Hairless Cat Names: Bald and Bold

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

If you are the type that chooses cat names based on your kitty’s physical traits, a cat whose most distinctive trait is hairlessness might pose a challenge. You might be wondering if there are enough hairless cat names to choose from or even if they were interesting in any way. Whether you own a Sphynx, a Ukrainian Levkoy, a Peterbald, or a Donskoy, know that the best hairless cat name is waiting for you right here.

If you are wondering where your bald kitty fits, we’ve got your back. Apart from collecting names that mean hairless in every possible perspective, we’ve also gathered the names of gods and goddesses to highlight the hairless cat’s mysterious and unusual nature. To make your work even easier, we have explained the meanings and inspirations behind each name.

There are enough names for male and female cats. If you want to take your cat’s name a notch higher, we have included the names of some celebrities renowned for their hairless traits as well. Have your pick below.

Hairless Cat Names by Gender

black ukrainian levkoy sitting

From names inspired by hairless and mysterious characters from notable movies and television shows to ones inspired by everyday items and aspects of nature, have a look below.

#1: Male Hairless Cat Names

The name of male cats should reflect a masculine persona—monikers that make tomcats stand out as dominant. Here’s a few that highlight those natures as well as your cat’s hairlessness:

  • Baldrick. An English name derived from Germanic words which mean ‘bald’ and ‘power or rule.’ It will do for a tomcat who is dominant or ‘rules’ over the others.

  • Baldwin. An English name derived from Germanic words for ‘bald’ and ‘wine.’ It will do for your cat if you love wine as well, in which case you should definitely check out our alcohol cat names article.

  • Ballard. An English name that stands for ‘bald head.’

  • Bruce. A moniker which means ‘thick brush.’ The inspiration behind this name is American actor Bruce Willis. He may have used a comb to brush his hair in his early acting career, but as of now, he is one of the most famous bald actors.

  • Calvin. A masculine name which is quite famous. It’s a French name which means ‘bald.’ It can also refer to the 30th U.S President John Calvin Coolidge. Calvin Klein will do for a fashionable cat. Nicknames: Calvus, Kal, and Cal.

  • Chang. A Chinese name which means ‘smooth’ or ‘unhindered.’ The moniker will do for an easy-going cat—one who is a free spirit.

  • Cue Ball. A slang term for a man with a bald or balding head. It’s also the smooth ball used hit others in snooker or pool games.

  • Dobby. The house elf from Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. The resemblance with hairless cats is unmistakable. He is forever bound to his master the same way your kitty is loyal to you.

  • Dr. Evil. A character from Austin Powers film series. He is played by the bald Mike Myers. The character loves cats, making his name even better for your tomcat.

  • Durango. A masculine French name which means ‘strong.’ Without fur, these cats tend to look muscular and menacing.

  • Fluffy. A funny and ironical name for a hairless feline. If you love such humor, then you’ve got yourself a winner. Check out our list of fluffy cat names as well.

  • Gandhi. The leader of the Indian Independence Movement. Mahatma Gandhi was an activist who believed in the use of non-violent ways for freedom. He has an unmistakable bald head. A name for a cool-headed hairless cat.

  • Gollum. The bald and wrinkly Halfling from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Legendarium books. The character is best known for being obsessed with the ‘precious’ ring. Variants of the name: Smeagol, Slinker, Sneak, and Trahald.

  • Homer. Get inspiration from one the most recognizable cartoon TV characters. Homer Simpson from the long-running American primetime TV series dons a bald head save for a few strands of hair.

  • Monk. The modern idea of these religious figures is that of clean-shaven men.

  • Prune. The hairless kitten who was mated with his mother to start the breeding of Sphynx cats.

  • Samson. Get your inspiration from this mighty man from the Abrahamic religions. Samson got his strength from his hair. He was somewhat ignorant and lost it all after his locks were shaved by his lover. A name for a secretly strong tomcat.

  • Skinner. A hilarious name for a hairless cat. It casts attention on his unique skin.

  • Starvo. The middle name of James Bond’s main villain from the novels by Ian Fleming. Ernst Blofeld is the leader and ‘number 1’ of ‘Spectre,’ a global criminal organization. He is not only bald but also a cat person! A name for a furious hairless cat.

  • Stewart. The iconic English actor Patrick Stewart has an uncanny resemblance to a Sphynx cat. With lead roles in Star Trek and X-Men, he really is an inspiration. He was knighted, so that is Sir Stewart for your feline!

  • The Kojak. A moniker borrowed from the 1970s Kojak TV series. It featured American actor Telly Savalas as a bald police lieutenant in the New York Police Department. A name for a tough hairless cat.

  • The Rock. Dwayne Douglas Johnson is an American actor and a retired professional wrestler. During his early days in the ring, he went by the moniker which has stuck. He sports a bald head. The moniker will do a strong hairless tomcat.

  • Varys. A name for a neutered hairless tomcat. Also known as Spider, Lord Varys is a character from the highly successful Game of Thrones television show. He is portrayed as a bald eunuch who is a master spy. Interested in other Game of Thrones names for cats?

