popular this stew is

  • Kale – In a world of foods, Kale is believed to be a superfood. In the world of cats, wouldn’t you want your fur baby to be a supercat?

  • Meatball – And you can name the second cat Mr. Spaghetti so that they will get along and become fast friends

  • Meatloaf – ‘Loaf’ for short; meatloaves are comfort foods made from ground beef, spice, and sauces

  • Nacho – The combination of tortilla chips with melted cheese topping is already great on its own, but nachos will still allow you to have something else on it to make the experience personal. Each serving of nachos is special, just like your cat

  • Pesto – This refers to a wide variety of foods. It translates to ‘anything made by pounding’

  • Pita – And if you’ve got another one, name him Hummus. That way, they can be best friends for life like the legendary Pita and Hummus

  • Pizza – Pizzas are an embodiment of many things that are blended perfectly. Just as the way pizzas contain awesome mixes of cheese, dough, and sauce, so does your cat bring on board much love, cuteness, and sweetness

  • Quiche – Everyone can say ‘scrambled eggs,’ but not everyone knows that the fancy name for it is Quiche

  • Reuben – Reuben is also a common name for males, but not in this context. Here, it is that hot sandwich made from a combination of corned beef, swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on rye bread

  • Taco – A traditional Mexican meal which gains popularity almost everywhere it goes

#2: Names for Female Cats

  • Chickpea – Chickpea is one of the earliest legumes to be cultivated. You could opt for the shortened form ‘Chic,’ or ‘Pea’ if your female cat is rather small

  • Feta – Ask for exotic names, and you get this Greek cheese which is made from sheep’s milk. It can also be made from a combination of milks obtained from both sheep and goat

  • Nugget – What does this remind you of? Chicken nuggets? More than that, we think it is a great name for your compact cat

  • Nutmeg – We kind of prefer it when this name is shortened to just ‘Meg,’ but that is your choice to make. It is a type of ground spice that is used worldwide

  • Pepper – Pepper is a great name for that very active pet, since it is in itself an active ingredient in food. It helps if the cat has a ginger/yellowish tint to their coat

  • Ziti –Ziti is a tubular-shaped pasta from Italy. Find many other Italian cat names in this page

Cat Names Inspired by Desserts

tabby cat eating cakes

There’s a ton of desserts in the world and everyone loves them. Be it as a standalone meal or as part of different courses, dessert times are that part of the day everyone looks forward to.

Chances are, you’ll find your perfect dessert on this list and see the reason why you should give that name to your cat.

#1: Names for Male Cats

  • Alaska – Anything associated with Alaska is usually white, isn’t it? There is actually a type of dessert named Alaska, and it is a baked mound of sweetness that contains such things as ice cream and meringue. This would totally be an awesome name for a white cat. Find many other name recommendations for your beautiful white cat here

  • Aroma – A word that describes the smell of freshly-baked dessert. Apt for a male cat that has a unique way of announcing his presence to you

  • Bean – Inspired by vanilla beans that are used in the making of certain desserts

  • Biscuit – A very cute name for an affectionate cat

  • Carob – Although very similar to coca, this variation has been deemed way healthier than chocolate. It needs no telling that it would go on so well with a brown or a black cat

  • Carpone – A tough-sounding name, this was actually inspired by mascarpone. If you still don’t know what it is, mascarpone is a type of strained thickened cream which tastes sweet

  • Cobbler – Heaven forbids we use this to mean a shoemaker. Far from it. Rather, it is a special kind of dessert which is usually made with fruit filling

  • Cocoa – Cocoa is the crop from which a lot of delicious beverages and snacks are made. The crop itself comes in characteristic colors of either black or brown. Suitable for males, you can use this based on your cat’s color or his strength (because a well-made cocoa drink is a strong beverage)

  • Colaz – If you were not experienced with dessert, you would easily mix this up as being a donut. On the inside though, it is flavored with vanilla and cloves

  • Cookie – A type of sweet dessert that can be made in a variety of ways with tons of recipes

  • Donut – Fried dough which is usually circular in shape. They can come with or without filling

  • Dundee – Expressed fully as the Dundee Cake, this dessert is as sweet as the name sounds

  • Junket – It is a special type of pudding made from milk. Junket is not very popular today due to it being an old-fashioned recipe. Since it is not a common name anymore, it makes a unique name for your white cat

  • Mace – A special kind of spice that is used in cakes and desserts

  • Mousse – The Ideal name for a big cat. Even though it refers to a type of dessert, it rhymes with ‘moose,’ which is a very big animal too

  • Muffin – There will always be that proud and perky cat in the bunch. That is the cat that gets this name

  • Napoleon – No, we are not referring to the French ruler. Used in a vanilla or custard slice, the Napoleon is a type of French (not surprising, is it?) pastry

  • Oreo – This can be said to be one of the best desserts in the world, and you know that too. If it is not black on the outside and white on the inside, it is not an Oreo. Even though they are black on the outside, they are sweet (creamy and white) on the inside. This name is best suited to a tuxedo cat; for other tuxedo cat names, visit this page

  • Rocky – For a solidly built, muscular, and strong cat, Rocky from ‘Rocky Road Ice Cream’ is an apt suggestion

  • Sherbet – A fruit and dairy product, usually frozen, that tastes great on a very hot day

  • Soda – Soda makes the list because desserts are baked. That’s why there’s always some baking soda somewhere in the mix. As baking soda is important to the baking process, so is that cat a very important addition to your life.

