Gray and White Cat Names: Just the Right Dose of Sophistication and Simplicity

gray and white cat
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Gray depicts neutrality, dullness, and feelings of loss and depression; but it is also a sign of sophistication. White, on the other hand, represents cleanliness, purity, and perfection, but can also denote simplicity. When your cat comes in a gray and white coat, the traits above plus many others can give you a variety of choices for a name. Gray and white cat names sweep across various shades of both colors plus the qualities that they represent. They are so many that you will be spoilt for choice.

With such a wide range of monikers, how do you choose the one that suits your kitty? Gray and white colors are found all around us. From physical features to heavenly bodies, plants to animals, and many other things, there is no limit to items that are gray and white. We looked for all these and compiled them for you. To make your work even easier, we explained their other qualities apart from color. With this information, you can easily connect your cat to a name that makes him stand out from the rest.

We have enough names for male and female cats. If you are into cute or popular ones, you cannot exhaust our list. We also have a couple more borrowed from popular media. We’ve also got a section dedicated to unique cat names. Get ready and let’s shop for a name.

Gray and White Names by Gender

Apart from gray and white, the following names stand for beauty and elegance. Nothing represents your cat more than a name that brings out his/her sophisticated aura. Any of the names below would be a great choice for him/her.

#1: Male

gray and white kitten sleeping

  • Comet. Take inspiration from this celestial body that is characterized by a bright ball of gases that are released when it comes in contact with the earth’s atmosphere. It usually has a tail that fades as it moves on. A name for a cat with a long, furry tail.
  • Galaxy. The shiny stars and clouds of dust and gas that make up galaxies surely do bring a sense of wonder, just like your cat. The name is derived from the Greek term for the Milky Way, which can also be a suitable name. For many other extraterrestrial inspirations, check out our list of space cat names.
  • Iron Man. If you are a fan of hard metal or comics, then the appeal is obvious. A name for a tough and happy-go-lucky tom.
  • Joe Grey. Cat lovers familiar with the mystery series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy can relate to this character. Grey leads a team of sleuth cats in solving hair-raising crimes in their neighborhood. The name will do for a large and powerful gray tomcat.
  • Juneau. The capital city of Alaska, US. With a wintry climate, the name will do just fine for a gray and white tom. It’s named after Joe Juneau who was a Canadian gold inspector.
  • Mackerel. These are fish that live near the bottom of oceans in large groups. They have scales that give grayish white reflections when light falls on them. A name for a kitty who enjoys fish or swimming.
  • Orion. A name from Greek mythology. It means ‘son of fire.’ It will do for a cat whose eyes shine bright.
  • Polar. A name inspired by the cold and snowy climates of the Polar Regions. The areas are also inhabited by polar bears which have gray muzzles and white fur that make them blend in with the environment. A name for a huge feline.
  • Sterling. The name was given to pre-medieval silver refiners. It will do for a molly who keeps herself well groomed. It means pure or something of high quality and value.
  • Twister. A name for a gray tomcat who is violent or easily spooked. Twisters turn a bright day dull by wreaking havoc everywhere it passes.
  • Wolf. A name inspired by gray wolves. These are pack animals that can be white or gray or a mix of both. They are excellent hunters, making the name good for a mouser who enjoys the company of other felines.

#2: Female

gray and white cat lying

  • Andromeda. A space name for a gray and white cat. The name is inspired by the galaxy which appears as a spiral mass of bright stars with an epicenter. The name comes from a princess of Aethiopia kingdom in the Greek mythology. After her death, she was placed in the constellation that now bears her name.
  • Celeste. A moniker derived from ‘caelestis’ which is an Italian word that means ‘heavenly.’ The name conjures the image of a silvery and cloudy sky resembling your gray-white molly.
  • Chrome. This shiny metallic finish has the right amount of chromium for that grayish look. The name is derived from Greek for ‘color.’
  • Discoball. Does your cat overindulge in catnip and go all crazy? Well, here is a name for her. Makes you wonder how much catnip can you give a cat.
  • Lana. This moniker is used in different languages to mean ‘precious,’ ‘little rock,’ or ‘wool.’ The name will suit a molly with a thick coat who knows how to stand her ground.
  • Pebble. Inspired by the soft and round stones which get their look from the weathering action of water on their surfaces. The name will do for the smallest kitty in a litter. Peebs or Pebbles will do for a nickname.
  • Phoebe. A name borrowed from a Greek word that stands for ‘the shining one.’ It will do for a molly with a silvery gray coat. The Titan Phoebe is associated with the moon.
  • Rhyhorn. Pokémon fans will identify with the rhino-like creature that has a rock hard gray body with white toes. The moniker will do for a huge but peaceful and playful kitty. Check out our list of Pokemon cat names.
  • Salix Alba. Combine your love for science and cats to come up with a unique name for your gray and white four-legged friend. The moniker is the scientific name for willow white tree, which is so named for the white patches on the underside of its leaves. A name for a slender and graceful molly.
  • Winter. Get inspiration from the coldest season of the year. The moniker will fit a cat who seems to tolerate the cold weather better than others. The name comes from an Old European word that means ‘water.’

