French Cat Names: A Name for Your Lovely Cat from the Country of Love

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When we think of France, we think of romance, beauty, and eternal love. The whole world is besotted by this country—its history, heritage, cuisine, art, language, and so much more! Now we might not be so lucky as to live there or speak French, but we can always keep France close to our hearts by giving our new fur baby one of the sweetest and most meaningful French cat names.

The French tend to speak in a lilting, musical note. Their accent is to die for. Imagine being able to incorporate the accent into your own speech every time you call out to your cat! Also, if you give your cat a name inspired by this language of love, surely you’ll be able to better convey the love you have for your feline friend. French names are also a given if you have a French cat breed such as the Chartreux.

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In this article, you will find many beautiful French names you can pick for your cat—whether your cat is a monsieur or a mademoiselle. Don’t worry; we have provided the meanings as well as some descriptions to make your life easier! Read on for our top suggestions.

French Names for Your Male Cat

There are countless French names that are suitable for all types of male cats, but we have shortlisted the best ones under three easy categories for you. Now you can make the right choice without further ado!

#1 Some of the Most Popular Names

Let’s start with the most popular boy names first, so you know exactly what French people like.


Do you treat your cat like nobility? Then Acel is a good pick for you. Meaning ‘adherent of a nobleman’, Acel is a short yet sweet name, which can even be shortened to Ace as a nickname.


Here’s another name that is very popular in France. Clément means ‘gentle.’ It sounds gentle too, don’t you think? Imagine how pretty it will sound whenever you call out to your cat!


We are sure that you have heard this name at one point or another in your life—whether in a show, a movie, a book, at school, at work, or in the neighborhood. It is, after all, one of the most popular French names ever.

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The meaning is pretty great as well; it means ‘conquering.’ So if your cat has conquered your heart and you don’t mind giving him a common name, we suggest you keep this one on your list.


While Enzo is cute, Gustave is very, very obviously French. What’s interesting is that the name even belonged to a very accomplished French artist of the 19th century. Perhaps the best part of this name is that whoever hears it will instantly find it to be an uncommon one. They are sure to ask you why you bestowed it upon your cat! Go ahead and tell them that it’s French, and maybe even tell them about the famous French artist. Might make for a good story over a cup of tea!


Some cats love winters because they can more or less hibernate in a cozy, warm bed, or enjoy the sun while lazing on a soft window perch. Javier is a French name which means ‘born in January’, which makes it a good match for fur babies who were either born in winter or those who love the cold weather and some snow.

#2: Names Based on Personality

Still looking for more options? Let your fur baby’s personality shine through with a suitable French name with the perfect meaning!


Cher means dear. Need we say more? It rolls off the tongue nicely, don’t you think? It’s very French, too! Naming your cat Cher is a good way to show how much you love him.


Easy to pronounce, but definitely a powerful name! And why wouldn’t it be with such a strong meaning? It means ‘of the king’; so you can be the king of the house, and your cat can be your little prince Delroy! Not that you need to shorten such a beautiful name, but you can even call him Del or Roy occasionally if you’re into nicknames for your beloved pets.


Some people believe that cats are great protectors and keep evil spirits and energies away from the house. If you’re one of those believers or are amused by the idea of such feline protection, then spend some time thinking about how Edmond sounds to you!

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Edmond means ‘prosperous protector.’ And here’s another nickname idea: Ed or Eddy. How cute is that?


Let us start off with a commonly used French word that you will hear everywhere if you visit France. Monsieur literally translates to ‘mister’ in English. So if your cat is a gentleman with impeccable manners, then he deserves to be called Monsieur for sure.

P.S.: On the other hand, if his manners need some work, why not visit this webpage on how to discipline a cat?

If this name sounds a little incomplete to you right now, you can always attach a second name to it—such as Monsieur Enzo—to fancy things up even more!


We just talked about ‘of the king,’ so here’s a name that just means ‘king.’ If you think your fur baby is the rightful king of the house, here is a name that is a fit for him!

#3 Names Based on Coat Color

A lot of people will agree that sometimes coloring makes a big difference in what cat they decide to get. Are you one of those who love gingers? Do you love black cats because they look so mysterious? Or do you like to have variety in the form of a mix of colors? Let’s take a look at some names that you can choose based on coloring.


You guessed it! Bleue literally translates to the color ‘blue.’ But it definitely makes one of the cutest names for your cat. If you have a British blue, a greyish blue, or a midnight blue cat, this name will sound very suitable for him.

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But don’t restrict yourself to just the color of your cat’s fur. Bleue will also be perfect if your cat’s eyes are blue.


Corbin means ‘raven-haired,’ so it is perfect for cats who have dark fur or are black like ravens. A Bombay cat should be able to shoulder this name proudly.


