Italian Cat Names: Names that Reflect Your Passion

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Stella Noble
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Italy is also known as “Bel Pease,” which means “the beautiful country.” You may have traveled to the beautiful country, or you have roots that can be traced back to Italy. Whatever the reason is, you can show your love for this wonderful place by picking a moniker from our list of Italian cat names for your equally beautiful feline friend.

Italian names have the unique characteristic of ending with a vowel: “a, e, i, o, or u.” Italian names not only sound beautiful, but there is research that says cats respond to names that end with an “e” better than any other names. Either way, you cannot go wrong with any Italian cat name.

You’ll find a host of beautiful-sounding Italian cat names in this article. We’ve classified the names by gender, names inspired by famous landmarks and locations, as well as names inspired by historical figures who affected the world. We’ve also included a list of food-related names, inspired by the world-famous Italian cuisine.

Italian Cat Names by Gender

Cat lying on Italian background

Italian names are mostly gender-specific. When you hear Italian names, you can almost predict the gender.

Most male Italian names end with the letter “o” and female names end with “a.” Each name on this list has its meaning and inspiration explained, which will hopefully help you pick the right name that reflects your cat’s nature.

Cat Names by Gender #1: Male

We have identified a number of male Italian cat names that will be appropriate for your feline friend. Whether your cat is gentle, badass, powerful, funny, or if he exhibits any other personality types, we’re sure you’ll find a name that describes him nicely below.

  • Adolfo: “Majestic wolf.” Fitting for a large cat
  • Aldo: Great name if you’ve just adopted an “old” cat. Even if you have a young cat, this name might suit him if he acts “wise” or lazy beyond his years
  • Anatolio: For that feline that never fails to “rise with the sun”
  • Augusto: It means “great and venerable.” Appropriate for a bold cat
  • Bacio: Translated, it means “kiss” in English. You can give this name to any cat that has a sun-kissed coat color, or ones that love to give you kitty kisses
  • Badare: For cats that need constant “care and attention”
  • Benito: “Blessed.” For a cat whose coming into your house has heralded many blessings
  • Cosmo: For your calico cats whose multiple coat colors are in surprising “harmony.” Also great for a cat that can live peacefully in a multiple cat household
  • Dante: “Enduring, everlasting”
  • Dominico: “Belonging to the Lord”
  • Drago or Draco: For those cats are badass like a “dragon”
  • Esatto: Literally means “exact” in English
  • Fabian: “Bean-grower.” If you have that weird cat who loves beans—whether to eat or to play with
  • Giovanni: “God is gracious”
  • Guido: “Forest guide.” Ideal for the cats that love the greens. You might want to install a DIY cat window box for him so he can enjoy the scenery without needing to go outdoors
  • Horace: It means “timekeeper.” For your cat that reacts quickly when it’s mealtime
  • Leonardo: Perfect for a Maine Coon who has a thick mane like that of “a lion”
  • Lucca: It means “bringer of light”
  • Luigi: “Famous in war.” For that cat that always picks a fight. You should probably learn how to clean cat wound just in case
  • Lupo: Synonymous with “lupine.” For those cats that exhibit dog-like traits
  • Marcelino: Originated from the Latin name Marcellus, which means “hammer.” The Italian version, however, means “little star”
  • Mario: “Sailor.” Give it to a water-loving cat. Mario will appreciate it if you install a DIY cat water fountain for him
  • Matteo: The Italian version of the name Mathew, which means “a gift from God.” Ideal for a cat that makes you happy
  • Mattone: “Brick or solid”
  • Pazzo: “Crazy.” For those cats that are unpredictable
  • Pelo: “Hairy”
  • Rocco: “Rest.” Are you curious about how much sleep cats need exactly?
  • Ruggiero: Fitting for an “aggressive” cat
  • Salvatore: If your connection with your cat “saved” you from a dark place
  • Sonno: For a cat who loves to “sleep” all day
  • Stefano: “A crown”
  • Tenero: “Tender.” Appropriate for any lap cat who loves to cuddle

Cat Names by Gender #2: Female

calico cat in Rome

Female Italian names sound soft, light on the tongue, and beautiful. These names can simply be female versions of male Italian names because of the gender-based language that Italians speak, or they can be entirely independent of male names.

  • Alba: It means “dawn.” If you are a fan of Jessica Alba, then what’s not to love about the name?
  • Alda: This means “long-lived.” You should give it to a sickly cat and speak life to her whenever you call her
  • Amara: Beautiful name that means “everlasting”
  • Ammiro: “I admire” is the literal translation of this cute name
  • Angelina: For a cat that behaves like a “little angel”
  • Aurelia: For your “golden” cat
  • Bambi: We consider our feline friend our “child,” so let’s call her that
  • Bianca: It means “white”
  • Callisto: “Most beautiful.” For that cat that is far above the rest. You can help enhance her beauty by following the practical grooming tips in this article
  • Camilla: Appropriate for a well-behaved cat that has an “unblemished” character; the purrfect cat
  • Carlotta: An Italian twist to the English name Charlotte. It means “free or feminine”
  • Donatella: “A beautiful star.” Now you know what to name a cat show champion
  • Evangelina: “Announcer of good news.” Ideal for a talkative pet
  • Farfalle: A cat with a coat that looks like a pretty “butterfly”
  • Florentina: It means “flower”
  • Luciana or Lucia: For that cat that “lights” up your world
  • Mariabella: It is a combination of two names, where Maria means “Mary” and Bella means “beautiful.” Altogether, the name means “my beautiful Mary”
  • Olympia: Derived from the word Olympus
  • Omayda: For that female cat that you find irresistibly “sweet and beautiful”
  • Ottavia: “Eight.” Consider giving it to your eighth cat
  • Pia: “Pious”
  • Prima: If this is your “first” cat, then Prima will be an ideal name. For boys, it can be Primo
  • Quorra: “A sweetheart”
  • Valentina: “Vigorous, powerful.” That cat that can’t sit still. You may benefit from learning how to calm a hyper cat
  • Zola: It means “ball of earth.” Consider giving this name to an all-brown cat, perhaps a Havana Brown

Italian Cat Names Inspired by Locations

Orange cat holding tower of Pisa

Beautiful Italian cities are continually inspiring to many people, especially if you have wonderful memories of these cities. You may be an Italian lover hoping to visit your favorite city someday. Naming your cat after your dream place may be a good idea to keep the dream alive.

