Korean Cat Names: Say Annyeong Haseyo to the Purrfect Name for Your Cat!

Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

The land of the morning calm has certainly taken the world by storm these past few years. K-pop, K-food, and generally all things Korea fascinate us with how colorful and hip they are. If you want your cat to be in on the fun as well, don’t miss out on our list of Korean cat names.

Like every other part of the world, Korean people, too, love to have pets, and there are countless Korean cat names that sound sweet to the ears. You don’t have to have a Korean ancestry to use a Korean term of endearment for your feline. If you feel inspired by the Korean culture and lifestyle or you want your pet to stand out from the crowd with an exotic name, you can handpick a cool Korean cat name for your furry baby.

In this article, we are going to enlist the best Korean terms for your frisky feline. No matter which cat breed you own, the plethora of names that we are going to recommend here is for everyone. We first separate the names into those for males and those for females. Then we have a short additional list of geography-inspired Korean cat names for you.

Korean Cat Names by Gender

fat orange cat eating plants

We will start this list with Korean name suggestions for female cats; then we will move on to names for male cats. Our list is extensive, and you may find more than one name that you like; be sure to note them all down and test them on your cat to see which one he/she likes best!

#1: For Female Cats

We have collected many feminine Korean terms here that should befit your queen’s personality or attitude. The best thing about Korean is that you can come up with a whole new by combining two (or three) different terms. Therefore, if you see two or more names below that appeal to you, you can combine them to make one wonderful name. Let’s get started!

  • Areum: An appealing name that stands for ‘beautiful.’
  • Bitna: It means ‘shining’ in language. Does your cat have beautiful, glittering eyes? A shiny coat? Or is it her personality that’s dazzling?
  • Bobae: A cool name that means ‘treasure.’ Great name for your little gem.
  • Bo-Mi: It stands for ‘beautiful.’ Whether it is inside or outside, your cat is beautiful.
  • Bora: This tuneful name stands for ‘purple.’ Naturally, no cat has a purple coat color in the strictest sense, but there are plenty of lilac-pointed cats.
  • Chin: Use this Korean term for your ‘precious’ feline friend.
  • Cho: A simple name that defines something as ‘beautiful.’
  • Chul-Moo: This Korean name stands for ‘iron weapon.’ How about giving it to aggressive felines? If you live with an aggressive feline, be sure you can tell when your cat is just playing and when she is really fighting.
  • Chung-Hee: Picking this name might be the right choice as it means ‘righteous.’
  • Dong-Yul: Of Korean origin, this female name stands for ‘eastern passion.’ Since you’re here, we’re sure you’re pretty passionate about the eastern culture already.
  • Du: Yet another catchy Korean name, it means ‘head.’ Does your cat have a good head on her shoulders?
  • Goo: This Korean name stands for ‘completeness.’ If the presence of your kitty cat completes or inspires you in any way, this name is the way to go.
  • Hana: A name with instant appeal, it means ‘favorite,’ and it can also mean ‘flower.’
  • Haw-Young: A sweet-sounding name, it means ‘a beautiful flower.’
  • Hea: A crisp name that stands for ‘grace.’ It’s a suitable name for all cats because they are graceful creatures by nature.
  • Hee: This snappy term means ‘pleasure.’ If your kitty cat pleases you all the time, settle on this cutesy name.
  • Hye: A short name that means ‘intelligent woman.’ This might be a great name as we all laud cats for their mental skills. If you want to teach your smart cat some tricks, you can learn how in this article.
  • Hye-Yun: This name describes someone as ‘intelligent and bright.’ Both qualities are commonly found in most felines.
  • Hyori: A melodic name inspired by the name of a famous South Korean singer ‘Lee Hyori.’
  • In: A fairly short name, it means ‘humanity.’ Look into your cat’s eyes. Do you see a human-like intelligence reflected back at you?
  • InNa: A succinct word that means ‘delicate and graceful.’ Both adjectives suit a feline, so this name is a great choice! What are you waiting for?
  • Ji-a: A crisp term that defines traits like ‘knowledge and wisdom.’
  • Jooeun: It means ‘silver pearl.’ Go with this name if you have a white queen. Discover many other white cat names here.
  • Ki: If you love short and sweet names, just go with this moniker. Despite being so short, it’s very meaningful. It means ‘the rising one.’
  • Mee: A simple term that means ‘beauty.’
  • Mi-Hi: This stands for ‘beautiful joy,’ just like your kitten.
  • Min-Jung: These short syllabic terms combined form an amazing name that means ‘bright and noble.’
  • Mishil: This name stands for ‘a beautiful kingdom.’ As your house is her kingdom, it is quite natural to go with this snappy term.
  • Mi-Sun: This adorable name means ‘beauty and goodness.’ Both attributes are commonly found in cats.
  • Nam: In Korean, this term means ‘south.’
  • Nari: ‘Lily flower’ in Korean. It would be the purrfect name for delicate and cute felines.
  • Sam: A captivating term that defines someone as ‘third in the order.’ Is your cat the third born of a litter? How many kittens can a cat have anyway? Ever wondered about that?
  • Shik: It stands for ‘planting.’ If your cat likes to eat plants, you should stop her as it can be dangerous. Find out how here.
  • Sook: A feminine name that describes a female with pure nature.
  • Sung: A short and sweet name that means ‘successor.’ Your cat may not be the first pet you have, but they are all equally important in your heart.
  • Sun-Hi: This stands for ‘good.’
  • Whan: It defines something as ‘ever growing’—just like your love for that furry little sidekick.
  • Yoon: It means ‘to allow or to give consent’ in Korean.
  • Yoora: An adorable name that means ‘silk’ in Korean. Perfect for cats with coats as smooth as silk.

