Mexican Cat Names: Straight from the Land of Opportunity

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Stella Noble
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You’ve just adopted a cat, but you still don’t know what to name your new pet. You want an exotic name so that your cat won’t accidentally have the same name as your neighbors or your neighbors’ pets. Why not consider choosing a name from a list of Mexican cat names for your friend?

Mexican names are beautiful and distinct, not to mention quite easy to pronounce even if you don’t hail from this land of opportunity. Moreover, try to utter a Mexican word. Do you think you sound sexy doing that? That’s because Mexican words tend to have a musical connotation that makes them pleasant to the ears. Imagine being able to speak Mexican all day every day by calling out to your cat. Your cat will also love the sound of his/her name.

In this post, we’ll share some of the best Mexican names that you may want to give to your pet. We’ll break them down according to gender, color, and physical traits amongst others. You will also learn the meanings of these names. At the end of this article, we think you’ll have the perfect name in mind for your new pet!

Mexican Cat Names by Gender

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We’ve separated the section below into three different lists: names for male cats, female cats, and then unisex cat names: for convenience. Whichever one you lean towards, however, we hope you’ll take a minute to check them all out as you never know what you could find.

#1: Names for Male Cats

Here are some of the best Mexican masculine names you may want to consider for your new feline friend:

  • Abel: looking for a two-syllable name that’s easy to pronounce and remember? Abel is a good choice. You may remember Abel as the name of the second child of Adam and Eve from the Bible, but it does have other connotations like the meaning ‘competent and capable.’

  • Ariel: this is a Biblical name which means ‘lion of God.’

  • Arturo: it is not the shortest name for a male cat, but it has a very intriguing connotation. It means ‘strong as a bear’ and could be an apt name for large cat breeds like Siberians and Savannahs.

  • Diego: not exactly a unique name but it has a good connotation, too. It means ‘successor.’

  • Javier: like the name Abel, Javier is short and easy to pronounce. It means ‘bright’ in Spanish.

  • Luis: it is a very masculine name that could be appropriate for an active cat. This name means ‘little warrior.’

  • Marco: this name was derived from the Italian name ‘Marcus.’ It is believed to have come from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars. The name connotes images of ‘strength and resilience.’

  • Miguel: it is quite the divine name which literally means ‘God-like.’

  • Pablo: another common name but it is an apt moniker for a kitten as it means ‘little.’ Want to know how to get your cute little Pablo to like you more? Visit this webpage.

  • Raul: while Latin-sounding, there is also the belief that this name originated from the name of the Egyptian god Ra. The name means ‘strong.’

#2: Names for Female Cats

exotic shorthair

What if you have a female cat? Don’t worry as you also have plenty of options like:

  • Amata: it means ‘beloved’ in Latin and may well be the perfect name for your new favorite pet.

  • Ana: short, simple, and easy to remember, Ana is a classic name that won’t go out of fashion. This name means ‘grace.’

  • Dulcinea: this name means ‘sweet.’

  • Elena: it is a common Hispanic name that means ‘the bright one.’ It is highly recommended for cat breeds known for their intelligence like Bengal cats.

  • Linda: short and easy to remember, this name means ‘pretty.’ We suggest giving this name to beautiful cat breeds like a Toyger, a Siamese cat, or a Scottish Fold.

  • Melosa: it is a unique name that means ‘sweet’ in Latin. This is a great name to give to a friendly cat breed like a Burmese or an Exotic Shorthair.

  • Mireia: it is an exotic and poetic name that means ‘to admire.’ This is a great name to give to a beautiful female cat.

  • Sol: another short and simple name, this name means ‘sun.’ If this word seems too short for you, then you can use ‘Mi Sol,’ meaning ‘my sun,’ to call your cat.

  • Veronica: you may be familiar with this name if you read the comic series “Archie’s.” The name means ‘bringer of victory’; a nice moniker for a cat that is believed to bring good luck like the Japanese Bobtail.

  • Ynez: it means ‘holy’—a name you may want to give to an obedient cat.

#3: Unisex Names

Finally, here are unisex Mexican names that you can consider for your new pet:

  • Angel: it is a heavenly choice appropriate for a cat who brings you joy. It means ‘messenger of God.’

  • Cruz: it is a name that has been used by the celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham for one of their sons. While it is traditionally a masculine name, it has also been used for females so go ahead and knock yourself out.

  • Dani: a name with Hebrew roots; it means “God will judge.”

  • Paz: a name you can give to either a female or male cat; it means ‘peaceful’ in Spanish. It could be a good pick for a cat who’s not as hyperactive as other felines—a Ragdoll, for example.

  • Rio: it means ‘river’ and has both Spanish and Portuguese roots.

Mexican Cat Names Based on Coat Color

white kittens can be named after snow

The color of your cat’s coat can also be a firm basis for selecting a name for him or her. The following are some color-related Mexican names:

  • Blanco: this is a Spanish nickname for any man who has white hair or is pale in complexion. It is a masculine name that you can give to a white cat.

  • Neve: a unique name for cats; this one was derived from Spanish for ‘snow.’ It is more appropriate for females.

  • Paloma: the name was derived from the Latin word ‘palumbus,’ referring to doves, the bird widely associated with peace.

  • Alba: the word means ‘bright’ or ‘white’ in Latin which makes it appropriate for cats with white coats.

