Irish Cat Names: Feline Names from the Land of Shamrocks

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Stella Noble
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Ireland is a historically rich place with an abundance of terms that can be used for your frisky feline’s name. Those who are looking for a unique name for their feline friend should give our list of Irish cat names a try.

The age-old connection between cats and the Gaelic culture makes it an interesting naming option. In ancient Ireland, cats were considered magical creatures who had the power to cast spells—both good and bad. Domestic cats symbolize joy and happiness in a house, and Ireland itself is a land of joy and merriment (e.g., St. Patrick’s Day). Therefore, it is only natural that Ireland has a plethora of fun and dynamic cat names to offer.

In this article, we are going to enlist a bevy of heartwarming and tuneful Irish names for cats. We are going to categorize our list by gender. We also include all the necessary info (meanings and references) to make it easier for you to settle on the best moniker for your whiskered friend.

Irish Names for Female Cats

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Irish Gaelic names not just sound distinctive, but there is a plethora of words that you can explore to set a personality or behavior-based name for your feline friend. Let’s get started with some decorous names for your girl cat.

  • Aifric: It means ‘agreeable’—just the way we call our cat an agreeable friend.

  • Aili: It means ‘light.’

  • Berit: This Irish word defines someone as ‘strong and powerful.’ A great name for a big and robust cat like the Siberian.

  • Biddy: This Irish word defines someone as ‘powerful or strong.’

  • Blarney: Inspired by the world-renown ‘Blarney castle.’

  • Boan: A soft name inspired by the goddess of the river Boyne.

  • Breanna: It stands for someone ‘strong, honorable, and virtuous.’ How about using this name for a purebred cat?

  • Breen: Not so positive in meaning, but it really sounds great. This term stands for ‘sadness.’

  • Brenda: Of Gaelic origins, it stands for ‘little raven.’ Perfect for a black cat. You might also be interested in this article on black cat names.

  • Bridget: This Irish name stands for the positive traits like ‘power and strength.’ You can shorten it to Brit as well.

  • Brielle: In Irish, it stands for ‘a hill.’ It can be shortened to Bree as well.

  • Brigid: A concise name that defines traits like ‘virtue, power, and strength.’ If your cat owns any of these traits, this is the right name for her.

  • Brody: In Irish, this word stands for ‘from a muddy place.’ It is also the name of a Scottish castle.

  • Cadie: This snappy Irish term means ‘rhythmic flow of sounds,’ just like the word Cadie itself.

  • Cashel: Inspired by the famous rock of Cashel in Ireland.

  • Cattie: A cute and melodious name that means ‘pure.’ It can be by-named to ‘Kitty or Kat.’

  • Ciara: This name stands for ‘dark-haired.’

  • Cody: A captivating term, it stands for ‘pillow’ in Irish. This can make a great name for a cute fluff ball.

  • Coleen: In Irish, this exotic term stands for ‘a girl.’

  • Colla: An ancient Irish name that means ‘lost in antiquity.’

  • Colleem: Give a try to this melodious Irish name; it stands for ‘young girl.’

  • Courtney: A feminine name that stands for ‘someone with a small nose.’ This name would suit Persians or Exotic Shorthairs.

  • Dana: This Irish name is a variant of Donna.

  • Darby: It stands for ‘free’ in Irish. If your cat is free-spirited, you should perhaps build a DIY cat window box for her as this would make her very happy, not to mention safer.

  • Darcelle: An adorable name that means ‘dark.’

  • Dempsey: A captivating term of endearment, it means ‘proud.’

  • Duvessa: An attractive name that defines someone as ‘a dark beauty.’

  • Ena: A cute name that means ‘fire’ in Irish. Perfect for hyperactive, fiery cats. Although, you might want to know how to calm a hyper cat just in case.

  • Erin: This word describes Ireland itself. It means the ‘land of abundance.’

  • Evin: A short and sweet Irish name that means ‘swift.’

  • Fay: This is Irish for ‘raven.’ You can use it on a black snuggler.

  • Fiona: A cute name that stands for ‘white.’

  • Glenda: It defines someone as ‘good or holy.’ This name would go with any cat breed—they all are good.

  • Gliona: ‘The river god’s daughter.’

  • Haley: An exotic name that means ‘ingenious.’

  • Islene: A tuneful name that stands for ‘vision.’

  • Izett: This name is the Irish form of Isolda.

  • Jana: Jana is the feminine form of John. It also means ‘God is gracious.’

  • Kathleen: This word stands for ‘innocent and pure.’ If you find it a bit long, you can byname it to Kathy as well.

  • Keavy: An adorable name that describes someone as ‘gentle’ and ‘pretty.’

  • Kelsey: A memorable term that means ‘brave’—just like your frisky friend.

  • Keri: It means ‘dark or dusky.’

  • Kiana: This ancient Irish name is a variant of ‘Kian.’

  • Kira: It means ‘black.’

  • Lia: It describes someone as ‘a bearer of good news.’ If your feline has brought luck to you in any way, this term is the way to go! Would make a great name for a Japanese Bobtail for that reason.

