Multi Colored Cat Breeds: The Divas of the Cat World

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Jeremy Vaughn
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There are many things that we love about our feline friends. One of these is the color of their coat. Cat coat color gives a feline a distinct look. Are you the type of cat lover who prefers cats with many colors? Then you have found the right article; enjoy our list of multi colored cat breeds.

Many cat breeds come in different colors which make them such an intriguing and enticing choice for people like you who want to be surrounded by colorful and attractive felines. Their multi-colored coats can also be reflected in their personality. There is a cat breed out there blessed with multi-colored coats and amazing personality that can suit your needs.

In this post, we will take a closer look at cat breeds which have coats of different colors. We will also mention interesting trivia about these multi-colored feline breeds, particularly their personalities. By the end of this article, you should have developed a better appreciation for multi-colored cat breeds.

Feline Coat Colors

white cat on white blanket

It may be hard to believe, but there are only two major cat coat colors: black and red. All other feline coat colors such as brown, blue, fawn, cream, and cinnamon are either diluted variations of red and black or a combination of the two colors. Solid white, meanwhile, basically masks all other feline coat colors.

While there are only two primary colors in cat coats, all cat coats do come in different markings or patterns. The tabby pattern is perhaps the most popular. It can come in stripes, whorls, and even spots and stripes, which explains why striped tabbies are fondly called tigers. It’s a pattern that is so popular that it is accepted in many cat breeds today.

Bi-color is another cat color pattern you would notice from many felines. When you say bi-color, it means that the feline has a white coat with patches of different colors like black. Bi-colored cats are also called by other names like magpie, harlequin, cap and saddle, or van based on the color variations of their coats.

There is also the tri-color pattern which almost always appears in females. Also known as calico, this pattern has three colors—black, white, and orange. It is also possible for a calico cat to have any of these colors: cream, gray, and ginger.

There are also male cats that appear in calico patterns, although these are very rare. In fact, male calicos are considered to be lucky charms by Japanese sailors because of their rarity. Japanese sailors believe that male calicos can protect them from storms.

Cat Breeds Accepted With Multiple Colored Coats

Now that you have learned the basics of cat coat colors, let’s list down the feline breeds whose coats come in different colors:

#1: Abyssinian

Abyssinian kittens

Widely considered as the oldest cat breed, the Abyssinian or Abys go back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. They were valued for their ability to hunt mice.

Abys can come in four main colors—ruddy or rich dark brown, blue, cinnamon, and fawn. More recently, new colors have been accepted for this breed, including lilac and chocolate or reddish brown.

#2: American Bobtail

tabby American Bobtail

Known for its distinctively wild look, the American Bobtail comes in any pattern including tabby and tri-colors. Its coat can come in black, brown, cinnamon, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream, among others.

Aside from their coat colors, the American Bobtail is known for their intelligent, outgoing, and adaptable ways. They can be a great addition even to families with small children.

#3: American Curl

tortoiseshell americal curl

A small to medium sized cat with a slender and muscular body, the American Curl can come in numerous colors such as black, blue, red, white, cream, chocolate, silver, lilac, golden, brown, and buttercream.

Their coat can also appear in different patterns such as solid, tabby, tricolor, and tortoiseshell. Adding to the beauty of this breed is the different eye colors including amber, blue, green, gold, orange, and yellow. American Curls are very friendly and can get along well with other pets.

#4: American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a pleasant and loving home companion who can easily get attached to their master. Their short and straight coat can come in various colors like white, black, blue, cream, red, silver, brown, gold, blue-cream, and chinchilla.

It can also appear in various patterns like tabby, tricolor, smoke, and shaded. The American Shorthair is the ideal cat for single and active people because they can be left alone in the house.

#5: Balinese

Balinese cat with unusual coat color

The Balinese cat is lively and active. These cats like being petted by their human parents. This energetic cat will climb up any cat tree or perch. Their slender figure belies the power in their legs that make them such excellent jumpers.

These cats have long and silky smooth coats that appear in colors like blue, chocolate, cream, fawn, lilac, frost, red, and seal.

#6: Birman

Birman cat

The Birman is a long and large cat who can be very territorial. Their long and silky coat can come in various colors such as blue, chocolate, cream, cinnamon, frost, lilac, seal, and red.

Points and mitted are the two accepted patterns. A breed that can be very private, the Birman tends to attach themselves to just one person. They can also be very jealous especially when their master does not pay attention to them.

#7: Egyptian Mau

silver Egyptian Mau

A strong and active cat, the Egyptian Mau has a short and silky smooth coat. Their coat can appear in smoke, bronze, and silver colors. Those colors go well with the green eyes of this cat breed, giving them an exotic look. The Egyptian Mau is a cat which is easy to maintain thanks to their short coat.

#8: Exotic Shorthair

calico Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is a fun and exciting cat. Unlike other cat breeds, They don’t mind changes to their routine. Moreover, they can be friends with anyone, and that includes other cats as well as canines.

They have a medium to long coat that can appear in various colors such as white, black, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, lilac cream, golden cameo, silver, brown, and calico.

