Names for Cats with Blue Eyes: Reaching Beyond the Blue Depths

tabby kittens with blue eyes
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Cats come packaged in different qualities and traits. However, one thing that can probably be agreed on is that a pair of blue eyes is hard to miss. While various criteria can be used to name your cat, blue eyes or even one blue eye in a cat is something worth noting. There are several names for cats with blue eyes that are worth considering for your cat because they incorporate meaningful qualities and inspirations.

With so many shades of blue available and with even more meanings attached to them, finding the right name for your blue-eyed feline might prove to be more difficult than you think. However, with the right information at your fingertips, the task can be as easy as ABC.

white cat with one blue eye

We have done the footwork; your work will be to just browse through the list to pick the package that defines your blue-eyed cat’s characteristics. You can choose to simply focus on the blue eyes or to focus on your cat’s other unique personality traits—of course, without forgetting the blue eyes.

You don’t have to look far for you to realize how much blue is in your vicinity. If it is not the skies, it is the waters. If flowers don’t appeal to you, then either the gemstones or the birds will do the trick. Whatever you choose to lean on, be assured that your male or female blue-eyed cat will get a befitting name. We also have a section dedicated to unisex blue-eyed cat names.

Male Names for Blue-Eyed Cats

aloof cat with blue eyes

Choose a name that best suits your blue-eyed tomcat from the following list. All of the names in this list have relations with the color blue. But more than that, they also embody some other traits or characteristics that may be able to describe your cat aptly.

  • Aouli. A Hawaiian name that describes the expanse of the blue sky on a fine day. The name suits a calm and mild-mannered cat. Find many other beautiful Hawaiian names here.

  • Azrak. A name of Turkish origin that means “blue.” It also means “very rare or hardly found.” It is the perfect name for a cat that belongs to a rare breed like the Ojos Azules.

  • Bleu. French for “blue.” You can now call your cat Blue with a French accent!

  • Cerulean. The word has a Latin origin. It refers to “the sky.” The name suits a cat that has divine looks.

  • Chandraneel. The name means “a precious blue gem.” If you believe you have found a precious gem in your cat, go ahead and call him Chandraneel or Chandra.

  • Clodwal. A name of English origin. It means “an ice-cold blue man.” A great name for an aloof cat.

  • Cornflower. A plant that is also known as Bachelor’s Button. It’s a plant with beautiful blue flowers.

  • Firuzeh. The name for Turquoise in Persian (Iranian). Iranian palaces had turquoise domes to symbolize ”heaven on earth”. A name for a cat that brings you heavenly calmness.

  • Gormain. A name inspired by a Gaelic word which means “dark blue.” The name is also associated with “nobility and protection.” A name for a courageous cat.

  • Jalaneel. A name that represents the blue color of the sea. The name suits a cat that likes playing in the water.

  • Jayvee. A name that stands for a blue-colored jaybird. If you have a cat that likes trees, loves playing in the water, and loves bird-watching, this name is just perfect. Also, your cat will absolutely love it if you build a DIY cat window perch for him!

  • Manikant. A Hindu name that means “blue jewel or shining brightly.” The name is perfect for an intelligent cat.

  • Marlais. A Welsh word for “blue.”

  • Navy. The darkest shade of blue. If your cat has those exceptionally dark blue eyes, this names will work for him.

  • Neal. A name with Gaelic origin. It means “cloud” and “champion.” It also has a Hindu origin, whereupon it means “treasure.” The name would do for a champion or a show cat with sapphire blue eyes. It can also be written as Neil.

  • Neeladree. A name of Hindu origin that means “a blue peak.” If your cat has sharp eyes, here’s a name for him.

  • Neelinder. An Indian name that means ”the blue king”. The blue color and the title make a powerful combination for your dominant cat.

  • Neptune. The eighth planet in the solar system. It’s named after the Roman god of the sea. The planet has a blue appearance. Find many other cool astronomy cat names here.

  • Nilan. A shortened variation of Nilanjan. It’s a name of Telugu origin which means “with blue eyes.” Other variations for your considerations include Nilotpal, Ninaad, and Nimalan.

  • Nilesh. “The Sapphire King” or “blue god” in Hindu religion. It can also be used to refer to Vishnu ”The Preserver”. The name will do for a territorial and protective cat. Other similar names include Nalesh, Neils, and Nalak.

  • Niloy. The name means ”blue sky,” but it also means ”kind-hearted”. A name for a cat with a sweet personality.

