Magical Cat Names: Charming Names for Magical Felines

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Throughout history, people have been irrevocably charmed by cats. Cats have inspired a number of magical believes and superstitions in various cultures. Since there is no doubt that your feline friend will bewitch you in time, you might consider giving him/her one of the many magical cat names from our list.

A magical name can be appropriate for your new cat for many reasons. In some cultures, cats are believed to be bringers of luck. Besides, magical cat names are still considered to be a novelty, so this can be a great way to highlight the uniqueness of your new kitty.

Whether cats really have magical powers or not, it is undeniable that every cat is an individual; all of them have complex, enchanting personalities, so there is no doubt that your new companion will fill your life with truly magical memories, one after another.

Scroll down to find some of the most popular magical cat names. Other than the top picks, we have many other choices inspired by literature, spirits, magicians, and sorcery. By the way, this article will focus more on names inspired by the mysterious world of magic. If what you’re looking for is the Disney kind of magic, this article on Disney cat names may be better suited to fulfilling your needs.

The Most Popular Magical Cat Names

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When you are looking for a name for a new kitty, taking into account his/her unique traits and personality traits can help narrow your choices significantly. Another option is to consider your personal interests or just go with a nice-sounding name.

In this list, you will find bewitching cat names suitable for both male and female cats.

  • Amber: A stone that is believed to bring clarity of thought, calmness, and protection to its owner. It is yellow and orange and can be a nice choice for orange tabbies that are always calm and emanate serenity. Find many other tabby cat names here.
  • Bastet: Or Bast. An Egyptian goddess that is often depicted as a woman with a cat’s head or in cat form with ornate jewelry and large gold earrings. She is the protector of cats and happy households.
  • Bokor: This is a Voodoo sorcerer for hire. Since it can be either a male or a female sorcerer, this can be a unisex cat name.
  • Coven: Refers to a witch gathering in which the number of persons involved can vary, but 13 is considered to be an ideal number.
  • Grimalkin: Or Greymalkin—an archaic term for a cat. Since grim or gray stands for color and malkin for a cat, this can be a nice choice for gray tabbies.
  • Grimoire: A book of magical spells and is used by magicians to learn spells, create magical objects, or summon spirits.
  • Heka: An Egyptian word for magic and is also used as a name for the god of magic.
  • Hex: A magical spell or a curse that can only be removed with rituals and prayers.
  • Imp: A mythological being that is similar to a fairy or a goblin. They are mischievous and lonely creatures that use practical jokes to attract the attention of humans who will take pity on them and take them home.
  • Jade: Refers to a stone that is used in magic for its healing and protective powers. Green jade has soothing properties while red jade is associated with friendship. This can be a nice choice for a female cat that is devoted and able to calm you.
  • Jinx: By folklore and superstitions, it is a bad omen, an ill charm, or a harmful spell cast on someone. It can be a suitable pick if you have a kitty that is dedicated to hunting down all the vermin in your neighborhood.
  • Juju: A spiritual belief that incorporates objects like amulets or talismans in witchcraft rituals. It is considered to be a lucky charm.
  • Kikimora: A Russian house spirit that behaves nicely when the house is in order, but if it’s not, Kikimora will engage in destructive behavior during the night. This can be a suitable name for attention-seeking cats. Find many other cool Russian cat names in this article.
  • Malachite: An opaque green stone that is believed to bring hope and strength to its owner and help him/her deal with fears.
  • Mambo: A priestess of Voodoo and female Bokor that can practice both white and black magic to create charms, talismans, and call upon spirits.
  • Picatrix: A well-known Arabic book of spells about astral magic. This is a unique-sounding name, but if you think it’s too long, you can name your kitty Trixie for short.
  • Sodalite: A bright blue stone that is believed to have soothing powers, helps with sleeping, and used to help with some health problems. If you feel that your kitty brought light and serenity into your life, this can be a great name.
  • Sorginak: A Basque name for both male and female witches who can transform themselves into animals, commonly cats.
  • Wicca: A modern pagan religion that has its roots in ancient paganism and witchcraft.
  • Zemi: Or Cemi. This is a religious sculpture that houses a spirit that can affect its owner both possessively and negatively. If this sounds like your new feline, Zemi can be a nice mystically-inspired name.

Magical Cat Names from Movies and Literature

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People have always been fascinated with magic, and it’s no wonder that this topic is well covered in movies and books. This list contains well-known movie and literature characters that can serve as great inspiration for a magical cat name.

