Maine Coon Cat Names: For a Gentle Giant

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Choosing a Maine Coon cat for a pet reveals a lot about you. You like all things big—in this case, a big cat with a big heart. A Maine Coon cat deserves a name that praises his/her elegant physical appearance, as well as unique and charming character, and that’s where our list of Maine Coon cat names comes in.

This breed has taken the classical physical feline features and supersized them while retaining the slick elegance. A Maine Coon’s size means that this cat requires some space, but in return, the Maine Coon has an even bigger space in his/her heart reserved for you. Think it’s difficult to find a perfect name for such a special cat? It is, but don’t worry because we’re here to help you.

The origin of the Maine Coon is shrouded in mystery. Some tales say they are descendants of French royal felines, others that their ancestors are gorgeous Norwegian Forest cats. Some even say they were mousers on ships coming from England to the New World. In this article, we will focus on names that are inspired by the theories surrounding this breed’s origin, without forgetting their physical characteristics as well as their enchanting character.

Names Inspired by the Maine Coon Size and Character

orange maine coon lying on table

The Maine Coon is famous for being one of the biggest cat breeds. But more than that, these cats are also known as “the dogs of the cat world” for their lovely personality. If you’d like to focus on those unique traits of your Maine Coon, check out a few suitable name recommendations below.

  • Bam-Bam: Do you remember the kid from the Flintstones? If your cat is so big that you can actually hear him walking around, this cute name is a win.
  • Big Boy: Because, of course, Maine Coon are big kitties.
  • Bigfoot: Maine Coons have the biggest, most adorable paws of all cats.
  • Bruiser: He is so heavy that he actually leaves a bruise when he jumps in your lap.
  • Charm: Maine Coons are very charming and do not avoid eye contact. Maybe she is trying to enchant you?
  • Cub: Because he looks more like a large tiger cub than a domestic cat.
  • Downy: Because of their soft fur that reminds you of down.
  • Fluffy: This one is self-explanatory. Nothing like running your fingers through that lovely ball of fluff.
  • Fuzzy: Your Maine Coon is your lovable fuzzy-wuzzy.
  • GG: Gentle giant, because that is what Maine Coons are.
  • Grande: “Big“ in Spanish.
  • Gryffindor: The house of Gryffindor from Harry Potter values courage, chivalry, and determination, and has a lion on its emblem. It‘s almost as if it was inspired by a Coon.
  • Harry: Because they are super hairy.
  • Hunter: Maine Coons used to be ship mousers.
  • Leo: A great name for a Coon with a gorgeous mane.
  • Mate: These cats may not be the cuddliest of them all, but they will definitely follow their favorite human around.
  • Maverick: Even though Coons are very loyal, they cherish their independence and don‘t like being bossed around.
  • Mito: This word means “myth” in Spanish. Coons deserve it because there are so many myths surrounding their origins. Do you like names that are mysterious and mythical? Find many more magical cat names here.
  • Newton: If you want to celebrate your Coon’s amazing wit.
  • Polly: There is a story that says the first Maine Coons were polydactyls.
  • Sasquatch: Furry, big, and good-natured, but you have to earn his trust.
  • Seafarer: His ancestors sailed across the oceans just so he could to sit in your lap, hundreds of years later.
  • Shaggy: He might be fluffy, but grooming is not his favorite pastime.
  • Shisa Shisa: Mythical dog-lions that guard temples in China. Maine Coons are somewhat dog-like and can be very protective of their family. Try this link for more Asian cat names.
  • Silky: Coons have a very soft undercoat.
  • Snowshoe: This is a perfect name for a Maine Coon with white paws.
  • Tuffy: They have adorable ear and paw tufts.
  • Wooly: They do look nice with all that fur, but when you start grooming them, it feels more like shearing a sheep.
  • Yeti: Just because he is so big and fluffy.

Names Inspired by the French Nobility

maine coon standing on stump

Experts are still mainly undecided on how Maine Coons came to be, but one theory sets us on a ship sailing from France to America in 1793. As the story goes, Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, attempted to escape her death by fleeing to the New World, with the help of an English sea captain.

She sent her most valuable possessions ahead but unfortunately did not manage to escape herself. Among the riches and art pieces were six of her beloved cats. They safely reached the shores of Maine, which is why they carry that name to this day.

This romantic tale inspired us to make the following list.