Cute Names for Gray and White Cats

gray and white cat relaxed

Cute names don’t always have to be meaningless. It is possible to have one that truly represents your cat. Each of these names is great. Read on to find out if any will appeal to you.

  • Dots. A name for a cat with a gray coat and round patches of white fur. Similar names: Spots, Patches, Pops, Specks, and Freckles.
  • Foggy. A name for a people-friendly but rather dim tomcat.
  • Lily. A gray tabby who has an innocent look about her will do justice to this name. A cute flower name brings out the beauty and purity of your cat. Variants of the moniker include Lillian, Lilian, and Lilith. Lil will do as a nickname.
  • Luna. The Latin term for ‘the moon.’ The moniker is derived from one of the personifications of the Roman goddess of the moon, Artemis. Selene will also do as a name inspired by a goddess. Other variants include Lina, Lena, Lona, and Lyna.
  • Marbles. These smooth round stones come in all sizes and colors just like cats. A name for a molly who looks soft, but tough on the inside.
  • Misty. A simple name for a kitty who came to you during a chilly night. Mist and Missy will do for nicknames.
  • Sparkles. A cute name for a gray molly especially one who enjoys the holiday as much as you do. The name will also do for a fashionable or a show cat.
  • Storm. Storms are characterized by dark gray cloud formations and bright lightning flashes. The moniker best describes a molly who has violent outbursts. Stormy will do fine for a nickname. Tempest is a fashionable variant of the name.
  • Sylvie. A cat with gray hair brings out the illusion of a feline who is still wild. The name is of French origin, and it means ‘from the forest.’ Sylvia will do as a Latin variant of the name with Syl for a nickname. Find many other cool French cat names here.
  • Tinsel. A gray and white cat will sparkle just like these decorative threads. You can also go with Lametta for a cat with beautiful silvery eyes that make her stand out.
  • Tom. The ever-popular gray and white dim-witted but funny cat from Tom and Jerry. The name will do for a fun loving cat who is a poor mouser.

Unique Names for Gray and White Cats

gray and white tabby cat

If you are looking for names that won’t coincide with every other cat in your neighborhood, here’s a list for you. We have included names for both male and female cats. Have your pick below.

  • Alpine. The climate associated with mountains or high altitudes. It’s mostly patches of ice due to the cold weather and barren gray fields. A name for a huge cat with a terrible attitude.
  • Asteria. This name refers to the Greek goddess of falling stars and nightly beings. Similar names include Aster, Asti, and Astrid. Star will be a catchy nickname should you choose the name.
  • Checkers. A name for a keen and intelligent cat. This strategy game is also known as Draughts. It’s a board game that requires skill to win. The board has two distinct colors, hence its inspiration for naming a cat with a gray and white coat.
  • Flint. An outcrop of this stone usually occurs in chalk, making it resemble your gray and white feline. The stones produce sparks when struck with a metal. The moniker will befit a big or tough-looking male cat who is easy to agitate.
  • Furby. A big tabby with a thick gray and white coat surely looks like a Furby toy. Coupled with large eyes and ears and the resemblance to these owl-like toys becomes uncanny.
  • Gray Back. Another name for gray whales. These creatures are huge and gray in color with white patches on their skin due to mottling caused by parasites. A name for a huge kitten.
  • Koala. Large head and fluffy ears are some of the traits of these small tree-dwelling bears. They have dark snouts with bright underbellies and gray fur. The moniker will do for felines who love outdoor activities like climbing trees, or for a kitten who likes to stay close to his mother just like koala babies who stay pouched up by their moms. If your cat likes to climb trees but doesn’t know how to climb back down, check out our article on how to get a cat out of a tree.
  • Nanook. A name derived from Native American mythology. The Inuit revered the master of polar bears who went by the moniker. Variations of the name include Nanook, Nanuk, Nanok, and Nanooq; take your pick.
  • Phoenix. White patches in the backdrop of an ashen coat bring to mind the mythical bird rising up from its own ashes. The moniker will do for a male cat who is free-spirited and knows how to lift your spirits no matter the circumstances.
  • Tundra. A name inspired by the arctic environment with little or no vegetation; the land is dotted with gray outcrops and ice slates. The name will do for a cat with a coat dotted with white patches of fur.
  • Twilight. With a gray and white coat, your cat appears neither too dull nor bright just like the twilight. You can also tap into the mythical world and get inspiration from the Twilight saga about vampires and werewolves by Stephanie Meyer.

Gray and White Cat Names from Popular Media

gray and white cat lying on floor

The media has a way of bringing characters to life. If any of their characters match your kitty’s personality or traits, feel free to adopt their names.