  • Griselda: if you have a grey-haired cat, then this could be the name that suits him/her. Griselda literally means ‘gray’ in Latin.

  • Argenda: this is an appropriate name for a silver-coated cat as it literally means ‘silver.’

  • Moreno: the Mexicans use this name to refer to a person who has dark hair. It may have come from the Latin word ‘moor.’ If you have a female cat, you can call her Morena.

Mexican Terms of Endearment

singapura cat named tiny in Mexican

You can also choose a name from the many Mexican terms of endearments. Mexicans are known as affectionate people, so there is no shortage of terms of endearments such as:

  • Amor: this is a feminine name for cats that means ‘love.’ Here’s one bit of trivia: the Roman God Cupid also bears this name. You can also name your cat Amorcito.

  • Bebe: you guessed it right; this name simply means ‘baby.’ It is also a shortened version of other Latin names like Barbara and Beatriz.

  • Bombon: this word means ‘marshmallow’ in Latin and can be used for both genders.

  • Canijo: this Latin word means ‘tiny.’ In Mexico, it is used to refer to a kid who likes to talk back to adults. This could be the best name you can give to talkative and small cats like the Munchkin and the Singapura. However, there is also a negative connotation to this word. In some Spanish-speaking countries, Canijo means brat.

  • Chiquito: a familiar word even for non-Mexicans, this word means ‘little.’ The Spanish conquerors were said to have used this in describing people who live in the eastern regions of Bolivia. The feminine equivalent of the word/name is Chiquita.

  • Cito: this word also pertains to a diminutive individual. You can use this to refer to a cute and small cat. This name is also traditionally given to friendly and cheerful individuals.

  • Corazon: this word means ‘heart’ and can be used for both genders.

  • Coso: another term of endearment that many Mexicans use, this word means ‘sweet thing.’ The feminine equivalent is Cosa. You may also use Cosito or Cosita if you own a sweet and friendly kitten.

  • Nene/Nena: this is a term of endearment that adults often use to refer to boys and girls. It is the equivalent of English term of endearments like ‘baby’ and ‘honey.’

  • Principe: this word means ‘prince’ while Princesa means ‘princess.’

Mexican Names According to a Cat’s Physical Traits

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Your pet’s physical traits can also give you an idea on the right name to give him or her. Fortunately, there is a long list of Mexican names and terms that you can choose from based on your cat’s physical appearance. These include:

  • Chaparro: this is a Spanish name that means ‘plump or chubby.’ So instead of naming your fat cat Garfield, maybe you can call him Chaparro instead? For females, you can use Chaparra. Kittens may also be called Chaparrito or Chaparrita, depending on their genders.

  • Chico: this is a frequently-used name for small dogs like the Chihuahua. It’s also an apt name for small cats like the Kinkalow. The term means ‘kid’ in Latin. For female cats or kittens, you can use the term Chica.

  • Flaco: it means ‘skinny’ in Latin.

  • Gordo: a term that means ‘chubby’ in Latin. If your feline friend is getting way too chubby, you might want to consider helping him lose weight. Learn how here.

  • Peluche: this word means ‘cuddly toy’ in Spanish. The connotation of the word makes it a good name for a cat who’s chubby, cute, and cuddly like a Manx.

Mexican Food Names

cat wearing burrito costume

Mexico is home to some mouthwatering cuisine. Here is a rundown of some popular Mexican food names that you can choose from:

  • Burrito: the word actually means ‘little donkey’ in Spanish as it is the shortened version of ‘burro’ or donkey. The name was applied to the popular Mexican dish because of the look of the packs that donkeys traditionally carried. You may want to use it to refer to a small and fat cat.

  • Nacho: a familiar North Mexican dish consisting of tortilla chips covered in cheese, this is a good name for any cat who comforts you.

  • Tequila: the alcoholic drink that is well-known all over the world. Tequila could be your pal’s new name especially if you feel happy every time you are around him/her.

Mexican Cities and State Names for Cats

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You may also choose from Mexican places like states and cities. These names may prove interesting and appealing enough for you to use on your new pet:

  • Acapulco: one of the most popular coastal cities in Mexico, Acapulco is famous for its white-sanded beaches. It has earned the moniker “Pearl of the Pacific.” It may be a good name to call a white-coated cat.

  • Cancun: a tourist magnet in Mexico, this city on the northeast part of the country is perhaps best known for its cuisine. Many of the best chefs have restaurants here.

  • Hidalgo: this is a state known for its rugged terrain. It is thus a name that you may want to use on a brawny cat.

  • Juarez: a city that used to be notorious for violence, it is now a thriving tourist destination in Mexico. The fact that the name is easy to remember and pronounce makes it a good choice for a cat name.

  • Sonora: a state in Mexico known for its mile-long white beaches and breathtaking sunsets.

Wrap Up

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There you have it: Mexican names that you can consider for your new pet. Mexican names sound unique and interesting, not to mention the fact that they tend to have a musical quality to them. We are sure that your cat will love being called with a Mexican name.

Have you picked a good name for your cat? What is it? Share with us your ideas in the comments section. Or you may share this article on your social media accounts and help your friends pick the best Mexican name for your/their beloved cat. Couldn’t find a suitable name for your feline? How about checking out our article on Japanese cat names? These names also sound unique and pleasant to the ears.

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