Gray Cat Names: Shedding Light on the Gray Area

gray cat with green eyes
Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

Gray is a wonderful color for a cat. However, naming a gray cat might be a bit difficult since gray is a color that can be associated with gloom. If your cat comes in any shade of gray, you don’t have to give him a gloomy name due to his color because there are so many beautiful gray cat names to choose from.

Did you know that you may actually be able to distinguish about 450 shades of gray? You only need to allow yourself a little open-mindedness and creativity to realize that there are way too many exciting shades of gray for you to settle on a boring name for your cat.

gray sphinx walking

From the weather to the inside of your house, an adventure into the woods to the fictional universes, you don’t have to venture into the gray area to find a suitable name for your cat because we’ve got them all right here.

Whether your cat is male or female, we’ve got you covered. If you are the kind that wants to try foreign stuff, we will also give you several ways to refer to the color gray in different languages. Fans of celebrities and good fiction haven’t been forgotten either. Feel free to borrow any of the names below to make your bundle of fur stands out from the rest.

Names for Gray Male Cats

Russian blue cat

Male cats are territorial. Giving your cat a unique name not only gives him something else to own but it is also an identity or a signature.

There are several aspects that can help you make an excellent choice. These include his traits, intelligence, activity level, and the particular shade of gray that he has, among others. Here are some of the best names you can choose for him:

  • Argent. An old name for silver. Argenta is a good variation of the word for a female gray cat. The two would make great names for siblings.

  • Ash. If your cat is the kind that leaves destruction in his wake, then this name suits him. Ash is the dark gray matter that remains after a fire has burnt down wood. Other variations of the name include: Ashton for a male and Ashley for a female.

  • Asteroid. It looks gray when seen through a telescope.

  • Blade. The perfect name for a sharp feline. See how you can teach your smart cat tricks in this article.

  • Blue. Some gray cats like the Russian Blue appear blue—hence the name. This name suits both male and female cats.

  • Brains. If your cat’s intelligence makes you think of the gray matter.

  • Cadet. Cadet gray is a shade of gray used in military fatigues. Perfect for a cat that always obeys the house rules without fail. If he needs to learn some discipline instead, check out this article.

  • Carbon. Carbon can be polished into a diamond.

  • Chipmunk. A gray-stripped rodent. It’s known for gathering and storing food for later use. A name appropriate for a cat with the habit of hiding treats.

  • Cinders. An igneous rock that is usually black, brown, or gray in color. A great name for a male cat. Add –ella if you want the popular female version of the name.

  • Claymore. A Scottish name for a steel gray greatsword. A name suitable for a Scottish cat breed like the Scottish Fold.

  • Dracula. He’s said to have a pale gray face.

  • Dusk. The appearance of the sky during sunset before the night takes over. A good name for your dark gray male cat who usually awakens at dusk.

  • Earl Grey. A popular type of tea. If your cat is elegant and magnetic, this is the name for him.

  • Eclipse. Have you ever experienced an eclipse? The word is borrowed from the Greek word ekleipsis, which means ‘the abandonment’ or ‘the darkening of a heavenly body.’

  • Elephant. Great name for a big gray cat or one with large ears, like the Sphynx.

  • Frostbite. For a gray cat with white coloration in his extremities (tail, whiskers, ears, and paws).

  • Glaucous. A Latin term that refers to the pale gray appearance of some plants and animals.

  • Grantic. Meaning ‘granite-like.’ This is a gray-colored rock made of coarse grains.

  • Gray Gatsby. A gray colt bred in Ireland by M. Parish. Great at racing.

  • Heron. A long-legged gray bird that inhabits wetlands.

  • Koala. An animal native to Australia. The name is Latin, meaning ‘ash colored.’ The perfect name for a male Australian Mist.

  • Lilac. A popular and ornamental gray-barked shrub. It means ‘common’ or ‘usual’ in Latin. It is great for a good-looking male cat. It’s a great name for female cats as well.

  • Panda. In Chinese, the panda is known as Da Xiong Mao, which literally means ‘big bear cat.’ Does that describe your cat?

  • Sage. A sweet-smelling gray-leafed herb. It is evergreen—making it a name best suited for a male cat with endless energy. If he seems a bit too hyperactive, learn how to calm him down here.

  • Shadow. If your cat follows you everywhere you go and also shies away from unknown people, you might as well call him Shadow. Learn how to make your cat more tolerant of guests here.

  • Shark. For a gray cat that enjoys hunting.

  • Silversword. A small plant that belongs to the sunflower family. It has silvery hairs. A very masculine and cool name for a gray cat.

  • Silverton. If looking at your cat makes you think of silver, go ahead and call him Silverton.

  • Slate. A rock that is made of clay and ash. It comes in shades of pale to dark gray. Traditionally, a smooth piece of slate was used to record charges in pubs/inns. Keep a ‘clean slate,’ so to speak.