  • Ariel: From Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” is a mischievous spirit enslaved by Prospero.
  • Binx: A teenager that is transformed into an immortal speaking cat by three witches in the movie “Hocus Pocus.”
  • Cleo: From The “Mummy”, this is a cat that can ward off villains, because cats are protectors of the underworld.
  • Endora: A character from the TV series “Bewitched.” She is a witch and a bossy mother.
  • Jinn: Or Genie. These beings have the magical ability to do good or evil, and the most recognizable is the character Genie from Disney’s “Aladdin.”
  • Ling-Ling: A stray Siamese cat from the TV series “Bewitched” who was transformed by a witch into a beautiful and exotic woman.
  • Lucinda: Can be a suitable name for a black kitty since this is a black cat that appeared in “Bewitched” the TV series. Find a plethora of other black cat names here.
  • Merlin: A wizard from the Legend of “King Arthur.” Said to be one of the most powerful wizards to have ever lived.
  • Minerva: Refers to Professor McGonagall from “Harry Potter.” She is transfiguration professor who can transform herself into a brown tabby cat.
  • Minnaloushe: A cat from “The Cat And The Moon” poem by William Butler Yeats. In this poem, Minnaloushe is a black cat that walks through the grass at night, and his eyes color changes as he moves in and out of moonlight.
  • Moriah: From “The Forgotten Beasts of Eld” is a large black cat that is famous for her knowledge about secret spells and charms.
  • Nekobus: Or Catbus. A strange character from “My Neighbor Totoro.” This is a half-cat half-bus character that transports people around in the Japanese magical world.
  • Prospero: Is the main character of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest.” He is a very powerful sorcerer who summons a great storm which sets things into action.
  • Pyewacket: From the film “Bell, Book, and Candle”, a brown Siamese cat.
  • Sabrina: Inspired by “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, is a powerful young witch that comes from a long line of witches and has a talking black cat.
  • Salem: Can refer to the black talking cat and familiar from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Salem is also the famous location of witch trials.
  • Samantha: The main character of “Bewitched.” She is a witch that has trouble adjusting to her new life. She is optimistic and respectful. Samantha can be a nice name for cats with these traits.
  • Simpkin: A cat from “The Tailor of Gloucester” that catches mice in a tailor’s shop and hides them under teacups.
  • Tabitha: A character from “Bewitched.” She is Samantha’s daughter that is adorable, mischievous, and is also born as a witch.

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Magician-Inspired Cat Names

black and white cat magician

Magician tricks, while there isn’t anything supernatural about them, still inspire a feeling of wonder and awe, so we find them suitably magical for your one-of-a-kind feline friend. Even if your kitty isn’t really good at learning tricks, with the right magician-inspired name, who can tell what he/she will be able to do.

  • Abracadabra: A term used by magicians when they are ready to perform a magic trick.
  • Cardini: A famous magician who invented a lot of card manipulation techniques.
  • Charm: Can be an object that is magically charmed. It can also be used as a name for a very charming cat that can trick you into handing out that one extra lip-smacking DIY cat treat.
  • Hoax: A deliberately fabricated trick that will pull your attention from the truth. This can be a nice choice for an intelligent cat that is prone to mischief.
  • Hoodoo: Grants access to supernatural forces that help people improve their lives. This can be a nice name if you feel that your new kitty has changed your life for the better.
  • Magic: An obvious choice and a nice pick if your kitty fills your life with magical moments that will stay with you forever.
  • Rune: A writing system that was used for magical purposes in the past.
  • Spell: Something used when a magician casts a spell to conjure an object, surprising everyone. This can be a name for an unpredictable kitty that can make you laugh.
  • Taboo: A special form of magic that hasn’t been in practice for many years.
  • Trick: Refers to a magician’s tricks and can be a good choice for playful and smart felines. Want to teach your cat a few tricks?

More Magical Cat Names

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For all of you who haven’t found a suitably magical name for your kitty yet, we have some more enchanting feline names.

  • Astral: A substance of the second body that follows a person throughout his/her life. If you have a devoted cat that likes to follow you around and won’t leave your side, this can be a suitable name.
  • Banshee: From Irish mythology, it refers to a member of the fairies that has a shrill cry. Find many more enchanting Irish names for cats here.
  • Chimera: A fire-breathing mythical being that has the body of a goat, the head of a lion, and the tail of a serpent. This can be a suitable name for calico cats or tortoiseshell cats because they have many patched of color on their coats.
  • Daphne: A nymph from Greek mythology. She is associated with fresh water and known for her beauty. Since cats only like to drink fresh water, this can be a nice female cat name. If you want to make your Daphne really happy, try building her a DIY cat water fountain.
  • Diana: A Roman goddess of the hunt and wild animals. Cats have been domesticated for a long time now, but they are still great hunters, so this can be a nice mythological cat name.
  • Mafdet: An Egyptian goddess depicted in a human form with a panther’s head. She protects against venomous animals like snakes and scorpions. This can be a nice name for a brave female huntress.
  • Maneki-Neko: A Japanese figurine that depicts a Japanese Bobtail cat and serves as a charm which is believed to bring luck to its owner.
  • Nyx: A Greek goddess of the night, and a perfect name for cats that sleep the whole day away and come to life at nightfall.
  • Pixie: A mischievous Irish fairy and a suitable name for always-playful and adventure-seeking felines.
  • Sekhmet: An Egyptian warrior goddess that is depicted with a female body and the head of a lion.
  • Solstice: Winter solstice is a time that represents turning points, changes, new beginnings, and it is also the best time for sun-related magic. Since a new kitty means a new beginning, Solstice can be a nice magical name.
  • Spook: Can be a nice choice for predatory cats that always creep around and frighten you with a sudden appearance.

Wrap Up

gray cat with tarot cards

In some cultures, cats are believed to bring fortune and are considered as lucky charms. But not all felines are considered to bring luck and good fortune. Black cats are still regarded as bad omens, and because of that, they spend more time waiting to be adopted. But no matter which color your new kitty is, his/her enchanting personality is deserving of a cool and unique magical name.

We hope that our list inspired you and gave you some great choices for a cat name. If you have several favorite options, look for one that will mesh best with your kitty’s personality. Finding the perfect name for your cat should be a fun, interesting, and with this list, a magical experience.

Did any of our cat name choices bewitch you? Or perhaps you know a few other magical cat names. If so, please share them in the comment section below. Looking forward to hearing from you! Irrefutably, living with a cat is a magical experience. You might want to learn more about the life stages of a cat so you can get the most out of each period.

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