  • Vin Diesel. If you are a fan of Fast and Furious, then you know all about Dom. He is an American actor who sports a bald head. The name will suit a cool tomcat.

  • Yoda. Make your cat a Jedi master. With big ears and a wrinkly face, it’s hard not to think of Yoda as resembling a Sphynx cat. Let the force be forever with your cat!

#2: Female Hairless Cat Names

bold sphyx kitten sitting

Female cat names are cute, lovely, and meant to invoke care and adoration. Expect to find many exotic names in this section inspired by notable ladies who are bold to enough spot bald heads in their lives and careers. The names below will definitely turn heads.

  • Ajuma. A Kenyan-born fashion model. She won the Miss Tourism Kenya competition in 2003 which thrust her into the international scene. A bald head has been a signature in her long, successful career. A name for a beautiful and fashionable female hairless cat

  • Alopecia. A name befitting a hairless molly. The moniker comes from a Greek term which means ‘fox.’ It’s used in medical circles to refer to spotty heads or full baldness. Make her more exotic and call her Alopecia Totalis.

  • Calvina. A Spanish name which means ‘bald.’ It’s a variant of Calvin.

  • Charlene. A variant of ‘Charles’ which is an English name for ‘a free man.’ You can bet a hairless cat feels free from having to deal with a bad hair day! Variants: Sharlene, Cherlyn, Charlaine, Charley, and Carol.

  • Chica. A Japanese name which means ‘thousand,’ ‘wisdom,’ or ‘fine.’ A name for a precious hairless molly. Find many other exotic Japanese cat names here.

  • Gemma. A feminine Italian name which means ‘gem’ or ‘gemstone.’ Hairless cats look smooth and are precious and rare, just like gems.

  • Godiva. A name derived from an Old English word which means ‘gift of God.’ It was made famous by an 11th-century noblewoman. She took her protest of high taxes a notch further by riding naked on the streets. The inspiration is cheeky and brave and will put a smile on your friends’ faces as you explain it to them. Diva will do as a sassy nickname.

  • Kaya. The name is of both Zulu and Hindu origin. It stands for ‘one with a beautiful body.’ The moniker is simple and exotic.

  • Lady Schick. Name your cat after this famous brand of razors for ladies.

  • Nohaira. A play on words that draws attention to the lack of hair on your kitty.

  • Nubia. The seat or capital of the earliest recorded African civilization. It, for a while, encompassed the Ancient Egyptian empire. Get inspiration from the land that gave rise to pharaohs and Egyptian legends. The name means ‘gold.’

  • Punkie, Paloma, and Epidermis. The hairless kittens that arose from natural mutations. They were bred with another kitty—a Devon Rex—to kick-start the Sphynx cat breeding.

  • Sinead O’Connor. An inspirational name for a beautiful hairless molly. It’s the stage name of Irish born singer Magda Davita. In her long career, she has always maintained a shaven head.

#3: Unisex Hairless Cat Names

If you are looking for a name that can fit both a molly and a tomcat, look no further. There are a few here that might just appeal to you.

  • Badger. These are animals in the family of weasels. They have a flat and smooth head with a white strip that gives the illusion of baldness.

  • Baldy. A nickname for someone who is going bald. This play on words gives other variants, e.g. Baldie, Balder, and Baldo. Tweak it further, and you get Baldcat.

  • Cameo. An Italian name rooted in a French word which means ‘skin.’ It’s also associated with ‘portrait’ and ‘small.’ It will do for the smallest cat in a litter. Nicknames: Cami, Meo, and Cammy.

  • Coot. This is a water bird whose distinct markings make it appear bald. The name is used in phrases to refer to the white markings on a body known as baldness. Ever heard of ‘as bald as a coot’?

  • Gillette. From the feminine Norman name Giles which means ‘young’ or ‘kid.’ It’s also the brand name of the leading maker of shaving razors. A hairless cat does look like he/she has just been given a clean shave.

  • Mau. An Egyptian name that stands for ‘cat.’ The moniker is also used by the Dutch to refer to a young boy. The moniker will suit any cat.

  • Wrinkles. The name will do for any hairless cat, such as the Ukrainian Levkoy, owing to their wrinkly body.

Hairless Cat Names Inspired by Gods

hairless cat wearing egyptian costume

Nature is full of wonders, and once in a while, it brings a mysterious animal like your hairless cat into your life. Sometimes the only way to understand such an animal is by equating it to gods that are just as mysterious. The gods in this list can be furious, kind, vengeful, nurturing, and all-around fascinating just like your feline.

  • Amun. The Egyptian creator god, also known as Ra. The name means ‘hidden’ or ‘invincible.’ He is represented as a ram-headed sphynx. The name will do for a tomcat who is strong and great at hiding. If you want to know how to get your cat out of hiding, check this article out.

  • Amun. The name will appeal to the mysterious nature of Sphynx cats. The moniker refers to the Greek god of mystery.

  • Anhur. The Egyptian god of war and hunting. He was known as the slayer of enemies. A name for a vicious tomcat who knows how to stand his ground.