  • Smokey. As the name suggests, your cat is here one moment and gone the next. It’s like he vanished into thin air. Learn how to get a cat out of hiding here.

  • Soot. Especially apt if your cat is darker in some parts of his body like he’s been smudged with soot.

  • Steel. Whether it is in reference to the toughness or the shining coat of your cat, this name definitely suits him.

  • Sterling. An alloy of silver. It also means ‘little star.’ Early English silver pennies had an imprint of a star and were called Sterlings.

  • Sylvester. The name is derived from a Latin adjective silvetris, which means ‘wild.’ You can think along this line if your kitty has not shaken off the ‘wildcat’ traits in him. Perfect for a Savannah cat.

  • Topaz. A precious stone made of aluminum. It appears light gray in color. A precious name for a precious cat.

  • Twilight. The grayish appearance of the sky at dusk.

  • Wolf. A name for a male that loves the outdoors. You can spice up the name and call him Wolfie. Check out how to install a cat door for your outdoor-loving cat here.

Names for Female Gray Cats

scottish fold with blue eyes

Female cats, just like other females, love to be pampered. The name you give to your queen should flatter her beauty, personality, and glory. Fortunately, most of the names below will give you a hand in that regard. Indulge yourself below.

  • Ambergris. An old English word meaning ‘gray amber.’ It was used to symbolize a beaming sun. A great name for your gray furry friend with bright eyes. The name can be shortened to Amber.

  • Cenizo. It means ‘ashen’ in Spanish.

  • Cloud. Rain-bringing clouds are dark gray in color. Some cats will hang around you just like a cloud.

  • Cobwebs. A cool, gothic name for a gray female.

  • Comet. An icy body that gets heat from the sun and starts releasing gases. The word is borrowed from the Greek word cometes which means ‘wearing long hair.’ Cheers to gray cats with long hair!

  • Dolphin. These gray beauties are said to be among the most intelligent in the animal kingdom. Not a bad quality to wish on your cat.

  • Dove. A gray bird that has been used for centuries to symbolize peace. If you have a peaceful cat, then this is the perfect name for her.

  • Ember. Hot coal that can restart a fire. It glows like the sun—although partially covered by gray clouds. Appropriate for a yellow-eyed gray cat.

  • Frothy. Fizzing and bubbly liquids usually produce froth that is grayish in color. A name best suited for a forever nagging female.

  • Gemma. The gray reproductive part in fungi and algae. It’s also an Italian feminine name that means ‘gem.’ Add more value to it, and you have Gemstone.

  • Gerzie. A nickname for Gerzelda. The name has a German origin. Gris hild means ‘a gray maiden warrior.’

  • Glitter. If your cat’s coat is gray with white speckles, this is the perfect name for her.

  • Graycie. Add a little spice to a basic name.

  • Graylady. A name used in popular English folktales to refer to a ghost. The perfect name for a cat that appears and disappears suddenly like a ghost.

  • Inky. Your dark gray cat actually looks a bit inky.

  • Isabelline. English word used to describe pale gray animal coat coloring. Apt much?

  • Lana. A Spanish term for ‘wool.’ A maiden name suitable for a cat with long dense fur. Other variations include: Alana (English), and Svetlana (Russian).

  • Luna. A Latin term for the silvery moon.

  • Misty. Other options include Foggy and Cloudy. If you spend a lot of time trying to figure out your cat because of how mysterious she is, read this article to finally figure out what she is saying.

  • Mystic. Gray is a color commonly used in most fictional works to signify mysticism.

  • Nickel. Silver gray metal.

  • Opal. A hydrated amorphous form of silica. The stone can take several colors including multicolor. Perfect for a white-spotted gray cat.

  • Patches. A name suited for a gray female with patches of different colors.

  • Pearl. Pearls are gemstones and objects of beauty. They are fine and valuable, just like your feline friend.

  • Pewter. Gray metal made of copper and lead. Spelter can also be used as a variation of the name.

  • Phoenix. A mythological bird. It was revered for having the ability to rejuvenate from its ashes. Doesn’t your cat look glossier and shinier after grooming? If she doesn’t, perhaps she’s due for a bath. Learn how to give your cat a bath here.

  • Powder. A nice name for a pale gray cat with soft and fluffy fur.

  • Silver Bell. Think of this as a way of rewarding your awfully noisy cat. You will think of Christmas every time you call out his name.

  • Silvie. You can also call her Silvia.

  • Skye. No other name can describe the unpredictable nature of a female cat the way Skye does. It is a variation of the word sky.

  • Stormy. Stormy weather is not only dark but can also get volatile. The name is perfect for your hyperactive bundle of activity.