  • Sundae – A kind of dessert that is often a mix of different flavors, creams, and sauces. It would be an apt name for that cat which has different peculiarities that are all sweet. In the same vein, you could apply this name to a cat with a multicolored coat

  • Whip – What you do to cream when you want to make it even thicker

  • Zest – The product of grating off the outside of a lime or a lemon fruit skin. It gives off a tangy flavor—similar to how you would feel about an active cat

#2: Names for Female Cats

gray cat with green apple

  • Apple – A popular fruit that finds application in desserts too (remember that sweet bowl of apple pie?), here is how to tell your new cat that she is the apple of your eye

  • Berry – Chances are, if you don’t like one kind of berry, you would be in love with the other. That is why we have included something that finds much importance in the making of desserts

  • Blondie – Even before we go on to explain this, you should have a hint as to what cat you will be giving this name to. In the dessert world, it stands for a brownie made with white chocolate

  • Buttermilk – You can shorten this to either of Milk or Butter, and you would still have a great name for your cat. Inspired by a type of milk used in baking

  • Caramel – An ideal name for the sweetest cat in the world. Know why? Because caramel itself is made from the heating together of a variety of sugars to obtain a single, mind-blowing flavor

  • Castella – This beautiful name is borrowed from a multipurpose sponge cake of the same name

  • Cherry – Use this on a bright orange cat

  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon is not a dessert in itself but still finds good application under the topic. It is a kind of spice used to give more flavor and taste to desserts

  • Cupcake – Another name for a small lady cat is Cupcake, which represents a range of small cakes having different flavors

  • Eclair – We know this to be a kind of pastry that is filled with cream and topped with pastry

  • Filo – Easy name to pull off, Filo is yet another type of light pastry

  • Ginger – Usually yellowish in color, this name will sit well on, well, a ginger cat. If you have a ginger cat, perhaps you’ll find our special article on orange cat names useful

  • Gypsy – From ‘Gypsy Tart,’ which is made from a mixture of evaporated milk and muscovado sugar

  • Honey – The sweet and healthy nectar. No matter how much love you get from that sweet little feline of yours, there is no side effect that you should fear

  • Jelly – A kind of food with a bouncy, chewy consistency

  • Lady – Inspired by the dessert Ladyfingers, it is a great name for a refined and elegant cat. Likewise, those who have exotic breeds (imported from abroad) could go for this name

  • Mallow – Or ‘Marsh,’ this is the short form of Marshmallows – which we all know to be small, white/pink softballs of sweetness

  • Mango – Yet another fruit used in the making of desserts. This one is a tropical, tangy fruit. For more names with a tropical nuance, try our article on Hawaiian cat names

  • Muffin – This dessert is usually small and sweet, and is a great name for a small cat

  • Pie – A dessert that can be made in a variety of ways, with various fruits and following different recipes. No matter how it is done, though, it remains as sweet as ever

  • Praline – Made from nuts, sugar, and cream, Praline is a sweet name for an exotic cat breed

  • Sorbet – Sorbet is a frozen dessert that is made from sweetened water. It is usually made even sweeter with the addition of flavoring

  • Sprinkles – Sprinkles stand for a kind of colored sugar which is sprayed onto the top of a desert. Since they don’t take up much of the dessert itself, it is a nice name for a female cat that has small dots of other colors on her fur

  • Sugar – What does this remind you of? Something sweet, usually white and pure, and very important in dessert making

  • Toffee – Toffee is a kind of flavor found in rich and decadent desserts

  • Valencia – This is not the name of the Spanish city. Rather, it points to a dessert pie that looks as elegant as it sounds

Other Food Names for Cats

black cat on pumpkins

We’ve had a tasting of desserts and a mouthful of the main course for both male and female cats. Stepping away from the table, here are some casual names inspired by everyday other foods—typically candies and snacks.

Even though too much of candies and snacks are not good for you, you won’t be able to get enough of your cats when you give them names such as follows:

  • Bubble – From bubblegum, this for that sweet, multicolored cat that won’t leave your side

  • Gum – For those who don’t want to go with bubble

  • Hershey – The name could be for brown or black cats

  • Lollipop – Apt name for a cute and cheerful female cat

  • Munchie – Cats are big eaters. Very big eaters indeed. If yours is an even bigger eater who likes to munch up everything he/she has in sight, consider this name

  • Nutella – A sweetened spread of hazelnut cocoa that is also a fun name for your feisty cat

  • Peanut – For that pint-sized cat that can nearly fit in your pocket

  • Pickles – Because you have been in a pickle over what to name that cat for so long. What better way to remember that, right?

  • Pumpkin – Does your cat have bright colors on top of his/her bold stripes? Why not consider naming them Pumpkin?

  • Reese – From Reese’s, this is a great name for cats. It can be used on any cat that has either brown, orange, or a mix of both colors on his/her coat

  • Skittle – Fruit-flavored candy that is made in a lot of bright colors. It is very apt for that cat that loves to run around the place

  • Sushi – Personally, we think this is the perfect name for a Japanese cat breed, like the Japanese Bobtail. Find many other Japanese cat names in this link

  • Taffy – No matter the sex, this name goes well with a very sweet cat

  • Vanilla – After one of the most popular flavors in the world; it would make for a great name option if your cat is of a popular breed too, like the Abyssinian, for example

Wrap Up

orange cat wearing pizza costume

We made a promise that we were going to give you so many relevant options, you will find it hard to pick which one to give to your cat at the end. Did we deliver?

Which of these food names for cats made your final list? Let us know about them in the comment section so that the community can help you decide on which to stick with. If you think you’ve had too much to eat, so you want to exercise your creativity a bit to burn calories, try our article on creative cat names.

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