Hippie Cat Names: Back to Nature

orange cat wearing hippie glasses
Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

Some cats are born hunters, but then there are those that simply enjoy bathing in the sunlight, rolling around in a flower bed, and are happy to greet every human that passes by with a cheerful meow. These gentle cats deserve nothing less than the best hippie cat names to praise their loving nature.

The hippie movement began in the US during the sixties and quickly spread all over the world. Hippies tried and greatly succeeded in getting a message of love and tolerance out to the world. Their movement supported feminism, equal rights, peace, and living in harmony with nature.

Whether you consider yourself a hippie or not, hippie names are great for cats because they symbolize a cat’s free spirit, tendency to avoid confrontation, and deep connection with Mother Nature.

Giving your cat a name is not an easy task, especially with a culture as vivid and rich as the hippie movement. There are so many historical figures, festivals, and movies out there to choose from! That is why we’ve made a list divided into several such categories to make it easier for you.

Name Your Cat after a Hippie Icon

hippie cat wearing glasses and a wig

Long hair and pink sunglasses, playing Frisbee and riding in a colorfully painted van—this is the typical association with the hippie culture. However, don’t be deceived by their happy-go-lucky appearance. The hippies fight a good fight, and their path is a strenuous one.

Here is a list of some formidable people from the culture, and a small reminder of their legacy.

#1: Bands and Performers

  • Blue Mother. After the band “Blue Mother Tupelo.” Perfect for a Russian Blue.
  • Bob. After Bob Dylan, a singer and songwriter who is celebrated as the “voice of the generation.”
  • Janis. After Janis Joplin, the most influential female singer of the hippie era.
  • Jefferson. After a band called Jefferson Airplane; you surely know their greatest hit: “Somebody to Love.”
  • Jim. After Jim Morrison, the frontman of The Doors.
  • Jimi. After Jimi Hendrix, a guitar prodigy and a brilliant songwriter.
  • Joan. After Joan Baez, a musician, songwriter, and activist. Probably best known for her love affair with Bob Dylan which inspired her to write one of the greatest love songs of the time: “Diamonds and Rust.”
  • Lennon. After John Lennon, co-founder of The Beetles.
  • Marley. After Bob Marley, the most famous rastaman of all times.
  • Pigpen. A founder of the band “Grateful Dead.”
  • Quill. Performed at the original Woodstock festival in 1969.
  • Rascal. After The Rascals, for your mischievous yet kind-hearted kitten.
  • RatDog. A jazz band from San Francisco.
  • Ringo Starr. The drummer of The Beatles.
  • Sha Na Na. A band from the streets of New York.
  • Simon. Ideally for a cat that has a brother named Garfunkel.
  • Sweetwater. This name would be a perfect fit for a Turkish Van.
  • Who. After The Who, a notorious band still alive and kicking.
  • Zappa. After Frank Zappa, a musical virtuoso, activist, and filmmaker.
  • Zeppelin. After Led Zeppelin, a band that is deemed the progenitor of heavy metal.

#2: Famous Writers and Activists

  • Huxley. After Aldous Huxley, a writer and a critic often associated with the hippie subculture because of his ideas and lifestyle.
  • Jane. After Jane Fonda, a controversial activist and fighter for human rights.
  • Kerouac. After Jack Kerouac, an author who wrote: “On the Road.” He inspired a whole generation to get backpacks and take to the road with his ideas about the freedom of living each day as it comes. Is your cat free-spirited and likes to take to the road? You should probably install a cat door, so he/she can go out whenever they want.
  • Kesey. After Ken Kesey, an author who wrote “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”
  • Maharishi. A famous guru to the Beatles and other celebrities.
  • Spock. No, not the Spock from Star Trek. Dr. Benjamin Spock was a pediatrician who propagated the ideas of flexibility and affection in children upbringing. He spoke and marched at many peace rallies and consulted draft evaders. He was sentenced to two years in jail because of his activism.

Names Inspired by the Indian Culture, a Spiritual Haven for the Hippies

Tabby cat lying with Indian elephant

Hippies are mesmerized by India and the country’s rich culture. Adopting everything from fashion and colorful home decoration to religion, the hippies tend to carry ideas from the Middle East wherever they go.

There is even a famous overland route from European countries to India called “The Hippie Trail.” This pilgrimage is a great happening in every hippie’s life.

We also believe that names inspired by the Indian culture are perfect for your cat because Hinduism is well known for preaching good conduct to preserve the welfare of animals, and cats are held in very high regard.