#1: Names for Male Cats Inspired by French Kings

  • Charlemagne: One of the most notorious French rulers of all times. He united much of western and central Europe during the early Middle Ages. This name is perfect for a Maine Coon because “magne” means “great” or “big.”
  • Charles the Affable: Not only is this name showing off your cat‘s royal posture but also highlights his extroverted and loving nature.
  • Clotaire: A ruler known to be a womanizer. If your fluffy boy prefers the company of ladies, maybe you should name him after this intriguing king.
  • Clovis: The first king of Franks, he united all the Frankish tribes and formed a kingdom.
  • Dagobert: Remembered as one of the wisest rulers of his time, an iconic king of the Merovingian dynasty. A good name for a cat that always gets what he wants.
  • Gontrand: Chroniclers of that time called him “the good king,” although his name denotes “war raven.“ A perfect name for a cat that is a sweetling with humans but a terror for vermin.
  • Louis the Lion: What name suits a cat with a lush coat better than this one?
  • Louis the Quarreller: A stylish name for a chatty cat.
  • Napoleon: After Napoleon Bonaparte, a glorious and revolutionary leader.
  • Odo: Known for his skill and bravery in resisting the attacks of the Vikings at the Siege of Paris.
  • Philip the Amorous: If your cat is an infamous playboy, this name will fit him perfectly.
  • Pippin the Short: An able ruler and a skilled warrior, although unjustly dubbed “the small one.” If your tomcat is not on the large side of the breed standard but doesn‘t lack in dexterity, this would be a perfect name.
  • Rudolph: This king‘s name is derived from a Latin word meaning “glory” and “wolf.” Ideal for a Maine Coon with a silver coat.
  • Theobald: A ruler known for his efforts to maintain peace and avoid conflict. Perfect for a cat with a gentle character.

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#2: Names for Female Cats Inspired by French Queens

tabby maine coon wearing crown

  • Adelaide: Although this countess was never crowned, we are sure that your girl is the reigning ruler of the household.
  • Adele of Champagne: A nice name for an elegant and poised cat. Find many other alcohol-inspired cat names here.
  • Beatrice: A queen that knew how to stand up for herself. If your girl has a similar spirit, give her this beautiful name.
  • Ermentrude: Admired for her beauty and virtue. Such a unique name for a stunningly beautiful Maine Coon queen!
  • Frederuna: This queen’s name is a perfect fit for a loving, gentle female.
  • Ingeborg: She was a princess of Denmark. An interesting name fusing the myth of French royal ancestry with the myth of Viking origins.
  • Isabeau: Inspired by one of the most eccentric queens of the time, this is a lovely name for a cat with a unique mindset.
  • Marie Antoinette: The queen from the beginning of our story. She was gorgeous, gentle, and an admirer of the luxurious, just like your kitty.
  • Mary Tudor: A name for a black Maine Coon as beautiful as this queen was.
  • Ogiva: A queen known for her motherly love and devotion. Is your cat pregnant? Find out more about how to help your cat through her pregnancy.
  • Richilde: A queen and a regent, she was an able woman and a ruler in her husband’s absence. This is a good name for a family cat that is always on duty.

Names Inspired by the Nordic Culture

Maine coon kittens sitting together

Another hypothesis tells us that the origin of the breed can be traced back to Norwegian Forest cats.

The resemblance of these two breeds is uncanny, and it is known that the Norsemen visited the shores of America. It is possible that they are the ones who first brought their long-haired ship companions, who then bred with short-haired domestic cats. This explanation is very popular among the breeders and historically possible.

Let us give you some suggestions that praise this theory because there is nothing that suits a Maine Coon cat more than a name that shouts “Bravery!”

#1: The Names of Great Vikings

  • Cnut: After Cnut the Great, a royal name for a hefty male.
  • Gerloc: Rollo’s daughter.
  • Hardrada: After Harold Hardrada, a famous Norwegian ruler known for his bravery. Some Maine Coons are known for their territorial behavior, chasing away intruders regardless of size.
  • Magnus the Good: Your boy might be big, but he is a softy at heart.
  • Poppa: Rollo’s wife or mistress.
  • Rollo: He was a Viking warrior with a nickname “the walker” because he was so big that no horse could carry him.
  • Sigurd The Crusader: A perfect name for an adventurous cat that would rather explore the great outdoors than sleep on the couch.

