Latin Names for Cats: Archaic Yet Still-Relevant Names for Your Felis domestica

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Latin originated from a small region in west central Italy called Latium. It was a major language spoken for over seven periods in the European continents. Although Latin is not spoken anymore, its impact is still relevant today, which is apparent in the way it is still widely used specifically in the field of science. That’s why Latin names for cats are highly coveted.

Latin names are unique and unusual in spelling and pronunciation. The names can be used for any breed of cat. Your cat would love the sound and respond with pleasure every time you call. You also have the honor of using these age-old names and keeping them relevant, while sounding cool and smart each time you call out to your cat!

In this article, the names are first classified by gender. If you couldn’t find a suitable name from our comprehensive lists of male and female Latin cat names, we’ve still got a section dedicated to names based on coat colors for you. Let’s get started!

Latin Cat Names by Gender

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Latin cat names are best when divided according to gender. This makes it easier to pick the best name for your cat. Some Latin names have both male and female versions.

Cat Names by Gender #1: Male

You want male cat names to exude masculinity, which is how most male Latin names sound. Below, listed in alphabetical order are some unique and meaningful Latin cat names that will fit any cat breed. The names may reflect your cat’s physical or personality traits.

  • Actaeon: It means “effulgence.” In mythology, Actaeon was a hunter who was transformed into a deer.
  • Adrian: “The dark one.” Give this name to a cat that has a black coat or one who seems a bit mysterious. If you have one such cat, perhaps you’ll find our article on Wiccan cat names interesting.
  • Aloysius: The name means “famous warrior.” If you have a cat who gets into fights a lot, you’ll want to name him this name. You may also want to learn how to tell if a cat is playing or fighting so you know when you need to interfere.
  • Americus: “Royalty.” Siamese cat breeds are known to be originally royal cats from Siam, so if you have a Siamese, this name is apt. Also apt for cats that act princely or kingly.
  • Anthony: “Priceless.” For that cat that you can’t give away, no matter what because money can’t buy the love that you and your feline share.
  • Axis: “A straight line about which a rotating body (such as the earth) turns.” A great name for a cat who likes to run around in circles, chasing his tail!
  • Basil: “Royal.” For the cat that carries the airs of nobility.
  • Benicio: For that feline who loves to share his food and toys with other house pets. It means “benevolent one.”
  • Calvin: “Bald.” Great for cat breeds that are hairless like the Donskoy.
  • Cash: “Conceited.”
  • Cato: “Knowledgeable and wise.” May fit an old cat who has seen it all.
  • Christian: “A follower of Christ.”
  • Clarence: “Renowned.” The most popular cat in the neighborhood.
  • Clark: “Student.” Could be the right name for a cat who pick up tricks fast. If you’re wondering what other tricks you can teach him, this article has some suggestions.
  • Crispin: Appropriate for a “curly-haired” cat such as a Cornish Rex.
  • Delmar: A cat that came to you “from across many seas.”
  • Dominic: “Belonging to the lord.” It has two other variants, Dominick and Dominik.
  • Fabian: “A bean grower.” For that cat that perhaps likes eating his veggies, although you shouldn’t really allow him to keep eating those because cats can’t digest carbs.
  • Felix: For that cat that brings you “luck.” Could be the perfect name for a Japanese Bobtail.
  • Hermanus: “Army man.” For your badass feline.
  • Horace: “Of the hours.” A cat that does not miss the time for food or sleep.
  • Ignatius: “Full of fire.” For the always energetic, aggressive cat.
  • Jovon: “Majestic.”
  • Justin: “Upright and moral.” Recommended for cats that will not be found scratching anything other than his designated scratch post.
  • Lucius: “Bringer of light.” For the life-of-the-party feline.
  • Magnus: “One who is great.” Give this name to a feline who puts his nose in the air and feels you should worship the ground he walks.
  • Marcello: It means “little warrior.” Ideal for a runt who fought his way to health.
  • Marcellus: “A young warrior.” You can also name your feline one of its variations, namely Marceau, Marcel, Marcelin.
  • Mario: “Martial.”
  • Martin: It means “Of Mars.” It is also the name of the Roman god of war.
  • Miles: “Fighter.” For that cat who even fights the hand that feeds him. Perhaps you’ll benefit from reading our article on how to make your cat stop biting.
  • Ociel: The name means “sky.” If you like puns, you could try giving this name to an Ocicat. Don’t forget to visit our article on punny cat names!
  • Orson: “The courage of a bear.” Appropriate for a kitten who is not scared of anything.
  • Osten: It sounds like you are pronouncing Austin. It means “worthy of respect.”
  • Proctor: “Governor.” For that feline who rules hover his territory with pride.
  • Quentin: It means “the fifth.” An appropriate name for the fifth feline in the family.
  • Rex: “The King.” An apt name for most cats because they usually act like they own the house, and we are their loyal subjects.
  • Sachin: For that furry feline that is “precious” to you.
  • Saige: “Wise and healthy.” May be great for a borderline elderly cat who compotes himself well and is healthy, of course.
  • Sebastyn: “Honored above all others.” Give this name to your favorite kitty.
  • Serge: “An attendant.” For that playful kitty that loves to play fetch.
  • Sostratus: It means “safe army.”
  • Sylvester: “Of the forest.” Fitting for a green-eyed feline.
  • Terence: “Smooth.” Could be the perfect name for a cat with an incredibly smooth coat or one that gets you to do his bidding with just a quiet meow.
  • Theodore: It means “gift from God.” An apt name for all because we know our cats are a blessing from above.
  • Vernon: “Youthful and spring-like.” That cat that never overcame his kitten characteristics even in adulthood.
  • Victor: “Overcoming all challenges.”
  • Vincent: “A conqueror.”
  • Vitus: Regardless of any situation or problems that may bring him down, the cat is “alive and virtuous.”