  • Anubis. It’s hard to talk about Ancient Egypt without mentioning mummies! Anubis was the god of embalming as well as the protector of the dead. If you like the mystical and the bizarre, then this moniker will do for your cat.

  • Aten. The ancient Egyptian personification of the sun. The name will do for a tomcat who loves the outdoors or just basking in the sun.

  • Bacchus. The Greek god of wine. It’s easy to see the inspiration behind the name; it makes sense that the gods must have been drunk and forgot to give fur to these unique felines. Bacho will do as a nickname.

  • Baldur. An Icelandic name which means ‘prince.’ Apart from having ‘bald’ in it, the moniker refers to the Norse god of beauty and happiness. These cats are breathtaking, and the name will do for a charming cat.

  • Geb. This Ancient Egyptian god is associated with snakes and earthquakes. As an earth god, he allowed crops to grow. In hieroglyphs, he is represented by a goose. It will do for a tomcat who likes to rattle the birdcage or one who won’t let your flower garden be.

  • Horus. One of the major Egyptian deities. He was personified as a small child or a mighty falcon. The name will do for the smallest kitty in the litter or one that loves to bird-watch. Cats that love to bird-watch will absolutely adore this DIY cat window box that you can make for them.

  • Maahes. The Egyptian god of war. He was depicted as a lion. He was also a feline god and protector. Variants of the name: Mihos, Mios, Mahes, and Miysis.

  • Ptah. The Egyptian god of craftsmen. He is the patron of Memphis. You now have a name for a cat who messes up your furniture.

  • Set. Get inspiration from the Egyptian god of chaos and violence. Not all cats are cool and cuddly—this moniker takes care of them.

  • Thoth. A name for a Sphynx cat who becomes active only at night. He was the god of the moon. He was depicted as a baboon or an ibis. It will do an animal-friendly feline.

Hairless Cat Names Inspired by Goddesses and Queens

Peterbald queen wearing pearly collar

Goddesses and queens are symbols of creation, power, entertainment, beauty, and nurturing ability among other desirable qualities. Your kitty will definitely exude one or more of these. Here are some of the best suggestions for your perusal.

  • Bastet. The ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare. She also features in Greek mythology as Ailuros which means ‘cat.’ She is depicted as having a cat’s head. She was the protector of cats which is one more reason to name your molly after her. Variants of the name include Bast and Ubaste.

  • Bat. The cow goddess of Ancient Egypt. She is depicted as a human-faced cow. The moniker means ‘soul.’ It will be fun explaining that the name has nothing to do with bats but everything to do with cows!

  • Cleo. A name borrowed from the ancient queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. It means ‘the glory of her father.’ Pat or Patra will do as suitable royal names for a hairless cat. If you think your cat is a member of the royal feline family, check out our article on royal cat names.

  • Hathor. The Egyptian goddess of music and dance. If your cat is the kind who loves music or funny antics, then look no further.

  • Isis. Name your cat after the most powerful Egyptian goddess. She was the Ancient Egyptian personification of magic. The name will do for a mischievous molly.

  • Maat. The Egyptian goddess of justice, order, and harmony. She was depicted as having an ostrich feather on her head. The name will do for a molly who is well-trained and well-behaved.

  • Menhit. A lioness goddess of the Ancient Egyptian religion. She is a warfare deity. The moniker will do for a sure-footed protective molly.

  • Nefertiti. A name borrowed from 14th century BC Egyptian queen. The moniker means ‘the beautiful one has come.’ A name for a majestic hairless molly. Titi would be a cute nickname.

  • Neith. A prime creator and goddess of war. The name will do for a molly who is a good mouser. She is symbolized as having bows, arrows, and shields.

  • Nepit. An Egyptian goddess who was depicted as a suckling child. You now have a name for that kitty who is always the last on her mama’s teats. In the ancient times, Nepit was worshiped as the deity of grains.

  • Renenutet. An Egyptian goddess who was depicted as a cobra. She was honored during harvesting seasons. Her name means ‘fondle’ or ‘nurse’. She took care of pharaohs throughout their earthly lives. It will do for a molly with good maternal instincts. Nicknames: Rene, Tet, and Nutty. Is your cat pregnant? Know what to expect by reading our article on how many kittens can a cat have.

  • Sekhmet. An Ancient Egyptian warrior goddess. The name means ‘the powerful one.’ She is depicted as having the head of a lion. It will do for the bravest kitten in a litter. Sachmis is a variant of the name. Sek will do as a cute nickname.

  • Tefnut. The Egyptian goddess of moisture and rain. The name means ‘the water.’ The name will do for a molly who enjoys her baths or swimming.

Wrap Up

beatuful hairless cat with different eyes

It may seem like hairless cats have a limited list of names. However, the fact that they are hairless shouldn’t limit them in any way. As you can see, we’ve provided you with plenty of naming options, and we could go on and on. Make sure you choose a name that highlights the features and qualities that can give a personalized identity to your kitty.

Have you already made your pick? What was your inspiration? Which other names appealed to you? Share this and any other feedback with us below. If you want to know more about hairless cats, check out our article on hairless cat breeds.

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