  • Baloo. White toenails and muzzle. Big belly, obese, laid back, and fatherly. These are just some of the traits of the bear from “The Jungle Book” films and television series. Papa Bear, as he is also known, is Mowgli’s friend who teaches him how to live a fulfilled life without any care in the world. A name for a carefree kitty.
  • Berlioz. Although Duchess steals the show in the Disney film The Aristocats, it’s hard to forget her quiet but mischievous kitten, Berlioz. He is headstrong and loves to pick fights with his sister Marie. He has a gray coat with a lighter stomach and an unmistakable red bowtie; a name for a naughty and fun loving male cat.
  • Christian Grey. It’s hard to talk about the color gray without your mind wandering to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” films. The character is based on a book by E. L. James. He is a young billionaire with a knack for bizarre eroticism. If the name appeals to you, you can also go with Anastasia for a molly.
  • Classified. A moniker inspired by the cocky British wolf who leads the North Wind spy organization in the Penguins of Madagascar animated film. He does have a name, but it’s…classified! The moniker will do for a mysterious and strong tom with a gray coat and a white underbelly.
  • Corporal. A militaristic name for a huge, strong, and good-natured cat. The moniker refers to the 8-feet tall Norwegian bear from the Penguins of Madagascar animated film. He does the heavy lifting for the North Wind spy agency. He has white fur and a gray muzzle. His love for cuddly things is a perfect inspiration for naming your furry friend.
  • Diana. A name with Greek origins that means ‘heavenly’ or ‘divine.’ In the Japanese manga series Sailor Moon, the character is the daughter of Luna and Artemis. Most of the names in the series are sourced from Greek mythology.
  • Don. A name derived from tweaking Eddie Murphy’s character, Donkey, in the Shrek films. He is the sidekick and best friend of Shrek. He is talkative, funny, but is also a pessimist. A moniker for a kitty whose antics keep you smiling.
  • Dumbo. The gray circus elephant from Disney’s animated film of the same name. He is the protagonist of the story. The film is basically a coming-of-age tale about an elephant who can fly. A name for a kind-hearted and determined feline.
  • Eeyore. Take inspiration from the gloomy and cynical donkey from A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh. The character is an old gray donkey with white patches on his underbelly, tail, and feet. The moniker will best fit a tomcat who is hard to please, keeps to himself, and is generally depressed. If you’ve got such a cat, we have the perfect article for you: how to help a depressed cat.
  • Grey Beard. One of the nicknames Gandalf went by in the Lord of the Rings books by J. R. R. Tolkien. His long gray beard earned him the name early in life, but it changed to Gandalf the White. A name for a tom with a long coat. You can also go with Storm Crow—one of his many other names.
  • Julien. Name your cat after the egocentric King of Lemurs from Madagascar and All Hail King Julien animated works. His sense of entitlement and love for dancing are unmatched by any other characters, making him stand out. He is gray with white patches on his feet and hands.
  • Maurice. The name of the sure-footed and rational lemur from Madagascar. He is King Julien’s senior advisor, and although the monarch pays no heed to his counsel, he never gives up. The name will do for a gray and white tom with foxlike ears.
  • Meeko. It’s in the Disney film Pocahontas that you encounter this greedy gray and white raccoon. He is a confidant of Pocahontas. He is sly—always being caught stealing food. If your feline hates dogs, the name will suit him fine; Meeko is constantly fighting with a dog named Percy.
  • Nermal. A character from Garfield. With a gray coat and huge eyes, he believes himself to be the cutest cat in the world. A moniker for an arrogant and vain tom.
  • Rocky. A name borrowed from one of the lead characters in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends. The gray squirrel and his moose friends make up a detective team in the town of Frostbite Falls. The moniker will do for a curious tom.
  • Scat Cat. The easy-going and friendly tomcat who plays the trumpet in The Aristocats cartoon. He has a gray and white coat and sports a red bowtie with a black hat. He is quite the gentleman. A name for a social and charming tomcat.
  • Silver Bolt. The commander of Aerialbots from the Transformers TV shows and films. He leads the aerial assaults despite his fear of heights. A name for a powerful kitty who faces his fears head-on. In China, the franchise calls him Silver Arrow—a name which is just as good.

Wrap Up

gray and white cat's head

Gray and white colors can represent qualities that are quite the opposite of each other. From dullness to brightness, simplicity to sophistication, there is an unlimited dynamism that accompanies these two colors. This presents you with a wide range of name choices for your gray and white cat.

In addition to this, there are so many objects that are associated with both of them. These include plants, animals, heavenly objects, physical features, real people and fictional characters among others.

Whatever your cat’s gender, character, or physical appearance is, you are bound to find a name that blends in all these into a name that specifically suits him/her. Such becomes the true identity of your cat.

Did you manage to find an identity for your cat? If yes, what was your inspiration? Share it with us in the comments section. Do you know of any other gray and white cat names that are not in our list? We would like to hear all about them. Before you go, did you know that white cats have a higher chance of being born deaf than any other cats? Check out our article on how to tell if your cat is deaf.

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