Cat Names by Gender #2: Female

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Female Latin names are unique. Some even sound masculine. Above all, they are uncommon and special. Latin is older than most languages so you will likely come across many names that have another language look-alike and may only vary in spellings.

  • Alexandra: “Defender of man.” A female cat that is protective will wear this name well.
  • Allisandra: Appropriate for a cat with “a great nature and personality.”
  • Angelica: This means “angelic.”
  • Annabelle: “Grace and beauty.” This one is a variation of the name Annabella. It can also mean “one favored by God.” It was the name King James I gave to his daughter.
  • Annunciata: “News bearer.” It probably birthed the English word “announcer.”
  • Araina: It means “queen.” You can also call your cat Raina for short.
  • Araseli: “Alter in the sky” is the meaning.
  • Arminda: Literally means “little armed one.” For that underestimated little kitty that big cats fear. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • Ayriauna: It means either “holy or strong.” Recommended for a cat that doesn’t apologize for her strength.
  • Bellatrix: It means “female warrior.” Give it to a cat that will fight for her territory. Could be a good name for a formerly-feral cat. You may also be interested in our article on how to tame a feral cat.
  • Belva: “Beautiful view.” For a cat that everybody admires.
  • Caeli: “From heaven.” For cats that never cause any trouble.
  • Carly: It means “little and womanly.” An alternative to the name is Carlie.
  • Cary: For those “expensive” cat breeds.
  • Cecelia: It is a name that the blind patron saint of music had. His name was Cecile, and this is the female version of the name.
  • Chrystal: The name goes well with the saying “as clear as crystal.” Appropriate for a cat with bright eyes. Also, the name can be interpreted as “ice,” so you can give it to a cat whose attitude is cold.
  • Donita: Give to a cat that was “gifted” to you.
  • Drusilla: For cats that are “balanced and sturdy.”
  • Emilee: “Hard worker,” but then, cats don’t work. Give this name to a feline that is not lazy. The name is a variant of Emily.
  • Gracen: Fitting for a “delicate” feline beauty.
  • Jenesia: It means “newcomer.” If your cat is new to your house, she might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. You should perhaps glean some tips from our article on how to introduce a cat to a new home.
  • Jilienne: It means “young child.”
  • Josalynn: Consider giving this name to a carefree cat that seems to prance about all day. The name means “light-hearted.”
  • Josslyn: A variation of Jocelyn, Jocelynn, and Jocelyne. Any spelling that tickles your fancy is fine because it means “happy or joyful.”
  • Justyna: It is a derivative of the English word “justice.”
  • Kadence: The name means “rhythmic,” so it will be appropriate for a cat who gets excited when there is a song going on.
  • Lilium: It has many meanings, namely: “The flower, innocence, purity, and beauty.” This is a unique name that will be ideal for that delicate furry friend of yours.
  • Marin: For the feline you crossed seas to get. It means “of the sea.”
  • Mia: For that “long-awaited child.”
  • Nerissa: “Daughter of the sea.” A great name for that rare water-loving cat.
  • Portia: It means “offering.” It was also the name of the heroine in the Shakespeare classic, The Merchant of Venice. Give to a beautiful, intelligent cat.
  • Quirina: Perfect for a “warrior princess.”
  • Reneigh: “Reborn.” Can also be written as Renee. Perfect for a cat who reminds you of the one you had before.
  • Rosemary: Another beautiful Latin name appropriate for a feline that has the elegance of a flower.
  • Valencia: “Vigorous and strong.” If you have an exuberant feline, then it’s great because it’s a sign that she’s healthy. But if her hyperactivity is starting to become too much, be sure to know how to calm her down.
  • Valerian: “Strong and powerful.”
  • Veronica: “True image.” For a cat who is not afraid being who she is.

