Himalayan Cat Names: Stunning Names for a Wonderful Breed

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Stella Noble
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The Himalayan cat is a mix of Persian and Siamese, and it has the best of both worlds. If a Himalayan cat found his/her way into your home, you will be pleased to know that they make wonderful pets because of their gentle and affectionate nature. We have compiled a list of Himalayan cat names that will fit perfectly with the elegance and calm nature of this breed.

We know that sometimes it can be hard picking the right name for a new cat, but you shouldn’t worry. Take time to get familiar with your kitty’s unique traits and habits, and after that, the perfect name will come naturally.

The Himalayan is a breed that is well accustomed to life indoors and likes spending a lot of time with its owner. This is an elegant, kind-hearted breed, and we’ve chosen to highlight those positive traits in our quest to help you find the perfect name for your Himmie.

In our list of Himalayan cat names, you will find stunning names that will go with male and female cats, and also names inspired by the remarkable and elegant looks of this breed.

Himalayan Cat Names By Gender

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To make your search a bit easier we have separate name lists for male and female Himalayan cats. We suggest that you take into account the individual traits and quirky habits of your kitty in order to find the right name.

If you have a few favorites and can’t decide on a right name, let your cat make the decision for you. Call him/her by their desired name, watch their reactions, and go with the name they like the most.

#1: Male Himalayan Cat Names

  • Albert: Meaning “noble and bright.” This is a good fit since Himalayans are very intelligent and have refined looks.
  • Amos: Means “brave” and it’s exotic-sounding, which matches with the name of this breed. It can also be a unique moniker for fearless and adventurous cats.
  • Aristotle: Meaning “superior”—a name fitting for the top cats of the household.
  • Avery: Means “wise or desired one.” Can be a good choice if you wanted a cat for a long time and finally got your wishes fulfilled.
  • Blaine: Meaning “lean or thin.” Can be a funny name for an extremely fluffy feline that looks larger than he really is. However, if your Himalayan really isn’t gaining the weight that he should, do check out our article on how to help a cat gain weight.
  • Blake: Meaning “pallid.” Can be a suitable name for light-colored males that don’t have striking and dark points on their face, paws, and tails.
  • Buddy: A good name for Himalayan cats that greet you by the front door every time you come back home from work.
  • Char: Means “beloved” and is a fairly unique name that can be used to demonstrate how much you care and appreciate your new family member.
  • Damian: Means “tame” and it perfectly describes the sweet, docile, and quiet personality of Himalayan cats.
  • Dolce: Meaning “sweet,” this is a perfect choice for these lovable furry beings that melt hearts with their looks and sweet personality.
  • Enzo: Meaning “ruler of the household”—a good pick for spoiled male cats that demand to be cuddled and are always able to get their paws on one more extra treat.
  • Flurry: Means “prince or a king” and can be a nice choice for this regal and elegant-looking breed. Furthermore, if you treat your kitty like he is his majesty, then this is a natural fit.
  • Hector: Meaning “tenacious.” Can be a good choice for strong and sturdy looking Himalayans.
  • Khan: Meaning “the mighty warrior”—a powerful and exotic-sounding moniker for territorial male cats that like to be in charge.
  • Leo: Means “lion” and can be used for male Himalayan cats that have big fluffy coats that resemble lion mane.
  • Lucas: Means “light” can describe the soundless step of your kitty or the light color of his coat.
  • Lux: Meaning “loyal and sincere.” Himalayans are famous for being loving and devoted to their owner.
  • Mateo: Means “gift” and can be a suitable moniker if you got your cat as a gift. It can also be used to describe the happiness you feel with the arrival of your new feline companion.
  • Nanda: Means “joyful” and can be used to describe funny and playful cats that like to entertain you every single day.
  • Oliver: Symbolizes “beauty and dignity” and is a great choice for this breath-taking cat breed.
  • Omega: Means “great.” A perfect choice for this amazing breed.
  • Otis: Can be a suitable name for quiet and mysterious cats that have some unique quirks.
  • Quin: A suitable name for an awesome cat that is aware of his good looks and likes to be in the center of attention.
  • Ramar: A name for a cat that likes to please you and all other members of the family. It is a great moniker for independent, affectionate, and comforting cats that bring happiness to others.
  • Remus: Meaning “swift.” Can be a name for quick and agile cats that see running around the house as a favorite activity. If your cat tends to go overboard, however, you might want to read our article on how to calm a hyper cat.
  • Sashi: Means “moonbeam.” A unique-sounding name that can describe the whitish color of your cat’s coat.
  • Siam: Can be a good choice if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind name.
  • Waldo: Meaning “powerful.” It can be a great name to describe your cat’s agility and strength.
  • Wendell: Can be a nice choice for cats that are adventurous and like to explore since it means “wanderer.”