#2: For Male Cats

happy kitten smiling

We understand that when it is about boy cats, names should have an air of masculinity. Scroll down our list to find the one for your little friend. Some of these names may seem long and difficult to pronounce but remember that you can always shorten the one you pick into a cute nickname.

  • Dae: A short and simple name that means ‘greatness.’
  • Daeshim: As it means ‘the greatest mind,’ how about picking this name for a clever cat?
  • Gi: A short and sweet name, it means ‘brave.’ This might be a cool naming suggestion for cat breeds who are known to be great mousers.
  • Haengbogi: A lively Korean name, it means ‘happy.’ You can shorten it to ‘Bogi’ if you want.
  • Haenguni: If you consider yourself ‘lucky’ to have your feline friend, give this name a try.
  • Haru: A fairly short name that means ‘one day.’ It has a magical feel to it, like ‘once upon a time.’
  • Hayangi: This one is a cool name for ‘white’ felines.
  • Ho: A fairly short name, it means ‘goodness.’ Handpick this term for a whiskered angel.
  • Hyeon: This name describes someone as ‘a person of virtue.’
  • Hyuk: An adorable name, it means ‘radiant.’ How about using it on a lively and playful tomcat?
  • Hyun: It means ‘virtuous.’ How about using this term on a purebred cat?
  • Jin: A succinct term, it means ‘jewel.’
  • Joon: An easy and short name that means ‘talented.’ We recommend this name for a talented show cat.
  • Jum: An appealing name that means ‘ruler or king.’ Isn’t it just apt?
  • Jung: It means ‘righteous.’ Is your cat the type to follow the rules? If not, perhaps it’s time to learn how to discipline a cat.
  • Kkulbbangi: This word spells long but sounds great. It means ‘delicious’ in Korean.
  • Kwang: As this word means ‘wild,’ this name makes a great choice for cats with amazing hunting instincts.
  • Kyung: A name that means ‘respected.’ Is your cat the dominant pet in your house? Does he demand respect?
  • Makki: A slang word that defines something as ‘the youngest one.’
  • Min: A fairly short name that means ‘clever.’ Cats are clever, especially breeds like Scottish Fold and Turkish Van. So what are you waiting for?
  • Miso: This is Korean for ‘smile.’
  • Mongshil: It means ‘fluffy.’ The perfect name for your little fluff ball, isn’t it?
  • Myeong: Cats are ‘bright and playful’ pets.
  • Myung: A captivating term that stands for ‘brightness.’
  • Ryung: This means ‘light.’ Your little sunshine deserves a name like this.
  • Sang: As this name means ‘forever,’ it might be a great way to describe the timeless companionship between you and your cat.
  • Seong: This simple term means ‘finished.’ Your life of loneliness is done and over with upon the arrival of your cat.
  • Shin: A memorable and sweet name, it means ‘belief.’
  • Sun: It means ‘goodness.’ It would definitely be a suitable name for your lovely and kind tomcat.
  • Sunja: A melodic term that defines someone as ‘mild and delicate.’ Males can be mild-mannered and delicate too.
  • Tae-Hui: As these words stand for anything ‘great or big’—you should give this name a try if you have a large-sized feline like a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll.
  • Wonsoongi: A bit lengthy, but still a cute name. This stands for ‘monkey.’ Do you have a hyperactive cat?
  • Wook: A lovely and refreshing name that means ‘sunrise.’ We know cats don’t usually rise with the sun, but it is still a great naming option.
  • Woong: An adorable name that means ‘magnificence.’
  • Yeong: A catchy Korean term that defines someone as ‘brave.’ This one can be handpicked for aggressive cats that don’t back down.
  • Yu-Jin: This word defines something as ‘precious or valuable,’ just like your feline.

Location-Based Korean Names

cat sitting on the background of the large city

Korean geography is enriched with amazing destinations. The names of these places can also be used as inspiration for Korean cat monikers. Let’s have a look at some tuneful names drawn from the picturesque Korean geography.

  • Busan: This is the name of one of the most populated cities in South Korea.

  • Daegu: One of the largest cities in South Korea.

  • Daejeon: A name inspired by the moniker of a large metropolitan area in South Korea.

  • Darangee: A beautiful Korean village known for its mesmerizing rice terraces.

  • Jeju: A tuneful name, it is derived from the famous Jeju Island. This island is best known for its cave-like lava tubes and beach resorts.

  • Korea: Using the name of the land of the morning sun is a fab idea. It might seem too obvious, but we’re quite sure not many people actually use this name.

  • Suwon: A catchy term inspired by the name of a metropolitan city in Korea.

  • Ulasan: A city that is known to be the industrial powerhouse of Korea.

  • Upo: A fairly short name inspired by a natural wetland area located close to the Nakdong River.

Wrap Up

Korean cat wearing hat

Settling on a short name is very important. One or two syllabic words are enough. We say so because a simple and concise name is easily recognized by felines and it makes it easy for them to respond quickly to your call.

Secondly, a short name also ensures that you don’t trip over your tongue while calling out to your feline friend. To make all of that possible, we have narrowed down some of the most epigrammatic Korean terms in our exhaustive list above.

We do hope that our article has offered the assistance you need in navigating the exotic foreign lands to find the best name for your new furry friend.

How did you find our list of Korean names? Have you handpicked any name from our list? If yes, which one? We would love to hear from you. If you too have some cool suggestions about Korean cat names, please share them with us in the comment section. If you couldn’t find a suitable Korean name, how about contemplating some German cat names next?

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