  • Taupe. An old French noun for ‘mole.’ In modern times, the name has been used to refer to any grayish-brown or brown-grayish color. A good name when you can’t tell the specific shade of gray that your cat has.

  • Tinsel. This is a decorative material that mimics ice. It evokes celebration and festive moods. The name suits a cheerful cat whose coat is a very light shade of gray.

Celebrity Gray Cat Names

celebrity cat wearing sunglasses

The fictional world created by the media can get away with anything. If a celebrity decides to call a gray cat Red, then Red it is. If you are intrigued by this kind of stuff, then go ahead and adopt one of the celebrity gray cat names we’ve enlisted for you below.

  • Berloise. A gray kitten in ”Aristocrats”.

  • Bugs. Suitable for a cheeky cat. From the gray prankster in ”Bugs Bunny” cartoons.

  • Cheshire. A British Shorthair featured in ”Alice in Wonderland”. In the cartoon, he appears purple, but in the live action remake, he has a gray coat.

  • Dorian. The main character of Oscar Wilde’s famous work, ”The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

  • Eeyore. For a cat who is always gloomy. Named after the gray, depressed donkey in ”Winnie The Pooh”.

  • Elsa. A princess in Disney film Frozen” who turned everything into silvery ice.

  • Gandalf. If your cat’s hair and coat color match that of Gandalf’s in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ then let the name live on.

  • Greystoke (Sir). The name of a character in “Tarzan.”

  • Kitty Purry. Katy Perry’s gray cat.

  • Mercury. A Marvel character who can turn herself into a mercurial substance.

  • Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra. Snoop Dogg’s two Siamese cats.

  • Misty Malarky Ying Yang. A gray cat belonging to Amy Carter, daughter of former US President Jimmy Carter.

  • Munkustrap. The gray cat in the musical ”Cats”.

  • Nick. A gray cat belonging to Eva Longoria.

  • Rocket. A gray raccoon in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

  • Scratchy. The gray cat in ”Itchy and Scratchy” from the ”The Simpsons”.

  • Tabby. Abraham Lincoln named his gray cat Tabby. If this name was good enough for a presidential cat, then perhaps it is good enough for yours too.

  • Tom. Probably the most famous gray cat. Hails from the ”Tom and Jerry” cartoons.

  • Yzma. Protagonist in “The Emperor’s New Groove” who gets turned into a gray cat.

Gray in Different Languages

gray bengal cat

How do you say gray in your native language? You could use that or borrow from several other languages. The word ‘gray’ can sound very unique and different in other languages.

People will wonder about the inspiration for your cat’s name only to realize that you’re just being straightforward. The best jokes are those that weren’t meant to be a joke, right?

These names can be used for both male and female cats:

  • Abo – Tugalog, Philippines.

  • Abu – Indonesian

  • Boz – Azerbaijani

  • Buxu – Asturian

  • Cawl – Somali

  • Cizento – Portuguese

  • Geraachaa – Amharic

  • Gra – Danish

  • Grar – Icelandic

  • Grau – German

  • Gri – Albanian/ Romanian/ Turkish

  • Grigio – Italian

  • Grijis – Dutch

  • Gris – Spanish/ French

  • Grisa – Basque

  • Griz – Maltese

  • Haiiro  – Japanese

  • Hall – Estonian

  • Harmaa – Finish

  • Hina – Maori

  • Hoesaeg – Korean

  • Hui Se – Chinese

  • Kelabu – Malay

  • Kijivu – Swahili

  • Kul rang – Uzbek

  • Liath – Irish

  • Lupu – Sicilian

  • Mau Xam – Vietnamese

  • Pilkas – Lithuanian

  • Ramaadiy – Arabic

  • Seda – Czech

  • Seryy – Russian

  • Sira – Chechen

  • Sirry – Ukrainian

  • Siv – Serbian

  • Siva – Bosnian/ Croatian/ Slovak

  • Szary – Polish

  • Vergrys – Afrikaans

Wrap Up

gray tabby kittens

Naming your cat is not something you get to do many times in your kitty’s life. It is therefore paramount that your one-time shot counts.

People use different criteria when looking for a suitable name, but think about this: before you notice the huge eyes, the alert ears, the small nose, and the soothing purr, the most distinct feature possessed by any cat is the color of his coat.

The inspiration for gray cat names can come from any source—ranging from animals, plants, the environment, to everyday life. A few can also be borrowed from fiction and different languages. Whichever you roll with, you are bound to find that special name that your feline friend will be able to bear proudly for the rest of his life.

Have you already settled on a name for your cat? Tell us what inspired you to choose that particular one. Do you know of any other gray cat names and the inspiration behind them? Please share them with us. Help us serve you better by leaving comments below. If you couldn’t find a good name for your cat from the list above, check out our Russian cat names article. Russian cat names can be perfect for any gray cat even if yours is not a Russian Blue.

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