#2: Female Himalayan Cat Names

Himalayan сat lying on floor

  • Adelina: Meaning “sweet and noble.” A great pick for a gentle and elegant looking female Himalayan cat that is calm and always ready to be cuddled.
  • Ahave: Means “dearly loved” and is a unique name for the kitty that stole your heart.
  • Alberta: Can be used for a gentle-natured and magnificent-looking female cat that is very smart and loves solving puzzle toys, since it means “noble and bright.”
  • Aleshanee: Means “she plays all the time” and is a great name if your kitty can play on hours on end by herself.
  • Aliz: Means “sweet and joyful” and can be used for an adorable cat that likes to entertain you and can always put a smile on your face.
  • Amaris: An elegant-sounding moniker and means “child of the moon.” It is suitable for this breed since it can describe the coat color of cats with lilac points.
  • Bertie: Meaning “brilliant.” A great pick for this clever breed that is easy to house-train and can quickly learn a variety of tricks. Click here to learn more about how to teach a cat tricks.
  • Brunhilde: Means “dark or noble” and is a great choice for female Himalayan cats since they are majestic-looking and some have dark color points on their faces, paws, and tails.
  • Cary: Meaning “shy.” Can be a suitable choice for a kitty that needs more time to relax in her new environment. But since this breed is generally friendly, soon enough your new kitty will warm up to you and become your inseparable companion.
  • Cassidy: Means “clever” and is a nice-sounding name for an intelligent female cat that learns tricks in no time.
  • Charity: A feminine name that goes with affectionate and gentle cats that like to take care of you and offer comfort whenever you need it.
  • Ciara: Means “black-haired” and can be a good moniker for a Himalayan kitty with very dark points and a darker upper layer of coat.
  • Dalila: Meaning “delicate”—a perfect feminine name for this breed since these cats are affectionate, gentle, kind, and tender toward their owners.
  • Dhaulagiri: The seventh highest peak of the Himalayan mountains and it is translated as “the white mountain.” This is certainly a name that no other neighboring cat will have, and a great choice if you want to acknowledge the name of this cat breed.
  • Diva: Can be a cat name for hard-to-please and temperamental felines that are spoiled and want all their wishes fulfilled.
  • Dona: Can be a good name if you have a kitty that behaves like a “lady” and always looks impeccable.
  • Elvira: Means “white and beautiful.” Perfect for Himalayans since this breed is known for its stunning looks and cream or fair coat.
  • Fortuna: Meaning “lucky,” this is a suitable choice for a cat that brings happiness and love into your life and changes it for the better. Or if you are feeling lucky to have such a devoted and tender companion, you should name your cat Fortuna.
  • Gwendolyn: Means “white or pure” and it can also be shortened into Gwen. This name can be a great way to describe the looks of your kitty and her magnificent coat.
  • Hasna: A moniker that can describe the “stunning and breath-taking” appearance of your cat.
  • Keelyn: Means “lively” and can be a good name for spirited and active cats that always like to be in motion.
  • Luciana: Or Lucia for short. It means “light” and is a nice-sounding and feminine name that can describe the color of your cat’s fur. On the other hand, it can also signify that your kitty brought good changes into your life.
  • Lula: Means “abundant” and is a short and easy-to-remember name for a cat that brought a lot into your life.
  • Lulu: A pet form of Louise and Louella and it will be easy to teach it to your cat.
  • Malika: Can be a nice name for an angelic-looking cat that is tender and loves spending time curled in your lap.
  • Megane: Means “soft and gentle.”
  • Nancy: Means “full of grace” and if this sounds like your cat you may consider it as a perfect moniker.
  • Nell: A shorter version of Eleanor and it means “shining light.”
  • Queen: An obvious choice if your female Himalayan is the top cat in your household. And it is also a great choice if you treat your cat with nice things.
  • Risa: Meaning “laugh” and is a short and uncommon cat name that can be used for felines that are able to make you laugh and fill your days with joy.
  • Sassy: Means “lively and spirited” and can be considered if your cat possesses these traits.
  • Shanna: Means “God’s gift” and you might consider it if you’ve waited long for your kitty’s arrival.
  • Sonya: A name for loud cats since it means exactly that. Although this breed is quiet and not known for vocalization, there are always exceptions, and if your cat is one, you can name her Sonya.
  • Sophie: Means “wisdom” and this is a feminine and nice-sounding name for smart cats.
  • Spirit: A moniker that can reflect your cat’s active nature.
  • Suki: Means “beloved” in Japanese. For other beautiful and meaningful Japanese cat names, click on this link.
  • Zelda: Means “happy” and can be considered if you have a cat that is always satisfied and doesn’t ask for much.
  • Zoe: Meaning “life”; can be considered as a cat name if you feel that your kitty changed your life for the better.