If a Hindu killed a cat, he/she must repent by donating a small golden cat to the temple. Therefore, killing a cat is not only prohibited, but it is also expensive. Hippies, mostly vegetarians and vegans, embrace this code wholeheartedly.

Not to mention, one of the many deities in Hinduism is a folk goddess called Shashti. She is a benefactor and protector of children. She is often depicted riding a cat and nursing multiple infants.

Here are some names that honor the vast heritage of this fusion of cultures:

  • Aashka. “A blessing from God.”
  • Abhiru. “The strong one.”
  • Adel. “Justice” or “righteousness”
  • Adhira. “Restless” in Sanskrit.
  • Adita. “First root” in Sanskrit.
  • Amara. Meaning “eternal.”
  • Anika. “Graceful one.”
  • Arya. “Noble one.”
  • Asha. “Hopeful.”
  • Bala. “Strength” in Sanskrit.
  • Brahma. The four-faced god; ideal for a mixed breed cat.
  • Buddha. In Hinduism, he is seen as an avatar of Vishnu; this name is perfect for a calm, loving cat. How do cats show how much they love you? Learn more about that here.
  • Canga. “A wise one.”
  • Chaila. “Charming.”
  • Chaman. “A flowering garden.”
  • Chandira. “The moon” in Sanskrit.
  • Chapal. “Clever and lively” in Sanskrit.
  • Chitta. “A mindful one.”
  • Dharma. “The right way” or “the sacred path” in Hinduism.
  • Ganesha. Patron of arts and sciences and the god of intellect and wisdom; got yourself a smart cat? Challenge his/her intelligence with this DIY cat puzzle feeder.
  • Goa. India’s western state where the hippie movement is still very much alive.
  • Haima. “Snow.”
  • Hiya. “Happiness.”
  • Indra. God of rain and thunder in Hinduism; is your cat one of those rare, brave few that do not immediately cower at the first flash of lightning?
  • Izna. Meaning “light.”
  • Kali. “Divine protector” and “the one who bestows liberation.”
  • Kamala. For a true “goddess.”
  • Karishma. “Miracle” in Sanskrit.
  • Karma. The cosmic principle of what you give is what you get.
  • Kathmandu. The capital of Nepal; a popular hippie destination in the 60s and 70s.
  • Krishna. The god of compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism.
  • Ladli. “Loved one.”
  • Mangala. The word for “fortune.”
  • Mariamman. The Mother goddess and the goddess of rain.
  • Matangi. A ferocious aspect of Devi, the Divine Mother.
  • Mitra. God of friendship.
  • Nabhitha. A name for “fearless” kittens.
  • Nandini. Because your kitten is without a doubt your “joy bringer.”
  • Nira. “Light.”
  • Parvati. Goddess of fertility, love, and devotion. Perhaps your cat is expecting kittens, and that is why you’re here looking for cat names. You might be interested in reading this article that explains the process of a cat’s pregnancy in depth, then.
  • Pia. “Beloved.”
  • Priya. “Love” in Sanskrit.
  • Rajani. The word for “night”; great for black cats. For other black cat names, visit this page.
  • Rama. Also an avatar of Vishnu, recognizable by his blue skin; this name would suit a Russian Blue, a British Shorthair, or a Korat.
  • Reva. “Rain.”
  • Rhea . Perfect for a cat that likes to express him/herself through “singing.”
  • Rina. Because your cat is a “precious gem.”
  • Saraswati. The goddess of music, art, and knowledge.
  • Shiva. The supreme being, just like your cat.
  • Taara. “Star” in Sanskrit.
  • Tara. A goddess that guides and protects.
  • Varsha. The word for “storm.”
  • Varuna. Protector god of the water and the ocean.
  • Vishnu. The supreme deity, protector of the holy trinity.
  • Viti. “The light.”
  • Yama. God of justice.
  • Zahira. The one that is shining.”
  • Zaina. “Beautiful.”

Flower Power

cat wearing flower crown

Flowers are probably the most famous symbol of the Hippie movement. “Flower Power” is the name of an iconic photograph depicting a Vietnam War protester placing a carnation into the rifle barrel held by a soldier. This movement began in 1965 as a method of peaceful protest against violence.

