Mischievous Cat Names: It Never Gets Boring

gray cat wanting to steal a sandwich
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Some cats get into mischief more often than not. Do you have a cat that likes to perch where he/she is not supposed to, knocking things over as he/she goes? Do you have a cat that likes to steal food or other things around the house? Mischievous cat names will be ideal for that cat that brings drama into your life.

Cats that get into mischief, usually can’t help it. They are born that way, or they usually use it as an opportunity to get your attention. Either way, it makes sense to give your cat a name that signified mischief because it’s as much a part of him/her as their coat color or eye color. Mischief, although frustrating when you have to deal with the aftermath or consequences, can be a welcome relief from the pressures of life.

tabby orange cat having dropped the flowers

In this article, the mischievous cat names have been listed alphabetically and divided into those for males and those for females for easy access. We are sure you will find a name that will be true to your cat’s nature, personality, and behavior.

Mischievous Cat Names for Male Cats

tabby cat jumping high

Male cats can be active, acrobatic, and prone to getting themselves into trouble, which is why mischievous names suit them well. The meanings of the names we have gathered for you below match up well with your cat’s nature, habits, behavior, and personality. Some are funny, direct, or inspired by a character from a movie or a drama series.

  • Arrow: There is no stopping an arrow when it has left its bow. For that cat that can’t be stopped when he has got his eyes set on some sort of mischief.
  • Batman: Whether he has noble intentions or not, there is always a pile of broken stuff at the end of his mission.
  • Bouncing Beemer: A name for a cat that has a lot of energy.
  • Bullet: Unrivaled speed which always results in chaos most times.
  • Buster: The naughty cat who is always leaving a trail of destruction behind him and usually ends up getting caught by you. As they say, busted!
  • Caleb: Originating from Hebrew, this name simply means “bold.” There is no mischief from a shy cat; it takes a bold one to get the job done.
  • Casanova: For that male cat that gets all the female attention and uses that attention to get what he wants.
  • Cayenne: The effect of cayenne is undeniable in cooking. The kick it gives is similar to the way your kitty kicks everything up a notch.
  • Chaos: The name expresses all that needs to be said.
  • Cobra: A troublemaker with a sting in his actions.
  • Dash: Hasty movement characterizes his feline steps.
  • El Nino: Inspired by the warm phase of the El Nino Southern Oscillation which comes with high pressure. You know the pressure your cat’s naughty ways bring. If it’s a she, you can name her El Nina.
  • Flash: A popular hero in a hit television drama series who can run as fast as light. Find many other cat names inspired by movies here.
  • Felix: After one of the most popular cartoon cats of all times, Felix, the cat.
  • Friday: There is the popular TGIF which means “Thank God it’s Friday.” Friday signifies the end of a work week and the beginning of fun times. People know it and cats too, particularly your fun-loving kitty.
  • Frantic: For that cat that is always knocking things over in a bid to get to his predetermined destination, usually to sharpen his nails somewhere he’s not supposed to.
  • Fugazi: This is the Vietnamese word for “chaos.” It sounds exotic.
  • Gunner: For that cat that never fails to hit his target and that includes jumping onto very high places.
  • Harley: Inspired by the Harley bikes. For loud and bold cats that are not afraid of anything.
  • Havoc: For that cat that never lets your life get boring.
  • Hurricane: The damage that a hurricane can deal is undeniable, and the places where a hurricane passes through usually barely survive to tell the tale.
  • Hypurr: People who are high energy are referred to as “hyper”; the fitting cat version is Hypurr. Learn how to calm down a hyper cat here. Even though you love him, sometimes you need some peace and quiet too.
  • Jackal: Naturally, jackals are known to steal food from other animals while feigning friendship. This name will be right for a smart kitty with such a behavior.
  • Kaze: It is a word that means “wind” in Japanese. Perfect for a cat that you can’t see when he is being naughty, but you can see the aftermath.
  • Kekoa: Cats can’t make mischief without being brave. This name originated from Hawaii, and it means “the brave one.”
  • Lightning: For unpredictable cats that can show up to wreak havoc out of nowhere.
  • Monkey Business: This name or phrase usually refers to something fishy or naughty going on.
  • Ninja: Ninjas are famous for being able to move soundlessly. Ever wondered how your feline got onto the cabinet above the kitchen sink? Well, it is because he’s got ninja skills.