They can also come in various patterns ranging from solid color, bicolor, tricolor, to tortoiseshell. This cat has a short but thick body with thick legs and neck.

#9: Javanese

Javanese cat with spotted ears and nose

The Javanese is a loving companion who can be very vocal around their humans. Their short and smooth coat can appear in different colors such as blue, blue cream, chocolate, lilac, lilac cream, red, and seal.

Like most oriental cats, the Javanese is active and vocal. They love climbing trees and high perches. But there are times when a Javanese will sit quietly beside their master especially when they are being petted.

#10: Maine Coon

Maine Coon kittens with different coat colors

One of the most popular cat breeds, the Maine Coon is blessed with a heavy and silky straight coat.

The coat of a Maine Coon can come in various colors such as black, blue, brown, blue-cream, golden, white, silver, red, and tortoiseshell. Solid color, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, smoke, shaded, and tortoiseshell are also acceptable patterns for this breed.

While the Maine Coon is a large cat, they are known for their sweet temper and gentle personality.

#11: Norwegian Forest Cat

calico Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is a strong and muscular cat who’s loving and gentle with the people around them. They have a long and silky smooth coat which can come in many colors such as black, blue, cream, golden, brown, blue-cream, tortoiseshell, silver, red, and white.

Their coat is also available in many patterns like solid color, bicolor, tabby, smoke, shaded, and tortoiseshell. They are sweet and loving cats who like to receive praises from their parents. They easily bond with humans. But they can be quite territorial, too.

#12: Persian

orange and white Persian cat

This medium-sized cat is known for their long and silky coat. The Persian can appear in many colors like black, blue, brown, blue-cream, calico, cameo, chocolate, cream, lilac, golden, silver, red, white, and tortoiseshell.

They are high-maintenance cats who can be very energetic. This ancient breed of cat can be very moody. But they are very adaptable to changes and can remain cool with anyone and everyone.

#13: Ragdoll

Ragdoll kitten lying on sofa

A long-bodied and large cat, the Ragdoll is friendly enough to get along with everyone. They are the ideal pet for people living in apartments and other small places.

Their long and silky smooth coat appears in different colors such as blue, chocolate, cream, blue-cream, red, seal, and frost. Acceptable patterns for this breed are mitted, points, and bicolor. They won’t mind if there are changes in their daily routine.

#14: Devon Rex

colorful Devon Rex cats

This active and friendly cat breed loves to delight humans with their playful performances. The Devon Rex’s fragile fur is not to be brushed by their masters; if you have to brush it, be gentle.

Their short and curly coat can come in different colors such as black, blue, brown, chocolate, fawn, frost, red, platinum, and white. Acceptable patterns for this breed are solid color, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, tortoiseshell, ticking, smoke, points, and shaded.

These cats are natural jumpers who love climbing trees and cat perches. They also love being under the sun and should be given areas of warmth during the winter season.

#15: German Rex

black German Rex

The German Rex is a loving and affectionate cat. They have short and curly hair. Acceptable colors include blue, black, brown, chocolate, cinnamon, chestnut, champagne, lavender, frost, red, platinum, and white. Their coat is unusual as it has no guard hairs.

They can be very attached to their human parents to the point that they would want to sleep with them all the time. They also love being handled by their human companions.

#16: Scottish Fold

gray Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a charming, medium-sized cat. They have round, bright, and clear eyes. They also have a straight coat with a length that can range from short to long.

Their acceptable colors are black, blue, brown, blue-cream, cameo, cream, red, silver, tortoiseshell, and white. Their tail should be handled gently as the breed is prone to stiffness in that part of the body if mishandled.

#17: Siberian

calico Siberian cat

This cat is best known for their long and thick protective coat developed after centuries of living in the cold regions of Siberia. The Siberian cat can also come in various colors such as black, blue, white, brown, and seal.

The Siberian cat is also known for their warm personality that belies the cold region where they come from. They love being around people and will not hesitate to follow around the people they are interested in. They can also be good lap cats.

#18: Somali

red Somali cat with green eyes

The Somali cat is a medium-sized feline which comes in four recognized colors—red, blue, ruddy, and fawn. This beautiful cat has a full plume tail, colorful coat, and pleasant personality. They are highly intelligent and active; they love to play fetch and with water.

The Somali cat is a natural clown who won’t hesitate to show off when people are watching them. They are also lively, alert, and active—things you would want from a home companion.

#19: Turkish Angora

calico Turkish Angora

Sweet, quiet, and affectionate, the Turkish Angora has many of the qualities you want from a pet. They can also be fiercely loyal to their human parents. But this is one feline who doesn’t like changes to their routine.

They are also active cats who like to play with their human companions. The Turkish Angora has a medium to long, silky coat. Accepted colors of this cat breed include black, blue, calico, cream, blue-cream, red, silver, tortoiseshell, and white.

Wrap Up

diffent cats with collars

After learning about the many cat breeds that come in multiple colors, have you decided which cat breed is best for you? Do you know of other multi-colored breeds that should be included in this article? Leave us a comment below!

Once you’ve decided which multi-colored cat breed to adopt from, check out our article on cat color names to find the perfect name for them.

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