  • Nimansh. A name with an Indian origin that means “blue god.” You can inject some superpower into your kitty with this name.

  • Ocean. A name inspired by the blue color of ocean water. Oceanus is the Greek Titan of the sea. The feminine form is Oceana.

  • Okeley. A Jewish name that stands for “blue sapphire.” The name is fit for a cat with a pair of sapphire-like eyes.

  • Oldrik. Means “the blue hill or the blue peak.”

  • Oldwin. A Jewish religious name that represents a ”blue atmosphere or firmament”. A wonderful name for a cat that brings you peace of mind.

  • Peacock. One of the most beautiful birds in the word. The peafowls with blue eyes and plumage originated from India.

  • Rajeev. An Indian name meaning ”blue lotus”. The plant grows in muddy water without accumulating any mud to itself. The name is great for a cat that stands out from the rest.

  • Rama. Means “pleasing.” Owners of this name desire love and companionship. A name that befits your affectionate and attention-seeking cat.

  • Royal. A rich blue that also refers to the rulers of a country. For a territorial cat.

  • Shymal. A name with an Indian origin. It means “dark blue or black.”

  • Slate. A fine-grained gray, bluish, or green rock. As the phrase ”clean slate” goes, the name suits a meticulous cat.

  • Turquoise. A name that means “Turkish stone or jewel” in French. It also represents the green-blue color of turquoise. A name for an expensive blue-eyed cat.

  • Viorel. A name that means “bluebell flower” with a Romanian origin. A befitting name for a handsome cat.

Female Names for Blue-Eyed Cats

cat with blue eyes lying among blue flowers

Your molly needs a name that flatters her looks and further endears her to you. Below are several beautiful ones for your consideration.

  • Aeluin. A fictional name that would suit a molly, it means “blue lake.” It was borrowed from Sindarin, a fictional language in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. If you look at your cat and she reminds you of magical Elves from Middle Earth, then look no further for a name.

  • Afina. A Romanian name that means “blueberry.”

  • Amrin. A name for a molly that means “blue sky.” It’s an astrological name of Arabic origin.

  • Amrin. This moniker is used to refer to the “blue sky.” It’s also a royal name for a girl. A great name for a graceful feline.

  • Aquamarine. A sky blue gemstone. Its color leads to association with good health and youthfulness.

  • Atasi. A name of Indian origin for “a blue flower.”

  • Azora. “Sky blue” in Spanish. Another variation of the name would be Azure, which is an Old French version of the name.

  • Blue Ivy. The daughter of celebrity couple Jay Z and Beyoncé.

  • Bluesette. A name that would appeal to your love of music. It’s used to refer to jazz songs also known as blues.

  • Chosposi. A Native American name for a lady. It means “bluebird eye.” An exotic name which has a nice ring.

  • Dory. A blue fish in ”Finding Nemo”, a film directed by Andrew Stanton. Although the film has nothing to do with cats, this adorable fish which suffers from short-term memory loss is a good inspiration for anything blue.

  • Ellen Bleu. A name inspired by John Travolta’s daughter.

  • Gaganashi. A Hindu name which refers to “the blue sky.”

  • Hinto. A name with Native American origin, it refers to “a girl with dark blue eyes.”

  • Jaibrian. It means “bluebird.” Other qualities associated with this moniker are strength and nobility.

  • Lapis. The name is of Egyptian origin. It refers to a precious gem of deep blue color, the lapis lazuli. The gem is also used as a talisman for intellect and for curing diseases. We have a whole article dedicated to exotic Egyptian cat names here.

  • Larmina. An Ancient Roman name which means “the blue sky.” Laraine, Larina, and Laren are variations of the name.

  • Livia. An ancient Roman name that means “blue or envious.” Liva, Lafa, and Lav are some of the variations of this name.

  • Marilee. A name of Latin origin that means “star of the blue sea.” A name for a molly who doesn’t mind swimming or bathing.

  • Mazarine. A name of French origin that refers to the deep blue color. A notable bearer of this name was Cardinal Mazarin, a French leader in the 17th century. A name for a dominant molly with blue eyes. Try this link for many other French cat names.

  • Nalakshi. Indian for “a kind-hearted and blue-eyed lady.” You should also consider Nellis and Nilsa, which are tweaked variations of the name.

  • Neelam. A Bengali name for a person with dark blue eyes. It is also used to refer to blue sapphire, a precious gem. The name will suit an expensive kitten with sapphire blue eyes.