Himalayan Cat Names Based On Appearance

Himalayan сat with bright blue eyes

This is a long-haired breed that comes in black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, or tabby color point. Besides their spectacularly-colored coat, they have striking blue eyes that complete their appearance.

So for all of you who want a cat name based on Himalayan cats’ magnificent looks, there is plenty to choose from.

  • Amber: Can be a nice name for a cream-colored Himalayan cat with light brown points.
  • Azure: A name inspired by the beautiful color of Himalayan cat’s eyes.
  • Biscuit: As you know, this is a cream or light brown colored cookie that can serve as a name for sweet cats with that color of fur.
  • Cappuccino: Can be a fitting name for a brown point male Himalayan cat.
  • Cloud: Perfect name for a cat with fluffy and soft white fur.
  • Coco: A short and easy-to-remember name that fits best with dark brown point cats.
  • Fluffy: Comes as an obvious choice since this breed has thick and long fluffy coat.
  • Freckles: A funny and fairly unique cat name for felines that have little spots of color on their faces.
  • Latte: A drink made of coffee and milk; this is a suitable name for cats with light brown points.
  • Lilac: An obvious choice if your cat has a lilac point color of fur.
  • Oreo: A black and white cookie that is the favorite treat of so many people and can serve as a name for cats with these colors.
  • Pearl: Can describe the elegant creamy white color of the coat and can also show how much your kitty means to you.
  • Sandy: Can be a nice choice for cats that have the same color as the sand.
  • Sapphire: A suitable name for all cats with striking deep blue eyes.
  • Sky: If your kitty has eye color like that of the sky on a perfect sunny day, you may consider giving him/her this name.
  • Smokey: Can be a suitable name for a feline that has white fur that is darker at the ends of each hair, giving the appearance of smoke.
  • Snowball: Can be an appropriate name for a big and fluffy cat with a white coat.
  • Whiskers: If your cat has long and very visible whiskers, you can consider giving him this name.
  • White: A great choice if you have that rare Himalayan kitty that is almost completely white.
  • Woolly: A great pick if you are looking for a name that will in one word describe the thick coat of your cat.

Wrap Up

Himalayan сat sitting

There is no doubt that once a Himalayan cat enters your home, he/she will soon capture the hearts of everyone in the family with his/her loving, affectionate, and devoted personality. This breed is also very friendly and likes to spend time with its owner, but will most certainly be able to entertain itself by playing alone even with simple toys.

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With that being said, your new kitty is deserving of a great name that will describe him/her completely, and our list of Himalayan cat names is full of good choices that are suitable for your adorable furry bundle of joy.

Did you pick a name for your new feline from our list? Please share your choice in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you. Please share any suggestions as well as we would love to be able to improve your experience with us.

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