There is nothing more symbolic than naming your furry friend after a flower or a tree, so let us give you some suggestions:

  • Bluebell. “Humbleness” in the flower language.
  • Daffodil. “Cheerfulness.”
  • Dahlia. “Pride.”
  • Daisy. “Kindness.”
  • Iris. “Nobility.”
  • Jasmine. “Innocent love.”
  • Magnolia. “Endurance.”
  • Marigold. “Cheer and glory”; this is a great choice because this flower is significant in Hinduism. It is often used as an offering for Vishnu.

Name Your Cat after a Gemstone

two gray cats with gem stones

Hippies are all about connecting with nature. Precious gemstones are a gift from Mother Earth herself, and the hippies believe they have healing powers. Whether you believe this or not, we can all agree that cats are as precious as gems.

Let us take a look at this list of crystals and their properties:

  • Agate. Has many variations of color and patterns such as stripes and dots; a witty name for a tabby cat.
  • Amber. Not really a crystal; amber is fossilized resin from evergreen trees. It’s perfect for cats with an orange coat. If you have an orange cat, do visit our article on orange cat names.
  • Beryl. It is believed to help with dealing with a busy and stressful life, just like your cat.
  • Chalcedony. A stone with a lovely soft blue color.
  • Coral. Red in color; protects the owner from negative influences.
  • Diamond. The most precious of them all.
  • Emerald. Vibrant green, it symbolizes mercy, compassion, and universal love.
  • Heliodor. A yellow stone; the name is a Greek word meaning “a gift from the sun.”
  • Jade. For kitties with deep green eye color.
  • Jasper. A colorful stone, this would make a perfect name for a cheerful cat with a gentle character.
  • Larimar. A beautiful blue stone connected to the mystical powers of the water.
  • Obsidian. Only for black cats.
  • Onyx. Perfect for a cat that is adventurous and full of life.
  • Opal. Refined, gorgeous, and mysterious, just like your cat.
  • Pearl. A classic name for a cat with white or beige coat color.
  • Ruby. It symbolizes passion and wealth.
  • Sapphire. The tone of this gem closely resembles the eye color of an Ojos Azules cat.
  • Sphene. Also known as the blue moonstone, it is believed to have strong healing powers.
  • Tiger Eye. Because your kitten is a lap-sized tiger; the perfect gemstone name for a Toyger.

Other Interesting and Unique Hippie Names for Cats

tabby gray kitten wearing feathers

If you are still indecisive, let us give you some more hippie names not often found amongst our beloved feline friends. These are definitely intriguing, and some are even a bit weird, in a good way.

  • Absinthe. A type of alcoholic drink distilled with leaves and flowers. It’s a beautiful green color. For other alcohol cat names, try this link.
  • Ari. “Lion” in Hebrew.
  • Arun. “Sun” in Burmese.
  • Audra. A Lithuanian name, meaning “storm.”
  • Aurora. For that cat who never fails to impress.
  • Avatar. If you’re a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender; you’ll probably also be interested in our article on cat names from movies.
  • Chantrea. “Moon” in Cambodian.
  • Cosmo. We’ve also got an article on space cat names.
  • Dawn. Always a natural phenomenon to be accepted, although it happens every day.
  • Gaia. Another name for Mother Earth.
  • Goya. Meaning “wildcat” in South African.
  • Guru. Your cat has, after all, trained you to become an impeccable servant.
  • Lencho. “Lion” in Ethiopian and Kenyan.
  • Moonbeam. For that soothing cat.
  • Nala. For other Disney cat names, visit this page.
  • Nambassa. A series of hippie festivals held in the 80s in New Zealand.
  • Om. Cats tend to have the ability to instill inner peace.
  • Svemir. Serbian word for “cosmos.”
  • Svetlana. Slavic female name derived from the word “light.”
  • Terra. “The earth”)
  • Woodstock. Definitely the most famous hippie festival of all times.
  • Zaki. Meaning “lion” in West African.
  • Zen. Hippies usually strive to achieve a state of Zen with nature.
  • Zora. Slavic word for “dawn.”

Wrap Up

tabby gray kitten wearing feathers

The hippie subculture in its essence praises freedom, kindness, equality, and love of nature. This means that you can let your imagination run wild; there is really no right or wrong. This also means that you have to step away from the conventional.

Look deep into your kitten’s eyes and see what makes him/her unique. Every cat is born with a character; our quest is to learn how to love them for who they are and find common ground for mutual understanding. Namaste!

Did any of the name above seem like the obvious choice for your cat? If you have other name suggestions, please leave them in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you. Before you go, we’d like to suggest another article: Latin Names for Cats. As you know, many things in nature have a Latin name. It’s an archaic and powerful language.

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