  • Oops: The unconscious word that falls from our lips when we didn’t intend for something to happen. Well, your cat meant to say that when he accidentally spilled the coffee or broke your favorite china. Why not call him “Oops” To help represent his feelings?
  • Oscar: Anything can happen at the Oscar; it is an exciting event—the same as the occasion your cat creates for you at home.
  • Paint Ball: A paintball is a game where a gelatinous capsule is shot from a gun and breaks on impact, creating a colorful mess. For that cat that can be creative in the mess he creates.
  • Peek-A-Boo: Great for a cat that loves hide and seek. If you live with such a cat, our article on how to get a cat out of hiding should come in handy for you.
  • Pogo: Inspired by the pogo stick used in play jumping.
  • Puck: Perky, alert, and always off on a personal adventure in your living room.
  • Reebok: A popular brand for shoes designed for speed and track activities.
  • Radar: Wherever there is a potential for trouble or mischief to be made, you can be sure that your cat will sniff it out.
  • Reckless: Ever wondered how your cat got to your neighbor’s house three streets away from yours? Your mind goes through the mishaps that could have happened through the busy traffic.
  • Rascal: Appropriate for a little cat whose daily habits are upsetting.
  • Rumble: For that cat whose activities are first heard before they are seen. When you have a guest over, and you can hear the rumble of destruction in the other room, it’ll create an exasperating but humorous situation.
  • Rambo: The great Hollywood badass actor who was popular for his combat prowess. If you have a cat who often gets into fights, then the name fits perfectly.
  • Ruffian: Shaggy and unkempt comes to mind when you hear this word, but in this case, it’s the “evils” of your cat’s ways that should come to mind.
  • Rocket: The speed of a rocket and the gas and smoke it leaves behind when launched is a picture of how your cat moves and leaves his mess behind for you to clean up.
  • Scatter: He knowingly loves to scatter things that are orderly; for that cat you are considering retraining.
  • Shooter: His aim is dead on, and he never misses his target. The best feline on the block.
  • Skeeter: One of the Muppets in the cartoon series called Muppet Babies. A magnet for trouble.
  • Skittles: A combination of colored candies which you can liken to the mismatch your cat creates with stuff when left on his own. You can also call him “Skittle” if you don’t want to be too obvious.
  • Sniper: Ideal for a sharpshooter, a cat who can cause mischief in places not even you are aware of.
  • Sneakers: Nothing gets you moving like a great pair of sneakers.
  • Spanky: The action you want to take to reward your cat for his naughty behaviors; don’t actually do it, though.
  • Spaz: This is short for “spastic” or “spasm” which is an action that you can’t control, like your feline.
  • Speedo: A favorite brand of swimwear. Perfect for a mischievous cat that loves to play with water. Try building a soothing DIY cat water fountain and see if it can’t get your cat to calm down.
  • Speedy: For that feline that is quick to play and slow to sleep.
  • Spirit: For that cat that is always alive and causing mayhem.
  • Spunky: The spunk and fight in this kitty of yours are so unbelievable that no other name will do.
  • Sticky: Your feline does not mean to cause trouble; trouble just happens to stick to him, unfortunately.
  • Striker: You try to discipline him, but he is fighting back.
  • Thumper: Like the spunky character in the cartoon Bambi.
  • Tornado: The unstoppable force of nature that will tear apart anything in his line of movement.
  • Trouble: A cat that is always looking for trouble should rightfully be called trouble.
  • Turbo: This word refers to a device in mechanics that is known to help boost speed and power output. In this case, your cat is like a turbo engine with speed and output higher than a normal cat.
  • Vroom: Name your car after the gearing up of a car ready for high speed.
  • Wild Thing: The level of destruction your cat is capable of often makes you doubt if your cat is domesticated or wild. What you see makes you conclude he is a wild thing.
  • Whoosh: The sound that he makes as he speeds past you.
  • Zig-Zag: Without a predictable destination, your feline moves to cause yet another trouble.
  • Zippy: For that cat that you can’t keep up with.
  • Zippity Do Dah: When words fail to express the speed at which your feline goes about his mischievous ways.
  • Zips: Another name that references the skillful movement of your naughty cat.
  • Zorro: Inspired by the town hero in a drama series who always comes to save the day after causing a lot of stir.
  • Zoom: He zeroes in on his target, never once making a mistake.