Latin Cat Names Based on Color

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Colors are important, particularly when it comes to differentiating or categorizing things. We can pick our companion based on a color that inspires us or that we relate to. Below are Latin names that translate to the majority of colors that our feline friends come in.

  • Alba: “White pearl.” Give this name to your stunning white feline friend. You can find a comprehensive list of white cat names in this article.
  • Alva: “Fair-haired.”
  • Carmine: For a cat with a “deep red” coat.
  • Cecil: “Darkened.” Fitting for a Siamese since these cats were born white but then started to develop color points due to the temperature.
  • Elana: “Light.” A great name for any cat with a light-colored coat, including but not limited to white, amber, fawn, and cinnamon.
  • Erebus: “Darkness.” If you own a cat that is as black as night. We’ve got a whole article dedicated to black cat names here.
  • Flavian: This is a Latin word used to refer to anything “yellow.” You can give it to a cat who has yellow markings on his coat or who loves any yellow cat toys. Other variations of the name are Flavio and Flawiusz. It is appropriate for a male cat
  • Gryselda: It is Latin for “gray.” You can find an article dedicated to suggesting gray cat names here.
  • Jetta: Give to your “jet-black” female feline. You can pick Jette as an alternative.
  • Lilianna: It literally means “gracious lily.” For that white-coated cat that reminds you of a flower.
  • Melaena: It means “black or dark,” derived from the Greek name Melaina. In mythology, this is the name of the Naiad Nymph of Spring.
  • Melina: Ideal for a yellow cat, because it means “canary yellow.” It can also suit any orange-colored cat. Here’s a more comprehensive article on orange cat names.
  • Rufus: A red-haired- great for any ginger, orange, cinnamon-colored cat.
  • Terra: It is Latin for “Earth.” Great for chocolate-brown cats.

Wrap Up

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Latin serves as a rich linguistic ancestry to many languages. It’s no wonder that cat lovers all over the world are interested in Latin names because of their noble origins and astounding etymology. Join many cat owners around the world who gladly give their pets these beautiful, romantic names.

If you know of other apt Latin names that were not listed here, we would like to hear about them. Kindly share them with us. We are eager to hear your feedback on this article. We would be happy to read your suggestions and talk with you in the comments. If you couldn’t find a suitable name still, try visiting our article on cat names from movies.

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