This is one name with a lot of personality, but we have added it to the color category for one reason: it means ‘like a lion.’ A lot of people might name their light brown cats after the famous Simba from The Lion King, just because their cats resemble little lion cubs. But you can do something different by naming him Dillon instead. It doesn’t just sound sweet—it also has a great meaning!

French Names for Your Female Cat

We’re done with the boys. Now it’s time to pay attention to girl names for all of you who are planning to get a female cat. This section for female cat names has also been divided into three categories so that you can make an informed decision for your new cat!

#1 Some of the Most Popular Names

Just like before, we will start off this section with the most popular names for female cats.


Have you seen the famous French movie called Amelie? Have you wondered why it was called that? Probably because Amelie is another highly popular name in the country. It means ‘hardworking or industrious,’ and though we might all know that cats can be really lazy and not hardworking at all, it is still a very cute name to give your new fur baby!


Is your cat always waiting on you, while you’re in the shower, in the kitchen, or getting ready for the day?

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Camille means ‘young ceremonial attendant,’ and will suit cats who always seem to be accompanying their humans because they love them. It also sounds very refined, which we’re sure your new cat will also be!


Literally meaning ‘young green shoot of a plant,’ Chloé is one of the most popular names in France. It sounds sweet so we’re hoping that your new cat will take after the name and be the sweetest thing you have ever laid your eyes upon! We’re also guessing that you’re most likely to get a kitten, so the ‘young’ bit of the meaning applies here!


This is probably one of our favorite French names. It means heaven or sky, which in our opinion is such a beautiful meaning.


Is your new cat the latest love of your life? Then what are you waiting for! Call her Juliette. It means ‘youthful.’

#2 Names Based on Personality

Every cat has a distinct personality, just like humans! Here are some female cat names that might be suitable based on your cat’s personality.


You can probably guess the meaning of this name. Yes, it means ‘like an angel or angelic’! So, your little angel can surely be called Angelique.


This is a very beautiful name. It actually means ‘peaceful,’ so it should be the right choice for a cat who just likes to chill out and live a happy life with no worries at all!


Is your new kitten the baby of the house? Does everyone spoil and adore her?

cute kitten wearing some yellow flowers on the head

We suggest that you consider naming her Bebe, which means baby. It’s one of the shortest and cutest names we have suggested so far!


Does Belle remind you of Beauty and the Beast? Of course it does! The Disney animation was an adaptation of a fairy tale written by a French novelist, and Belle means ‘fair or lovely one.’ Your cat’s name should be just as lovely as she is.


Are you a fan of Bonnie’s character in The Vampire Dairies? We think she’s really sweet, and that is exactly what the name means: sweet! If your new girl is a sweetheart and just wants to show you affection with cuddles, meows, and purrs, then she is definitely a Bonnie!


Suppose you got a new kitten who is tiny but looks like such a lady. What do you do? You name her Charlotte, of course! This pretty French name means ‘tiny and feminine.’ We give it extra points because Charlotte also happens to be Prince William’s daughter’s name. She is known as Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

#3 Names Based on Coat Color

If you want your cat to have a French name that complements her beautiful coat color, then we have a few names for you! Read on to find out which ones can work out for you and your new cat!


We’ve already talked about Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. So let us ask another question: who hasn’t heard of Cinderella? We grew up in awe of the princess, just like you might currently be in awe of your gorgeous new cat!

But let’s go beyond Disney right now. Cinderella comes from the French name Cendrillon, which means ‘little ashes.’ We all know grey cats look ashy, so if your new cat is a nice ashy grey, Cinderella is an option for her!


Here’s the perfect name for your golden baby! If your cat is blonde or even champagne-colored, then Doreen is a perfect match because it literally means ‘blonde.’

black and white cat looking at the camera

If you’re into nicknames or terms of endearment, you can always shorten it to Dor or Dori occasionally. Though we think Doreen is perfect on its own too!


Does your cat’s fur shine in the light? Is she fair, or a very light grey? The French name Estee means ‘star,’ so it would definitely suit shiny cats. It might even work on cats who are black, but with a white spot on their coat that reminds you of a starburst in the night sky.


Like Estee, Estelle also means star, so we suggest that you use this for light-colored cats, white cats, black cats with some white spots, or cats whose fur is extra shiny. Although we have placed Estelle below Estee, we actually prefer it because it sounds very feminine and unique. So if you want your cat’s name to be more than just cute, Estelle is the right choice.

Wrap Up

So that’s the end of our list! Naturally, there are many other wonderful French names you can choose for your cat, but we’ve collected those we thought were the easiest to pronounce and the most meaningful for you in this article. Hopefully, you’ve fallen in love with one or more of them.

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If you think we have missed out on any pretty French names that you love, please tell us in the comments section below, and feel free to share the meanings as well! If you’d like to look around the world a bit more before you decide on the perfect name for your cat, how about browsing our article on Egyptian cat names?

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