Mischievous Cat Names for Female Cats

orange kitten on the carpet

The stereotype is that female cats are calmer and more obedient than the males, but that’s not always true. If you’ve got a tomboy that’s always causing trouble, then she deserves to be given a mischievous cat name.

  • Dancer: Perfect for a cat that can’t sit still. When she is shooed away from one point, you find her at the next in the same timeframe. The good thing is, at least she is still graceful even as she causes mayhem.
  • Delilah: The tricky female cat that has some hidden agenda up her sleeves like the biblical namesake who tempted her target to expose his secret to strength via her seductive skills.
  • Frisky: Always anxious and full of energy.
  • Izzy: Derived from the name Elizabeth or from the word dizzy, which in this case, refers to a cat who keeps you moving on your feet from one end of the house to the other, trying to put things back in order. It will definitely make anyone dizzy.
  • Kitty: The name evokes the image of a well-behaved, sweet, shy kitten; it will be ironic if you give it to a cat who is the direct opposite of what’s expected.
  • Lively: The trouble your cat brings is some of the excitements that make your life colorful.
  • Mayhem Mimi: Your cute female feline is so adorable, but her penchant for causing trouble needs a quick intervention. You can call her “Mimi” for a shorter alternative.
  • Mischief: Sometimes calling it what it is, is the best and simplest way. Your cat is mischievous so why not call her mischief.
  • Naughty: Being naughty means doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing. For a smart cat that knows she’s breaking the rules but does it anyway. Why not try building a cat puzzle feeder for your friend? The mental stimulation might help.
  • Nibby: Many times when you see your cat go on to cause another mischief, how you wish you had something to stop her in her tracks. Well, a Nibby is of Scottish origins, and it refers to a hooked staff used by a shepherd. Perfect to hook your cat back into position.
  • Nike: When you see your cat on the move, it almost seems like she’s wearing a pair of Nike shoes. The name belongs to a Greek goddess of victory.
  • Pepper: For that cat whose mischievousness spices up your life.
  • Pounce: For that persistent cat who wouldn’t leave that spot on the carpet until she has scratched it to bits. If you live with such a cat, we’ve got the perfect article for you: how to stop cats from scratching carpet.
  • Ramble: Recommended for a Siamese cat who will behave badly and still try to defend her way through the deed by talking non-stop when you try to reprimand her.
  • Ruby: Ruby gemstones are usually bright red, which is bold and daring just like your cute female feline friend.
  • Xena: The Warrior Princess is a heroine who can always be found wherever there is trouble.
  • Xanax: Inspired by the feel-good anxiety drug. You will probably need one from all the anxiety your troublesome cat causes you.

Wrap Up

Mischievous cat stealing things

If your cat seeks trouble or trouble always finds him/her somehow, we hope you would pick one of the beautiful names listed above to describe who he/she is.

In some cases, it could be a passing phase which could end as your kitty becomes older. Other felines would keep their naughty habits for a very long time. We know you will always love your cat regardless of the mischief he/she may get into.

We would like to hear your own name suggestions and feedback. Did you pick a name from the list above or have you come up with something else? Kindly get in touch with us using the form below. If you think your cat’s mischievousness needs to be toned down a bit, we’ve got tips for you waiting in our article: how to discipline a cat.

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Stella Noble

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