#2: The Names of Nordic Deities

three maine coons sitting on blue background

  • Baldur: A god of joy, purity, and parties. A perfect name for a cat that is always ready to greet guests or chill with you on the couch. Whatever the activity, he enjoys the company.
  • Bragi: A god associated with poetry and singing. This is a lovely name for a chatty Coon.
  • Freyja: A goddess of love, beauty, and fertility that rides a chariot pulled by two cats.
  • Frigg: Odin’s wife, a goddess of wisdom and foreknowledge. Such a lovely name for a cat with a mysterious and deep gaze.
  • Loki: His character can only be described as chaotic neutral. He has his own agenda whether it suits you or not—just like your cat.
  • Odin: Known as “the wanderer.” A powerful name for an independent cat.
  • Sigyn: Loki’s wife. She is compassionate and devoted. Maine Coons are very loyal to their owners and are sometimes described as dog-like. This name would be perfect for a queen that is a true representative of her breed.
  • Skadi: This gorgeous goddess is associated with the winter, the snow, and the mountains. A perfect name for an all-white Maine Coon female.
  • Thor: A hammer-wielding god, associated with thunder, lightning, and storms.
  • Tyr: This is a god of war. If your cat readily declares war on every neighboring dog, look no further.
  • Valkyrie: Deities that decide who dies and who lives on the battlefield. Just like your cat that has control over the lives of all vermin in the vicinity.

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Names Inspired by Ships and Sailing

Maine coon sitting near water

Cats were always important members of a ship’s crew. Not only did they keep the boats free of mice, but they also helped with the morale of the sailors during long journeys. This is why it is only logical to conclude that progenitors of the Maine Coon race came to America on one such ship.

A captain called Charles Coon allegedly kept long-haired cats aboard because he believed they were the best mousers. Captain Coon’s ship would anchor in New England ports, and some of the cats would stay on the new continent, breeding with the local cat population. Their long-haired offspring were therefore dubbed “Coon’s cats.”

In this section, we will introduce you to some famous ship cats as well as other interesting names related to the seafaring culture.

#1: Famous Ship Cats

  • Blackie: A famous Prince of Wales’s ship cat, who shook paws with Winston Churchill.
  • Chibbley: She was a famous mouser aboard the Piston Castle. She sailed around the world more than five times.
  • Felix: A ship’s cat aboard Mayflower II. This adventurer even has a children’s book written about his voyages.
  • Jenny: She lived on the Titanic. Sadly, she and her kittens went down with the ship.
  • Peebles: A long-haired ship cat known to shake hands with visitors. Definitely a Maine Coon in spirit.
  • Poolie: She served aboard during the World War II. She had her own US Navy uniform and was awarded four battle stars for her service and bravery.
  • Tiddles: This cat was born and died as a sailor. He served on many Royal Navy ships and sailed over 48,000 km or almost 30,000 miles.
  • Trim: A name worthy of a true adventurer. He was the first cat ever to circumnavigate Australia. A statue was made of Trim sitting on a windowsill outside of the State Library in Sidney

#2: Famous Ships

Maine coon swimming

  • Bismarck: One of the most famous Nazi ships. This ship had a cat abroad; his name was Unsinkable Sam because he survived the torpedoing of three ships. Whether he was the one who jinxed them or not remains a topic for debates.
  • Maine: The USS Maine from the USA – Spanish war is a legendary ship. It also serves as a good story behind what would seem like a very unoriginal name for a Maine Coon.
  • Mayflower: A ship that brought British separatists to the New World shores in the 17th century. Maybe she also brought some long-haired cats?
  • Misaka: A legendary Japanese warship that sunk numerous Russian boats.
  • Potemkin: A ship from the time of the Russian revolution—one of the key factors that brought victory.
  • Yamato: Also a famous, colossal Japanese ship—a masterwork of its time.

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Wrap Up

calico maine coon lying

No other cat breed has a more mysterious origin than a Maine Coon. Whether they were royal cats, ship mousers, or Viking‘s sidekicks, one thing is certain: this breed is truly amazing.

Although their size is often what catches the eye, their character is the true quality of the breed. Coons are loyal but not clingy, relaxed but always on duty, fearless but not aggressive, and most importantly, they are very vital and agile.

We hope this article gave you a bit more info about the rich history of the breed and some good ideas for the perfect name. Did you find a name that your Coon would accept proudly? Let us know in the comments! Need some more name suggestions? Our article on fluffy cat names will quench your thirst!

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