  • Liffey: A river that flows in Dublin; can make a cool feline name.

  • Lona: Lona means ‘purple jewel’.

  • Maeve: A name of Irish origins, it was inspired by a great Irish warrior princess’s name.

  • Maureen: An Irish term that is a variant of Mary; it also means ‘bitter.’

  • Meara: It means ‘merry disposition.’ If your kitty is a merry and playful snuggler, consider this name.

  • Melodeon: An Irish term that was taken from the Irish phrase ‘cat melodeon’; it stands for ‘terrible.’ This can be shortened to ‘Melody’ as well.

  • Moira: This Irish word is used to describe ‘a rebellious woman.’ If your rebellious cat keeps climbing onto counters despite your many attempts to teach her that it’s not acceptable behavior, try our tips here.

  • Molly: Of Hebrew origins, it means ‘bitter.’

  • Morna: A name with a catchy tune, it is a form of ‘Merry.’

  • Muriel: A catchy term that means ‘bright.’ Handpick this name for your bright-eyed and smart kitty.

  • Nessa: A name derived from Irish mythology. It means ‘not gentle or soft.’

  • Neve: It means ‘dazzling.’ Just use this name for your bright-eyed mouser.

  • Nolan: This two-syllabic word stands for ‘noble and renowned.’ Yet another name suitable for a purebred feline.

  • Nora: A captivating name that means ‘honor.’

  • Noreena: This melodic term also stands for ‘honor.’

  • Nuala: It describes someone with ‘fair shoulders.’

  • Oona: This short name is Irish for ‘lamb.’ Great for a kind and gentle cat.

  • Orla: An exotic term that means ‘golden princess.’

  • Piritta: This Irish word means ‘strong or powerful.’

  • Pirjo: A name with instant appeal, it means ‘strong and powerful.’

  • Pirkko: This unique name defines someone as ‘powerful and strong.’

  • Rosalyn: A cute name with dual meanings, i.e. ‘beautiful’ and ‘a pretty rose.’

  • Shanna: It means ‘possessor of wisdom.’ After all, cats are said to know more than they let on.

  • Shea: This Irish moniker defines something as ‘majestic or hawk-like.’ It is also a famous Irish family name.

  • Sheila: This term is the Irish variant of Cecilia. Its exotic feel makes it a great choice for pretty female cats.

  • Siobhan: This beautiful moniker means ‘God is gracious.’ Go with this name to thank God for the whiskered blessing He gave you.

  • Sybil: This Gaelic word means ‘fortune teller.’ A fairly short name that would not get caught in your throat.

  • Tiffany: An exotic Irish term that states something as ‘lordly’ or ‘regal.’ Just like a cat who acts like a queen.

  • Vevila: A pretty name from Ireland that means ‘harmony.’

Irish Names for Male Cats

lykoi kittens

Looking for the perfect name for your boy cat? These masculine names are highly recommended, not just for the residents of Ireland, but also for cat owners all across.

  • Alby: This Gaelic/Irish word stands for ‘white one.’ So, you who owns a white fur ball, you should consider this name.

  • Aodh: A short name that stands for ‘flame.’ How about using this name on a cat with a golden/red coat?

  • Berke: This Irish name stands for ‘the birch tree meadow.’

  • Blair: A short name that means ‘from the fields.’

  • Bram: In Irish, Bram stands for ‘raven.’ So, this one is a great name suggestion for black cats.

  • Bran: He is an Irish legend known for his great adventures. Pick this name for your adventurous kitty. If he is the type that can’t be contained indoors, be sure to install a cat door for him.

  • Bryan: Of Irish origins, it describes someone as ‘a nobleman.’

  • Buckley: Pick this name for your furry boy; that’s what it means, ‘a boy.’

  • Canon: This Irish name stands for ‘little wolf.’ Handpick this beautiful name for the Lykoi.

  • Carney: This term defines someone as ‘victorious.’ It can be given to a show cat.

  • Carthage: A tuneful Irish term that means ‘loving.’

  • Caspian: Of Irish origins, it stands for ‘borrowed from the sea.’

  • Conn: This one-syllabic term stands for ‘mighty or high’ in Irish.

  • Corey: This Irish name means ‘from the hollow.’

  • Cork: A name inspired by the southwestern city of Ireland.

  • Cormac: It means ‘son.’ A catchy term for your furry kid.

  • Damon: This word stands for ‘tame’ in Irish.

  • Darcy: It means ‘dark.’

  • Domnall: It means ‘ruler of the world.’ That’s what every cat thinks of himself, isn’t it?

  • Donovan: It means ‘little dark prince.’

  • Doyle: An epigrammatic name that means ‘dark stranger.’

  • Dublin: A name inspired by the largest city of Ireland.

  • Eamon: This stands for ‘guardian of the riches.’

  • Fallon: It stands for ‘in charge’ in Irish.

  • Fergus: This Irish word means ‘man with energy.’ Handpick this name for your energetic beast.