  • Odeta. Romanian name for “blue sky.”

  • Paraiba. A name borrowed from Paraiba Blue. This is a Tourmaline gemstone mined in Brazil. It’s among the most valuable gems in the world. The name is associated with the blue of ocean water.

  • Pushkara. A Hindu name that is used to refer to “one who likes the blue lotus flower.” A name for a cat who likes to mess up your flower garden.

  • Ruka. A name of Japanese origin that means “bright blue flower.” The name would suit a molly with bright blue eyes.

  • Safaia. A type of precious blue sapphire gem.

  • Shawnita. A name for blue diamonds. It’s a great choice for a precious cat. Shaw or Shawn would do for a tomcat.

  • Sini. A Finnish name that means “blue.”

  • Tanz. A name formed by the shortening of ”Tanzanite”. Indulge your love for jewels and name your cat. The gem is mined in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Torq. From the word Turquoise. A gem that was discovered since the ancient times. It was a favorite of Pharaohs and ancient Native Americans. This blue gemstone is associated with good luck, wealth, and healing powers. A name for a cat who is your lucky charm.

Unisex Names for Blue-Eyed Cats

kitten with blue eyes in jeans

Blue eyes are characteristics that can be present in any cat irrespective of gender. If you’d like to focus on other things without letting gender confine you, here we have a few unisex names for cats with blue eyes.

  • Ao. A name of Japanese origin that literally means “blue.” Aoki is a variation of the name for males while Aoko is for females. We’ve got an article dedicated entirely to Japanese cat names here.

  • Azul. This moniker means “sky blue.”

  • Blue. The name will do for any gender. It’s probably the first thought that came to your mind when you saw your kitty’s eyes.

  • Bluebell. A wildflower with blue petals. The name is often associated with gratitude and as such would do for a respectful cat.

  • Bluemoon. The name has nothing to do with the blue color but rather refers to an additional full moon in a season. The name can suit a cat who shies away from people and is hardly seen.

  • Chimalus. A Native American name for bluebirds. The name would do for a feline who loves bird-watching or chasing. Another name for this bird is Doli, which would do for a molly.

  • Cobalt. A chemical used to add a thick blue tint to glass and ceramics. The name would suit a silver cat with blue eyes.

  • Cyan. A greenish blue dye derived from the cornflower plant. For a cat whose eyes are a mixture of green and blue.

  • Icy. Arctic ice appears blue. The name befits a cat with icy blue eyes.

  • Indigo. A dark color between blue and purple. The name originated in India and would suit a cat with deep blue eyes.

  • Jaylin. A name used to refer to jaybirds of blue color.

  • Jeans. This refers to trousers made of denim. They are popularly known as blue jeans, with respect to the original color they were invented in. They are also called Levis in honor of their co-inventor. A resilient cat with blue eyes will do the name justice.

  • Mali. Name your cat after an entire African country. It’s famed for its Tuareg nomads who wear blue turbans and robes. We have many other exotic African cat names here.

  • Nakesha. A name which means “ruler of the blue heavens.” A royal name for a blue-eyed cat.

  • Okeley. A Jewish name which means ”blue sapphire.” A priceless name for a cat.

  • Periwinkle. This is a shade of blue that is derived from a Myrtle herb. The name would fit well for a cat with lavender blue eyes.

  • Skye. For a cat with eyes of a light shade of blue.

  • Zaffre. A dark blue pigment formed when a cobalt ore is roasted. A perfect name for a cat with deep blue eyes.

Wrap Up

orange kitten with blue eyes

There are several methods of naming cats, and eye color can be one of them. The color of the eyes may not represent your cat entirely, but some color-inspired cat names come with other meanings and qualities that may just work for your cat.

Blue eyes are some of the most distinct features in cats. Blue color graces the environment in more than one ways. It is also a color associated with cleanliness, calm, and depth.

Names for blue-eyed cats can be borrowed from the sky, water bodies, precious stones, birds, plants, and other natural features which have quite a number of desirable traits attached to them.

One can also opt to use the word blue in exotic languages to make the name more unique. At the end of the day, the name should be something that your cat can identify with, easy to learn and memorize, and one that makes the two of you relate in a special way.

Your feedback is important to us. Let us know which name appealed to you and why. Do you have other names that could have ended up on this list? We would like to hear all about them and more below. Now that you know what to name your blue-eyed cat, would you like to know more about how cats see the world through their beautiful eyes?

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