The nuance, culture, art, and the climate are some of the things that make a city stand out. Below are some Italian cat names inspired by famous cities or landmarks.

  • Amalfi: There is a beautiful coastline on the Salerno Gulf called the Amalfi Coast
  • Como: The name was inspired by the beautiful Lake Como, where the wealthy love to lounge and rest
  • Florence: The populous capital city of Tuscany in Italy. It has a lot of European influences; the name might be ideal for an Exotic Shorthair cat
  • Italia: There is nothing wrong with naming your cat after your favorite country, Italy
  • Milan: It is the capital city of fashion, so it’s perfect for a beautiful cat
  • Pisa: Inspired by the architectural wonder—the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Pompeii: A town in Italy that suffered destruction from a volcanic mountain called Mount Vesuvius. Before that, it was a thriving hubbub
  • Roma: Italian for the city of Rome, which holds the papacy. You can call your cat Rome if it’s a he and Roma if it’s a she
  • Siena: Another beautiful city in Tuscany. It will be a pretty name for a golden cat
  • Trevi: After the Trevi Fountain—the largest baroque fountain in the city of Rome. We recommend you give this name to a water-loving cat or one who is terrified of water if you prefer
  • Venice: The home of canals and flowing river. A very beautiful city
  • Verona: Located in the North-East of Italy lies the historic town of Verona

Italian Cat Names Inspired by Food

cat eating pizza

Italians are passionate about their food and wine. Their trademark—pizza—has also acquired a worldwide status. If you are a foodie who favors Italian cuisine, then wouldn’t it be great to name your feline companion after one of your Italian obsessions?

We may not have pasta or pizza on the list, but we have many other food names that are more exotic and less common:

  • Biscotti: Yeah, you guessed right. This is a type of biscuits with almonds that is made in the city of Prato
  • Budino: It sounds like you are saying Buddy, but it actually refers to a sweet Italian dish which is creamy and rich like custard or pudding
  • Cannoli: Funnel-shaped Italian pastries with delicious fillings
  • Gelato: Italian ice cream
  • Gnocchi: Thick, fluffy, small dumplings
  • Prosecco: Italian white wine
  • Ravioli: An outstanding Italian pasta dish
  • Risotto: A rice dish originating from the northern parts of the country. It is cooked in a creamy broth
  • Tiramisu: A custard dessert with a surprising coffee flavor. If you have a coffee brown-colored cat, then you have the right name for him/her
  • Torta: Delicious Italian cake
  • Zuppa: It is Italian for soup

Italian Cat Names Inspired by History

gray cats singing opera

Italy has influenced the world in areas of culture, food, architecture, religion, music, and many more. This country has had rulers and champions of great importance. What a big honor to have your favorite fuzzy friend bearing the name of one of the world’s greatest.

  • Augustus: The first Roman emperor who founded the Roman Principate
  • Caesar: The great Julius Caesar was a Roman leader and general
  • Claudius: A great emperor of Rome
  • Donatello: Florence-born renaissance sculptor
  • Galileo: Galileo Galilei was an Italian Polymath and modern scientist. He was the father of heliocentrism and Copernicanism. He invented the telescope among many other inventions. He was born in Pisa
  • John Paul: The Catholic Pope that ruled from 1978 to 2005
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: The all-around talented Italian renaissance artist who was famous for his painting, sculptures, and architectural skills. He also made outstanding strides in the fields of science and engineering. You can simply call your cat Vinci or Da Vinci
  • Marco Polo: The adventurer who traveled around the world. He was a Venetian merchant
  • Michelangelo: His full name is a mouthful, and it is Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. The famous Italian sculptor, poet, painter, and architect. He came from the Republic of Florence. One of his most recognized works was the ceiling paintings of Rome’s Sistine Chapel
  • Mussolini: He was a Fascist leader who ruled from 1922 to 1943
  • Nero: The feared emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. His reign was the end of the dynasty. Great name for a no-nonsense cat
  • Pavarotti: Luciano Pavarotti was an Italian-born opera singer who was nicknamed “the Maestro”
  • Raphael: Another renaissance artist whose full name was Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino. He was born in Urbino, and his work is admired for its ease of composition. For that cat who knows what he is doing and does it well

Wrap Up

tabby cat in Italy

There is much to love about Italy. Italy has a distinct culture that is recognized all across the world. It is the birthplace of pizza! Italians are passionate people, which translates to their food, music, art, and names.

Italian names sound exotic and beautiful to the ears. When you call your cat by any of the Italian names we’ve introduced to you above, you are sure to get people’s attention.

Also, you’re not picking the name at random just to sound cool. Since we’ve included the meaning of each name, you’ll be able to answer any question fired your way with confidence. If you pick a great name, you will probably increase the number of Italian name lovers.

We are eager to hear your feedback on this article. We would be happy to read your suggestions and any other Italian names we may have left out of this article. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, might we interest you in French cat names? They can be just as awesome as Italian names.

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