  • Finley: It stands for ‘fair hero.’

  • Finn: It means ‘small blonde soldier.’

  • Finnegan: This Irish word stands for ‘fair or white.’

  • Fionn: Call your white kitty Fionn, as it stands for ‘white.’

  • Flannery: It means ‘red-haired.’

  • Gilroy: A funky name that means ‘a ruler’s servant’s son.’

  • Gorman: It means ‘blue.’ How about using it on a blue-eyed cat? Could be the perfect name for an Ojos Azules.

  • Griffin: It is an Irish surname that means ‘strong in faith.’

  • Guinness: Let’s name him after this most-loved brand from Ireland. If you fancy yourself a bit of an alcoholic drink connoisseur, you don’t want to miss out on this Alcohol Names for Cats article.

  • Hurley: This stands for ‘sea tide’ in Irish.

  • Izod: It stands for ‘blonde or gold.’

  • Jameson: Inspired by Jameson Irish whiskey.

  • Jannon: It stands for ‘fair-haired.’

  • Kavan: A name that means ‘handsome.’

  • Kieran: We recommend this name for dark-colored cats, as it stands for ‘little dark one.’

  • Kirby: A chic name that means ‘from the church farm.’

  • Leary: An epigrammatic name that means ‘keeper of calves.’ Isn’t it apt for a friendly cat that loves to lounge in your lap? Does your cat belong to one of the best lap cat breeds?

  • Liam: A groovy name that means ‘strong-willed warrior.’ If your cat gets into fights often, you should at least know the basics of how to clean cat wound.

  • Lugh: The inspiration behind this name is a warrior god, father of Cú Chulainn

  • Mal: A fairly short name that stands for ‘chief.’ If your cat acts like he is the owner of the house, say yes to this name.

  • Mannix: A name with instant appeal, this is Irish word for ‘a monk.’

  • Marcas: This name has dual meanings. It stands for ‘war-like’ and ‘rendered to Mars.’

  • Midir: A sweet-sounding name inspired by the moniker of a mythological hero.

  • Murphy: It stands for ‘sea warrior.’

  • Niall: This Gaelic term means ‘champion.’ This name would be a perfect fit for a show cat.

  • Oisin: A cute name that means ‘small deer.’

  • Patrick: The inspiration behind this name is none other than the festivity of St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Peadar: It stands for ‘a rock.’ A fab name for a steadfast kitty.

  • Quinn: This Irish term stands for ‘wise.’ If your buddy is wise beyond his years, perhaps you should try teaching him tricks. You can learn how in this article.

  • Riley: A name that is often declared as unisex, it stands for ‘brave.’

  • Ronan: A sweet-sounding name that means ‘little seal.’

  • Rory: A fairly short name that means ‘red king.’ This could make a great name for a male ginger cat.

  • Rory: An exotic two-syllabic name that was derived from the name of the last high king of Ireland ‘Rory O’Connor’.

  • Ryan: Of Gaelic origin, it means ‘kingly.’

  • Rys: A fairly short name that sounds and means great. It stands for ‘enthusiasm and ardor.’ If you’ve got an energetic kitty, be sure you know how to play with your cat!

  • Sean: This exotic word stands for ‘God is gracious.’

  • Shamrock: This name was inspired by a young sprig that is also the symbol of Ireland.

  • Shane: It means ‘God’s gracious gift.’

  • Sun: An Irish name that means ‘from the town by the river Boyn.’

  • Tag: A short and one syllabic name that means ‘handsome.’ Let’s pick it for handsome felines like a Toyger or a Birman.

  • Tier: Of Irish origins, this tunefully short term is the Irish version of Theobald.

  • Tierney: As this word describes someone as ‘master or lord,’ it would definitely suit a dominant cat like a Bengal.

  • Tuan: This Gaelic name was inspired by a mythological character—Tuan mac Cairill

  • Tyrell: A Norse god of battle.

  • Ualtar: It means ‘fighter’ in Irish. This might be a cool name for an aggressive or temperamental cat. Make sure you know how to tell if your cat is playing or fighting so you can interfere if necessary.

Wrap Up

orange kitten sitting in clover

Back in the olden days, the Irish considered black cats to be a source of ill luck. Those days are long gone. Today, people in Ireland love felines just like in any other parts of the world, and this is reflected in the many naming options they have to offer to cats around the world.

Irish names aren’t very common, but they don’t hail from the opposite end of the earth either, so the pronunciation of these names shouldn’t be that difficult for you. Just make certain that you pick a name that easily rolls off your tongue, and one that your cat readily responds to.

Reaching the end of our exhaustive cat names list, we hope that you have found a timelessly magical name from Ireland for your cat. The gender-specific listings and the addition of meanings or other related information were purely done to lend you a hand in landing on the most appropriate moniker for your newly-arrived kitty cat.

Which Irish name did you pick for your cat? What is your take on our list of Irish feline names? Share your thoughts in the comments section. If none of the Irish names enlisted above caught your fancy, perhaps you’d find Italian cat names a bit more to your taste.

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